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NFL Sunday: The Patriots Defense vs the Browns Offense

Dec 8, 2013|

Cleveland has struggled on offense this season and now with questions at QB, that doesn't help their situation. The trade of Trent Richardson to Indy earlier this season hurt the run game, so as Price says, it's starts and ends with Josh Gordon who has been on an absolute tear the last couple weeks. Talib will definitely be on Gordon, but he'll have help over the top. Chatham compares the way the Pats will play Gordon today to the way they played Julio Jones in Atlanta. The injuries have caught up to the Pats on defense where they've struggled as the season rolls on. They'll look to gain some confidence against the Browns this week.

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You guys who knows that those names that talent ass -- -- hundreds thousands to submit a bid at bats with the little that speed and quickness he would turn it. Eight yard crowd to its -- down and Harvey self -- attack. And. Care who he's talking about I just like hearing keep Tillie talk I could I could listen to keep the -- talk all day. Nobody any I agree with it I -- A lot of his John the Baptist I want I want the countryside. Notes and delivering the gospel I think he's great in soundbites I don't know if you can deal with the full you don't capitalist talked about this locker this week if this didn't get to the Super Bowl. -- the potential to be he freaked out national star Whitney gets on that podium and yet there. Are you kidding me. Yeah could be fun you know what did you I don't think the rim the quote there -- quick here but that the the he has through 35 runs like he's thirty. I tested that theory because I've got a young kid my my my 45 OK. So let's let it be about 135 but to get his juiced by the way it if you're not here at the stadium today and -- I know most of our listeners are going to be watching at home. Don't adjust your sets you have not gone back to 1995. There -- a lot of weather issues throughout country -- but he knows about that the problems. Up for instance Terry Bradshaw will not be on the NFL on fox today because he couldn't get there couldn't get out of Dallas. Bill McEntee. Couldn't get out of Dallas there. So Don creek is gonna call the game today here at Gillette Stadium patriots and the browns so when you when you're telling your your TV and today and you are done trick -- voice don't think. I just lost five years and -- they should be to go full brick road from active and after Ricky entropy combination. At all. To go to the let's talk about patriots. Specifically their defense against the the Cleveland Browns offense Jason Campbell will start at quarterback -- he has started at quarterback against the patriots on two occasions and got smoked both times his team has guns. And notes. I'm just pointing out that he's had issues at the quarterback position against the patriots. The guy you just heard Aqib Talib talking about a Josh Gordon. Who -- Bill Belichick could not have waxed more poetic about this week in the I Gordon is beat incident with court I think they've gotten good production out of them the -- and. But this yours well and I think that's a name that we need to discuss Jordan Cameron a note is it a little bit but but Gordon has just been for novelties in the midst of a truly impressive stretch of games that mean. It anytime you can put together -- back to back 200. Plus yard performance of character -- Google didn't. Both agree that I think the thing it's impressive about it is. Is because they struggled offensively so bad. In you going to a game where they don't have a lot of potential places to go with the ball again you still scraped together 200 particular production. So -- worst teams are going in their particularly game planning problem with the -- -- game plan yet he still able give them the way it is because if you take away some of the downfield stuff. Yet as to we've mentioned he catches a six yard hitch in does the rest of themselves so they can simply get the ball on the guys yet. One thing the lookout for as I studied tape on the team's -- back to try to watch them against other 34 teams. And for this team that would be Baltimore green today in Africa won an -- list but. Steelers I think that the three other teams that play some more base fronts as the patriots and other in my particular match up. What they like to do it just court walk four shots to him on the first place of series. Which you watch a lot of the big plays he's had over the course of the -- you know last month and a half where I was looking. And don't often starts years old -- -- -- -- you know their running game hasn't been very good so I think that's probably one of exit told them back even with the Richardson some change. They haven't found production in the run game which -- that that would seem to be maybe the patriots a vulnerability right now but this team may not be well equipped to take advantage of it but. Everything's sort of does go through Josh Gordon and I -- action would probably put them. Better than any receiver they seats that you want out basis Julio Jones probably is the only one closer. So for that reason I would look for potentially a similar matchup it's not so much that toll will be autumn although I believe you will. Bottle also be drug coverage of will be to -- underneath them with help. Which is I think the best way they've handled the best guys that have you not only. Put your better body type match you also put something over top of them so it's not a single coverage -- situation the Cleveland Browns don't on the football Willis McGahee. And Ozzie Whitaker their running backs that the 28 in the NFL rushing. What they've basically it appears watching what they basically decided is which is gonna throw the ball Josh court seventeen times a game and -- Texas I mean. That is their offense right at the other thing to mention too with Gordon's numbers were all the more impressive when you consider the instability if the court. -- that -- David Campbell. You know there every trick shot -- in this week the regular -- you know they're -- all sorts options there at the position out one of the numbers that it really. I think we can look for today loading the chemical that the most aggressive team league with a report report. -- -- thirteen to 26 they are far away in this part of it is he's deal he said at the start of the year that we're going to be aggressive we're critical for these situations. The patriots. When it comes to a minimum affordable to Ohio State it's actually half half half or there of the patriots in terms of teams that have at least had opportunities are the best. -- decently well I wonder how to that's gonna completely but yeah I think you what you two point -- earlier I just think. This team really struggles to Opel -- vehicle ultimately. They are one dimensional team from the jump I don't know how much consistent either going to be able to get when it comes to run the ball. -- to -- and tried the predictable but more than just lip service to because the patriots are -- BR when it comes to run defense but you guys. It is this is to really intriguing matchup from me he -- defense -- Cleveland -- that the one of the things it could this came up my column just a bowler but here's an opportunity to expand a little bit if they're going to Ronald -- your -- homes -- watching this game what do you attribute -- -- if you wanna. Go rule people in this sport take a peek at their two -- and stuff so toward Cameron is much more vote. We'll pass catching -- to come up there with two tight end. And align them both the one sides of the commute why watching one tied it with a win next. And built trade what this means is before the snap the ball everyone jumps -- sort sort of that. Now opposite the ethnic something partner in oval like I give you joked that he you know but the point is they do it quickly. And Detroit keeps you reset and it snapped again because it's your your defense need it's been years so it's it's kind of sort of problems -- the patriots have with via. The Texans right words about run it's been in the proper place the idea that you trade to people. Simultaneous republic quickest to see if they'll get reset in school -- rule as the as the situation formation flops. That's one part of the second thing they -- worthy charity that I think could potentially hurt the patriots. Is that -- guards and tackles quite a bit and in what that forces you to do is. If you have a team lose in straight ahead blocking which -- will be the Texans game last week especially in the -- them. Issues with gap integrity. When you start point people were polling means bit like off that's why I'm believe despondent run to the perimeter of the defense kind of thing -- on the -- played the outside. You -- to basically reset the offensive line in a place you're trying to stretch the play or becomes difficult -- you need to understand that your capitals or on the move. So it's like everything's sort of shifts over and that you -- you -- to try to make someone make an -- right. And that's one thing to Cleveland goes a little bit of Joseph Thomas is a guy who's pretty pretty athletic and pretty good matchup of the top positioned so look for some point some movement some guard polling out for -- place -- -- around tightens things like that to try to create a mistake in you know create those players Regis simply catch someone. For example I think the twenty yard touchdown in the Texas game last week -- ruling had almost perfect gap integrity normal line. But Brandon Spikes is now part don't know went back or in the gore won gap open. But rock directorate of the ruling going to be sort asking you for that one hole and they have the back to confine him explode through -- that's probably the biggest issue question but I think that's what's before them. I think when you look at their numbers and in I think the fact that. It did just the best running back two I UBQ would you go back -- you look at this team when you wonder. If Porter was healthy and had anywhere near a consistent running -- think this to be really intriguing matchup but he does the Cleveland team as a -- and do some things. I just don't think that the of the offensive consistency police today to really. Little hole with a report when I when I look at how -- how they operate philosophically from an offensive standpoint I think has backed it. The whole thing is it's almost like they've given up based on their personnel. In the -- case -- at the at the injuries on defense and they haven't given up they haven't changed their philosophy defensively. They've tried to plug people -- that that they can't play exactly the same way -- you don't have Vince Wilfork you don't have Vince Wilfork. But you've got a lot Owen Jones in the middle and you're trying to at least play somewhat the same defensively in Cleveland's case with their injuries on opposite is an aspirin. I think one of the things you can do though -- you can go back -- you can look at old Norv Turner because -- built talked about this a couple of times this week that. They are using guys like hearing in Gordon in much the same way that you know nor used. You -- it -- Julio gates in in Vincent Jackson CD don't know there's obviously -- drop off there there's not the same kind of outlook. But in terms of packages in terms of approach in terms of overall scheme the recent -- there. I mean did mention this because I think it's something the deter people ought. When I've looked back at some of the situations I mean it's easy answer gravitate to these the two undrafted guy is there must be struggling there having issues. I think there were some examples of that game where you get the highlights from the broadcast it looks like against -- Iowa he's not separate not making plays. I think Joseph wants played really well this year I think he's had a couple weeks where there's been he's had some difficulty separating from blocks he's in the right gap peace stamp his guy -- well. But when you have gap integrity issues besides have you know works like the wings are two wide he's not the kind of athlete that can separate make a play three or four or to -- for them. He needs everything to become a tighter economy and action does a really great job in the environment so all the things that you saw him do so well in earlier weeks when that the -- was smaller. It gets more difficult I think form if you just a separate comic -- several yards away from so that's sort commuted chain effect today and I don't think he's -- are -- doing something worse than when he was doing prior. It's just when there's -- player inconsistent play and other spots. It -- just not a guy -- long and athletic almost of the things I still think he's doing a great job because things around and you tighten up to the production edged spike. That set I hate throwing -- Jones in the same bottle. I think are shown that the play the -- what what each and every week and the last because while Chris Jones would tune in my view would greatest highs and out there. He's really had a high motor ruling Wentz has blocked a lot. And again either of those guys often in the -- now you're back to. Back to me is kind of the problem who and where they're gonna get production at that spot. The other thing happened on the line is how are they gonna matchup on the outside I think Jamie -- we've talked about it -- a great job when he's off the ball guys in -- court sub type person. What is in them line over the line linebacker and outside he struggled. So -- that pushes. Chris Chandler Jones to a stand -- -- which probably isn't his you know not one thing. Now receive world under Carter I mean I think it's just this chain effective if they they have guys that work in certain environments but with the amount of that perfect environment. That's recent margin or error goes out the window and did have that problem you have guys like -- -- those people -- you talk about Chris Jones right here -- -- voice in my head saying just that you don't know the name doesn't mean they can't play you know and they've got guys who have. -- roles here and got a very admirable job when we combat. Well talked about in my opinion the best place kicker in the national football -- is he playing in this game today. NFL Sunday presented by complaints insurance at the Penske they shops that you -- visit the plants -- dot com today.

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