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Who is the biggest liar?

Dec 6, 2013|

The guys discussed the five biggest liars of the week. The contestants were Steve Sarkisian, Willie Meggs, the Lunenburg mom, Dan Le Batard and Salkie.

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Our -- defense. -- finally Friday. Joel Sherman will join us at 835 what -- baseball would know when Ellsbury with him that happens at 835. A part of your job part of my job part of all of our jobs is to have a a ready ear. Trying to sift. The truth and the lives. And as listeners to talk radio it's something you need to do. As talk radio hosts who interview people it's something -- need to do it's just the right way to live your life is to beat. A bit skeptical. Monopoly absolutely everything here. Over the course of the week it's amazing. How much bull crap we hear that we beyond a shadow of a doubt is eight. Bald faced or bald picture which when we -- we're -- we -- that we're gonna go bald -- makes more sense -- old days -- all the ball they're not a -- a a more bold faced law lie. And it's what didn't even have to be told. Us Monday Monday -- that -- Monday morning and we all got to work in -- the same reaction I don't hear. That interview that was that took place two hours. Before the big announcement we're talking about -- turkeys -- head football coach former head coach at University of Washington. And his last act at the University of Washington on Monday was to go on with ES PM local up there somewhere in Washington. And they were asking him about the US job because he -- very strongly to be headed to SC picked to be the head coach of the trojans. The deal was in place. This is two hours two hours before he took the job I'm sorry to our before they announced he had the -- -- get ticket. Of course that. -- would you think you can -- contract like that now -- sneaker deals and -- Olson and clauses for bowl games and in all of those kinds and his wife was in LA realist that show no question that already found that private school for the kids. He'd already probably made some calls as a recruiter for SC SC and he goes on ESPN radio in Washington and says the fault. I didn't interviewed for the job they've reached out to be a doctoral 800 yards not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Unbelievable on a number of levels is not but it is that they're going to be the most reasonable face tough that a nice game he's not coach doc and he knew it. He knew he was not involved in game plan or coaching that ninth game and he's tuchman looks like -- why do that in -- -- What -- say something's come up against Julian you know -- justices in his mind this coach. He Lane Kiffin wanted -- to -- too -- you get. This is what they do they've they're good at it they've learned who their -- to almost two it was a reflex to slide it's what you do maybe there was some sort of contractually obligated radio thing. Their pain and we had 1 Monday morning and yet strong answer exactly. Could not taken a page out of Belichick can pull them nothing less is Morse I have they about that -- -- going to continue this because BB. We received help. He's a good laid off they don't give NASA. Good solid Rickey Henderson at the top of the loss of one to ten that that's assault easily. Eight. -- I. I couldn't do I can't do. I'm not good at that -- -- get scared and say -- -- -- OK I just feel like tell lie like that my mother said. The total one line -- again I was -- -- and I and I got -- the front -- And I'd be considered all the other kids who -- him just a liar and could never actually tell the story of its -- again couldn't do that. Back. Because it sure. There's millions of dollars wait for him. Sure -- that comfortably -- that's that's that's -- I'd like to think that he was doing that as he was saying those words there was a little flash of light the -- it was brazen and probably not gonna play very well into largely announce it. Let's work. What you did that and and that you know apple logical. I think he's I think he's in his office you know wherever his house and his wife you know couple realistic -- California is looking at them right back right you don't. Subscribe you go look at that today. While he's on the phone with these guys pretty good and so -- of the little flashlight the fingerprints and listen to look like a wire in about two minutes. There he goes yeah I'm going to sub accounts that are pathological liars and I guess that's part of being collected -- yes because big school program people can just look you in the face. And tell -- stuff. Have no qualms or compunction about whatsoever they are so we'll get dramatic point feisty sort. Number two. The lovely the talented. Andrea -- injury abrasion here deal will be -- still running the the pastures and fields lose burglaries vehicle editor where is -- bruising her it's true it's true that ball on the floor Elvis or the woman that we suspect when all is said and done. Will be fingered. Worthy spray paint deal on her house first member of the data that. That it breakfast -- that. And she knowing that she did this get -- and and tried to blame it on the football team did an interview. At a visual. When words that come out they canceled Bloomberg's Thanksgiving Day football. Account -- so shortly after the original report Rangers set she was glad school officials reacted by canceling the rest of the team's games. As I have to have been. In order for them to realize that is not acceptable -- If you read she is the creepiest looking at the those story in the Daily Mail. And her husband we wondered like confused Anthony yeah -- at the spray paint cans on fire pit we used to renovate the living room. Venture -- appearance at my data -- use them on a construction job finally. He claimed they were like sealed cans used to fix the gutters. This is in the affidavit he came up with three different stories why they had those paint cans and when you renovate your living room with those. But she generally from a fire -- absolutely. An -- can't fire -- it. And as a photo are apparently I was encouraged when I first saw this -- it looks like her hands are handcuffed behind her back. Yeah unfortunately that is not a brushes his compliments that much all right here's the only thing that I give her a little bit of break on vs -- -- searching easy and didn't have to lie. He could've just said nothing not to on the unit didn't have to do it. Once you commit this crime. She asked a lot inaudible -- the -- part of the idea so we give her how often she lives her keys and that was like one shot deal yet. Had to do every did neighbors come over. Their son's friends she had it -- and get the kid in the in the schools should tell every visit is the lies as racists the most damaging or is it just the worst -- -- which the well it's -- in the -- of the resources of -- more damaging. -- -- yes academics I Alexander Kidd right they don't play football he Sowers. Good question. The person or damage but hers was required based on her previous action right sir can you just did it. Actually makes it worse let's see it because you have to get any toward her though because as it did its damage. -- that this Phillips as a real evil streak in this broad. And with so accusing him. Just the coach. You know I learned that the -- -- Carrollton PDP. Is -- All right number three took place yesterday and again just a few minutes apart. -- -- state attorney in Florida held this circus of a press conference it was so appropriate. And so many different levels laughter jokes that's just garbage. But at one point it was passed in the press conference. Whether the timing of the Heisman Trophy situation at anything to do with his press conference and then deciding the citing. Not to charge. Him as Winston it was as answer at the press conference. Winners of what they do that. Whether there. Pressured him nor sold with -- -- two hour. So the Heisman vote does is a -- in the yet and no pressure. Just last. To stand up to its true what's on hysterical and that he said. The Heisman vote which in Sunday night. To house the night. Yes -- had no effect whatsoever and he did what they did yesterday. A few minutes later it's which leaves office. In one on one interview. But we did not. Feel like we have enough evidence to -- You know whether whether folks would draw conclusions about. They'll have to roll their own conclusions. About. His character. Whether he's worthy of these words things. That's one of the reasons that we plan to make as rapidly as possible and our investigation. -- But there's no actual poll about him that this case. That's a 180 degrees away from what he said a few minutes earlier Rezko Wright you have it it's unbelievable. I guess she didn't like the Heisman voters Jerry Kelly and he was talking to you. When he made the announcement I -- broke a few minutes before did. The committee he essentially awarded the prize went to James Winston and most likely awarded the national championship Florida State I think if they not a stretch your -- come out said you know we're going forward to you know pressing charges. -- arrested. A guy's hands out the window and be their third string quarterback is planned yeah Nash I still think the kid beat duke but the third string quarterback -- believes a freshman. He starts against Auburn Ohio State they don't when the national title that's -- this was that all these Yahoo!'s down Tallahassee. Yup that's abides medium reckon that there. Thanks I think. Bronzed it yet but -- -- I would anybody else like this and a number four. Let's go to the first three so -- which ones number four number four is. Probably when he called we only have for a real violence we have five sigma -- reforms. We've done three yet his war on spot okay is accurate it sure should tell us -- of them before Kirk well. Again I'm sure this is a liar not sports yesterday afternoon on the salt and -- -- -- -- -- it's a good picture of which is C a a drive. Time show. Right radio and radio old Mike soccer ball hallelujah to the six show on the radio yesterday correct Mike talk about how that's right but neither of us really experienced that was the show. Somebody called the incidents mentioned it the morning shows guys guess it take its calls when Ellsbury so there's so there's. I literally don't know that we've had more than two were three calls and two days on this entire station I mean -- the -- Lou I didn't hear anything on the air show. I haven't heard anybody call I think I'll sit them hired them in the morning show it just and I listen to I don't know I can't around -- ground work and and all of that everybody's upset about it I think I had I don't think they are yet on -- -- -- haven't talked to those people. So doesn't listen that that's -- I mean I listen and show a list among her own possible liability. You might not -- might not listen to this eight minute hand. Let's see the lights on slot like eat I think he week's upsets has alarmed citizen is anything -- well again on the go back to a -- Ingraham said to me. In which Jason Wolfe said before that would make fun assault in salt would go crawling to their office ball in his eyes -- thing. I'm me funny and they said the one thing you cannot do -- say you don't listen to the show. That's the one thing you cannot use so that a few times and so on not enough Americans I'm almost done tweeting out who's listening the satellite right -- to -- the so maybe. Maybe he's not -- and I think he listens to the show because he complains about what we say sought -- the intimacy is. Ball is telling them -- yeah. You know. -- -- boss makes a good point kits that you don't listen via a -- like Robinson can posting I don't drink Pepsi right if that's true. I'll bring out these -- wanted to I listen to that show yes I like and I like bad. I like calling those -- a reduced salt is a walking breathing his -- is there a higher standard I that you bring in the station. The toilet but that's what would be the best estimate these -- the biggest lie. Now -- -- thinks about almost like it that's almost like a self. But I am protect the media left cross the preservation. Active across a -- be funnier sides now he's just. Ackerman has to lie lie yeah yeah it is like Michael Douglas. Falling down he's exactly he's finding out that -- sleep deprivation this is cumulative right and you -- a -- stage here on Friday why we do free form Friday right because we don't have the tensions Fries yeah mine's a shot we have no. Which totally sleep deprived of the time -- -- we're sane right now called the today you know -- that I've. The point hearings on what I don't know where we don't want you fire we we you know like having your round rock Texas the line now that top text using the life. I email your program director about -- Now I don't have an account on the WB yeah I wept loudly complain and about Obama -- to get -- at the -- in the -- today the oil revenue that's. That's an important were put these up on the -- right Chris you get to vote yes that's for that's for. Five we gonna do we do and number five now it took it isn't up yet. Appeared -- you if you followed Dennis and Callahan is your chance that follow our Twitter. The NC shows the -- show correct. We can re -- but you can vote or can you go to the website is -- knows -- -- do. I'm sure I get lost your account. Yeah it's true you have a -- count and finally over the last couple of days we've been going back and forth about the previous television program. That is called. The debt limit card hopeful I highly questionable highly questioned that your. Cause it's his -- here on the -- There's no way to vote -- this right -- women respond to that article unfortunately five choices but check mark and okay you -- -- -- you have to write the name yes I'm sure that's what you're really thought I was gonna happen yet that we priest who pulls all the time soccer like race who feel like. And this -- you get the vote for the biggest fear because life. So highly questionable is not my favorite show that it is my least favorite show the world it is absolute. Values -- it is it is it is. Of any kind of caloric value whatsoever. And it has nothing to do we -- To do with this author has nothing to do with with all the money has to do with the content is -- to do with. What they're trying to do I have no idea what that is basically it's almost so bad that you wonder why it's on there like didn't on this just to. As a joke. Notes yielding a lot of this have -- -- well I mean it's nice to feel I don't people think it's all because some people that went with the dogs are well I like Marcos it was a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think you can survive he'll pay those guys enough with -- point one report to really think you can sit on the I think it was a regular is -- and two in -- -- up my drag -- -- -- -- the -- did this once I prints all the -- -- -- every -- each week. With the more exports and he's watching it. Well they do over and over right to. The question posed the question but what is its frame -- in Georgia when you watch it is to see how bad it's gonna get out. But what your car crash right make fun of well. He's -- all over time you're racist rich fat middle aged white guy right is gonna accuse you racism. Which in a lot of cases scares people off right they don't want to criticize them regularly and I can be called racist Iraq. So any brought Obama and bemoaning the money wouldn't name -- Monique Jones. -- brought him on as a like a shield you know -- shield human -- so you criticism. You criticized that rich white guy global money Jones your racist you keep. He -- I don't -- but he's also like to like Europe Richards also white Jersey you know Lithuanian tortured she's also -- reporters Cuba. You must know that I grew up majors and you have the Florida and he wants us to believe that he's a medical so we. Go back and forth and somebody suggested it might be good to eliminate the middleman in the might be Twitter. Or TV TV and radio shows and have -- -- so we've got an invitation -- to him. In fact I tweet that Dan -- -- -- -- hours as did you pick I'm reading my tweet from yesterday and hours ago and we can you re tweet that we -- in this -- so we can -- back the back yes. You at the time big man that's my problem is an hours ago. Then he tweets back. What time you clowns want me. Let's do this don't lie and then hi everybody sees who you are so you say we've ever asked. We've ever that's what he says the well here I have my hand. There and -- -- -- interview request from -- lumpy Chris Curtis. -- Amanda Amanda by the way it's commend you for his producer. Amanda uncle while as well and Chris Curtis I produced Dennis and Callahan on WEP -- Boston. I'm looking to see if Dan could join the show tomorrow morning between seven and 945. About seven to ten minutes there's been a little back and forth between the posts on Twitter and over the air. I thought it would be fun to have them talk about it on the air that's from our producers to their -- -- a very cordial. We agree yes invitation. Cleared to obviously no. And by the way every other largely an apartment liberty it was like seven all five. Between seven and 940 -- this two hour 45 minute minute window Lipitor to join us Amanda Gifford writes back when. Five words sorry not going to work. Which is fine which -- they're but they're saying what I expected don't don't say you've been invited us and hide. And he's called you a liar -- -- don't lie if you call me election don't lie and then high. It was a three -- window between your invitation -- and -- his response -- says he hasn't been -- yet so that's 61777. Point 7937 -- think about who we think is the biggest -- of them all. It's a free for -- the liar. Hole goes on asked Kirk if it'll five by the way I just -- out on the BC yeah as for the question answered questions via a -- Any thing he Israeli I'm dying wish. It'll fire right now might be the last judiciary. Answer the question -- -- headlines next with. Nice Kirk and -- Sherman is that he.

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