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NFL Sunday: Is this Bill Belichick's Best Coaching Year Ever?

Dec 8, 2013|

The guys discuss just how well things have gone for Belichick this season and how many of his decisions have worked out for the positive. They also get into the Stevan Ridley situation and how BIll has handled it. The guys aren't giving up on Ridley and think he can eventually contribute again, maybe even today.

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This Bloomberg show my rhythm like reinvent the game we just basically the same -- and that would -- first that would just. Done better get some good matchups in the second half hour Josh they could talk. No match no personal groups and formations of the gets -- good match -- -- there and and you know Tom and receivership and take advantage on the we're able. You know keep -- somewhat annoying. And the bill Belichick's being a little deceitful -- because I know because I heard players say. They spy they they have -- they illegally apparently. Knew the exact game plan they'd -- in -- we have to. We have to decide what's best or to console to. They do exactly what the Houston Texans now they elected not to use that information in the first half way there a line in the week they'd get they'd bail out Houston to sprint out to -- lead because they really care about first. This was a Ray Lewis like this is the other like its list do you like -- -- going to do I gotta give him credit he knew exactly what. In a pretty difficult to get credit for the -- I'm gonna say look he knew exactly how to tweak the patriots by using the password -- it and we all know what he has worked years. In he knew exactly how to get computers to mobile. But he looked like the -- they didn't. I mean I give credit at all he looks like adult. And everybody around football just laughed did you see the video to Kubiak when asked about how it's gonna ship if they -- Why did you see huge I got four days left. There now and Malia but you see the actual video of encouragement with snow and when he desperate I'd point that. Chris there was a little bit hopefully I understand how this works out this it was a mobile slick watts -- You know throw the rock out in the traffic watch of people whose jumper on we've only part of it we had a crappy year. You know we just lost a tough game we lost our what and -- robot you know seven points the last -- phone. Op Ed Poland's side and a double book in the book in the globe today he talks with long time venerable personnel executive -- Brent. And Gil Brandt was asked about you know whether this was one of bill Belichick's finest coaching jobs this year. And Gil -- -- I have a ton of respect for said quote let me stop you right there. I don't think it's one of the finest I think it's the best he's ever done on quote. And you look at the the injury situation. And especially on defense and as I said the kind of hold this thing together with bailing wire and two income. I've been saying this for a couple weeks now but Gil Brandt does help a lot more about football and I view this is the best job I've ever seen Belichick do here. And I know that individual things drive people crazy like rushing yards for Ben Tate. Given what they've got to deal with on a weekly basis I don't know how we can do. Our I don't agree and I that not not tonight you so much deal but I -- -- -- -- -- historian -- -- in this -- -- a lot of stuff -- I feel like we have this question every year when their -- of sort the sort of battled but it has some issues. The one thing I would put just as a point of perspective from my personal memory with -- -- That the that VO one season and we -- you know. Why we're having this conversation December's a lot of game and beyond that. That the -- lol -- one team I think it's less than what's been on this team for probable -- for years. So we were working with last we have lost we capable back together it's the best game plan changes gutsy performances. I would put a team that had gone down and came back against one the justice had injuries but this is a pretty talent -- the Philippine Communist -- all -- -- -- -- the I think -- -- side of the -- they -- they are -- -- -- street. A bit I agree but I just think there's that there's a degree of hyperbole -- the -- -- -- -- -- in the -- that somehow he pulls -- restore -- a team -- Overall mortally Namibia disease I still go back to 2008. -- note that -- with just different because there was one guy who was your idea in 2008 pretty important guy I cannot win you lose your franchise quarterback when you lose or reigning NFL MVP. In steal get a team to go to 115. I think that that is the team. The 2001 team that is just it is in the universe as far as what the rippled through plus the same time. You guys at least in my opinion we're a lot mentally tough in the beauty of the team you got relief -- default the courts the year. Just like it didn't matter who gets to report. I'd let it out let me just interject though. There are some great players summit defense we just did know they were great exactly yeah exactly it -- would it was just perfect all the reason I -- it lower talent of course try to whispered those great due to run a team obviously -- lot of talent but I think that was team that was still a lot of holes on the biggest. The biggest indication of that is what they did with that -- the very next offseason -- we won that Super Bowl. There was a lot of attrition there was a lot of guys up and down that bowl often veiled or bottled wines from some skill positions guys that really helped us win that's Super Bowl. That they didn't retain that were part of the rest of the run they felt they felt like you know from organizations support -- there was a lot of upgrading equipment done so to me that was very much every game planning -- and sort of work what did you guys that go back to 2008 -- -- -- what he was able to do with that group and I still maintain again. 2001 it's a different team different universe altogether it's a moment but the truth of the team. I think he's the proudest of that group of any team -- coached to used. We've. Went into the break thing I wanted to discuss Steven -- in this respect coaching as well. There are a lot of reports out there Alpert career others chris' tweeted about it that it would appear that Stephen at least -- address today. Obviously we don't know how much is the play we just. Based on all information can address at least. When -- surprise last week I think all of us were surprised when we got the the list of of guys who were gonna sit on the sidelines and his name was on it. That we slush out of them on the sidelines. In his little sweatsuit -- pat hold in this football I always wonder about things like that whether that's you know coaching thing where some coach. Ivan fears -- somebody says you take that football and you don't put it down the rest of the day. That's coaching now. I assume we try to get Steven -- attention but. Went to think he's our -- yeah. -- I just heats this is and we've I'd have talked about -- with but we've talked about this that talked about this would repeat winners and TV review this week it's just it's -- endlessly fascinating. Subject because you're looking at a guy who is it. Such an important stage of his career a guy in his mid twenties who Marty has partnered season who is. Poised at least in my mind to become a real clear -- back to be -- the kind of guy who -- your a franchise back in I thought it was interesting this week I did a couple of out of market radio Tuesday communities. And every one of them asked about so are the -- gonna cut the -- Look at that we love -- here and I don't like in Minnesota directly yet and that's exactly why they wouldn't got to -- until -- it's just it is it's it's a fast yankees I think. Look I've been on record is satanism frankly Portland repeat apologist I think they're gonna need -- between the intricacies and I think used their most complete back talking about. A traditional between the tackles guy. Steven -- you. And I think the thing that came out of this is as much of a reminder in it's it's much more obvious because it's a -- football higher profile position. But it's consistent with they always do things and I was I was there and now it's sort of been these last few years as well. You look at Campbell -- to look at the package situation while -- verses settlement there -- several situations throughout the years where. If you don't perform for a week you lose your job and personal points and I know that's not sexy in that doesn't make for a -- But that's literally how works that's the honest to god nuts and bolts how things go down. There is no such thing as -- analysts are making a statement because I'll give the organization credit this for -- It's a very open situation -- -- put military would go -- earlier on in the in the courts and entered your position coaches come you would say not good enough right now. You know that you're you're going to be down this week I mean it's really that simple it's not. It's not just passive aggressive we're talking to talk to your doghouse kind of thing. It's very open and that's not good enough you've lost your job and we want personnel now you're out of a package and I think we look what happened last week. I think some of the sexual stop the into it was. It was Thanksgiving week that's important and I don't -- we -- that night we talk about that much last week but the idea that Thanksgiving in the middle week. On Thanksgiving week even when not playing the game sometimes it's property in the -- physical practices because of a break in the middle so what would normally have been Thursday's of pretty physical hitting day. Wednesdays or physical as US NL's -- well these days right but the idea that you have a guy who has fumbling issues right now and that's pretty wall. Document over the last few weeks you wanna test him which. All the decisions are being made outside the public view it's not he did that in last week's game now we've now decided he's lost his job he goes back to the Wednesday Thursday Friday practice. And the guys beating them a lot literally poaching is formed questionable making sure you make informal practice. I don't think in a Thanksgiving week you probably got those physical practices the test. He did make the trip which was -- because if you -- for me -- you know restraint because topic to talk about before and they don't take your ability to publicly thank that they had yet made the decision so. At least that it was or he was probably part of formula going on with a lineman -- there -- little -- or some other position group. Depth in the secondary where the -- the the last couple bought -- and what it does indicate. Was that you blow the doctor he was a final consideration is a guy that even if I had carried him were talking like a five a tanker lower part of player blow. Which means it's a luxury so you'll carry out this week think to change. And I think that's why if we do see them the Brian Campbell injury was the or what what who's who's down the backs honestly. Oh what Odom for the current injury the back okay what. -- -- and luckily there were no injuries temple that was -- was not -- related probable. Farina at the wrists so there's no there's -- a piece of news just we're expecting him okay. Mainly because he's the best -- -- -- -- -- -- it you you do bring a good point we've talked about this of the blaster plus I was about to start the year last year with Wes Welker the production and now and it's just. They've been to themselves as a team in specific team and if frankly if there's one -- position area where they could afford to do it. It's not running where you have guys were starting this particular -- -- -- 40. Italy but -- -- running well. Will mean is it broke according to pick up he's starting ramp back up to 100% but I think. When you look at. The production from from offensive skill position players here an element as a great example it appears that were caught. And all the -- which caught who were three. In its just. Week to week I don't think the report late this past week recently. Innate being did that all goes into the typical bit older you'll Bethel grist for the -- talk about him what the -- -- it was a little effort under this season where if you play yourself out of a particular package doesn't mean it's human past. In the you'll roll scheme of things mr. whereabouts or something like that but literally if you lose your job and eleven for one week. It looks like now in the dark gospel the way it works is that you're not in eleven I mean to rupture and blow in the -- huge. Now there is some situation with -- new coach comes your on the on the rails now. It's like you're down this week be written in Mexico Italy it's like that like things in this place that's different I think a lot of the place in the NFL. But things legitimately based on what they think -- -- in the next week against a particular matchup so they don't like your body type what you produce in the last week or two. And -- think it fits the guy you're going to be going against most the next week which. -- but we have written at a bar and -- privileged and difference I was gonna -- -- difference yet it was due to medical ultimately it's because when I look at at -- No matter who knew what personnel package he's your best running back -- it would be like. Like saying you know that the patriot plaster organist at Wes Welker route this week because the package just -- -- that there -- certain. You're not gonna sit. A guy like written out for that but in the walker example like last year you can have for some reason his -- number was right when he -- -- -- they're down on Watson which they which I understand. Yeah -- -- the -- situation is don't do anything because the comes on the ball in the event that they don't think you're gonna ball handle or at least a little more risky you dropped out of a package and a package doesn't shall opera they go in with the game Clinton world who played at pac ten snaps. We are not your less valuable in the seventh off with one of the the viewer the other thing too in these I don't know how much it meant to him that -- but this the guy with the BBB -- -- he's not taking this. I think he's taken it well all -- it that -- he he's the editor apartment and I had Bubba don't I don't. Hey do you you you talk to him -- didn't talk to the media link that locker room but. This is clearly something that is eating it is handling this the right -- he's saying and doing all the great things his teammates have his back view we talked to favoring about it this week and that is in you could beat -- that is. Probably in my -- -- be second only to be offensive -- when it comes to working as a group the tightness in -- but really I think it's a great point because it's it's it's certainly be like all the guys which should really -- one other I don't think there's a ton of banks when one guy gets carries over the other. That's set I think the thing that -- aids Ridley sort of frame of mind and this is what I said it most of this is out of the public view. But he has to know he's not being singled out and treated differently this stuff happens all the time in packages that don't matter to people are off -- once the offer or defense deployments rotations and things like that. He's being treated consistently -- they do things you'll feel like your isolated from the rest of the group which just aren't being treated the same way and I need to respond to it'll be okay. -- other backs -- the -- the comets from that running back group says while. Stephen struggled now I get my show and I'm gonna it has -- that feel like -- down his back will be back we support all want another batch relieved in the field I think that helps you think. Actually while producer practice for them again like into an argument shot again. Here's what's at stake today as the patriots take on the Cleveland Browns if Baltimore loses or ties today. Patriots clinch a playoff spot. If the patriots win and Miami loses or ties today the patriots clinch their fifth straight AFC east. So there's a lot at stake today for the patriots. Always that way in December right when we come back in just couple minutes we're gonna talk about snapshots. As opposed to big wide panoramic views of things we'll get to that in just a moment NFL Sunday present -- like a plant -- insurance at the plant -- They shops -- use a visit the Polanski dot com today.

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