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Tom Caron of NESN with Salk and Holley: Sox seem satisfied with moves made so far

Dec 11, 2013|

We check in with Tom Caron of NESN and get his take on the winter meetings and the moves (or lack thereof) the Sox have made at the winter meetings in Orlando.

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And now to our -- -- -- swollen painful rate roller board or bought for. Me he. Well we solved it -- On sports radio and WB. -- Also tell you Michael have some place where did you I found a column this morning or late last night. But -- tell who it is you'll laugh about the fact that it was late night but I I -- of advice that was written. That may either help you or some of our lists OK good deal of personal we should note that 44. Is brought to you by Marvin windows now with the hello and good -- Over the last couple days -- in listening hello again to Calgary. Doc Rivers saying a load tonight the lost art collector. Celtics say hello last night -- old friend electric -- -- all about hello isn't devised it. The grand parents. That. Let's let the Celtics metal front Paul Pierce and KG tonight. Is to return Doc Rivers will -- be booed. Or cheered by the -- -- We know all the way neither no way he'll be -- he will be cheered. At the garden. Think -- end relationships. And see he has acknowledged finally. That it was his decision to move on we do that all along I don't understand why couldn't -- that start. Some people will always hold it against you -- that you left before they were ready to leave. That's what -- -- wanted to let you know what you decide before it's clear that -- ago but at the big picture. Doc Rivers took over franchise. And when he left. The franchise. Had seen better times in his tenure here. Then in the previous ten years so you say thank you for the championship. That you for the time. Having competitive basketball team that representing the organization well and you hope that the Celtics now. Now they're competitive. He hopes to sell to knock off the Los Angeles. You know my feeling that Doc Rivers have not changed from when this whole thing went out I don't think -- -- Doc Rivers brought to a championship. Took it to another or took you do another 1000. Help change around the franchise although you know with great help from the players that brought in with them. I still think you left in a weird way. -- still uncomfortable with him leaving to go to the clippers the way he did a I think it's an insult to go from the Celtics to the clippers and be escalated lane that he was willing to be yet. To the long term of what they were trying to do here try to help them get through it I heard you Maloney sedate college moved. And I kind of agree it's a great way of describing it with the probe it now to college you know I took college coaches -- I wanna be here for this on -- take off pick -- up job. I think it's I think it's a couple. -- like it never did it took its probe who don't -- it's a problem because it reached the point Doc Rivers before coming to Boston. Did not have a cash -- do something like this you most coaches most NBA coaches with the exception. Three or four of them Doc Rivers one Erik Spoelstra another Gregg Popovich the other and maybe that's about you that he's tired yeah. Most coaches outside so that trio. Most atmospheric to sit around waiting I. It's very rare that you have the opportunity to determine what's gonna happen next for you. And to get a promotion to -- personal power. With -- has done a -- I signed a contract said he was willing to stick to the rebuilding process and that would push came to show you bailed on it decided to capitol you know there. There MBA players who signed contracts but in the earth and there are entire career with the Celtics with -- late. With the clippers in the -- -- -- -- and rightly so that it no toll fractured. And he played the game here too he said I commit to this in any detail on what can -- that I like I think I would -- what I would do what I would do I would not -- if you really want to stay with. That's where concerts that. The US today as it was going to be back here and -- -- judged on wins and losses are gonna have a lot of lot of wins the next couple years after a two year contract extension. If he -- it when it. He has three. ESPN has been reporting all day that Mack Brown will be stepping down at Texas and that -- -- might be heading to Texas. Also we're humans possibly working on a new contract and Alabama. So. Is Nick Saban this dummy -- coach in all its. Or let's go now. 00. John Taylor to -- is as I because I don't John Calipari Rick between. I know I think what makes it it's got its discovery yes absolutely -- But it's got a little there's -- -- have a problem if you tell the truth problem becomes part of -- past. If you light becomes part of the future it's got to be a target. I have reference that you did in college basketball on the court and off let. With with Nick -- in restaurants we've got a case. On it anywhere here immunity. It's got a really bad. He did not. -- to stay in the place wrong time you -- about. Mr. they analysts do. Miami. Alabama the Alabama Connecticut -- go. One of the premier programs about the premiere program and play for the national championship but -- Alabama you know you don't bet against him. He's got a great thing going a pipeline and now and what if the there's no doubt in my mind what to protect. You know I always wonder whether about it. Whether to wonder -- -- it's more just that keeps having success and offered other jobs outside of Miami. He's been an enormous success right he climbed up the -- Michigan State that tobacco called right to continue. To work your way up to be the leaflet program eventually he's at Ellis and goes the pros and Alabama. This what is a little obviously just seems to be about money once in Alabama attacked that once the immortal lateral movement terms of blue blood program that it will report. If they vote -- they hope that they both are motivated and who write -- double. Meaning it's. He beat you can't sit -- -- had its own free kids network. Do not tell the difference college football. It college football exists work a lot of programs in the country but the aperture fifty. Those teams that at Sotheby's gets going away the team they're going to be involved in the playoff system. It's Pacific college now and they are playing a minor league it's powerful it is going to mightily to right right I mean they're just running minor league shops with what really is a major -- The -- PP no assurances it would you don't actually have to keep it how boy that's it. He. Like that -- at a talent. That's in response to that. Mike Shanahan benched RG three for the rest of the season apparently there's a power struggle in DC it's really good investment policies and worrying about their team name. As mentioned in trying to get fired yes and the -- is that -- it's the only way to explain what he's doing he would -- hate each other. He seems to leave the whole lot of stuff to try to bury it Schneider who's already unpopular. It Schneider that's always very you know -- -- some stuff to try to continue to injure him and make himself look better. The fact of the matter is he has a -- in Archie. He was given a quarterback with the skills. I got her last year and unfortunately was never truly healthy this year and it was never handled right the ethical issues never handled right. What the one thing I will sing it much and it's -- a lot of this was. Hinted that with RG -- before. Nobody doubts that he's a good guy. Nobody doubts that he's we communicators. Speaks well with the media. It is a great selling point focal point for your franchise but there have always been some questions about the way. He looks at himself in and wants to be treated it and soul and ultimately he's bounced back from injuries so. All of this is not necessarily the surprise that it. You know in your campaign always talks about all of that -- when these. You hear about. Lou. What are things don't -- Lou is when. But players and coaches all the -- I would say don't like it but it's time I don't get it up or they're supposed to be there but you know it and it -- -- -- kings of the law. It. I'm up here but if appointed lawyers about it. That. Can't say right now that Calvin Johnson went well you could say right now that. Some general managers and -- well. It would mean and the twelve years -- in his career. If you're somebody who did this happen that would change. About my chimney at the end of the twentieth century and you think there's no question. Hoping -- she's unbelievable. -- old. There imaginative -- the system. Elway retires in Denver. He struggles he struggles with. They finally move on paper it just goes to Washington. Washington excited about much and look at him now as -- -- in recent memory chip away at a certain all of our. Much. So I think if you -- the haters all for provides -- -- before it. I've got to the real question. -- about -- He mentioned are right. And the reason there is accurate I wanted to get hurt for the I care could not going to be here for the -- that is I don't know -- I don't like you know. I don't like the owner so I've got the power right now I'm gonna use it probably public is appropriate or another question. Or. It is. -- much in the last. Season. -- vehicles that are out counter with the power. Of the you have to be here if Unionist party is seven million dollars that we can be fired him. Don't. Get that -- that it played out thing you know -- -- try don't anybody at a record if you turn. It. Great to -- les Snyder is the flip side -- quit. And that's it thoughtfully such -- -- that problem Al Davis start another problem. So. It is giving you always while -- juror who -- out. Now maybe the question -- things. Incidents didn't Snyder Schneider was the gym room one of them. -- didn't actually refute it showed that huge -- look like throughout with a guy named its article which. Shields. -- Okay. For a guy -- one of those guys do -- that those were the story but via. We got -- -- thirsty near write a letter while they were eleven for. I'm on the football team that they were -- -- they -- were like -- it was in the arteries and treatments are aware that not that night and not the Jack -- in and night out. And it really got her -- all. Drove people to apportion eyes to -- it's night and unfortunately. It is such. There's just so perfect she -- -- pretty when your eighteen equities analyst Chris -- What's. Last night the Bruins faced off the Calgary Calgary Flames thanks to deliver turn there was almost sixteen years. The display. Was amazing. By the flames organization -- by the fans was last night's split about the audience the classes return of a player you've seen in -- long time. Classy -- I mean he certainly. Won't work. But also give credit to the Bruins especially Chara. Which are at last -- pull everybody back to the bench there right guys we're gonna let him go skate this lap -- over here pretty special but in the meantime. How about the -- -- -- -- -- -- or. Come up with yet another huge waiting for physicals to like rage but he is that you. These are really really good specialists. And -- that sounds like a minimizing its territory -- thing was that that's what they need it. He's exactly what you think about the power play now we haven't had this conversation about -- this. The first time in how many years where I -- This day generally be November December January February -- playoffs staple. The road -- how to fix the power play who's coaching the power play on a conversation does not just Michael -- so it doesn't like fifth. Yeah. In great part. Torre grew and that it won't drop you know so. I'm impressed but to answer questions have been. On Jarome -- is how you treat a player. Who has given up -- on to your organization that the couple got you there. -- represented the franchise very well. -- comfortable saint Peter saying that to Robert yet but we'll go to -- fame when his career is over -- -- way of saying thank you meant I would feel if prevalent now popular. But it guide lead to ask the question that we start off with that you -- -- -- -- you OK GU two Paul. Do these things where you have -- -- -- where they'll get in the troubled riddled -- the franchise. You know. -- -- -- -- -- Our -- matters Hughes from the committee -- -- know you know poll that comes back for a second. Calgary. I mean. You didn't. When he -- the ball was out there. You know they don't meet that India the music on them. The sort of created a great situation for themselves and hopefully to completely different games. -- first place like that -- record I think in -- game with two games right there this team lead. One of the cool things about the Whitney design is out there in the right play hard play their games. Go -- And they probably in the game can sit on a very well. Defensively at the fewest goals in the game. Consider that we use our eighths to recruit and -- Warts are more Seidenberg. Or point -- or -- in there Kevin stay at home guy. That you complain that the fact that -- -- the line and just wait for a mistake in the the last couple weeks is it. They were in Pittsburgh they were last night consent or crew up there. And he's always on the -- -- -- and distorts the sustained pressure. There's -- -- -- right the middle of creeping up shop which we seem to get through we've -- -- it completely completely different offensive game when it down because of that that. Element that -- All right it that's that's true that you look at it this way. You talk about the Bruins are able to do now. Maybe they can do -- a little early in the tournament team that got to game six of the finals so. It's not like crushed. The 201213. Version of the Bruins but. There are some differences that you recruit them Zdeno Chara power -- Matalin and -- -- is that a Charles use on the power play. And I say. It's possible with the Bruins -- and that we talk about this war next week. It's possible that the Bruins knew it rightly -- With the better player is the better apparently -- I don't know meets early -- in the bond by a couple of concussions we've seen everything -- -- that this habit that he knowing with this good and don't really know I mean I think it's a fluke. -- -- -- He's had time to be exposed for whatever problems of whatever right applause but they haven't game. I don't think I think about it also in this game -- suppose it is not that being sort of real strong he's not going to be achieved particularly physical. In the corners not that he's afraid to go with their what you hear is -- is not going to the quarters and battle onscreen he's fifty he's got a little speed to his team he's a little bit elusive. He seems to have a great deal for the -- -- went to be in front of the net. I wanted to schools are exactly that like a willingness to pay the price and be in front of the net -- some elusive in this though. I don't know whether they knew he was going to do this right now they remember he competed for that job right off the bat right yet to compete -- Matt -- gets -- now played last night I've been on the road trip with them. There's the comp the competition aspect and I'm not sure would've been there if they -- that he was going to be this good right now. But certainly communicate helpful watching the turnout would be -- -- -- will we be saying and a year or two. While that Tyler's signature were focused so much on Sagan -- Erickson but actually. The best player with -- that deals rallies and it's Monica's Frazier looks like he's at least an NHL guys potentially go for the third line Winger. And that actually that young cute Joseph Mauro was supposed to be a big prospect I -- he was sort of listed at the end of this as he was the youngest. But he was also one of the political wives hit it I went to the -- yes we went about it by the penguins to the stars are up -- -- yes wreck and then I came treatment twice and first it. Pretty highly -- anyway that's for the Bruins aren't they are currently dominating Canada on their way across the great. -- I want to give you months argument I do this next I found an article which I think. Could have some very helpful advice for people missile -- -- next alcohol W.

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