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NFL Sunday: How the Patriots Have Gone About Replacing Wes Welker

Dec 8, 2013|

Dale brings up how before the year started, fans and media alike thought Bill Belichick was a little crazy to let Welker leave the way it happened. Now it doesn't seem like he was that insane. Sure Wes is having some success in Denver, but the combo of Edelman and Amendola has been awesome. This leads to a discussion on Julian Edelman specifically, his role, his improvement and if the Pats will look to lock him up long term.

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Let me talk about the difference between a a Polaroid snapshot. And it Ansel Adams landscape photography of the Grand Canyon because it's how. Generally we look at things in football as compared people who like Ron football games. What Wes Welker departed from the patriots for the Denver Broncos the hue and cry in the -- and I was guilty of it -- anybody else. What the hell was Bill Belichick doing. For the sake of -- relatively speaking. He's letting their most productive wide receiver take a hike a guy who has led the NFL in receptions and and over the last five years I mean they're not going to be able to replace that. -- -- a couple of part numbers here just for the sake of argument. -- Wes Welker had a pretty good years here 68 receptions. 717. Yards. Touched on number 99 -- foray real good throwing -- -- and Peyton Manning. Julian settlement has seventy catches to more than while her. 711. Yards six less than Welker. The difference is touchdowns nine to four this offense nowhere near as productive as the Denver Broncos office Tobler is here is pro. Isn't fair but I wonder if this is part of their calculation when they were side Wesco. The program and they'll end of that sort of -- net net with the two guys -- know I did an agreement well looks like they were hedging if we don't get the full production of one -- you element comes back stronger than we've seen he's always just had. Health issues. Or in Italy at that point they -- could do. Replete some of that outside exactly and if you like the idea though that if they had doubts like a lot of people nationally and even -- locally will -- we would talk about. Danny Amendola -- there was the ability the ruthless you know so what will the same kind of guys some redeem. In the event that he has health issues again you've had yourself with a -- contract with settlement that. Maybe it's like you get two for one because all the dollars put together was pretty similar because of that contract from the top cattlemen's -- about the same as what the paper west. Yet you have the potential for maybe both guys take off and you -- or so. And the younger so I mean maybe I apparently that was the gamble. Maybe -- the -- of the day this is a question I've asked on on several occasions over bill Belichick's tenure here. And I'm dead serious. Name and the number of guys who Bill Belichick has separated himself from what's gone on to have. You know. Great productive seasons elsewhere and you could start and Adam Vinatieri. I'm not saying that our guys I'm just saying for the most part their analog and Bill Belichick decides you know what it's maybe time to move on. He's right more than he's -- you can bake cookies for lawyer -- well did not necessarily played at a global level but continue to play well 567. Years. After he left year particularly I would Willie McGinest left -- yet. The damage you look at the list. There are -- -- ours is a guy -- Mexico -- -- is a good exactly dialogue or promote the be all over the here but to me that was scheme that the stuff different defense upward to a year yet he struggled with but he was the start when he went to America display format and -- And Corel W you got put on the weight that he wasn't allowed carriers so. There are examples but I would detail the the guy who had been number I'm sorry did it jumps off for me when are comparing Wes Welker and Julie you know this year. Welker really in a lot of ways the last 56 years was the gold standard a lot of lot of statistical categories -- of -- the -- was just. Off the charts just -- phenomenal. To settlement is actually battery are that ticket dispute west. -- it you know touchdowns -- that's you know it's -- that that's one thing that really from me. And was never really a guy who -- -- as it is was able to do for whatever reason put up a lot -- Let's Welker with it again with just. 700. Is a deal that it -- that it -- A year when it comes yet but that is such an important part of this office when it comes to keeping those -- will -- On delivering the ball you with a wide receiver putting in a position where you could succeed where you can pick up that -- your finger at one of the reason supreme -- this year as the bright and so low. But eight. That's the thing for me he's been able to kind of Russian offensive boy. Over the first half but a really good numbers in now I think it's going to be great discussion this offseason will be to ceiling with the financial years one of those sort of you know what they'll walk from him actually. May have sooner rather than later. -- because interest in that you know they haven't done something mid season if they felt that way you know he's obviously been productive but it's probably one of the situations much like west last year. I don't want to grow the market thinks of communal underpaid while you went on to its original goal prepared. And he's a tough got to figure out because it's it's that's spite your contract year big big production thing. I think it's a lot like the some of the baseball conversations we've -- guys I've yet to frame Napoli and print some of these guys that. You do what you don't want Ellsbury the production going to be -- you know the number just a decrease crime. -- looked -- two ago. Elements going to be in a situation where he's unique you know are there going to be there are going to be people out there in the market the presume that some of that production because of great. And and that's Horry sent by the way does what I think because he's so good as Chris mentioned after his bald as opposed them much to do with that. But it certainly does help define worse and that's the thing you'll always be fight against as an agent 27 year old wide receiver former college quarterback if I don't get it out about ninety catches this year. It is good if it's decent with a guy who's the after the raiders' biggest number. Wonders here for the raiders -- -- like. Good player but the had the same college quarterback and transfer them to wide receiver. Played pretty good for about 45 years it was a Little League. But it kind of went to the same thing in my -- as a wide receiver he's going to be productive cup efforts contract and I don't think much happened after I'm not wishing that upon -- our element -- great player but. You don't have that same argument to make you probably don't see another year production like this before you believe for some long term acute it was the biggest reason I brought up the difference between snapshots some and portrait pictures series. Couple games beginning of the season Wes Welker was lighting up the fourteen catches. You know three touchdown and it and everybody here was not all might god look what happened. Well by the time you get to the end of the season you're gonna find the difference between these two guys. Is pretty minimal impact right now it's pretty that works out well and and you know what at the end of the season I think ultimately. You're gonna look at the numbers you -- you know what they -- replace Wes Welker yeah they they replace that almost exactly. In again it wasn't just Dinara I wrote that in the number of occasions after west left and it's not just one guy. You know you can't just look at Dini Amendola to all right well you're gonna replace Wes Welker is -- -- hundred catches. 900 yards and touchdowns and it had to be a group of guys you CNET district you've seen him and told to step up on the keys and you've seen elements that often accused. You've seen Shane -- step up and accused of particular comes to the passing game. If they've done a very good job replicating that level of production they were able to get out well for us I think the scheme does have to change if it did. For from -- that -- reality yeah absolutely right and maybe there as accountable -- and his production from that spot as well. But they really don't I -- chemical would be that troops lot generate -- the nepalese runs those seam -- dot. Album and I hate to throw him in that category as fuel when they come out of some two -- yours that's open too tight end. The results on the field that that's where the second item would be this one and the guys receivers or extend the nation are both traditional guys went Hernandez was here and -- yeah I would have been a slot right as he's at his role is in the slot -- do. You know the second slot right in his onslaught on the other side in the wide receivers on the other side I mean you you know it's it's bizarre but the point is. -- -- What's unique about him is yet to play traditional wonders -- he plays decks and hopefully it plays the playoff -- move. I think that's why the volume as much he's used to be the war first guy that can audible over the -- -- and mental hasn't been Amendola wants regatta here couple look at him. Again -- Walt credit or it's not like he's playing with a toward the scene you know 80% what he may be the next few weeks healthy but that's also was the -- when they -- exactly exactly -- that's always going to be an issue but what I'm -- from just simply -- well who he is body -- What looks like it's his strengths he's a -- Elements not just sought and I think again you always have that hanging over them ample. Help them things like that because it would go from one year we you know what -- have versatility will will play in this and we talked all season long. Julian settlement might be the best punt returner in the NFL if it it's difficult to value guys like that would look at. Josh Cribbs the long time guys here with with the browns -- -- -- your -- Similar situation with him remember what the result conversations about Devin Hester Chicago of making that transition -- -- dangerous guy at that. These guys sometimes happen if that make it's difficult for them make the transitional full time guy. I've done I'm beyond -- have a hard time thinking of a guy who really didn't pastors actually reverted back to be almost a team's all together now Chicago. So it's pretty rare form especially considering -- the quarterback background at Kent State so. That's is something though that you carry with you -- you going to each negotiation is because. There's always the presumption you'll regressed to mean go back to which you were before you know the average presumption reviewers players. This is a nice spike in its glory -- after the team. Projected to 400 of. Computing adamant as though podcast earlier this week and he talked about now if you was not drafted was that looks like the Packers. You wonder what might have been in -- the case if you with the YouTube to not decide to learn that it's also. Yeah habits and this will talk about that's coming up. I guess from Paul who treaty in Brady has given him one of the greatest epic games and whatever it is. Didn't throw a supposed to make you try to -- -- -- minutes and that works you know. Well as in we always used to joke about. He was in effect many Wes Welker I mean look recession and don't -- -- I -- in terms of production looks -- it it looked like Welker on the field. You know that means under sized white wide receiver types or. Otherwise -- where there. And and ironically that's exactly what -- Is another Wes Welker what. Would be. For him across mr. what do you think that they would go to -- -- where we look at a three year deal per. So tough it has -- so what if it's it's an additional -- stuff in place here when you're talking about him what he brings to the table. You just you have no sense of what the marketplace could be well think of it from from a from a -- here at the way these things are -- and having gone -- -- negotiations apartment so. -- -- -- The company with a table comparable a couple of the people that they think like in -- what they may in the be willing to go near debut to -- if they think you're better in this market the -- and above that. So imagine like in my situation it was. Cure all the special team here at the top five special team linebackers. In the NFL. Here's what they -- here's one to pay you relative to that walk right up to a kind of thing. Here's what they make -- bonus here Bloomington based. And from your cited illusion a but I -- a back up till like Willie McGinest Mike -- that's why don't play them a full time line backer of the places but you know that's the art you're trying to frame that. Don't just apparently in this coaching record impairment -- linebackers all -- of battle between. Who who and how your -- And I think it'll be much the same way they -- company with -- -- to what. Here's the -- to all the top workers fell. He's a role we're in a minute now and what about the OpenId perception exactly and then they'll say well it's one your production and maybe won't go halfway with you but. It org human is offering like who will more or comparable bill argued that Mike culpable for this group. And in your view that it's the other and it's it's trying to find -- middle ground I think it was much the same with west's argument last year. Here's the list of the best slot receivers in the felt like it would have gone -- -- I've wonders how much into an opinion really his number never got to that because you look at guys -- objects -- -- about your ID you know -- That -- decrease in West -- half that in I think he's at least pretty close to Lisa about is valuable for you but it's tough to make that. If you look at it every time the patriots -- from somebody. -- -- -- -- -- just put money back and Bob -- pocket whether it's all on -- or Wes Welker I mean you go on and on and on him what to hear the hue and cry as audit to cheap. Look at the results maybe they're not as cheap as -- -- one come back after the break we will specifically breakdown the Patriots offense. Against the Cleveland Browns defense Tommy currency SN any dot com China's. In the third hour of today's program here on NFL Sunday presented by the Polanski insurance at the Penske shops or use a visit to plant -- dot com today.

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