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NFL Sunday: Reaction to the Gary Kubiak Firing

Dec 8, 2013|

Dale Arnold, Matt Chatham and Chris Price kick off NFL Sunday live from "Toby Keith's: I Love This Bar and Grill" in Foxborough and kick off the show with reaction to the Houston Texans firing head coach Gary Kubiak. The brutal loss to the Pats set the wheels in motion and then Thursday's loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars sealed the deal. Just how bad are the Texans though? They've come up short in a bunch of very close games. The guys also discuss the situation in NY with Rex Ryan being forced to start Geno Smith who looks awful. Also, Matt discusses the Pats defensive miscues last week, including some evidence he found on tape of Spikes missing some big plays.

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Bill Belichick. Coach -- -- I mean technically. Technically I guess Gary Kubiak -- for game out of it but let's be honest. It was the game a week ago Sunday in Houston. Against the Texans that began the downward spiral with just four days later a welcomed NFL Sunday Sports Radio I've. I'm Dale Arnold along with Chris price from WEEI dot com. Chatham patriots linebacker and a three time super. -- anchoring. And downward on your Toby -- of the sparring grow. Like in the NFL they hate firing coach. -- they do. But it was obviously such a disaster. Houston. That I talked about how the medical condition for Kubiak episode -- affected I think it would of this earlier. But the way things work out. Well I also think that. You in Jacksonville. Inject fourteen penalties fourteen penalties and it was just it was the best in I don't think beat him. Move on from that point your ownership and you want to be perceived as a team that is doing the right being -- Completely tether it to you here. You can recover from something like that have to make a move by the Pakistan to make the agencies and -- you know in the linked to -- they have a guy in house and we talked about this before -- Phillips who does -- coaching experience that he's not going to be the head coach what what you're gonna hear it from -- -- -- to be here you got what they talked about this used to already if he wins his last three here right. If he is in relatively. You know eighty fashion easy to head coach going four do you keep him at just -- I read this somewhere this week. That. He's like I think he said the most in her head coach digs in history and those like Delhi he always the next guy like he's just been in the situation -- staff he's -- Watergate and generally as a pretty good job out of here and thrown -- against the bills but I don't think that. Translates that the next -- jobless. If you had a fire dude in season -- -- -- Phillips I think that's a tidy kitchen the kitchen through the browser yes I don't know but. It was about Siberia but the when you're playing national televised games and certain people -- tension even in a bad year. And it's Texas beat football Amber's house. Filled stadiums that that's about movement that. The team -- sort of with the emotion battery. That show that team does not -- removed from. Being. When you look at it. In that room. Right that is not for. Me to beat at the rate quarterback's gonna matter form I can excuse delicate job I think it's a solid court about an off season -- -- story long time. Franchise cornerstone like I've. -- -- We did that pretty well examples that we that we -- -- -- had him play -- studies not scary but. I think -- sought and again it's patriots or colts are for the guys. But look at what's out there again -- cultural all the exciting night last night there or quarterbacks available they're gonna have the first. This recession absolutely pathetic Charlie Teddy Bridgewater maybe touch board agreed the number it for -- -- you. The true enemies yellow means there are some question marks the guy's going to be. But this will be a relatively New York area of -- proposal by the running so you don't have that or G three -- candidate -- -- passing. But the idea that there's going to be somebody available this year -- -- don't wanna quarterback which was exits which after market. Emanuel and geno Smith was the top overall quarterback -- so. If you're in a year where you patted down years due to -- beat the match. All blue did to put this whole -- -- -- -- and didn't throw crap lately Wright episode global this year. But he's only a couple of years removed from leaving -- article passing yards April walk him. He wasn't one of these guys was about the wind field goals were to rule for walker I'm. I think it is he'll leave him there -- the field expects that total. Here's the irony that one thing and it was a whole -- things that it Kubiak departure but it'll one of the things what's the helped push out the door go back to shop on there's. If you you've got a general manager who says -- asking him as ours our quarterback here. And you know at some point Kubiak -- the courts of Thursday's games -- protests. You know magical play. The irony is you've got the exact same situation playing out the AFC east with the New York Jets. Where the general manager wants a guy quarterback and in this case happen I think Rex Ryan as right Rex Ryan is looking at this crisis yet. Or if you have different goals mean if it's -- -- -- you all built for the future rights -- -- -- -- job. To the playoffs and from my point that I've done well with this organization. Jill Smith back when a football game at at the that the state of play with his game right now he's just you know what there. But it's something that -- a radical you're gonna push me out the door. Tim Tebow would be better quarterback NG us. Or be comparable I think -- if you if you look at the -- your results would be better with Tebow quarterback and I look I don't think Tim Tebow can play quarterback elect in the I think that team would be better off with -- quarterback NG announcement but that's when you get that disconnect starting to develop between coaches and GM's. In that inevitably. Leads to their coach being fired at UB -- complete -- -- A death with a reasoned that they've been so successful across the street here because they're group on the team beat just because three years we -- left because the general manager coach and that's exactly. Yeah let -- all right shoulder I don't know what you they think that's a great idea though. I think -- would which you look at teams and when you look at really good young team start to go south like what we saw in Houston constructive view it released a lot of places with that disconnect between coach and over that for sport I think they've done it themselves again -- there in New York I mean you know idea at the risk there now understand that when this season not knowing -- Mark Sanchez or as well. So media in their mind works it is that veterans sort of back a -- you know was correct but -- he gets injured. The driver. Other mean the idea that the supposedly that wanna re sign him and I have no way to deal why the present time Maurer in uses even though what in his -- you've been around a little bit. Bank I mean I -- -- we have it's -- football field last week if he was -- struggle that means you'll have more procedures at the keys. I think he's a guy who maybe past that window. But I guess I -- major point years they they have a competitive back the quarterback that that that pushed Mark Sanchez in Melbourne the situation with Gina Smith were. The alternative is that great either so little while she's at their bottle around and go -- go through this this thing because you wrote about -- Fact of the matter is if the patriots. You needed to 53 yard field goals from Stephen -- -- ski. To beat the lowly Houston Texans 3431. It from a patriots fan and I know how the injuries have piled up and I know especially on defense. I mean you're holding it together with bailing wire and chew on here. But the fact of the matter is -- bad football team and you just barely got by the run defense and we've we've talked about this you know and regardless of the a couple of occasions where. You look at those numbers going into that game and you think that that's a winnable matchup for -- So those are skewed a little bit because personal -- and India department content when you go to him. Facing a team Italy had two rushing touchdowns over the course the year in the 83100. Plus yards it weeks ago where's that in eight. Then it looks like Jim Brown sent him an -- get like you know -- -- in -- ignored it and miss some of the guards to be put the proper context but the same time. I think that's something that needs to be fixed obviously go report there's a new product. People over little but I wrote about it this week where you know if if you're good when it comes to points per game -- capacity -- you. At all but that's something that needs to be. Yeah I would. I don't agree though that. I still don't categorize the taxes. Counterterrorism team that -- one does not finish games -- a lot of stupid things. -- the coaching change to all those things correctly needs some better playoff spots -- missed a few holes. But what reason even -- Jacksonville. Who was that the I think. Coach Carroll out in Seattle it's about a week this week say the the longest winning streak in the NFL right now to -- object worse you're sort of gradually -- them that that's a team in the technically pretty good for a few weeks now losing to them obviously if you sort of negative stick with that said this Texas team I think the biggest issue. Is they keep losing close games immune -- disclosed the -- -- -- three almost can't hold serve me they took Seattle's -- -- favorite right now they took them overtime this year so. That set I wasn't that surprised it was closely -- it does reflect that oil last week. But the idea that they beat them the way they did did isn't terribly surprised -- special group but to bring him back to sort of run game issue again this is this. Is something I wrote on the east this year week this week. But the big issue is not there yet the Denver game out that's -- that -- -- it's a game I think what I thought was was to -- a little bit about the Texans week. Was the numbers can be separated pretty easily between red zone gives. The -- for relief that -- don't -- place and and there's a Taiwanese. Premiere 25 Anita and something like that work it's brutally with one guy doesn't -- the -- which streaked down field of Tibet you know. And so from statistical standpoint the -- production -- about what when he when he simple like that it felt like a -- it did it in the reason for the as you have the bad highly play in the broadcast promote its -- Roberto -- our -- mark but the point missiles were -- -- before scoring plays the most important so it looked like the Patriots defense in the SEC -- that's exactly. But it -- chris' point I think there's. Error is that the sort of take advantage thing there's areas we have to -- who cares what the final number is. It needs to would be flip that much of the CP gave a 200 but never gave the -- on runs that that section of -- -- -- You don't want having it -- definitely was on Sunday night read a quote from Tony Dungy. Who talked about how these yours patriots team remind him an awful lot of the 2006 colts go back and look at the numbers that the 2006 -- put up. Over the course of the regular season. They allowed an average of 173. Russia Europe per team and they were able to clean it up obviously biopsy and it came back years and Republicans to pick up. Down the stretch into the playoffs. I wonder if the patriots have that -- a turnaround in the at least from a statistical been well the big issue and this is this is what I was touched on this -- call on Friday it is. It's gap integrity and to simply play in the defense and I think sounds like sort of the can't answer throwing things but it's really not I mean it's. It's a situation where without rookie too -- to force replaced. In their stuff in there -- it's not hey you know -- such and such players not as good as the guy who was there prior aegis can -- and that's just understandable. A lot of which is really bad technique stuff and just. You know sometimes people over currency to people out to one player shall twice in four of those -- replaced -- Brandon Spikes which was surprised me because I know he makes. The play the catch the broadcast buying in the kitchen negative play these exciting thumps. But he started to take some risks and Hugo. Back you know like that the formations overload it was left which would however when please come become in this way it will go back -- to go for a -- basically doesn't keep it. Gap integrity. It goes outside sort of the -- the framework of the defense try to make plain hurts them with your play with just he left the registry through abusing his. You know just improvise and I guess so. There some of that yup that one position that I can't say that you know if they were just simply would just to witness told will be funds probably knows. And I'll give a map because. -- so blogger hasn't looked great to me he's had some solid play but overall I think he's been a down that's why the new guys sick or so ago silica that's what you got some snaps last week. In its struggled a bit -- -- showed some strength but it's it's a position I have after you know after -- a lot more people aren't. Have a lot of appreciation just for not not good -- had picked -- -- there's and I think that's often a misperception or he's 330 he'll be fine they'll double team now it's a technique position. You literally after teacher hands beat either -- that the senator gore to the spot if you shoot missed the republic on the linebackers in minutes of the ruling -- more consistent. Double team when he's not making tackles but the guy that plays the exact technique that the defense calls for right now mr. -- the -- not that we ever had any doubt as to you how -- would be equal work is but I think this at least -- and national level shine some light of the fact -- It's Wilfork is we ubiquity really important equal success this event is good but I also think -- could be done without a guy as good as Vince if you could just simply -- someone that is experience in do we know 34 technique it's at -- one would you just have to be very quick with your first movement. In -- program outfits will shed guys make plays -- the actual level stuff. So blog and I don't know his past they know that he has has been in those but it it appears from -- -- that this is -- particular. Basic defense scheme that he's been doing because. He misses he gets cut off but several -- its reach but the guard there's a lot of this'll technical things that don't make for good radio that that he that he has troubles with. So then they're just shuffled another big bodies hoping to plug it up in relief creates a sort of chain effect work. If you miss at that spot -- -- up on the linebackers then you know doctor high targets all the negative credit for things he supposedly doing wrong. Which it's modeled him I'd be honest -- -- -- -- stuff wrong today generally tougher but it just got your little -- I think that that's more of it is it's more of a new -- thing with with -- not people are willing to blame him and they -- -- complete he's the reason for. You know it it's it's the same narrative that status you know when violent -- that last couple yours if it's not that -- it -- it for example -- -- for the -- they played for the fort touchdown place hightower was only in all of them there before and it was one you saw what was put up big on how it reduced -- comes wall by the guard. Again that was the play where. Ever -- well again it's too technical here radio but that was the play where. If you have simply played -- what as you would have seen when you're watching them that the replay on TV if you would play to his right he was -- backside cutback media player. Because he went right down the middle back -- he gets walloped. In Brandon Spikes is to what -- was trying to film become a ball and play the in the basically taken the -- yeah you can imagine. High tower over playing to his right. Shedding the blocker going right than he has in spikes would have taken -- -- gaps and it would audits of but I it would go back -- all sixty of his snaps 55 whatever was. Our hearts are sexual -- -- solid job especially relative to some of the inconsistencies. Third round when we come back the other side will talk about coaching. -- -- England patriots and Stephen -- And what's the future holds for him but -- NFL Sunday presented by complaints key insurance. Lansky -- shops or use save -- at the plant -- dot com today.

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