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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Annoying fliers

Dec 12, 2013|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys went over a list of the most annoying people to see on your flight.

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A couple of times is brought to you is always by precision fitness equipment shop where the pros do and worker and precision. Witnesses crowd -- treadmills you don't have to enter the US is you passed by I -- your ass on the ice because your. Vision equipment I recently shower this morning. Tactical look of the bomb the bruises weighed down. -- -- I'll ask you ask his question. Do you ever harm you. Do you ever not yearning in the shower I do it I'd -- ninety Tampa. It's this. I asked us about a year ago there to -- people in the world people urinate in the shower and people lie and say -- -- right the answer is. Everybody right did you ever not generally be in the show thinks. It happened but I could almost just it's a little if you go to the bathroom before you get a good and despite what -- have logo -- -- up this morning. Return the -- -- it's early I'm standing there where an effort to get warm it takes a minute and there's a toilet probably three steps away. It's -- as -- in the shower while I was an outside review -- -- -- never got off -- I don't think I edit them ahead of roommate qualities to be on us in our -- laugh this election who holes it looked like laughing. It with the current pullback -- That -- did you drop it right. Image but he did you get. At a -- don't just go and take a leak and then get in the shower I usually do at this morning kind of stumbled down -- was I told you I was up early and it's our first I woke up this morning. I looked at my phone. It was 226. -- -- didn't I go back to sleep critical gap for -- our tried and couldn't do it transcendental. Meditation on what he knew what was on your -- football concussions. This summer's almost two when he tried to truthful is that there's some. Obviously some contractual stuff -- -- right now I'm definitely just keeping -- I was I was up I was kind of -- at the ceiling you know -- you know I've been through all. -- -- -- -- what you're going to not that stand up for could have agent handles let me tell you when it's done the due -- good attorneys could -- the end he -- I'm a huge you know I don't think that as -- -- going -- -- I -- -- -- -- a lot a problem. Yet it is one item in the long to do list is way down a sport -- when you wake up and ECQ 27 you think. The -- with the help troops. I was -- I was three I go back a bit too to see us open was 1118 you know. On the TV or anything. I went downstairs habits and sit ups. And I watch -- TV yeah yeah I was sit ups at 230 of -- -- run as a -- screws to Iran now but it was so called SO 272 when you shower you did you were compelled to take a week. I've reached first -- do little -- the league again it after the sept at a glass water will -- a -- sports center and watched some of the NFL. But the house and the thing up college of chemistry in the game a little life did the football likable -- three or it was which was awesome I watched the first half hour -- the it was really -- you got a -- -- -- him anyway I slept in headlines on the headlines we go. The man accused of faking. Sign interpretation next a world leaders -- -- some windows memorial. Well -- local newspaper that he was hallucinating and hearing voices. He's schizophrenic. I assume when I heard -- -- with how we Hamptons I assumed it was Sasha baron Cohen's work exemption and -- have been great right yeah. Try to steam -- get it right. In my squad John QB did not describe as qualifications for being a sign language interpreter told. The star of South Africa he works for interpreting company paid -- 85 dollars for Tuesday's event. He told radio station Thursday's receiving treatment for schizophrenia and had an episode while onstage. Not this was -- had a time I mean he's next leaders at a check guys didn't want to have a cure -- as. Well. Now that -- it was duel with his hands was actually words there was no just -- approval. Gibberish well integrated he says today to ask her dignity prime minister right though he was. Thirty feet from collapse he's certainly from all these guys this is -- -- -- schizophrenic aggregate numbers hermit. All so yeah that happened the the quote the circled as saying I try to control myself and not show the world was going on. I'm very sorry it's the situation I've found myself is that not a abject failure by security here. Again you know the biggest Secret Service charges like this but some analysts. It must be a security nightmare on the enough -- while Obama got that quick entry picture with the body body via it's healthy for tropical bathrooms -- -- -- particular -- for Anthony you know. As usual we know -- But I have never done your face the sort of whatever -- program. Which -- why would you do. I don't know to be funny Q you see done in of people we owe money sell fees yet they -- funny that they restrict now now -- -- for funnies. I understand you're on the Twitter does the other Celtics. Our Twitter site self shirt yet yet I was good yeah remembered. And Expedia poll of 1000 American adults ask them. What is the worst thing about -- was the worst part of line Selma king Juan. The whole front and process. Well it was -- thing people like least is is kept secure on the plane on up through security I would say the worst thing is the -- way to take winning the office of the land just sitting in the middle seat next to -- couple patties were -- and that was a -- five -- was in law number what was a runaway. Over 50% the crash crashing that's -- -- -- -- their debts and never ever and this -- might crash number humans -- really insanely bumpy. Well I mean I can see you think it could crash and die instantly. I'm rattling it's a process of Christ can be in a middle seat -- have to be honest. Remember we'll see -- -- no I refuse -- won't get on the plane and just hated more than anything in life it's bad it's. Out of the worst thing -- lack of leg hate. Negligent parents what their children run in the house of for a while tantrums. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That is the that's the links also does the worst we get the -- -- the guy across is ours either your dead notebook and needs exhausting business or pleasure and you just want jumped off the plane in his home. Green so abut this and the way to Saint Louis and I -- Nixon got a pleasant conversation which is not like me I engage this guy did not have a -- with. -- our back pocket and the sky was good like generally. Now all right you -- ago. We have but Tom Brady on this program every Monday. -- -- -- do -- to the program etc. -- the ring a bell. He is married now to Giselle bunch -- I've heard that as well. So she created some controversy I would say your last couple days the Levy's -- he has the inside track today. She writes Gail writes it's apparently a week of self indulgence first -- the president's ill advised photo endorsement deals funeral. Now supermodel mommy Gisele has posted a picture of herself. Breastfeeding one year old daughter Vivian ball -- stylists work on her hair nails and make up the army -- asking mrs. Tom Brady. S and Russian army. Mean you're asking me. Yes army a stylist I wouldn't call that multiple you have as many stylists. Any jobs left for anyone else we got a second manicurist who oppose giving getting Imus -- -- -- -- I do. I guess. In her defense she -- she's I think she's getting that's not multitask. And -- -- -- And and I understand what people would defend the field that she's -- on the sense of humor. He says multitask in -- billion -- seven people won't do the work force you right multitasking to me would be. When you breastfeeding law Yuri accurate Aniston back human and yet you know you get the full rest and elect this. Is that the first time Gail writes it she's raised the hackles of mere mortal mothers in 2011 she got some flak for finding that there should be law mandating the mothers breastfeed their babies. For six months she later backed off just -- got heaters were to -- frenzy. Which -- proclaimed that giving birth didn't hurt a bit and she never -- maternity clothes during her. Some -- to warm water birth may -- it didn't hurt. You don't wanna rub it and their people out there -- -- 20 jealous labor is such an ugly emotion. Jealousy. -- -- You don't wanna throw it in people's shoes being serious about -- bad Mike. I thought my initial reaction she magic tongue in cheek which one of the guys is Thomas you've gone to in the nail something so there. You can't tell -- can -- faces. -- there -- way way way more famous than Brady around the world. Oh yeah around the world organized close yet in this country understand South America I mean ten times more famous number in South America yes. A bulletin Europe more Pharmacia. Not at times but more famous. Actually the TNT thing about this house this and a hundred people work and those votes in Brooklyn every day so he is keeping. The economy movement here in mass choose probably they've all signed confidentiality. Agreements. Yeah John Henry all this -- when he built -- -- sign confidentiality agreement probably to really want to speak English. As they knew it going with a unit if you don't Polonia. He could be -- Ice if you don't that house it's currently twenty million bucks on five acres in Brookline. -- mean you stay in here Don -- 36 options Jerry options you'll have multiple places like it's like rob. Houses Romney at eight it is sold -- Santa Barbara at the -- sake. -- oil. -- house what are worried about them like you -- -- Utah or reason La Hoya right now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I would much laughter I had -- in America. To the the self the -- in. The event it's there's -- BA wanted that wanted that our caller in Beverly. Whatever it is mine Eric what's up. -- Eric yeah -- -- good Eric. I just wanted to doctor Carole little bullet this kid played football they -- -- I you know books Fort -- -- lot more about -- and just -- what -- your -- I mean did you -- elected political sport to get in the conflict you'd barely enough. It -- and Kimberly you are. You grabbed two points at well she sure sure my son never master all yours apparently Flickr pro. We short that's an expression of hot air that's part of a healthy -- I got. -- here's the thing he once if you give in and ballroom on nine please not dangers let him play in fact when he's sixth seventh flag it's not gonna and they play. And then you say Ocalan and play and it turns out good. Watch -- he loves to make friends and he's good. You'll and it's a whole new perspective -- you're right that's never gonna happen that will not give him well I think -- Claudette Ortiz close I think. The guy they're gonna call in our new daddy the you know 12 husband that's -- before as he can have a different he's unit stopped by this every other week in of this mean for a possible at all. That's one reason why it's you know other in the fact -- -- my wife that's one of the reasons the -- -- can get divorced Indian it's something else maybe talk to -- -- to bed at night Watson around at some apartment Arlington to stay on the always that you can always lately is the legal term are liberated right. -- I got got the hours strange kissing my shock and and that some lawyer written a book too much and that would drive me that would talent -- -- been anything an audio on the football the -- might -- acute sleep you'll find that -- of them -- -- the -- Beasley and you'll miss it with your wife yes yes definitely because you built somewhere else I tell my wife and I swaps that's that's -- and it's -- -- for our percentage probably -- I consider a disorder. -- and I hit a bigger right the idea that you would -- -- through divorce -- Buick evident that. It's -- the forces are fine most of forces are simple when you go actually from a practical and economic standpoint you would like. That's like this boils you know like they really love love each other and he sweeps her off her feet and dropped one says William -- -- It's yes it's your -- walk you walk in the kids' game or something in as the second that the sun burns over give some idea again the cardinal and incredible -- it was coach and you look around you be trying to figure which ones that you know which ones that the new the -- that area. And sometimes you weren't sure in the new Republican women is friction here and open there wasn't any friction. One you know whose -- whose. It can be an issue of -- perspective as he still knew Dan yeah. Means that you with the sun. And he thinks that he thinks he knows exactly however -- not true that is my advice is true it's my advice to young fathers like you. Oh please don't have any expectations. Either way you think -- increased our best. Football. I -- ethnic hate basketball. This up expectations just understand that they may not turn out the direct effect but she can't I don't care market don't expect your son to be a basketball star. If he's not that's fine and it's like baseball you just told us it was going to be on the varsity and he was gonna love basketball like I hope Idaho it's my hope I said that's my hope you expected. Don't you do an -- by somebody great player he's -- reporter how can you just say it's gonna make the team you can bring it to make that he can lead to. Is that on an expectation to make the -- BCI. -- -- He's not what you missed a little bit now that you don't so no solace only what school oh yeah like the -- -- or somewhere and yes. It all went on which was to find themselves Poindexter is that -- with points Dexter Dexter finds. All the way when there but that's. -- on the willingly. -- I had probably the the collapsed site and get this out until Saturday for like the specifics 61777979378. TT tech 3797. -- it happened going alluded -- back. I'm very excited exceptionally. About tomorrow show so big. Big gonna happen tomorrow. Wanna talk about that we get back its bit of freedom and really -- really did happen and were also into another. Answer the question Kirk we're doing that tomorrow sure we are we aren't -- busy -- that the seals weasels one sponsor answer the question Kirk. There's a hue and cry we'll see from a we'll see if -- let you jump in bed with you -- advertise well we get back.

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