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Mut and Lou have gone south for the Winter Meetings

Dec 10, 2013|

Mut and Merloni are in Orlando for the most exciting time of the offseason. They breakdown what moves the Red Sox could make during the annual gathering of front offices and agents.

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That's -- Butler got -- 37 WEEI here at the dolphin. In Orlando baseball's winter meetings. This is like the baseball reference the website to sort of -- everywhere. That's the winter meetings or baseball people walking around. I got. Sweeny Murti down there when asked about like for excess of what is the WSE and I -- Fargo. Joseph Torre's walking around spilling Harold Reynolds this is a disputed area. I didn't see any billion of some of the people out frat party -- WEEI. Dot com -- sergeant Sutton last night it would appear that Richard -- they -- -- in any very -- real stocky repeat it right. Yeah I was pleased with Apple's current outlook it was at 440. We get is beautiful for -- you know what not far off. By the way really not far off but what -- -- beautiful that we global leaders nice note though right now so. The after the evidence rival eagle -- is nice though that after it that was -- By far the winter meetings favorite favorite trip. Of the year for me that covered at public four year streak last couple years really -- But by far the best trip you come here at every single report that covers the team. You have the existing GMs -- aren't that she walked every single media member gets the ex former players all over the place. Our players try to get on -- -- it it will wait to find out more information changes two with three days from these guys are talking to a that you will all along that carries over. This is. Basically and a lot of things are done before him but as far as information and ideas -- organization going by far. The best year at best trip -- make spring training anything that hurts that. I can adapt because Justin the half or five minutes that your ever -- -- the war out here. -- ever stopped to talk you'd get all sorts at age you can see how. If you park the baseball fabric part of the baseball fraternity. This feels like sort of who -- over logs will not what this feels like sort of 88 more business casual. But he baseball boys club in the 45 minutes -- walked right. What's going on here at this for that we would be that'll beat trades happened here I don't GMs at the press conferences historically some foundation until. It see see how many information people and team. Associates were on your last hour. I realize what nine and it's it's him it's it's produced. And it the last time -- was here in winter meetings was actually here at the -- Orlando. That was the year that the Red Sox treated -- Gonzales of the night late Monday night -- Crawford. And I can remember sitting down at the bar with -- are at night in Brian Cashman cable Regina pulled up a stool. And three was to set the heat was miserable. Cash -- attachment well as answer a ball then because they just like Robert that aside good though it had a drink in his -- district music well. Allow whatever. You know asking Rebecca a year -- Hugo it is but that's what it is what music and Stanley Jeff fried John fountain -- the Mario that they're hanging out. It's Sean Casey. Yeah you're right this is boys' club that it there's no doubt about it boys' club to walk around are such a Davenport you know assistant GM of the royals. Talked to him about what's -- that you not like that team which direction they're -- -- it's just it's it's it's a great information -- try to find out. Not not just what the Red Sox do it because it's probably -- few moves to be made and who knows that it's -- -- made. At some point but would the teams around you do it would of the teams around you gonna look like that's the boat you'll. It's what the Yankees -- -- -- do that. Lol right through this 189 it completely by a new team which is where they look at -- had a. -- Philip that's been -- offseason so far and I tell you get down here you sit down when there was yesterday day one we're here for day to -- three. A lot of the heavy -- the offseason -- admittedly has been done you know some of the bigger moves that you expected top three free agents off the board. But can't Ellsbury can though they got their deals done their been signing -- trades. And look for talking to some people today about this. Was that because there was so much money available this year that things get done early because teams knew they had a money do they have the money this year. Hot -- they're gonna spend a certain amount of money you're the worst TV money coming in at. And deciding what rather wait let me take care my big ticket items right now that's what it feels like I don't remember a year where this much got done. Before you showed up here at the baseball winter meetings and that's sort of the joke is that. All the heavy lifting is done and now it's it's it's about delivering -- about setting up bigger -- on the road. All the toasted -- -- -- out there and they were desperate it will pay top dollar anyway there was no reason to lay amid street teens. There was no reason to you know -- too cold he's got three of four teams isn't this what I'm looking -- north echo Crawford writes that he reached on. You know Seattle want it to make -- move. Just -- dollars right and 240 on the canal what he would do you know although lower than the seventy could help unseat the Yankees in the match you will -- their -- Camille it does to me at the match dollar drop there any time. Two with a big dogs fall. You know it's it's a trickle down effect. You don't -- -- -- -- nickel off its political wheels -- numbers there. Is the reason why the the starting pitching free agent market hasn't done anything yet. And that reason is because the -- first -- she has not dropped yet is it to America from Japan. They don't know if they're gonna post this -- or not they've come to an agreement. Match posting is twenty million dollars remembered Darvish enticed people get fifty million that your team. So that team is is this right because they should be getting it was projected that 75 million dollar. -- posting via is gonna go to his team. Now it's a twenty million dollar agreement so they're upset that might not oppose this guy. So he's there he's gonna be here today the president of the Golden Eagles has come up to the baseball meetings today goes so talk Obama and I probably so what's during that. So all of -- is going to be here today to try to figure out right what's the best plan of approach this guy who. Allegheny part of the yankees' rotation would feel they post them. You would think so yes and it would get a good on a mystery on so we really knows much about -- point 40. You know 127 ERA in Japan you know we've seen that before it can be lights out notes. But until he falls until we find out that he's being posted or not that you probably won't see all the evidence Matt Garza urban -- -- in -- he'll go to teams teams are waiting to find out who's gonna get this guy. And then as far as a Red Sox go any kind of market they're listening to as far as Dempster -- the only one of the stars a lot of interest in. You gotta let these other guys faults that we missed -- in this that in Michael different direction. So that the starting pitching market has been slow because the big dog hasn't fallen yet. Ellsbury falls. You know -- puts pressure could go to New York. So just yet any before that can't got a gas five million yeah and it's so mark what's catcher in the can't what's the Q at what happened. The next 23 days -- where everybody -- -- everybody down next five days to present -- they sit up big dog falls everybody falls in line. It'll be interesting to see next couple days or not just the look around -- teams in baseball teams that made the major moves teams like the Yankees the Phillies now apparently. Cole Hamels and Cliff Lee they've made those two pitchers available Jonathan Papelbon old friend pat apparently available Philadelphia obviously. Our focus will be here in the Red Sox will be here talking about it. Also talking about rocked -- the things here today with your -- at 61777979370. AT&T text line is 37937. -- to have the work the Yankees did come you didn't have the same store hold the Yankees have joked the bottle team that's really what. The Yankees have done a good looks so much different 2014. It's -- -- 2013 to six with just felt this guy naked in Cincinnati a wardrobe. Because of that audit -- new welfare the the buy new rotation to open new Whitfield. And it by catcher in the rarest golf that got reported Roberts and close it's heal completely different so it's. Their goes to grab the headlines. The Red Sox have made the -- some some moves that I think a pretty big for backing bring back Mike Napoli. On a two year deal was an important part of this offseason bringing any catcher AJ Pierzynski an important part. All of this off to replace pieces that left Ellsbury. Jarrod Saltalamacchia. What's left for the Red Sox not necessarily getting done. Today but what it starting today going between now and spring training what's left -- the Red Sox to get done -- they. It the biggest question is is you know -- -- starting line have done. -- that to mean is the big wondered will -- find out your next couple days darkness of people you know is. They're starting lineup done I mean that the rest. Debenture at yesterday's that you need to get into the -- left says he feels OK will is that a right back up. It was that a guy who wants to shortstop of Bogut to issuers of Bogart's have been looked at third -- -- -- you have just the utility infielder. Or you get a starter -- left side is Jackie Bradley Center fielder Rajai Davis by the -- you know they announced its with the Detroit Tigers two years. So again you look at a team right it's funny because the rusty look at that the group that series like the rest of us are. Just -- lettuce is what's however. Absolutely -- left lettuce isn't it and bullpen -- go outside Joseph Nathan. You trade away -- feel -- barely walk you bring any Kansas to steal some bags to bring Roger Davis around so. It certainly they've got more they've got more athletic and they've got a better bullpen. But Russia Davis and in their reduced talking about coming to be a cop with a Jackie Bradley. Is that what that looking for. But now you look at Africa group Gutierrez -- and it's going to be out there so I at least the last floor standing now is offensive center field what are they looking for someone -- a lesson. Jackie Bradley starts at a theater you're here. For insurance play against you it's tough lefties he's off to a tough start maybe it's more that the for the most part he's our starter. You know. That's -- that's my question. -- is obviously. I just find it hard to believe that it'll walk into the season with Jackie Bradley Center pull back -- short little -- -- there the mean that that is especially given what happened last year. -- I know English was pleasant surprise but will -- Brooke's going a year after having that time in the big -- he thought he was ready. You know a couple of record of Boston the that you thought originally. That he was going to be a five pull hitter. Right that he was going to be that guy most likely Orton or six hole hitter behind implement -- whatever it is you got a dose of reality. The year till they're just isn't being made it's it's -- it's -- to -- an awful lot on a rookie like that you could do that three guys. You -- that with three justice to consider will -- -- in transition. You -- sit detail and I have is bogus that much of a lock the east and it just it 300 this year he might get special. I think those three guys he's the biggest lock right that you we talk about those three young kids albeit a lineup opening day. I almost put -- aside. And it's the other two where I think there are some questions for quite a bit in. At middle Brooks especially in center field Bogart's what he did. That the poise that he showed everything it threw him the ability to get on base and it into everything else. I put into the side view what goal -- field on third base I get that. I. I have a hard time believing the -- gonna struggle to a point where it's Nicole next summer and stand up operable arts is go back that your. I'm waiting for them as commodity that yes the Iraq starters because in 06 -- that -- -- -- nickel find the second baseman. Dustin Pedroia is a second baseman next year about it outscored back him up he's a second baseman. Governor -- -- Jackie Bradley. Haven't heard that Opel got a middle Brooks why not. Why haven't we heard that a third of your lineup is gonna be guys with less than a year that time in the big league Jackie Bradley weeks -- month. And been booked months write a third of your lineup. You're going with the unknown you know what maybe Red Sox there's a final. Maybe they are in a single which just won a World Series if that's you're at right now won a World Series for the kids out of the thick like this guy. Don't think it's not about just playing in the kids because. You're saying fine with I would prefer. If the 2014. Boston Red Sox opened with those three guys in the lineup but it's not about if they want I don't care they do this year. It's about seeing what you have in these players giving them the opportunity and not. Going out spending resources or trading prospects of the players to now blocked these guys are soft Jackie Bradley and the reason I wanted to -- so much because. Even when he wasn't hitting sat back and Tripoli. He's still got bases still plenty of really good defense all the bodies ought to get what you -- -- -- eight you can you can sustain at the Major League level -- don't -- he's not going to be asked the lead off final figure backed up at a guy. Batting in the bottom part of the order 789. And getting -- basically you're really good defense. In Bogart's maybe at the batting sixth or seventh but his team he did last year in the playoffs high pressure situation I'm in middle part of that order. And I thought -- acquitted himself pretty well. It's -- Brooks where. I understand I am on an island here. I -- a little books to get an opportunity because the two years he's put together you combine the two. He shall thirty -- -- -- now there have been a lot of issue with that thirty home run power swing has been messed up lost his job the Bogart's went back now the AAA. Ask -- yes these are you know why am I not get the opportunity system immaturity off the field there was try to fight himself. But at the at the core of the he represented one of five or six guys in baseball who might have thirty -- power third base and a call me crazy I wanna see if that exists. I wanna see if that is daycare and I there -- some youth there I get up but -- -- in the year by going to -- what those three I agree that. Having some veteran depth. Behind those young players Lou I think it's it's it's been -- this. I'm right there atop the list here this week all of figure always get all the Texas starting pitchers are heading into spring training. Philip -- sail -- -- the year as he Red Sox ample wanna see. These three young players get an opportunity 2014. I -- that. I don't know what the alternatives aren't looking at the free agent market a -- is a trade the brings in a player we just have not talked about. I think these three guys represent the best option for your team Bogart's especially like I. Bogart's at the one I just check mark draw a line through I want -- at shortstop for 2014. Bradley is is sort of right there with them. No Brooks remains the question you look at what periods. That the starting rotation. If you put your finger on one tangible thing. That was the difference in last year's team okay that one World Series. The second thing is organizational depth on the big league roster and versatility. You know they had guys like a plate first for an athletic guys mover on the infield that could platoon. The more portly when you start the year with Stephen Drew it will little books at third base and you get a guy like -- collegiate to Olympic -- down to minor leagues. You know old that if anything happens to either one of those guys get a big league in field. Did you bring up those regulations. If with the way Jackie Bradley played a minor she goes back down the minor leagues. In a matter who gets hurt me -- -- the medical click Jacoby Ellsbury you knew that you can bring a guy up the year in at least get by public -- -- like. But you had a guy down and come up played defense. And battle that played at the bottom of the order. If you -- Bradley Bogart's middle -- starting. -- you have. You you you have. C hero well brought a debacle -- look I think in the is that how much have you brought -- like the first guy with thank you don't -- field and none of those three guys. And that closer to Boca not that he's going to be superstar -- -- Q we've already seen moment books can be a struggle maybe he's an all star who knows but still. Year to go either this year. None of those guys you know anything really about you really don't as much you love as much to like each and every player. The reality is that general manager -- the season. Those guys locked. Are they and it's differently just in the reins over Dustin Pedroia -- seven at the end of bought sixty in September because you've got a lot -- on the field. In 07 you know you've got that everywhere. You know you sitters and I get this team look at this team around him right now. We're locked and loaded so listed its eighth and ninth defensively we know solid. You also meet you at this locked and loaded lineup to Jackie Bradley defensively solid but he tonight. But it's not just Dustin Pedroia it's not just Jackie Bradley also -- also middle Brooks that's -- thirty your line. In you don't know which you have that scares the -- oddity -- of the season they -- at those three guys. While it that's the case then he's yet you'll get three different players and he would you would rather start boasts three guy or two of those three guys -- Bogart should be OK if you placed third. And if somebody else it short and he talked about Stephen Stephen Drew changed at all -- you go and yet. Veteran pieces place holders and go take guys you know have talent -- library to perform right now to say. Hey we're gonna start these guys -- AAA and if we need them for depth will bring a -- that just sounds backwards to me you know these guys have talent. Like I you got to give these guys the opportunity first otherwise. What you wanna do is go get. One or two year guy let's put -- in that place and know what you're tell the players backed out of the talk -- it's apology. You're just look at these guys have talent. The question are they ready. And they'll let you know there really -- knocked on the door. That down AAA and they'll just knock on it they'll break it down telling you that they're ready for the next level I don't think any of them have really broken down the door. Other than -- -- two years ago in a month of April when when when you went down I -- Bogart Bogart as a talking about Bradley -- yeah okay. It's not broke down at Dorsey is no question in my mind. If you have Stephen Drew you to solidify accurate field. The -- if you Stephen Drew -- -- bogus that they're based. Middle -- to me and still has things to work on I don't think it's 24 years old. OK next year twenty fives that inflation could be places. Is a good camp simply goes down the left side you know that you bring him up he actually -- Bogut is that -- -- -- because Stephen -- -- injured. Maybe move on Stephen Drew will do many things but going in the year. It's more to do with talent are they ready. Jackie Bradley is a town to -- we all agree with you ready last year that won 89 was he ready last year in April -- he wasn't ready April nobody wanted to wanted to vent there but he wasn't ready. But doesn't mean he's Huckabee could play in the big leagues it just me it was a ready. You know it it did the player himself will tell you when -- rate -- typically. And it will sets of success. And -- Jackie was okay AAA. But that -- break down any doors yet. So I -- it's a tight skin that cat though it's all Heidi get to that point who was available now because to me what you're talking about some sort of -- taken. You're taking a a surplus like a guy like Mike Carp right. He might be an -- player for you right now might not fit your trading Mike Carp for. A middle via -- are left sided field or center field you -- -- picture. The one of those pieces because the free agent market Lou outside a Stephen Drew these guys are players that. I feel better about over middle -- -- arts and -- So I think it's if that's the case and they wanna go mortgages depth. And ventured to be busy this week because -- -- straight talk couple days here. Prevent -- the finals guys that you're talking about uncomfortable all three start the year in the lineup may be over the minority people agree with you. That they need to be more -- veteran that's too much of a gamble -- curious what people think. As we get -- here talk baseball -- 6177797937. The phone number 617. 77979370. Detects this. All the AT&T -- line at 379. -- 37 or here in Orlando at the baseball winter meeting keeping up in everything that happens. Up throughout the course today at a pretty simple question -- that's right you're comfortable. With three rookies three young players making up a third of the World Series champions lineup for 2014. We'll talk about that with your phone calls next.

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