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Chris Villani Sports Saturday - Fastest 20 Minutes in Radio History

Dec 7, 2013|

Chris Villani discusses Boston Bruins game against the Pittsburgh Penguins. There were several cheap shots by the Penguins and penalties on the Bruins. Tomorrow there should be some suspensions handed down by the NHL.

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Hear me. Presses off -- -- every Sports Radio experience. Chris we'll let me show on WE. Yeah. Are we in no time to waste. We have to -- what he -- minutes of Sports Radio coming up between now and -- o'clock. Break it SEC play for our football games I also partly Jason -- -- -- blog post game you know. College. -- of my -- of the discussion with them but I'm here for the next forty minutes for you. Get your calls and early and often at 617779. 79376177797. ID 37 on Twitter crystal -- 44 ETT tech slide is 37937. The Bruins game tonight against the penguins has taken a turn for the ugly for those who have been watching out of it paying attention to it. And it's a big back to back for the -- They've got the penguins tonight they go to Toronto tomorrow it's a big month for them with a number of away games would play about four -- five games of the garden. In the entire month of December and this is one of the night against Pittsburgh. And the officiating. Has completely. Jumped the shark in this one tonight. And if people watching this game and -- -- Catholic and back and forth watching are also watching that. Absolute. Showcase of -- spends between Auburn in Missouri but it's been a game where right away. The officials cattle at the inmates run the asylum and the replays in particular standing out now the longest suspension. Is gonna be for Sean the Orton coming out on a ball this would -- -- drive Bruins and not. But for those who didn't see it Horton. Came up from behind Brooks or epic and essentially -- a little -- of those who have any Kennelly martial arts background tool like sweet. Swept them onto the ice and pounced on top and started hitting -- or protect leave on a stretcher either saying concussion for him. The problem is that doesn't tell anywhere near the whole story. Because just seconds before that James deal skating past the -- down to Brad Marchand who'd been it tripped her at least lost his edge. You know fell down onto the ice -- skates past him. And -- -- right ahead and Bobby -- on Twitter right now are respected guys forgotten more about hockey dollar -- -- but. He's skeptical as to whether that was intentional or not. I'm not so skeptical. Right it there's no question in my mind there wouldn't -- it was intentional there need marsh shot in the head and that should also be looked out -- -- In the same light that what happened with that with. Sean Porter Brooks orbit is going to be look at and then I'm going in reverse order here going all the way back to the beginning of the first period. There was -- on analyzed it. -- -- -- -- -- Into Louis Erickson who's just now unfortunately for him now Ben on the receiving end of a couple of bad -- I'll wasn't penalized with a puck is nowhere near Ericsson it behind him. I mean it's just not close. If you look at it. And an public added a bunch of times that it I'll be honest I didn't have a great angle but it looks to me like the contact gets up today ahead. You know principal point of contact he talked about that a lot with rule 48 that he looked high. And I think you can make a case work a bit of a launch. Why or not Orton tried to challenge Brooks orbit a couple of times I he didn't want answered the bell he'd wanna fight. So Norton decided take matters into matters into his own hands this is very out of character per shot important. These typically by double letter of the code you know the unwritten code for the Bruins. And this is very out of character for him to do what he did by the league is getting him down a link these disparaging you gotta match penalty got the gate. And the the umbrella point to all of this I feel the need to talk faster because you only get to when he minutes now fifteen. But the umbrella point all of this. It did give visuals let this one get out of hand and I hope of all the things that the league is reviewing from the -- game. That one of them is the fact that it got to that point. It got to that point on the ice and shame on that officiating crew for letting it get there there's blame on both sides with the teams -- no doubt about that. But that's when you can see game trending in that direction because I'm. -- -- There's for the sake of time some of the other -- things that happen on the ice and the other pushing shoving and -- get into one point. Yeah he can't let it get to that point the officials on the ice and of all the things that sugar viewed by the leak that's another part of is your view the officiating and how they allowed. The situation escalate to this lot. 6177797937. And extremely abbreviated. Chris a lot of show here in Sports Radio WEEI. Erica -- B wants toxin Bruins go ahead -- There -- don't do well. All right so I I'm I'm looking into ally in right now via a ball game and -- the Pittsburgh announcers. It was down in the -- so bad it was -- even on. You know they're crazy thing Eric is they're not the only ones I like Ed just said Bob McKenzie who again this guy is is one of the best maybe the best hockey reporter in the game. These say well maybe it was legal maybe it was. I don't see any any chance I -- any realistic chance it would James -- -- to Brad Marchand was not 100% tax. -- from what I saw out of the I could say it wasn't. I know you it was intentional underneath 10%. And they use that as as. I. I'm so frustrated the whole situation right now what we're what -- did it was subtle line that that that. Everyone understands that but. What what yielded. Said that shouldn't just be brushed under the on the tap in on same. Not and it all started with the on penalized hit. Or pick who looked like he left is is gates to me I thought he launched today -- -- Ericsson the -- nowhere and airman the contacts high if that's not. The textbook definition rule 48 of what you're trying to get rid of in the league and that doesn't drop penalty in that. -- of allows dictated to continue to escalate and that's why I say Eric came on the officials in this case as well. Dad -- I can on that statement I can't even get right on the cake you scored -- the goal right after an entry dialog box. So that statute. Yet a year to -- neck out -- too and thanks for the caller can mean. It it's it's frustrating in this battle long standing point of frustration for me -- the NHL general. Either get serious about these rules or get them off the blocks and it will be a free brawl at a somebody dies they -- honestly that that's how I feel about it at this point. Because we see depending upon how the league wants to answer is no consistency whatsoever one of the things I I hate. Is when people are assessing penalties and hockey and he'll say well but would so insult we got a 2500 dollar fine. Or this guy only got five games of the airport you can't do that. There's no consistency. Whatsoever. And how they determined guys to have a clean slate. It is -- as well and you can I'll wipe the sleep pretty clean in about a year year and a half's time if you avoid any kind of suspensions. If you look at players and -- a dirty history. And you there and they're look at as being well you know they've they've got clean slate gets spent a year -- a -- -- eighteen months since -- -- it's ridiculous. So for the NHL. And this is we're looking at three incidents here and I cannot excuse shot important whatsoever. We -- looking at three incidents in this game in the first period. One of which goes completely on penalized. Our -- of which are are are going to be looked at a potential lengthy suspensions. And I asked illegally get -- get serious about this eager to hear about some serious discipline. Not only important but also -- -- into orbit are -- to get serious about this rule or it if not. Just forget it just take it off the books what do plight. And you know what if -- it still been fine. It's like Iraqi war with -- OP dies it dies. I mean that that's how I feel about it at this point it's ridiculous. The way that the NHL. As both on the ice and in the in the front opposites of the league. Just big completely -- about policing some of these hits and tonight. Letting one goal early in the game. With or pig went -- to -- Erickson started to snowball let me be wanted to precinct -- There's no way whatsoever. That I can excuse which on the -- did bottom line. -- important it was not a line and he deserves a long suspension as well it without character for him. That's not typically what we see John -- yes you like drop the gloves he's physical there's no doubt about that but he always does it within the -- Of the NHL tonight he didn't. I haven't talked to wait in line he'd break. There's a lot of here for a few more seconds sports -- WEEI. For -- why -- -- -- Sports Radio WEEI. 617779. At 7937. Taking yet -- nine inch. What -- dish it out at 841. Going to be overly tight at 9 o'clock. Hours sorry about that we cut into the sporting life. Let's say get a few calls here though rich in the car you're next on WEEI Goodrich. Yeah I know and I believe I couldn't see the Olympics it liable. I did see the other two it's -- out and actually unofficial almost all the hockey player turned official because of injury and now. In my opinion as a player the worse one was needed and it -- it was avoidable. It was avoidable -- dictate what shall we are replayed and see it live. It was negligent. And that that are the least wanna have a problem with that sort and pulled out now the punched in the head on site. It didn't seem even that the Japanese it didn't seem like there was much there and now it's. There had been a flight earlier in the series. -- or epic -- blood nor its thank ample I think the problems -- the map term. And they should think Campbell on the other guys and and I would and it but the break out -- honestly -- one does not mean guard but that meal -- and and it should have been a match penalty. Have been an objective that one to me was the most egregious. I I agree rich and an aunt and I've been talking about I think that one in and getting you know some in this is from to some of the national pundits on Twitter etc. What they're not sure whether that was intentional I don't see any way that that was it intentional -- -- -- skated around him. I he knew he was there at one it's not get out of the way skated right into him. -- -- and -- try to stay with that it wouldn't let him in the black. The idiot -- at one time to board them all to. One odds on him all. It would add about the idea. Behind it ain't that he was staying right. The settlement of about a much -- when he was the -- kneeling position so you know. It's bad -- for -- pick your -- get MP gates and bat him where he rode back into my show last year that's more dangerous than any element that -- they don't consider that a penalty to meet that -- that's charging. You know we'll be able to throw your back into somebody like it'll launch via the fate in the face up well so. That's what -- I think was an emotional -- it if you take a good group at that. -- one of the holes were punched a mortgage -- -- hold onto trying to color the shirt that I think. It is out the right way I don't think you'll get suspended for that act he gets one for the match to get on the match. They he would he would get a two minute minor didn't pick -- on a stretcher I guarantee. That would help -- unity and -- said the preferably negativity. You know and that -- that I've done that I'd go these -- you -- you don't and a. Because you just -- quell the situation but the problem is they should have been a first or should have been a penalty. An adult exit the -- and he's got to plot. You know is yeah everybody sit back cook -- discovered wrapped up but when he was -- you know and orbit with an America more on why he's -- that area upstate New York I think so whatever he's from this area. You know he should drop the gloves that don't get beaten. That's what you don't. You've got to play like that you've got to stand out you know -- -- roughly the highest level I didn't play at the highest level but I did do ball that pretty decent levels and now. The meal that they don't need. An operation but Obama scored that goal. I agree -- there Richard thanks for the collared out of even over up against breaker on I guess we are. I do think though that important stage I know that he lost is you know people. People are gonna look data from a broad perspective and say well. He was responding to a situation that should have been addressed either by the officials burst or -- or pick. Actually standing up and fighting and distort and tried twice started to challenge him and corporate wanted nothing to do with and I understand that. Let Hortons the first got to tell you that you'll stay within day. There respects the hockey code a lot of hockey coach and he did not do that plain and simple like -- should be suspended let's go to art -- the wrap things up that art. Hi Chris yeah I have a lot of what -- -- -- -- that -- the watch occupy or I'm just an epic. Boat around player like a big -- hiding out and approach -- And this -- well in -- that. Sweet cute. Play is normally I would watch that prolonged time away with a lot in the -- that Cheney had out. I terrible spot I don't know what -- all of tonight but -- actually an orderly and it. You know there are lots. I just caught -- partly -- art -- it's unfortunate. But it just like that. It will itself and get to do so well dressed. -- NHL it's. Horrible gash in night out tonight that while the -- Have a tough -- on their -- art market work -- up against it anyway but. I agree it yet they did the officiating needs to be seriously looked out like I said I get serious about the -- -- just get rid of it. And a lot of anarchy on -- let's do it. If you wanna get to that point that I get to that point -- in summary that they got got a summarize this point. In summary. What -- did deserves a suspension is no question in my mind that's intentional we need to take a look at that deserves suspect that he. It was absolutely intentional was avoidable and it was -- it was a brutal hits bottom around. Yet the velocity behind. The hit ride Brooks or pick when he went -- to -- Ericsson that's when the league to take a look at as well that's textbook roll forty it would you wanna get rid of -- nowhere near either player behind both of them he leaves his skates and the principal point contacts up high. And look at the replay the principal point contact comes to the -- shoulder the head. That's about the definition of the rule I don't know what is should have been called on the ice shame on -- officials for not calling it -- potentially quell the situation there. But finally. This is the -- expand -- artist I'm swallowing. I know you can't look at that situation in a vacuum but I cannot excuse. She which John Morton did honestly I've. We have to imagine next time Gordon's asked about it he may say the same thing he was emotional. -- -- teammate you understand that -- You gotta do it within the context of the game within the code of the game. And nine point nine times product and that's exactly which on Orton does. This was that other time he's gonna get suspended in my opinion should get suspended. After what he did to Brooks or pick and coming up and -- him from behind. I -- tough. Top shift -- -- All right enjoy -- outstanding job absolutely flawless from start to finish which help. What are show this was your people would do half hour TV shows it is. Like I just got here. My name's Chris bloodied -- got a Twitter crystal ID 44. And we'll talk to you stood with what I'm guessing will be a longer -- next. --

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