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Mustard and Johnson look at the comings and goings in the Bronx

Dec 7, 2013|

Craig and Larry look at all the Hot Stove action this week including Jacoby Ellsbury to the Yankees and Robinson Cano to the Mariners.

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It's a mere seventeen days away from Christmas yes seventeen shopping days in Major League based. Law. Shop and they will go hitting those baseball freeagent walls with impunity -- Red Sox and Mike Napoli. Two years and 32 million dollars after all the shenanigans last year with the three year deal for 39 and the one year deal for thirteen they split the difference this time. Mike Napoli so instrumental in all the Red Sox regular season success that the Grand Slam against the Yankees. To tie the game which they eventually won in September and all the big hits in the post season Mike Napoli integral part of the 2013. World Series champions. Is staying right here in Boston didn't wanna go anywhere routes even though he had a much more lucrative deal. To return to his old team the Rangers meanwhile. I guess the hometown discount was not good enough for one Robinson Cano don't you know. Ten years 240. Million dollars. I think Robin can -- nine it's ten years that he had an option here that was the the sticking point so I think Robinson can always get that you can hear this first. Is going the way of Robinson Caruso he's difficult to win -- and somewhere out in the great northwest. And will never see him again because. It may be good for Robbins and -- those pocketbook. Probably not -- his career -- whose down there. In the Bronx are your thoughts on Robinson can all by the way -- Carlos Beltran we saw a lot of in the World Series seal up more of this year about eighteen times worth. As he joined the Yankees. Yeah I am. Let me address this first speak and then obviously it's sports sports sports all day long but I do -- addressed the passing of Nelson Mandela. And our lifetime. Very few people continued generally say were heroes that sacrifice their lives for a cause as he did. He sacrificed 27 years of his life -- south African prison. Because of the injustice of this system over there apart tied and that he was one who was willing to run back into a building. To sacrifice for others and we acknowledge. Him we acknowledge what he did in his life and you'll be hearing and seeing a lot of difference tributes to him and some people might not feel like watching it but it truly. There is evil in the world in -- New Jersey but there's also an opportunity for heroes and just like the firemen and policemen and 9/11 and the marathon bombings in people running in. -- were trying to run out. Nelson Mandela was that and Jerry -- to -- picked it up yesterday because I thought the same thing. No one thing that was most impressive to me when all the other things that he did with the civil rights causes in the injustices is. They never stole his smile. He always kept. His trial and then 95 years. And in all that he had been through Craig he never lost his smile so tribute to him -- -- I AM. Grateful for him and all the sacrifices that he made for the cause of fathers who were weaker. And oppressed and -- segregation system that. That people who have the weapons -- where the stronger ones. And I just think he'd -- will be remembered and and duly noted -- segregation a mild term. For what they had to deal with the parts I was much more. Evil and malicious than even segregation. And as bad as segregation was Jim Crow and all the things that. Of the south had to deal with the -- -- in the north had to deal with in -- de facto sense apartheid. Was a particularly evil. Brand of segregation and the thing about him as you think about. Moral leadership. He he really did. Set a moral and play war. Being magnanimous against his enemies include them in his inauguration. Rugby was the sport that the effort Connors played. The Afrikaners that imprisoned him for 27 years yet he embraced that we saw that the movie. The Clint Eastwood directed Morgan Freeman starred as in the -- this so he was able to lead the country out of apartheid. At the same time or give is enemies and I think that really. Putting him in a class all by himself in the kind of response he's gotten all over the world. Unanimous. In their praise not a in this is you know this happens of course the eulogies come out. In the elegy phrases come out but this guy deserved every last one of them you'll not hear a negative word about Nelson Mandela. And he certainly deserves every accolade that you're gonna hear it over these next few days. Thank you Regis -- to take a moment to acknowledge that. I think the -- and very interesting about the arrests arcs situation is out of what -- complain about I I think sharing ten. His is and it is done a great job in terms of -- I think people I was listening all week and I think people are always going to be an uprising. How's Barry oh left the Red Sox he went to the -- what -- throw everybody knew he was leaving. You know in any player who -- referring agent. You know sooner or later they're going. And because that's or eight you know to his credit if you were selling sport I believe me I'd want him for an agent. Say you know he's going. Always going to the hated yankees. I I don't know like I just kick it worked up over that -- know what else has either. You know I was worked up over well -- but I think people out dear it's who want us to be worked up over I don't like -- Johnny Damon Ali and Johnny Damon on the other day in the -- Wade Boggs and Roger Clemens and ex Red Sox players. Going to the Yankees and all Red Sox -- -- now when I I think when he comes back here you'll get booed but you know the one thing that I remember whether yemenite Turco. You know or a digital photo are trying to modernize things in my mind give him during the dark parade. In he's hanging Indies on the boat he's hanging over the sides. He's just having that time of his whole life just the time of his life and usually the song out of bridge you do wonder. -- What do you think what what is the guy was a player -- isn't always chest. Going for the best that you can the most I know you said scorecard in the past -- I'm dying to understand that. Three is zone have been around for 38 years nobody I I I think fit right -- -- can no I mean. These agents do their job is to get. The most money that they can get for you your job is not to look out for you in terms of common sense and really be the most happy. Good clubhouse good team I. Yeah how much difference is that making 21 million a year and make an eighteen had time to get to -- taxes and stuff from -- on Seattle it doesn't have to pay them but. By the way that money in Seattle 240. Over the ten years goes a lot longer along way. More -- it would in New York because of the tax situation how much Rosie make him before he -- that he FM attempted you know I down 678 -- -- on a more map but not dwell much. I'm I'm sure there's somebody will have a -- so the question we're -- -- series is. As well I really changed that might -- if you're going from making twelve million a year of Detroit when he told you learned just. Thing in the now years we've been together now in making this comment her eighteen straight years because I know a -- you know what I was bragging about you the other day with one of my friends at school happens to be an avid listener of the film Larry really evolved. -- I'm -- a lot less the fan less the idealistic he's become just like me cynical and jaundiced. -- real people realistic. He's no longer just rooting for the team because it has a night off and on our business on the -- and he's become much more analytical and I'm headed your. Press they've got that I guess is that you know it let's face it LA and you marketed to places where most noted if you wanted to have an offshoot career written. Movies are rap music -- whatever I just. I know when you happy man a gimmick and if they're gonna make pay him 1820 year for four years. I just I don't get it. Well our our arms -- that's Erica comes down this it always comes down to dollars and cents of course from our perspective now. A Red Sox fan is probably let's face it Red Sox and if you're looking purely Red Sox yankees rivalry with that president. Majority of our audience will be vast majority. They're happy. Red Sox fans admit it you're happy about canal could know all of our guy Dave Connolly CNN dot net W he had dot com website becomes a toward rob brat but he say -- He's happy to get him out of out of the middle of the -- yankees did not wanna commit their very gun shy after the disaster that is. Alex Rodriguez they were gonna stay somewhere. At seven and 172. Which was be the same number of years they gave -- But Jay-Z and company and can now wanted to at least nine obviously they ended up with ten. And the Yankees were not gonna go in that direction. I think New York right now in New York media scratching its collective head. Wondering what the Yankees are doing as far as strategies concerned with your Red Sox then you're happy about it on one hand on the other. Sure that you absolutely love the fact that Carlos -- Beltre is now operating. Out of Yankee Stadium is right ankle -- it. Three years little bit longer right and the Red Sox were divided them but they among a pack on that actor they would the -- of the year right. I I don't mind that move for them I thought he was in -- got hurt it I'm making a -- a great catch out senate fielded during the series. I like him you know a lot as a player. There is an interesting article on Wall Street Journal (WSJ) some of the guys refer to this past week that was saying that the you know the way the Yankees were going in you know not being in the hunt or anything they lost like about ninety million dollars so. I think you could almost say Yankee fans us -- and -- enough to compliment. They want playoffs and they won championships. In anything less than that they become in different. But this is where Red Sox fans will be smiling because wasn't exactly that the strategy. It feels last year here going into the 2011. Season remember we -- over there for Christmas that and way. Carl Crawford was there just after he signed an aging -- Alice. Essentially a free -- happened to be officially a trade he signed for multiple -- retardant to -- when I -- you brought -- I don't read -- during -- -- if you can believe that well maybe -- -- -- the -- just that I had -- they gave -- jerseys with the number -- eleven and a better gift bags were -- yeah and you know this was going to be the year because remember the year before they didn't make the playoffs -- the year before that they get swept in the first round. Against the angels so they had this is the term everybody used in that offseason between ten and eleven. -- Red Sox and making a splash. In they're going out and money is no object. They are spending with -- impunity. And they're going out and they're getting people not only war. Success on the field with success Ian. The ratings department is welcome -- NASA's numbers went down they had its highest in the in the 07 season. Something like thirteen fourteen. Share numbers. Now they were down into the seven range and they needed. Natalie success in the field what they needed entertainment figures for people to tune in a 162 times during the year they went out got Gonzales they went out and got. Carl Crawford. How that work out form. Actually worked out pretty well there what -- World Series but after they had to doubled. For well they had to dump army in here's the key inning inning in here is the direction that. -- is going in and I like it. He's not gonna be tied up any longer to be Smart term contracts he's got people like to Great Britain -- dealer roles are Webster. Mad bronze he's got some nice he's got debt to a three catches this kid Vasquez I guess it's already defensively he's ready. They just wants a more -- the seasoning with the hitting and they've got some nice chips down on the farm that the of bringing. Up so we are no longer going to tie themselves up to these long term contracts. And then you're keeping somebody out who's ready down in the minors. Why you're waiting for somebody in their last year were to win these players seem to get injured a lot more than they used to. I think this strategy is brilliant right I great now the only analysts say -- But the question marks that I have -- Bradley. Is he ready he says he is -- know why you laughing. I just laughing every time I I think it Jackie Bradley junior I think of those nine consecutive hours we did imploring the Red Sox. If they they wanna have any entertainment value last year here please just let Jackie Bradley to. Now or do you agree in -- I've had people come on are ready while it defensively he's got great range again our houses I haven't pressed about I haven't seen any of these things myself I mean he wasn't popular long enough. Accurately see Katie being the lead off hitter for you I think Bradley is a major question mark for me they just I Napoli. Again he had allegedly had a hip problems but he seemed to play through them are right. I take it through the signing. Of the offseason for leave that nobody is mentioning. Is. Mo he cut -- -- the former closer with the cardinals. Yet 37 saves last year before he got hurt and and in -- darkness at the end. But -- Teddy in -- learning -- -- as our way you inherit if you've got a solid. Bull -- And you don't put as much strain on your starters in if you could limp into the playoffs and you got a great bull -- That's exactly what they did last year I think that was a great they get -- for two years in I mean if if he's anything like he was. That's a great signing for them and look where it's being. Pitching pitching I'm starting to change. I used to just want the big properties and everything volatile but they're big proper is not happening about Ritchie -- I can't take this. Kind of put. You throw on of the drinking. The Israeli guys so disastrous she by average you've. How's the big operandi but I torture everybody how old guy everybody how I grew up out there are playing on the Denver in the -- If you look already are -- inside out out her body -- plane went down nice at all thank you very much -- really needed the of that. Anyway that was the day the music died by the way -- am begging you to stop for refugees from shopping online shopping now okay. Who's happier right now Red Sox Iranians or you Yankee fans. Maybe both. I think I think you know I have talent and assigned -- for that long a contract is it is cracked me and you hit Larry look let cheering -- did. He brings back such an important part of the Red Sox success in the locker room and on the field Mike Napoli Napoli turned down turns down. This is quite an aberration in today's sport. Turns down more money more years to return to Texas likes what he sees in Boston wants to continue winning. For two. Years at the -- is as Arianna website that it the players. In Farrell when they found out Texas had strong interest. But actually called. Carrington and management says is there any way you -- up the office some it to keep this guy here -- the conference to -- they bring in the Saint Louis reliever -- too I love that meanwhile. -- the Yankees are profligate spenders once again you know seven years for Ellsbury. 34 Beltran was going to be 39 when that contract ends July article in Miami and do you like the Ellsbury signing. Because committee is in its since 2010. And -- Mary's played 384. Ops 648. Games. Now here here's the question of course although is this is what I have heard I don't think there're a lot of people are crying in their beer. Over Ellsbury leaving Boston I think it is you know they would have preferred more ideal scenario anywhere. But the Bronx natural but all most people. Who defended Jacoby Ellsbury is injury woes as being. Bad luck. Are now gonna tell me he's injury prone all most people's. -- -- say it was a freak collision with Mike Cameron out in left field Beltre hit -- three and ninety via the thing at second -- -- gonna say you know all those people defended -- -- that he was. Really just the victim of eight in bad luck they want they go may be A-Rod can help him get back today year when he hit 32. Run in what way would that -- 617779. 793. Sevenths and have a Jacoby Ellsbury that are. I like and knock him I got a guy I thought he played a great center field. Him. I don't like his own rating Melbourne much memorable liberal left field his own rating wasn't very good in the -- that Cameron. That turned out to be a disaster that by the way the station sending. The much -- show and Ali and and so the other guy with -- out -- Ali and -- I could remember buddy -- a record number my colleagues -- -- I guess they're going down for the winter meetings next week I don't know what -- gonna do -- on our Buddy Holly and my colleague related anyway I don't know in the big whopper -- by Miss America I am now that there really is right off sharply seems to be taken place this week. Actually so are you questioning now I want doesn't distract dollar yeah they should just get Travis down there right gladly go to you are pretty sketchy sounds -- and 7779790. -- so. You think nobody do you think the if you think their red sparks our fans are content with what they've done so far yes and yes they -- and as a Yankee fan. How do you feel you think the Yankees -- happy if they think they don't. The thing as the Yankees let's face it it. What has changed. Is these new television contracts these teams are signing in the making like money that you would not believe opera bit. So they have to spend the -- they have to but they're spending the money. My only argument is if you make -- all that money rather than just throw it around at some of these players who just I don't deserve it. March along with some of the ticket prices up request went to give the fans a break. That's right populism is back up Larry is that a guy. Can you watch for the little guy how many games can you afford to take. How kids do well Larry c'mon just saying you everywhere I guess that -- -- making more money what the TV contracts and the light. So this signing people that ten year contract making much money they're all paid these people back I don't know his pocket a -- that at a time machine and the war -- and Rebecca the only back archetypal given the fans embrace players are overpaid. We got to get them back at Univision may make it one year contract about fifteen grand that's the good old days -- -- based. Always glued where you think so we worked when he did 240 man absolutely you know why is worth whatever they were going to ever any I am and an app and I'm asking you as an observer. As seen on earth falling. If you're coming into observer of people pay for things that they do -- thing. To want to forty million. Ten years -- you don't want. Aren't even very mean to get the kind of money that he's getting he's not a power you know he's had one really great year like that. We're told and you make it's like you just woke up at like this solved after twenty years OK okay of him and to sit here -- realized. All of these. Orders are over it's -- -- -- away with boards but let let let me -- this in the -- go to break and come back and -- for the last five minutes prior outlook on -- and be a right to the lines but let me ask you this if you -- one if you learn nothing from history and you were doomed to repeat it. We just get through praising their Red Sox are climbing out of these ridiculous long term over paid out contracts. And I am so why if teams going back to that. I accept that Red Sox -- the Red Sox are obviously because they're the world champions they have created a perfect ten play. Really have it in 08 Papa miners union have have players are on the top step ready to come up. You pay -- contract and I don't mind paying an -- a couple of million oh I would rather pay three of four million more. Opt for year to keeper shorter contract this is the same Larry Johnson exactly 365. Days ago which is holding -- -- -- different I get money I can't really at all -- -- other people.

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