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Pats win game lose Gronkowski

Dec 9, 2013|

The guys opened the show discussing the Pats comeback win and the season ending knee injury for Rob Gronkowski. They all agreed that the Super Bowl chances took a big hit.

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It's Dennis and Callahan. You can see by the look. -- -- -- -- Exceptionally exciting. I swear I've seen a lot of stuff in my life. But that. Was. Box -- on Sports Radio W me. It's Monday morning to you winter has arrived. Let me just say this the Celtics win easily. The Bruins win laboriously. The patriots win miraculously. Drunk loses devastatingly. I have a question for you in February will any of us remember. That on the day all three Boston sports teams one. The perhaps most likely saw other Super Bowl hopes and aspirations get Warren and shredded literally and figuratively. It hurts to hear those guys -- -- -- certainly withdrawn from me for saying some pretty big injuries this year we. You know really important critical players. And so we just got to keep bouncing back and arsenal feel sorry for the picture than we all feel sorry for. Rob these you know you know again those are the patriots. You know we're with and we support him. You know what I wonder does a computer exist that can kick out the win loss probability stats that we have in front of possible -- these leader today. The patriots when they were down 2614. With 239 left 32%. Probability to win that game. Then we -- the onside kick recovery between nine yard PI the touchdown past -- Dolan and in the kind of been each one at a percentage. Acted. From the pill you know -- -- the ideal Super Bowl I gronkowski is neat I ripped to shreds. Watching the game. Thicket that may -- nineteen of Korea that -- -- two minutes left the puppet you're gonna win. Until they scored that second touchdown that might generate a bootleg in -- and -- -- -- and and in the end zone and and went up two scores until that point. But the patriots who went shut out in the first half they were. -- got hurt got carted off still felt like the patriots vs the Cleveland Browns which meant the patriots would find a way to win. And I think that when they were lined up and onside kick up shall not put. You know it's the patriots it's it's Cleveland it's Brady it's Cleveland. You know these things happened. -- you look at the schedule and you say. In the I know they get some of these games and you know on the top put in the we favored. And all of them probably put -- you look at it differently now without croak you look at it differently say. They're all tough. They're all tough without Broncos can know that went five and one -- that it's an easy games and it does change things other debris he's the most important guy they got. Like go back to my question that you did not answer what kind of sent a lot there and you know what's percent to what you want you drift off and it never neverland. What you answer sure what percentage hit do you think they're Super Bowl past 47 point oh sorry. I think they have. Alison no chance when suitable answer is there's a chance percentage what to do it right and number in my head shot up the three seconds. Let's say they have a 50% to 10% chance one syllable was that before -- -- thirty. 25 but yeah they were one of the you know to return to your mind -- 530 which is I was -- gronkowski is healthy way it was. 27. Since you put in I think they took about a 30%. Hit down to about five. And let you get like a one and 31 in. One and four in ten to five shot. Now it's like and 10%. But some believe it's going to be sixth surgery and thirteen fourteen months six surged thirteen when it's it's one of these things that you watch him play you see this -- Gonna be one of these careers just dogs have been the greatest tight and in the history of the league and it's -- -- -- because I think Tom -- had a great line cities in cycle -- rhinoceros with a packet dog dogs and the way he plays is exactly the thing that puts in harm's way I mean he makes the point DePaul or dragged. It'll Austin up his ankle because gras was dragging him along the ground. Because -- so big guys like TJ ward have to go low this is a guy that. Out of all of mark's there it's surgery record is in jeopardy it's not yet. -- six in thirteen months that's pretty devastating and this is the worst this is far you know worst it's. And then we'll talk to Brady. Emotional address that but he knows what it's like to come back from an ACO -- will come back. In. August. And play pre season no won't be right there won't be right you want -- know. So you're -- -- hill -- welcome back can be addressed to be you know working out to be rehabbing. He won't be right for -- two years if if if were alive and well at that point here's my prediction you can mark this tape. Did she before Wes Welker got hurt in January. And came back in August doesn't -- in the -- time is their little Ellsbury in him because he wants to be right. I say this our discussion going into the bye week is. No reason have -- play the week before the bye week let's give him two more weeks and then he'll be healthy now -- the bye -- -- next -- -- I -- -- sometime -- November. I think so I think to see him sometime before Thanksgiving but after Holloway -- that yet. -- -- this matter he plays the first five or six games of the season or not he's backed seems this year I mean really the start of the year -- -- -- -- the year what do we say all -- As long as some of these guys are healthy by the playoffs it'll be okay and now -- defense is clearly not the same -- Wilfork. In male and forgetting Brady you don't have your most important office of -- Given up 500 yet for the Cleveland Browns at home is the bad signs not it's not -- not well not. Could help four on the set the ball and as -- says no one feels bad for them but again this -- I think the second most important player. We've learned that they can certainly survive without Vince Wilfork right Jerod -- Because they just outscored. Well their problems scoring just got real real. Big because of this red zone got -- touchdown -- got a mixer and better on the often look. You look and say who can do what he does hopefully nobody mom mode modem whoo man I don't think so there's just nobody who can do what he does not like -- went well relief agency Amendola and elements that do what he did. Or -- would really go about to say. Marine can do that but there's nobody into windows isn't YouTube that. -- has taken assessment but he put his head on the -- last night looked up to ceiling fan is adrift and off he said well. Forward -- arsenal it is -- and Amendola and that's okay. Austin Collie Hopkins who's hurt -- -- is unproven but getting better and who meant a Mulligan that's what -- go to the bullets in my. Actually her brain was literally learn more rallies I don't receive a right -- but you know the the first 45 weeks of the year gronkowski was hurt and out. They were 41 whatever 111 the defense is great I mean every single week point the defense was great that defense is the schedule was easy and that. -- -- -- -- -- -- General is not -- easy in the playoffs usually when -- in the playoffs you put playoff teams. -- all the time I -- they played that he brought those two years ago Tebow at home that doesn't count but usually. When you're in the play -- your plan good teams and they're going to be good teams and you can't imagine. Although I said I already made my prediction the going to be Denver where if they go to Denver. Much of the gonna get to Denver with the Broncos Q that's the problem. And if you do get to Denver -- you -- up against. It's it's it's. That we used this and the -- -- -- -- this out and it is distinct feeling as soon as we've asked this question every single week every single week another key performer -- -- best -- I've met yesterday I questioned and when the tipping point -- tipping point well with -- for 04 winning Super Bowl obviously they're in the playoffs right now it's close it out. Beatings the Indianapolis hole went out with a playoff game -- -- not reached the breaking point. Winning super boy you're probably right here's -- here's the road right now right now it would probably be. Home against Cincinnati. -- -- so I would say if that's the road. That's -- you think they could beat Cincinnati yes. Your -- that's tough to get it came up. That's the other thing that -- -- Her game and it's it's true you know that would be a problem -- -- on the road you know well obviously you'd have to play week one if you stumble right. Big big stumble here down the stretch -- week one. Again it's -- We won at home -- two on the road in week three on the road and -- -- your -- Seattle. Not that the -- -- and lord knows which critical performer between now and -- better. -- ghost. And ghost. You know. We need to stop this players is come on he's just read that -- -- -- and socialism. That was. Sad -- -- chase catches -- -- on judge court should trade him what did you say to me. He's one breakaway from you like suspension while -- It's -- the -- pulled up. Export. Just distracting. -- -- Was to coach its safety child. Missed them a petition a court can run a couple of he event. Why shot did you see anybody but. Leave and and and the browns receiver fully -- at the forty yards to the California yeah I'd like he gave up on that. And I understand it probably wasn't gonna catch him but that he was on TV and people watching and he gave up on the plate at the forty. What. Seems strange things happen. We saw Barbara. Frank gorgeous -- -- Because someone was chasing him. When a football game when it's weird happened when he pulled up with and my time to quit on the play at the Fort Lee was trying not come -- and it's a solid rocket into second or third it's not what I have no opportunity whatsoever that disguise. He's you know export duties after that my -- 64 Google saw some weird stuff. It could happen Gordon could blame Gordon could. Dropped the ball accurately recorded and yet you get a loan code of -- Do you would you ever leave Gordon alone elderly. No it was expensive coach's call or do you think somebody's screwed up at the exit of -- task was right. Assuming they were in the run mobile. Eat some clock and the off pad. Call from the -- That's my assumption up called. It was a massacre -- -- actual calling it it's that was -- call that was the worst call there at the same marginal now. That was the worst call of the year that's the big is the if I can remember the patriots getting along on topic of something else. Used to get calls. Not this year obviously against the jets that call. Against the Panthers Panthers -- dreadful call this was worse or full speed you know I just waited for the replay figured among them he must've got mugged and initially again -- Some of that that -- To be fair should be called the New York that -- should be suspended should be fine he gave that game how many feet away receive them from him was an -- on the -- right -- -- He has the best view of it in his mind somebody interfered with somebody was awful I'll give tasker -- generally pretty. Tolerable. And he'd just watched it -- -- horrible effect and significance. Its. Averages forty panel the 2929. -- penalty an aunt Wanda Sykes. The referee made it clear that the penalty took place at the end zone because you know issues it happened earlier. What dislikes open has often said DeLeon the end zone. Let's do this again and I'd also something like. Materially changes or rearrange his direction of the receiver in some way has -- that he would -- on his ability to reach in catch in goal for the ball not whatsoever. What did coach Krug says about that did he have some. You control yourself and coach -- I just. And we fought hard for sixty yeah you gave that game to new -- -- the time him probably Sri look at you know -- you must assume you've missed something Acura. Coached. -- I felt like those two -- we're both Jocelyn for the ball. And obviously you penalty was called so at the end of the day. It really doesn't matter what I think. There was more hand fighting before it got to the end zone then there was contact in the end -- right. Had funny happens all the time but that was much more. Physically engaged in anything he does what he crossed the goal is why I reckon is the worst called technically the jets call was correct it was arbitrary it was. They decided after single 100 -- Field goals that call on this play you know this goes the plate and and I think Rex Ryan and set them as well correct call by veteran right and the Panthers dreadful call but. Subject was a -- I think you can't team that untouchable. But they did and they -- like it's bullet that was bad because the flag was like they held the flag. This was so bad because it was so punitive and the I had such good fuel. He said I this is what drives -- -- in every sport he says I'm gonna get -- that wraps it I'm gonna get involved here. I've been freeze my ass off that travel period knowing when I'm kind of I feel like I haven't done anything today you know I haven't done much today. Always -- and I go and I think that I think a stay out of I think what once was panic it was a bunch of forces of nature came together day. The browns are the patriots. Gillette Stadium is not Cleveland. Coach crud is not Belichick and Tom Brady is out there and we know we Prodi had a couple of bad calls go against them as well that's -- wasn't my -- all -- planets aligned and he's kind of panicked and I -- -- in -- the worst call and sports hate that call back call decided that game -- called if you walk through -- -- red -- you see all day yeah -- Column that held these guys I would do no wrong is going on their mind what is -- what does not pass in appearance. What's holding with -- and what's defenseless receiver. And and the announces no problem though they'll phils and tasker guys don't want to I don't know well. And for that reason is the most difficult call to make in the national football that's why the rules committee needs in the offseason to go to college. And that's that's all a lot at least mitigate the sort of gray area that maybe grab him maybe he didn't okay where petite one while getting fifteen yards you'll have. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If pencils so that's why some of these guys decide you know I can't go high anymore I have to get low and what happens -- -- -- his -- -- -- -- that -- on that -- on that -- tell -- -- What's wrong with that. This news with what -- the somebody from the east what's wrong with the league wants -- blow right Bigelow. They hurt their knees don't hurt their heads right that's a conscious decision Kosher dogs and federal acts like there's a problem with that what's the problem with that. I don't I don't. Exit products to its reality of the right answer I don't -- reading it and hearing. I'm hearing people railing against it for all night last night all day. We'll hear all day today. What's the problem. I'm just a result the result is trying to avoid the -- you're going to get a lot more of that you know we don't want to hear what are your question is take -- -- as oppose to remembering -- decided. The league has decided. Insurance not on record -- -- and right exactly and the lawyers are involved. This is how they want to go. And I hear everybody's. Is ridiculous. Well why would you rather heads or any they've decided and players. Have complained they can they rather have an injury. Than any injury you in somebody took Bluetooth and three weeks ago. And you can come back in six days into weeks and accidentally hear back from an ACL but the league is decided. You'd rather have PC sales to pick. -- is it impossible to legislate. Careful list in to both ends of the body. The head and that he would that mean there are three areas and yet there's the head. The chest of the waste. There's the bias -- and there's the knees right. Gave them three and took out two properties not the head. Chest waste -- now I don't -- to officiate that's not make make it a more difficult call the pass interference but can not do something. An aunt who was is that a -- -- looking and looking right through audible and I'll want to hear from him a little bit he was looking right at the Villa defender when he hit -- that. Just -- the ball over his head. Over his shoulder gets whacked out -- legislate something into the knee situation they crack back -- blocks. A line of scrimmage can't go to bowl Albany's. Right there and stick it's tough it's so fast and obviously it is so now so -- -- -- Ann and Andy -- say he can hit the chest -- the chest and up in the head that's I don't talk to any defensive linemen they tried to hit the quarterback in the chest puts his head a little bit of the chin. And it's fifteen it's 171727. Dollars. Out of that check in this guy is confined three times it's that I'm not gonna get fine. Again I don't blame and this is what you have to do it's it's tragic. It truly is always check the paper that they cut the former players believe. That's right and things they've decided it an -- and by the way no one's ever gonna say you didn't know of the united. A threat to blow to me and football team since the beginning in time you know for a hundred years -- knew your knees. We're in jeopardy right that that that the the lawsuit is we didn't know. These discussions. Were so and the league did didn't -- -- no we did not you can never say that Mondays so it makes sense legally for the league to say. Let them know let them blow Pyrenees. We have to protect their hats -- Cleveland's safety TJ ward after the game on the injury and it. Think they -- the same route. From -- close. Assumes. No decision on me. Just -- -- on the big men unfortunately I don't know but. Followed him -- and his sense you're fine. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Brandon meriwether has been preaching somebody's bright is Brandon meriwether I think -- -- taking it at -- out well then I guess I'm gonna have to go low in some careers. And and I defended matter who the reports and he was gonna get behind for saying he was in trouble. -- -- in the treatment was saying and and who could speak to this with more forties and -- married you know if if ward had gone high. It's a penalty. Beat it's fine in and and may be drug it's a concussion may be doesn't but. I have no doubt that it had been fired three times if there were this old -- he'd gone high right here is instinct would be to separate him from the ball. He went low blows me at hello on the ball. He goes high ball comes -- no doubt about it noble victim. A century old that it. With -- yes. That was ruled -- -- in case it it came out of here we went to scramble for the ball. Ball really delegate -- she's hurt it was catch it all came loose it was match. You can come out -- crafty and -- have to always talk about the ball did not come -- that was down. Course was that it was ruled it was was obviously you said that what he gets all the ball doesn't come out. About it not come out -- -- -- the play by play was a catch. It was great a catch the ball was not Ellis took that out. I call -- that was a catch god almighty why are. I don't know why are. Talk and I'm not sure how does sound good on the local radio broadcast but here the pass interference sounded on the Cleveland broadcast. These guys as devastated as gronkowski pretty. Mike Mike. Jamison will talk -- -- patriot Monday at a show after 8 o'clock Tom Brady in the 9 o'clock -- pitcher Monday will be right back.

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