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Rob Bradford of WEEI.com sits down with David Ortiz, then sits down with us

Dec 6, 2013|

We check in with Rob Bradford, who interviewed David Ortiz and got some comments out of him in regards to the loss of Jacoby Ellsbury, and the blockbuster deal Robbie Cano signed.

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Rob Bradford those steps in right now WEEI dot com give back some of the baseball soccer and he just got off the phone. With David Ortiz for your podcast and -- -- -- too much you weigh in on a given all the -- given a -- about it -- particularly sensitive -- Omaha. Not very. David thanks yeah. Sort of fit for what -- better than Natalie it was better although. I sorted out some audio and a little bit. It was a big it would cut a little bit -- call from Dominican but it wasn't like that there was Bristol regarding US he was awesome on canal. A review is really good about this like. That was a mistake. -- part they both yankees the Yankees a mistake these this is what these guys are getting. Of course this is a huge thing for us we obviously -- guy more than anybody. So. And you know I should also mention this is for the David Ortiz charity golf tournament which is next week which is Robinson you know it's going to be at. And also is going to be the one buying drinks for absolutely. By he had no he was -- talked about -- very he thought that Ellsbury was gonna come back. A and he also went back into which he brings up a lot. But the ability to play in Boston and I think that that's what a lot of these guys the Pedroia is the last here's the Ortiz. When they talk to a free agents leaving they say they got to prioritize these guys' ability to play in Boston because they've seen them right they see these guys come through there and not be -- -- be able play. Would Ellsbury its -- certainly Boston didn't seem to get to him but he was never. He never quite fit Ramey was never beloved in this town he never had a relationship with the fans that someone like Pedroia has been and beyond that his numbers are good -- May be very good but they're not great. -- and I've heard you guys talked about it I I agree with you -- that. Listen what they offered was about what -- Arthur. If you can't do anything about the -- six and eighty yes six and they've probably get an off 5555. Brigade probably gonna go up to a hundred. Or maybe over a hundred and but you are gonna match the Yankees that this. There's no argument about -- The Red Sox not going to that level because -- as you point out we know what Jacoby Ellsbury is it is this is a reality yankees over -- form. They got. But -- wanted to come back I think that that's where people get this confuse a little bit -- Barry wanted to come back. And I do think he would fall under one of these guys if you offer him less than now a 169 he landed at -- you still might have got. And he turned down sixty days and I really adds an -- you can -- -- noted that now as we're talking earlier -- about about the personality and you know the place in the and the comfort level all that's fair. But when it's coming to you know almost double the money we were throwing around you know 10% because of -- -- -- 40% last has stopped -- -- rob I've -- -- From -- What's your take on the timing of the -- in the connote the brooding bond from Kano and should say we're just gonna sign -- very you know what. It's weird 'cause the vibe I get is maybe they had moved on from you know before he moved on from them. And I I think that is is where's the big question any by. Al's very Boris clearly want to get this stock Boris want to get -- very Dunwoody once they screw. -- he or whatever or ended up screwing the Yankees a little bit I think. But so they made the over the top offer to Salisbury. But they thought they were still in the market for connote the bizarre part about it is that. They did but Red Sox thing up we're gonna set the limit on this player and Murdoch and go over but the limit -- -- -- what we understand was still. A 170. Million dollars mean that's not to me that's not discipline -- -- -- because the reality is that if you do do that. Then you can't do what you wanna do and I think this actually helps the Yankees because they have a lot of holes to fill. What do you think was a conversation last night as I was asking in the early I just think this is fine site okay. JC storms out of his meeting with Howard Lincoln. This CEO of the Mariners which which are words you never thought you would -- rate at Kennedy stocked up or very Howard let others Howard Lincoln assumed that it is because I don't see -- and a -- Howard Lincoln is is a soft spoken as John and him and they sort of have the same presence. At the top of the -- and I'm -- our drug dealer now I notice you JC Jon and it it would be back to break -- similar to Tracy Howard Lincoln and there's a lot of similarities there. I did that John Henry's really well like any in general and Howard Lincoln has -- by the boys and boys anyway. Com. He storms on the comes back it may read this this is they make his last offer of ten years 240 million dollars and at that point. Jay-Z has to call the Yankees right. He has to make a call right to anybody else there was interest -- I would think Texas would have been at least interest stated knowing 81 match Detroit maybe 81 match that we calls up either -- -- or war Cashman. And says okay. I haven't my hand at ten years 240 million from the Mariners what he wanted bill what do you think was their conversation on the other. Other conversation was that's ridiculous really. Well mean SA said. They reached the limit it just makes you think liberals think I don't know nobody as I said before I think that -- Hal Steinbrenner. Be his chest and we're not going over this number for Robinson to know what the number was still outrageous. Out as outrageous as the Mariners it was still outrageous it was still to limit what you can do to fill out the rest of the roster. What they said before I actually think this helped the Yankees if they actually. Do what they should witches who starters generally pitcher. Get another outfielder does how does -- how does that really change in terms of your ability that if a lot of roster. You know if they decided to sign him at the beginning let's he'd be 25. And a million more than the Mariners offered. These 22 and a half the year for girls. -- it's no I mean no would have her throat when he five million more than you would put it this way but it really are not for seven year but it could could you do this right. Well yes -- doesn't -- doesn't affect you for seven years left in the ones that so if you're gonna what do they need that their whole impetus the Yankees impetus as we have to get better because we missed the playoffs right. So how do you do. How do you do that if you the Yankees. By getting rid of your past like there are highs as the -- -- that's no but why are my whole lot on it you would help it. -- a bite out here and here -- maybe doing a might be going up the path here. By the reality is you can get rid of be your best player. If you fill if you have nine holes to fill. What the Red Sox did made the -- -- -- a lot of holes you're not doing that Robert Woolsey hall. Now they are not doing that because -- -- how and -- it wanted to -- it a year to year basis our allies all they did was replace connects out. I mean if they had signed up for the for seven years it would have been about the same. It's just -- -- got an extra club a year and a couple -- let me ask you this let me ask you this they -- can now -- and and do they go out and get two stars in -- and Carlos Beltran. Sure if they're gonna do the same thing with -- I don't know I don't know if they do why not it's the same amount of -- eye and her I don't know if they do. They're only saving two and a half million dollars a year with a Ellsbury over -- I I understand that is still money they're spending and -- we're talking in circles I mean my point is is that. They're gonna spend the money the big chose to spend money on Ellsbury they wanted to spend money on canal right if you in many spent that money in McCann. You still need pitching that's my point. What you have gotten enough pitching if you sign in the canal and I just think. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I spoke to you earlier it's going to be on the podcast WEEI dot com US him about Ellsbury leaving he said. War and I want. And I quote because all of is gone I walked in. Want you see it created the premarket editing. And I know that it. -- -- -- -- -- Well. Does not have a pretty long for him to get picked Mike Omar typically in this they were you don't gate that -- anywhere on planet. And go to pick there it is so these different outlook numbers is who we figured you but many ways. Is that there are a comparable bird park are. David thanks. It's funny how I got. It's funny that that's an affair with his funny comedy this place it's -- to every Red Sox player or manager anybody mentions Ellsbury and mentions -- They just get a -- throw it into like it's a mean things is like. If he's healthy and truth is never mean I believe right now that there is nothing else that it without us and you just heard Ortiz they and I tell you these players thought he was coming back and it's a delusional world -- and that. By -- -- said the same thing last night. It's unbelievable they actually thought he was coming back. And but you know as you guys point out you're talking about potentially a difference of sixty million dollars. I don't know about you I've taken a sixty and no kidding and and and I want creature of habit and I would like to stay put -- percent yet registered and we think that extra sixty million that's where the little I'm gonna Mike hot it's it's really hard to match so now -- robbery down the winter meetings. Monday Tuesday Wednesday next week do in the shows from down there. I didn't realize when we made this this plan that everything would be done before we believe Franklin Gutierrez stop going to be the main thing is going to be great duty top down project. Davis. What's next now what in the eighties and edit the Napoli first base third base on Napoli having that that skin that's picking up steam. We're gonna find out I think in the next 48 hours was gone I suggest. What what we're gonna find out whether it would Napoli and that's the big one right. Because if they don't get Napoli I think there's a pretty big drop off and then you also have to consider what you're gonna do in the health field market offensively. Because that you're losing a big chunk offensively without an apple. I want them to do and asked Alex this -- question yesterday but. What do you want them like I understand that you know it's all dependent on and on each other moves so if you get Napoli that you don't need to go crazy in the outfield if you don't then maybe you do look to spend more money for an impact that the outfielder at third base or whatever. What's your dream scenario what what do you want them to -- Well I think the should do I don't care what they do you know and when -- -- -- sort of what do you think makes -- the best but I think the best he -- monopolies -- really good ideas for -- its -- I think he's really -- it. There's a big drop off there if you sign Napoli I'm willing. To. Do the Jackie Bradley in the outfield with maybe some veteran part actually Rodger Davis type guy how many years on the -- While you -- two for three at least so. -- yeah I mean I might. Yes it does make it this topped by -- -- this is the challenge in the market right this is a little bit different than last year where you can hold to the years. And sell overpay when. There's so much money out there there's going to be teams that are well willing to go the extreme. Tough is -- is different than my right here. Just at the portly just get back to the you know. It did Jay-Z maximize his value he'd do a good job as a guy and this is his biggest contract that he maximized you know maybe I think he did. I think he did today I wanna him to get a contract under -- I wanted real wide because ideas why do you have little hate. He's embarrassed to admit he's -- I think it's great I think is such an entertaining story I love the idea of -- actually doing -- -- -- and best thing Boris you -- -- are you guys what did you aplenty and Boris have gone I don't wanna be on -- JC weren't just gonna decide to dabble in the age in the -- game and -- could be the best at better than -- -- go -- beyoncé and going to be able to talk to them and -- the music world we. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Looked up -- Google it's it's a great take believe me it is an Arab League. -- take. When the auction items is watching me without my shirt off on the B -- is an auction -- why -- people now. I -- up to buy the shirt you have if you believe the shirt on for actually outlawed you know if that -- belies treated by the action item which in at Bradford teacher. Yeah. It's not an -- don't Chris teacher he's thought about changing the -- Austin -- Stanford got -- -- to -- more quick courts he's got this is Ortiz on Robinson and a. Well deserved or dessert. A product like they would target company on. It being one of the best in the game right now and not with a bit where. At all man and he he feels are. Correct -- -- late late in the way he made in the it is ridiculous it is it is them all. He made the game moves so we know what you -- it analyzed coming well. Well watching it more than -- we've we've -- Whitney what a year and in these guys every day. Today united in a game plan by day -- -- -- Now inevitably be it would be in about march. And when the work goes which union to better Ahmad will be here and like I say what was our. We'll see what he -- of the marine life out of a red letter of the play a big role that actor rob Edwards before he usually is -- -- is gonna work on Seattle you've been there. BC you've seen Jason Bay truck through there you see in. Justin -- -- that's true it'll hurt his numbers there's no doubt I mean it's better for lefty. The park was built for Ken Griffey junior. It's horrible right handers -- -- -- a little better it's better for left handed hitters but Seattle has for the last decade or so -- were good players go to die. So hopefully for Robinson Cano and for them earners that fact he's gonna he's he's he's given anybody he's still have there's going to be a lot of game three doctors he Max -- routers and he's no Carlos Silva writes I bet you're right we appreciate it Herm Edwards will join us now expect some football IndyCar. And W media.

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