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Doc welcomed back to Boston

Dec 12, 2013|

The guys opened the show discussing the great reception Doc Rivers got last night at The Garden. They said it was not surprising and well deserved.

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The boys back from Florida to -- so I missed some of it back to know all right on to the Dominican. The poppy -- McConnell for the puppy thing because you know. People of low interest actually do more interest that they in the big puppies golf tournament in the enemies but yeah well yeah. I think -- -- -- -- they are on the way back you know they set them on the -- -- after the that. -- said it back to Boston so they should be here now. Up in the because you have it back -- who does he look today at 10 o'clock and I suddenly it was all yeah I -- legacy business and you know we thought it was much going on down there but they made to -- enough yet that it can sell they get the first. I believe the first in news stations -- and Jimmie dale we tried for. Year -- seem like. She resist that -- overtures boat you and that. That's restraining order -- illustrated article -- and do. But they -- -- actually from what -- -- That she wouldn't Kamal what do you correct that was illegal thing nothing to him and his commitment it would exit east on the station. Wasn't that she didn't wanna do it I know she just did get up in the morning -- probably sleeper but now you know should we better she's. Broke the place no longer. -- my -- that was forget prior 1976. My throat out I heard every lap as they get us. And it was -- and it will be given these very nice yes very weak communities are the guys asked -- she doesn't like to wash your face the Celtics you would. Wash my face I sire I heard her say -- at -- Pacific announced a weird little pet society of secrecy. But I know that -- we are not that sought me out like you know she said you know should the craziest thing in the world there's. -- senators know how to -- -- videos and hours ago although I don't think she'd come -- she doesn't just want to -- regular station I understand. But now that it's the -- the ice with a and that's those of questions floodgates are open where she's being more open have you written inside track couple weeks ago -- In a -- middle Brooks I think she's topic is geared more -- to -- to attract a few weeks ago they want the NC I asked at the finish it Kurdish. Item that was in there really missed it and -- that's. That's -- -- been rumored but I denotes no you can about a special little track Netflix hockey news now or Michael -- or Andy. In the no -- must not enough now they must not and I don't I don't you know I don't know that you go -- to ask about it if you do. I think that was an easy -- -- -- and good Monday Morning Quarterback and I asked her if she's in front of me if she didn't Brooks I. I'd like to think what would you -- disasters you know what's the best party that you and what -- You -- did you really do and players hit on you did you really drink soda. They asked for that. Yes she did she's such -- mean she'd never had on itself which that you -- here on the right I mean with alcohol before but never on its -- yeah we have we have -- now gardening and we built. I want you to go to Salinger's. She said she's don't have to any -- with welcome all. Or not. Really doesn't check stuff the actual radio gold. If Shanahan losing his mind we have Brad she's saying. I don't like getting my face let. In the shower that weird -- period I just don't like Timothy flat. And she said it was not fun to be in the clubhouse it sprayed which campaign all liberals how to putted yeah well no it didn't tie in that last push to talk about. No no that was just receive complete because I didn't want your list I heard it. It is true but it's yeah I've never had just you know what -- our glass top of soda one -- in the -- in the nineteen years that you've been alive. -- never had a -- job I knew I like OK do you have never had so no I I actually tried soda before but there has been -- liquor component to. However I've never just ordered pizza and had a -- coupled. I look at the kid I didn't like carbonation. And then I've just grown up and -- Houston ice team just perhaps -- would. I'm a believer and boy it's the mean. Things in the summer caller is your kid. And you and you like the teens say your basketball team that pizza party and that's just -- bright. And Coke. That you do have wanted to she says she -- all the have a sprite and Coke and you don't want to drink and you don't I don't is always a water available the world nine a toilet -- I -- believers arguably the mountain of beer. Skeptical cynical -- tells us that -- tell. All -- either of them probably be room. And we get. To Boston Herald thank you Thursday November 7 2013. He'll be inside track Austin Dixon. Jimmie dale and Red Sox infielder will -- acting together howl at the -- It's eating you made that. One issue -- -- last -- you're up you're like I read a different woman they said it was. We'll move Brooks and honey did you forget with a one about a month ago I concede the reluctant -- make sense he's spending the winter year. Working out with Mike loyal. Mean first the law I would like him at all with you kidding of course. Proudly and a single effort dating Jenny yeah -- -- him out. Secondly I I've read anywhere Reid and senator first thing in the morning just see if you know. The -- gotten any trouble. To assure them naked city lately it stopped doing. They get in trouble I. Or some sort of legal the year the people who were the editors -- your newspaper. Because of a couple of different lawsuits. That -- or not so they -- really kind of back off anything that might get him in the conflict is very familiar with this -- Erica thanks and before you round he would play this game of the Atlantic city's credit bureau which one is which one. -- is the Buick. A middle aged former TV's -- -- -- -- the answers to the naked at Boston got a we have to sell tickets is great picture up Doc Rivers -- the back of the Boston Herald the Celtics it is easing up with him she sparkle which is for -- there -- are all have that look in their. -- it's the same look the media as saying look the fans the same look the players at the same look Bret Stephens. Was clapping when he was supposed to be coaching in the time -- first. First nit -- have a Brad Stevens of the its shopping is and the board the other hand and he was like crap like this in the first and second period on the month Taj quarter. That was a good look he should have been coach now as it was I don't stress that -- a game just moments association a busy. Trying to lose the game like he supposed to do every I don't know the total the matter of when to play from Bret Stephens it's sensor might cut sheet I had no feelings. Rather harsh -- It comes office march when it -- on the -- -- -- And then finally have happier either reunion week is over. I don't have any feeling either way on it I'm happy for doc I'm happy for the the the reception he got because I thought that was really well deserved and really classy thing and so you know at the same time. You know I would have liked to have been on the other side of the result like. Will keep -- it. Much like going back and forth on Twitter operating area about it -- 30% of the people rallies soundly booed on my text to. 3%. -- wrong. -- 30. -- I was right -- which was your you know it is I'd ride here. Yes you see here one and the issue of the crowd shot just -- and it was you who. You -- there was anyone with that face of a bulwark. My living room. You don't count as usually you don't count there was not one blew not a smattering no matter it's not just singular thing. It's no matter more than one it's matter a -- regardless matter not want to -- This is one of those and we talk about these things media. Fabrication there was no animosity. Imus was always -- Atlantic is not yes it's all of the games. By definition are friends die hard. They made the effort to go there. Blu-ray Allen will be. We got booed last year two but why don't you said it never happens -- laughter Ray Allen did it happen as much as predicted the lowest point is it Evers college -- Ankara -- now almost always. Like blog to Damon even when there's. An answer it -- -- fans and and and but this is an extreme case. Guess few people on Twitter and you people call and doctors don't like I can do -- everybody likes enough who Doc Rivers I don't it's just inconsistent I don't understand it mean Ray Allen Allen took less money to leave at that age and joined abroad as I am free agent Doc Rivers basically left pitched his way -- -- time because this had to be that point. Where it was all all the euros over the Big Three year was over the -- And it was over and clearly they reached that point last year anyone was paying attention knew. There was even a -- stayed that would keep the band. It would make it one last round it will -- that was all over. And it was more evident than ever watch and last night that doc would have been really bad. Year what is -- -- agree dock and and it's the emotion you know as an emotional he cried at the press conference. Could not -- That the thing in the in between quarters. That guys would have been. Just think not as good Brad Stevens as this show -- we could talk he'd been frustrated. I don't know we've gone public with that he'd been frustrated with. With every but the mention the -- questions. Doc Rivers now that you know -- was this point in his career. As a terrific coach while the clippers you know I wish -- well like everybody else but this -- awful. He addressed a pregame and the quote is the whole re build things would have been very difficult for me to go through again. Part middle part of it might ask this. It is always lest the animus is always listen to think it is -- would come back who could come back I can't think of anybody who's active right now. It would come back and in an introductory situation like that. Actual leak of this are rated by a crowd who that person be mean I -- of Clemens. Well what about. -- can be as combatants had to deal came back with the reunion of what was -- -- seventeen and a half years of more match in -- -- -- seized -- It -- all the -- locked out from center field -- -- -- -- -- Raised him. -- Don't smattering of boos for anybody whether Manny Ramirez would come back and he captured -- -- who -- giving the giving you. Who left -- really really bad terms we -- that laughed I know Stephen Drew. I asked him if he's -- -- for quite a little yeah it -- I don't think anybody but he's the ball soccer is mean and and and retired about this publisher would be unanimous -- -- being. If he were jerk. That it he here's what we'd all be saying today analog and what a -- in a war -- phonies are within the movies and long term deal he was. -- Boston blocked of them finished one of the marathon. He -- he pulled it over now are on house four however nine years and we bought it if you if you were a -- -- he were. Belichick. We tell them. He would be in my estimation if I still have my media wise business up and running the ultimate example of -- you can. Garner and gather and collect. Goodwill and even if you do something where you know and he's not happy in weeks not happy and walk out on the team and it could be construed as you quit on this team. You saw what happened last night and I think -- what is that what he over nine years. Was so nice to everybody was so accommodating answered questions ever make anybody feel like an idiot never look down their nose never did what Belichick does on a regular basis. What's that -- LSI it was a genuine was I think -- yes was it. That then. An and you know he kind of admits it in public he did walk out on the team he admits. I think it's simple matter of he he wasn't up for the rebuilding process. -- and bags and Ainge put this huge offer from me said alike again like many handed when he met with the -- yeah. He said when I signed in on that often huge contract aunts and they know we don't know step one of us in the back sure or maybe bowl -- got to dance but it. Those are questions for another day the first thing you ask is is -- real like at this money dockside it's -- I got to take it just was too much more difficult as what it. 35 million by the Texas got a sign Texas got one right if the Dodgers have beaten. Defeated cardinals come here for the idea brought it brought for -- -- -- believe that's true or another good one of Bobby -- were to come back yeah it's I don't know if he were to get a job that pitino. Managing somewhere universalist. Rick Pitino be coaching in the Ambien came back here would definitely isn't this a few. And but what committee. You can't if you're fan and you pay attention. And you know what the steam as the do you know where there -- apt. No doc wouldn't work here right now it would be it and you know Bret Stephens. Is the kind of guy they need amounts and he's perfect or anything but he's young he's patient -- At the who -- doc would have been kissed fox saying it is as -- -- the same as Nick Saban and Bobby Petrino and all these upper pitino Larry Brown. But he's a nice guy that's the big difference. -- like him there was however a disingenuous. Element to his discussion about why he left he said there were two reasons -- as -- said before the whole quote the whole rebuilding thing would have been very difficult for me to go through again. He said the other element was he thought his voice. Was no longer being heard in the locker room after nine years it was going in one ear and out the other essentially what he was some lying here. That's what is players -- -- not the case. When asked if rivers voice was being -- about a block from -- soldiers that I don't think so ball. That was news to me that kind of caught me off guard. Jeff -- said rivers voice still carry weight he was still the head man in charge in my eyes at the the reason it left. Is he's done so much in this league I think he didn't wanna be part of the process of starting all over again at least has -- set -- to them. And who you know I want to listen to and you wanna lose. That we forget that you know I came -- you guys watched most of last night down. Steve not bad enough. Not that and I know -- -- that even without even without Rondo right not bad enough that when you look at the total dysfunction in New Jersey. You know they'll be teams there's not even -- -- teams that have been started the taking prompt processor yet. Who will be making their run at at Wiggins Parker in infant born and realized or out of the do you think that Stephens and I don't know. What Rondo is gonna do but do you think that you know Stephenson. And green and soldier and and you know -- the Olympic -- only can -- Avery Bradley who never lets up to think these guys are going to be. -- ever gonna get the point to the point where they lose eight of nine yeah. Yes they have got to go to -- like that Fisher put eight of nine yep but they're mediocre that's the thing it'll suck their me I. Eleven of twelve. They're probably -- I mean Erica was seventeen of nineteen surprised what you have to do what you have to do they're not bad enough Ainge did not do a a bad enough job assembling the team yeah they're not. -- -- getting. Unless things break right and you know maybe injuries in the get lucky a couple of -- -- -- -- really bad you know career ending New York's. Italy has dropped do you -- -- team -- Wiggins Parker no no no the get a little bit -- it was -- -- -- the -- but -- win -- now. What do we say originally -- was select 25 or thirty right. We more than that there -- pace right now for 34 wins we do is say 35 the worst number EU Gomes couldn't pick a worse number for team. In the situation to be picking. Twelfth -- -- double digit wins there in first place in the division. They're in the forts -- playoffs if they and today and you see teams. Like they are five and a half games behind -- Knew -- -- New York Munich in New York. 56 and fifteen at what point to someone in New York is James Dolan gonna say. You know this whole you mentioned the energy New York the excitement the attention to get if they get. Wiggins -- barker at an. For the knicks Rondo joins Carmelo there's ten teams right now ahead of the Celtics in the taking their ten teams with worse records and the Celtics from the not gonna -- sacrament Isa teams who just begun on the proselytize. Ford 92 they are gonna be who they may sink below due -- -- Davis Brooklyn. I would Darrent Williams comeback that team -- -- like it's gonna turn out when you don't have your first round pick foolish to tank is and it. Well yes tegra Garnett pierce and Williams and what has now build a big mean they're not very good but they'll be better but if you don't if there's no point in losing. Plus think of all the times the going to be in. Yankee teams yeah in February -- march that you can have reason to win reason to play hard in the clouds and the Celtics in the in -- in the knicks even art so they're going to be playing teams that really wanna lose. And human Rachel take over and they will lose but you look at that team last night. On -- and and the Austin lost ten heavily to be the clippers to -- say. That team's not bad enough just not bad enough and it's too bad because. I don't think we appreciate now. And and you see it when you're online you see the highlights Parker. And and then regularly against particularly -- in on the next the whole crap scored 24 but it's -- -- The affect either of those guys will have on a franchise and actually we don't appreciate because it's kind of in a vacuum you know. Next year at this time we're going to be sit ago on Monica they missed column that guy apart. Problem is if you assemble the team that is so bad that they cannot win no matter what this is a group of guys that don't care these players themselves don't care. About -- -- -- error about two -- three years to on the road right this is part of their legacy this is what they wanna do now until they are competitive nature makes them play as hard as it possibly can't I'm sure I'm sure Bret Stephens is the very same way they're not into doing that. They just art. Stevens never lets those go it's always about winning him even in view of the boat dock -- yet. And all but we -- win you know and get him in the second half they held 39 and -- -- -- 39 again will win this right after the game. And on the ceremony -- -- I'm not really think about that in on the game we lost the game. He's gonna wanna win every game no one gave him the memo it's too bad -- Ainge failed the organization by giving his team too much count write in Steve is a hell of a coach. And with that one. Exception when he was applauding. Between the first set for a period it was coaching coaching coaching for Brad Stevens. I thought we played. Really well in the first half. I didn't think we played very well at all and second half. And you know without watching the film it's hard for me to say. You know I knew they were good the first of all and then they deserve a lot of credit but hopefully we can get better and I'll watch film and see if it was more of them are more us. As a serious young man is not it's I don't think all we see Brad Stevens show there would be much -- -- -- school that's true and held her down right now does -- have a show I don't even now. He does I'm not at all envious and has a serious focused guy yet and he never lets those are Domenica. Does that have reached an interview before the gain right after the game on that's. And before these -- Michael Gorman an exam beach in just after business all business nevertheless the elegant in its seems very genuine doesn't that this -- focus he knows that it's a long term deal and got a six year deal. He is no. No -- and -- Thoughts of winning idol. And I think he thinks he's here for six years that you got is a -- -- -- to -- -- fire in the draft start today to be patent sixteenth. Sixteen you could ask Brett Stevens where he would sort of engaged like docs done a million times. Brady from time the only time I heard them joke is about as well be his agent and that is what I've -- a lawyer and -- yeah she. He's the only coach who gazes agent 100% of news. He -- I was yes that's out of good yeah I was asked to give every night we're caught for something other than basketball and BD re coronation of -- in -- there. And then finally have happier either reunion week is over. I don't have any feeling either way I don't I'm happy for doc I'm happy for that. The the reception he got because I thought that was really well deserved and really classy thing and so you know mom at the same time. You know I would have liked to have been on the other side of the result but. Will keep plugging. The only Brad Stevens before the games that last night sky walked. There's a -- good -- that's definitely attitude that your yes no question to kind of thing. Might beat him didn't it wasn't able to help war I -- -- -- how competitive right to -- and fight hard and they. And they play unselfishly. And and that only would have Rondo back it's just too bad they're too good it's it's a shame -- -- Think with how things really good relief well work -- -- -- have you -- you know between the patriots and Red Sox. I think we have to just accept -- -- on this one missed it took they're not bad enough it's too bad they're too good to be back at 61777979837. Text line has always 37937. Collecting biggest lies as we did the week before. Last Friday at the fire -- like what's right right you -- not gonna go to this transition you're not gonna go with the biggest lies. And then gore in his support site because he has its own category you cannot. Say he's got he's got the horse that require the skull and -- -- The Arctic -- compare bore me he's in a class by himself. You say the name you know always line yes writes yes I mean they beat that put him in there with well like go on museum Tino some legendary. Liar but who would ever could do a report in Scott ports is the reason his name is on the cup the Scott Boras liars cup when we come back.

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