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Rob Bradford joins Danny Picard with the latest Red Sox Hot Stove News

Dec 7, 2013|

Rob chats with Danny Picard about Mike Napoli re-signing with the team and what could be coming next as the winter meetings approach.

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Welcome back in the -- got Joey aren't Sports Radio WEEI I am your host Danny cannot take you up until 4 o'clock. Right in the SEC title game. We're talking baseball. Major League Baseball hot stove and more specifically with the Red Sox a duel in the last night. Rob Bradford WEEI dot com the first to report that Mike Napoli signed a two year at 32 million dollar deal. Stay with the Boston Red Sox and the talk more about this -- him all the things going on. This offseason I bring in rob Bradford WEEI dot com right now in the AT&T. Hotline good afternoon rob I don't. You I'm good I know you don't want me you know I know last and we talked we talked a lot of Celtics and Bruins but will. We're gonna get -- Know you'll I would not gonna get there because Al dawn Humphries rent and you dawn Humphries guy and he had a big night last night so it's not. It's really not the time and a place for Red Sox fans and want to listen to me talk about that but. Nice job monopoly stuff last night -- would tell me. What was cool was that -- close to go somewhere else because to me is just seem like a no brain and the Red Sox it was a perfect fit for Napoli. A perfect fit for the Red Sox it was a no brainer to me that this would get on blood. Reportedly there are so there was another team that was gonna offer more money and it takes a little less maybe the statement the -- or was it was close to don't somewhere else. -- picketed -- he was and I think that it is I don't know about the money but the years -- -- another team that was willing to do maybe three years and and certainly in the middle of yesterday. There was a spot to another team and and there was this thought that it was the Rangers now. I can say this the Rangers did not make a formal offer but that doesn't mean they weren't interesting so there was a thought that that got another team was. How to better offer out there. So throughout the roster of the Red Sox this kind of circulated. And a group Red -- guys really get ahead. Make their their feelings known to both John prowl in front office about how much they want -- Napoli back. I don't know how much that ports. To get this sixteen per year bite you go from what I understand you know Napoli was very hour of talks is the right word. But it meant a lot of fact that you guys are going to bat for government to I think that was a factor in this as everything unfolded yet. But even of the plays didn't go to a Red Sox front office and don't think that they realized what Napoli brought this team. I mean not just on the field but behind the scenes even the plays didn't go to him I don't think they were still gonna get something done you want them. Yeah that's right say that I don't know how much it what it meant if tonight is that I -- certain certainly but -- obsolete right did it and we all know that. With the Mike Napoli situation in my estimation it was a pretty big drop off from plan -- the plan B. And and the Red Sox must've known that do -- sixteen million dollars a year. Is nothing to me that especially when you don't have a lot of money to spend just hear me out Alex spear point out his article today. Right now they don't do great things you've got about two million dollars laughed. So it's so heavy and so their commitment to this guy. And delegate to commit to it all if they believe that you support guy that he brings value obviously it's not a. When Mike Napoli name came up I think last week. John Farrell -- stock and -- said. -- we gonna do everything we can't bring Napoli back and Stephen Drew. Now I don't agree with the -- -- I agree -- the Napoli and it's good to see that he resigned as again as the senate gets a perfect fit for both sides it just makes sense but Stevens -- -- -- -- that doesn't make sense for -- that doesn't make sense for the Red Sox and he's got to get a multiyear deal like they -- just doesn't make sense. Three decide it is is -- still. A realistic possibility to be back here in Boston. Sure that we did get -- probably all the bench Sheridan. He says he's been often on conversations with drew representatives. Which obviously got forest but he hadn't talked to them recently. Now I think -- been wondering what he ran things in this stops even that might try doubt bit because they're looking for the market. That -- being stop horse. Looking for the market for Stephen Drew a lot of people in baseball don't think there's a market that's why a lot of people think. He could end up with back with a red site I will lift it now the Yankees keep popping up with you render. If there aren't you here. Put his ego aside. Though it stopped being Derek Jeter perspective and I understood that third base yeah jeetz confirm right now. That's the spot if he could who could land but Stephen Drew doesn't wanna be a third baseman but no doubt that would light up. So -- if your question I still think -- the possibility he had the right. Why don't why is a possibility you know I can't I just don't honestly that I mean -- the Red Sox made it known that. Their philosophy is to move on and and go with the kids when they're ready and it's a -- got ready to play every day short. And meanwhile I guess you get too well what about Mel Brooks why can't middle Brooks. Why can't they get stick with him for a full season at third base why wouldn't they just go those two guys why is drew up possibilities. Although on the likable I mean elected members of being your spring training last year it did nothing related to dissuade them from from thinking anything different. So but -- the ebitda as speculated that fed also on the conference call one of the pieces that they've still app that is. Dumping on the left side of the infield and that could be at a different level back could be -- Drew -- abuse John McDonald. But they need something though there. And you say how does that fit well they like Stephen Drew a lot you. You put Stephen Drew in the air yet it's gonna limit -- a court playing time it will limit -- Bogart playing that they are gonna play as much. Assuming that middle -- doesn't get traded. But but I'll come back to it it's as simple as stated. They like he'd been through it like Kim on this team and if they can get him at a discount rate they're gonna make that work. Speak with rob Bradford WEEI dot com here on AT&T hotline. Rob it's out of field now Ellsbury is going to the Yankees I'll get -- dots on Ellsbury and the Yankees in the -- no situation in general just the second but first let's stick with the Red Sox. Are they comfortable would Jackie Bradley junior are they should I I should ask is the plan for Jackie Bradley junior to. Opening day an -- field. As we sit here right now I would think so. And then a left there's some sort of trade. That that we don't know that it pops up all the sudden. I think that that's the scenario that you're looking out right now they feel like you're ready to feel like he's he you know he has got to a pretty good progression last year. That you tell you might have a -- Bogart might be at a forum in terms of power in terms of Major League being Major League ready. And Jackie Bradley might have some work to do but that's why -- -- thing was so important because offensively in this slide -- view is that -- the origin. Need that production with a guy that you think that you can count on wall if you didn't get Napoli then. Yeah it is it's kind of -- door with something else in general also relying on Jackie Bradley in the outfield. Not fully knowing what you're gonna get for a while but right now with Napoli in the full light do you think they're they're pretty comfortable putting Bradley out. With a Red Sox ever have a close and whatever and on Beltran. They've ever want to go beyond two year sentence and and if you were gonna go beyond you're you're gonna get the job done. And you know I think Kansas City actually went hard after him. -- from the get go. But you want to know what off the board this freed up all all sorts of things for the Yankees in the -- it should have been no surprise at all that dolphin landed there. I I think it's a good time for Red Sox fans right on -- because you get Napoli back but because you also see the Yankees I think they completely messed up their offseason rob if they gonna give somebody. Forty plus million dollars a season and a longterm deal. I think they picked the wrong guy I think they should have -- half that they should just made a priority Kendall. And given them the monster contracts that given the big deal at the Jacoby Ellsbury they should just let held very go to Seattle because that's what. Happened. When you look at that moves the Yankees have made the last couple days. Do you agree that maybe they've messed up this offseason I mean you -- look at granderson goes to the Mets for four years. I think they overpaid for McCann. This option do you agree that they messed up the offseason do you like what they've done. Dialogue somewhere between united we still have the waited out a base in terms yelled very few -- situation you know they wanted to get an -- they have a lot of holes to -- they want to get a premiere outfielder. But they felt like maybe -- get that outfielder which would be yelled Barry. Along with canal well because it because Seattle -- about the water. Now my question is what do you do with the money. You first started do we do with Carlos Beltre you spent some money there but that -- this -- have been great. But the pitching staff you have to fix is pretty staff and Hiroki Kuroda to me is in the answer I think the last night. That you have sabathia you know you have -- good pitchers but not great it is not the kind of pictures you say you can't beat them. And that's the type -- -- that they need patent and proper rotation guys and we don't know but soccer is gonna get posted in the rural relying on -- The possibly be that number one or number two guy so you ask me. What I think it is -- for the Yankees. It's incomplete and if they end up at the end of the off season without improving the pitching more than they have right now. Significantly. Then I would say that it was a frail. And I speak with a -- at the WEEI dot com and AT&T hotline the other news that a Red Sox. Thought today they signed reliever Edward and week -- that's -- he is nine point five -- he had almost forty saves for the models last year but. Well I mean what are you know what this guy why. She's not closer at the end of the -- for the cardinals I don't know about Rosenthal obviously we know it throws he throws gas so we know that put what happened. That's in Munich at the end of the F of people might have questions about that. He had you had a neck issue that he had a groin problem. -- -- terrible second have got batting average of over 300 but the first happy group yet he made the all star team which is hard to remember. Your batting average get about 188. Point six days. So you look at that while the health it was a contributing factor to him being taken out the closing role they have being bad in the second half. And it's good he was. In the first -- You'd say that's not a bad acquisition -- -- I hope they give you for that type of money. For that type of commitment -- -- strike thrower maybe you watch every week I clout series incredible strike thrower ground ball pitcher which is what they want. As closely experience instead -- in case something happens to coach -- So for what they got got a Matt -- I think -- -- good acquisition but I will say that. We say this so much about the relief pitchers we said about way better and better about -- did it all adds up when you make in the acquisition. Relief pitchers are our assets are set -- fickle mistress there and you just never would hope you're gonna get. What's it finally what's the next move for the Red Sox right now what do we look at next. While the bench -- yet but I put a pretty big big lead you said were in the opportunistic staged. Of the off season right now now you don't usually get the opportunity to -- -- to the -- until January but because everything happened so quickly. And they've filled out so many spots. Now they don't let things come to them up until they're great you make it but as I said before financially. As we sit here. You don't have a lot of wiggle room. So if if nothing else changes that I think what you do if you get a backup infielder on the left side maybe get some depth than the outfielder that you go from there. You know might be -- very slow slow -- being -- If it's not through this and I don't think it should be at all I feel if it's another it river and feel good to bring -- the left side that's not gonna play every day to just gonna be about the bench. Who's available now I mean who would we be looking at at that spot at that -- utility role for the -- on the field. Well obviate it again -- -- could be guy like John McDonald now at the I think they would want a little bit more about -- yeah McDonald but John McDonald is. You can't find a better defender than I -- and if that's what you look before if you feel. Like Vienna Bogart and will middle Brooks are gonna play 90% the games. And but all you needed a spell here there or the defense of help and along with a guy to kind of met through these guys John McDonald the good fit for me. Our rob thanks a lot again nice job monopoly stopped yesterday last night -- and. Did a nice job today and I will -- All right rob Bradford WEEI dot com joining me right there on eighteenth the outlawed. But some great insight what the Red Sox have done and might still do here in this offseason. When not -- into the winter meetings yet we have all these names are going to other teams Mike Napoli is not going to another team is staying put the Red Sox two years. 32 -- basically. You know after that physical last year which -- hip condition came up. He ends up only get no one year deal which comes out the thirteen -- So it crossed now canceled out that three year 39 million dollar deal he originally signed. And now with this two year at 32 million if you add that to last -- one year thirteen now. Comes out to a three year 45. Million dollar deal which is. Six million more than the three at 39 million he initially side. Hopefully that does -- Puget too much. I do unwritten story. Before I go to break take a phone call 61777979376177797937. There is a story here on Robinson kennel. Which. Is is coming out from the New York Post. This is can all camp you know camp I want the camps. I don't camps got something to -- is just trying to save face -- -- Robinson Kendall who just signed a ten year 240 million dollar contract with the Seattle Mariners -- they don't as job. And always going for the money trying to save face this is excuse now for not return to the Yankees. As -- excuse. The first story. From a friend of Robinson kennel this is coming from again a friend of the New York Post quote. Robbie didn't like bad second. He wanted to bat in the middle of the order. The Yankees want him second because that was best for the team he wanted to hit in the middle order to drive and runs to increase his value. He told me he didn't want to play. The Yankees manager Joseph Girardi. So that's common from camp kennel. Tried the what's funny about this call from a friend -- is that I don't think the front realizes that in this quote that he makes. In which he's trying to help -- save face in New York by saying well I didn't come back to New York because I didn't wanna play for the manager. I didn't wanna hit second I wanted to hit in the middle of the audible. Wedeman why did you wanna hit the -- go to conference says to increase his value out there and it's. He's make him. The point that a lot of people have what -- can announce a images going out to get on a darkened light on that one -- -- -- what are good. I don't think ever play in professional sports need to go out go the -- the Dustin Pedroia did which is take the hometown discount because Pedroia should be praised that no question. You don't see that a lot. Right in professional sports especially in baseball the big -- you see the ball. They'd be. They'd get big money deal doesn't matter where they play what city they plan. Doesn't matter if they go from East Coast the West Coast West Coast East Coast they're gonna take that big money contract I don't why don't -- that. I can't land a player that does wanna take a hometown discount but Robinson kennel and camp kennel they might wanna think about -- somebody different from. Camp at all. To speak to the media about you know trying to save face with people in New York. Because the quote doesn't make any sense he doesn't want that basically saying he didn't wanna play for Joseph Girardi. Because Girardi was -- second you wanna that's second you wanted to bat in the middle of the order. Because he wanted to drive in more runs to increase his value. -- the back all the way around. The reason at all left New York in the first place money. And if you're Red Sox fan today and you see the Yankees what they've done this offseason overpaid McCann. What ran -- and go to the -- -- is. And the biggest one here. Which is out of two guys you could pick the pay twenty plus mil a season to a long term deal depict -- burial -- When you could just like Ellsbury go to Seattle go to the West Coast golf let's go to Seattle and you could just take -- back in a big deal. You get the wrong guy. That's a good day for Red Sox fans -- get Mike Napoli back as well which is also good thing. Whether it's 61777979837617. 7797937. Special thanks to rob Bradford WEEI dot com to join me in last segment. You can hear that again on WB yeah -- dot com also like G body from Comcast sports net when north. You'll join me at 3 o'clock I'll get his take on the Red Sox offseason and a low of what the Yankees have been -- And also talk patriots and patriots. Now the next four games we look at the schedule we've -- big picture on the looking ahead to the playoffs I guess you -- hope may be the patriots. On doing that taking your phone calls don't don't like -- ought to joins me at 36177797937617. 77979%. This is the -- and it got you. Sports Radio W.

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