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Was Rob Gronkowski a victim of a cheap shot?

Dec 9, 2013|

Mut and Lou are joined by Steve DeOssie on a Patriots Monday at Gillette Stadium. Mut, Lou and Steve discuss whether TJ Ward’s hit on Rob Gronkowski was dirty.

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It's our robot -- 37 WE yeah I here at the beautiful and club at Gillette Stadium a patriots Monday your phone calls. All day it's 6177797937. ATT tech line. At 37 and 937. Kyle -- and Rob Ninkovich expected to join us here at this hour after a patriots Wednesday the -- that I -- the post game last night it -- it like a win talk to fans that that connects the spreading of what you Burke. Three hours after the game last night. It be necessary part of. Like opponent sitting here at ten minute and we can't -- -- block is -- is complaining about our travel to Orlando yeah water. Polar. Who'd been visiting. Us. We've been talking entertain each other cities that don't -- the post game show was probably like. The reaction in the locker room. Stole amazed and so happy that they won. And then when you settle -- you realize -- and we lost Rockford -- -- Read well. -- had a hundred different ways that were -- the the output of -- but. That's all and elegantly about pulling his treatment and if you drop -- doubles has brought good. But that was I think that was probably. The attitude right after the game and walk through a brief. Elation of how the hell -- pull that off. Followed by a nobody really saying it nobody really. Forcing it to each other -- Somewhere everybody fan -- we lost rock what the hell's going on ending when we go to a lot of fans may be saying. Like I'm saying today no suitable. So to -- off the -- notion of global leader shot I would say that they're Super Bowl hopes of -- by. At least 50% Bristol they're out -- much. Gone down both it was a mobile. It's along the two walks on his shot went to long so you tell me there's change it's. Don't you visitor is it went from there won it three or four what it says we're starting out or -- seventy now it's down at 35. Actually cook Dudley lower no I'd say. I would see it going into this because. Denver was probably in your home through the bears so that was a 50% tree at the beaten Denver. You know and won't get there then be Denver now. That just a lot harder. You agree with as we -- a week ago -- thing it's obvious to everybody that it's this AFC's Denver New England everybody else. You are evil and once you do we now say it's Denver and everybody else you agree with that attitude to distill. I don't know why I think the patriots are probably. Best positioned. To hold the Mike a -- -- does discriminatory for -- call -- Older is that and I just sit there and I got a bit of architects and it was thought out -- -- -- -- -- -- it's an -- people here hanging out watching your -- that you don't get a little bit -- or photo of an extended to couldn't. Off while I respect your your guys now thought to but it took off. Big when you look at at what they have right now. Because Tom Brady because the Bill Belichick I still think that puts them ahead of all the other. Contenders other than Denver how far -- though not much not much. Oh home oh home field advantage that maybe didn't do advantage. With these with this group given a playoff teams currently up sixty Indy Kansas City Baltimore Miami or put the same group because he wants you to -- -- It would surprise you significantly -- a patriot post game show after eight a saved by a week. Home game against anyone of those five teams and you're on the you're talking about patriots loss that would surprise you because I mean now a loss if any of those teams. Wouldn't be shocking given the way they played. And their defense has been all that good in the last -- -- -- games they've won three of four votes the withdrawal -- with the wrong here and put. I just look at it as you want to get in the playoffs. Quarterbacks and coaching take over more so than anything else. Now I'd be surprised to see the -- to a Miami and Baltimore in the next couple weeks. Nor would the process a lot of the two seed and other three there you go about your basement and Atlanta six in the first round your old Cincinnati has done it pretty decent job of overcoming the loss a couple of different players. But I still. Not that much trust in the coach and the quarterback yet. Coaches and quarterbacks or what it would take it take a team before this and when you look at what's going on right now. You know Denver has to be clear cut favorite they're good level through -- It's -- it's an even bigger fan isn't just the crowd always good elevation all the altitude. I just. We've gronkowski going down this just got. What it's hard to get those who. What's that let's talk about the -- because. But go back to a couple of text one was look at the replay it was obvious she was on his way down when he hit him which I don't know what the hell that that was the connect. -- the text why is no one's saying that the attack was intent injured it was so obvious we get people left and right. They -- that it was such a dirty hit an intentional. To blow up the guys need. My thing is that's just anger -- you want faced reality to -- it hurt now which is trying to make some things up well that was a dirty hit. What of the what -- -- almost seven stages of loss you know it's an idol acre or whatever there is no absolutely not a dirty hit as matter of fact the only the OK maybe could've gone lower and maybe what about what. If I'm six -- 7275. Round. And a 511 to order pound defensive back is bearing down on me and he's gonna hit me in the shoulder somewhere. I come swatting at like mosquito Gradkowski who was a beast and a steamroller. Freight train that guy had no choice but to take -- -- Absolutely illegal hit. A toll -- are not a wholly illegal completely legal absolute no no idea of as weather's trying to hurt him a market against the guys intent I think is his -- happened so fast. The intent was to get this piece on the ground. That's all the wrist is intent was to not be that he's watched the last right gronkowski gronkowski has dragged defenders in every single game last week's Houston. -- back a look at it near the red zone. Not regarded as every time and you know what he said. It was because quarter ray Horton is short TJ -- its meetings. -- Jack got out of the next guy on bill on Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday when they're showing negate tracked by Robert -- he's not only taken down. I go after his legs and -- -- -- service today. You went there was a rule we can hit helmets -- at the legs so you tell me the strikes go now is -- that chest cavity at the -- hit a guy. In the upper -- -- played rugby I mean I understand what happened Drago I items and and may be the -- -- though they are basically. Maybe you go dress that eventually but I don't how how they address that Steve I'll buy -- idol because it -- stupid rules already mean apple. Quarterback on the helmet with your finger in and also -- -- obviously made some stupid rules they believe me get a vote against making dumb rules and aren't. That -- Was absolutely not a new issue it was absolutely the right thing for him to do it just happened to be the wrong sport was played in the -- when the -- What what I didn't -- to hear from was TJ ward yeah what I did meet for him. It starts say was they'll be made me do no believe did not make you do you made a value decision whether it was during. Practice of the week or -- that instantaneous. Scenario when you saw you got to tackle blocked. You made the decision that I am going to go -- because it is -- the best way to go to get him down and he. The best way to -- -- playing this game because if you try to you know your 5:10 o'clock and 67. You have to get ten fingers from new teammate to grow up it brought him it's not -- -- -- they're saying I'm gonna give aren't confined to couple conflict in recruits if he should put. But it's it's you know but it's one of those things where. And how he could have him differently. Right absolutely the right thing but don't tell me the -- forced to -- way it is me. You went as the because it was the right thing to do the best way to bring a big man down and you're gonna have -- -- be draped round rock -- he's neck if you like it if you graduate to via. Europeans -- The way. It was -- it was fully legal. Now rob goes down. Next play Tom Brady trying to do a little bit too much almost a football game with that play. I sat there and said yeah. That looked like Tom Brady before Rob Gronkowski came back bright and trying to do too much like the weeks that we saw Tom Brady struggle with this offense with new guys. Broncos down the very next play -- too much he fumbles at that point is so many points. If that game is set in that while this is -- this is turned ugly really best and but it is that they couldn't say what they did it without -- early in the year. The defense is different. Talib was healthy wolf -- was in the house Tommy Kelly they were cashing in Iran whenever they needed to. Telly again to leave -- NATO mayors and how's the defense was legit notable drug dealer movement through so it's not the same. Oh it's it's not the same. The defense is absolutely not the same people and not near as good as it was early in the season. Offensively I think you're not as. Desperate as you were in the first five or six weeks as the one guy came green. I'm -- economy Shane Vereen is the saving grace when you look like yesterday there was a Shane -- touchdown drive. Catch run catch touchdown -- he's the closest thing Aaron Hernandez this team has they can put him anywhere on the field. He can match up with anybody -- an occasional drop -- -- -- -- drop one but for the most part. He is a really really good receiver and I understand what you're saying Steve beat -- -- out of it. It's that they can now certain key and three little bit more griping about. Only that the -- the marine won't open it up for a moment as much as score a point or open it up as much for -- -- But you'll also a link between the three rookie. Wide receivers I think you got. If you can get one and a half from buy one and a half of those three guys I mean you can get one got to step up. I contribute and then the other two guys find -- -- over the next three weeks. That's going to make up for a little bit -- -- losing in the market replaced compels you not -- replaces numbers. You know replaces affect what you gonna have to do is is -- your way out of this. Scheme to -- and let Tom Brady -- I'll let him open up and it's at my peace and what time it might be seeking not brought up in the dirt and probable occurs six. -- of Michael the other way because you work Stephen -- yesterday -- got a -- here in -- carries up outlook defective. When he's in Billick airport keeps running people over and wishing to read up I wondered if that the game plan would be. We got to start to have a kind of a possession game right our defense. Is giving up points by the bushel. Our offense how long has gronkowski without -- only averaged 22 points a game. I don't want air out Steve I wanna go possession football have a long drives and try to excuse the red zone instead of airing it out and and get to try to get to a scoring shoot out without Rob Gronkowski. And partially for that reason. Then you can make a case that the fact is your defense is giving up points at an unbelievable -- And if the law it's very easy for with you let's say you only have 78 drives. During the game nine drives if it lets it be talking about the possession and try to drag it out 67 and it drives you might have less possessions. What do you failed on two or three -- what do you what you only have. It was 60% success rate. And the other team is you know six -- some problems are 67%. Success rate which is okay or your drives is still. Always going to be X mark points in your defense has led a total points you're going to have to outscored teams one way or the other. As the real social Tom Brady to do what they're not going to be able stop team's defense. Let's take some phone calls the Osce and house patriots Monday here to let 61777979837. The impact of Robert -- is -- is this team. Still a Super Bowl contender Steve is giving -- -- you saying there's eight bits which a lot of interest in the same. Seven and is in New Hampshire I can. I say that you like all right I'm gonna. It doesn't like what do you want to learn how the -- usually am at the Olympic champion you know under reality okay climate reality. I'm not arguing it is Google. I'm arguing it would make sure it did happen should be in the Wimbledon doesn't she traveled. He never lined up for a long time in gronkowski -- -- -- him -- I didn't -- moon. -- should be illegal yet. Well but mildly mentally is that -- there's a thing my only point you get to athletes. -- running down if you do what's gonna go try to hit him to be able to pinpoint exactly where that initial contact is going to be -- is just too difficult now you wanna stay away from the head area I understand. But it's a -- but the difference between tackling Rob Gronkowski in the guy. They'll initiate -- trying to cut out as she and there's ankles. It's boring you're asking the guiding it a strike zone you'll look to athletes on the run. No I don't actually calculated the potential that we commit to tackle and if you can tackle that one that could continue to let you can't show. I definitely do they can tackle Malcolm can't keep -- extra -- We don't know who to tackle him and how badly that they would you do not match thanks -- the -- that. In an and it is coming I mean you're just kind of usual -- group and that's what you want then I'm not saying that should move -- and -- -- And why -- you -- -- he did a great and then again talking about a potential we see that you can probably got a pencil. Would be okay we're OK -- just senseless. He was about the proposed by any means to a couple of strides let me ask you this would be okay beat him in the -- And spent an. -- who want to know where it lol yeah. And a lot of the country and now he's got to tackle that was not -- out -- and why -- didn't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Quite a few correct and what I am I already -- -- -- -- -- about the difference -- about the difference of of 8910 to. How we arrived -- the back to promote low. I thought I guess I get -- a -- what you're looking for a lot. A lot of good and it just so happened that this time it was it was ridiculous injury to his me. I mean what -- gonna do you say it's OK to hit five inches below me and five inches above me but below the shoulders. I'm not sure you can do that in this situation electric and we -- Like Montreal Canadians pay ridiculous. Like -- take these hits out of the game it's a ball hit. It's it's it's a Smart thing for TJ when Rodney Harrison what lol wanna guy. We get calls all the editing -- erotic vehicle like that option target the -- all the rules why's he doing that. The quarterback rules will be intimidation rules weren't in place then but you're you're absolutely correct it's one of those things where door. Dismay and anger for -- -- out and your team's chances for championship. And diminished accordingly. You're angry about it I understand. In the initial contact was to three inches. Above or below will -- in Tampa. It would eventually every -- hit we've seen guys and they brought down or how about a quarter of a second later or earlier before what was -- -- you're trying to legislate like you said. You try to legislate. A one foot area. In the in the classroom. And in the battle and it's hard to do the -- legislate a car crash -- they're trying to do guys say here. This area right here Google right this area up and that's where you can hit a moving target. Which is I just. Croc doesn't get her additional aggregate these calls that through I'll stop the market Rhode Island mark what's going on in. Hey how -- at that particular call her remark. I want -- I I disagree with a whole lot of discussion about where where education happened. I think that it should be totally illegal to have hit some need below -- shoulder popped out majority of the body states. Is in between those two there is no reason why -- at the apple about the and -- all the normal law. Okay what do Gradkowski got a helmet to the hip -- young and couldn't play because of zip -- and a daughter should take those out. Helmet into the -- it should be illegal hit it well that oriented. To be illegal. Okay well in order to -- Right to get a well listen -- know -- -- that it is not a attack while it was a hit. He should wrap his arms in drag on -- -- that's like what went -- year old kid does to me when we mess around the living room. You know it's that it like like that's a pump water right grab the guy it's so slow just drag him down with -- talking about the NFL you're talking about superior athletes. The said the size of Rob Gronkowski who -- fast. You're doing everything in your power to tackle this guy. And you need to tackle blow to get him down the revenue of three inches above the knee -- we will be having this discussion will only be mentioning to tackle. It just so happens that he hit his knee in his boat was little play at that big -- -- disease yellen and CEO. I -- he give you can't sit there and say it's got to be from the quad. Through the chest cavity and that's it the best case people to let people go left and right. As it's absolutely right and and what you -- doing with your five and mortar rounds. And -- couple of steamy new approach your body into the into his midsection into his. He's off and you'll also -- you don't care you wouldn't ask you if it afraid afterward that you'll be. On the highlight film the following week on nfl.com. On ES began on fox sports one. In your video room they always showing gronkowski. Carry you around your Steven Gregory went against every year Eric went a lot of San Diego he's dragging you into the end -- you defensive coaches saying. Wanted to hit a low -- while laughter low. I don't let us just -- -- -- -- you know we of course talked about player safety all that stuff that are and the rules they're trying to incorporate for the safety players. What they need to say is and why that's why there may very well he'll rule someday about tackling below the waist. Is because it's less about protection -- that is about the protection as. Implement gronkowski Jimmy Graham Tony Gonzales. You know and hear these great tight ends or receivers go down. With the ACL because it'll -- you you know that saying OK you can him in the head -- him below. But want their progress -- -- he's a 55 million dollar -- You know that FL might do well there's huge rewards -- when he goes to your what -- -- million dollar a year player how much 55 million dollars so. In that case it might happen I can't. Imagine. What it would be like if we did it might turn to rugby which is. -- what -- -- -- every attack at the tackle only. At the ankles guys just double -- make multiple -- players of that what do you think the center of like football. Flags from undecided all the flags out and that they get a -- -- know little idea that's extreme to head to head to be better. Agree I wonder what you think the percentage of patriots fans who think that that was an illegal hit who also think that that path and if there's it would. Iqbal a big yeah I think -- -- more -- to -- it on settlement clearly was a defenseless receiver appear a penalty in the yet to listen you do that you're -- -- what. -- -- -- -- injury happened. You got he's got one nominal Paul. And one pretty good currently underway I mean they'll win that game. At all us and our markets and her -- -- -- composer. Those were great calls by officials but so what helped the patriots won the game and complete book. Fashion sometimes these things happen sometimes injuries happen got to move on. Beyond these announcer talk witty guy 61777979837. You can text us. Lose loving your text messages today on the ATP to excellent. At 379837. All the Bronx now other patriots still Super Bowl contender it's people explain he played football. The -- none of caffeine here these first half they have at it but up to help keeping score the first thirty minutes last the Osce and get your call you --

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