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A joke of a press conference in Florida

Dec 6, 2013|

The guys opened the show discussing the clown show that was the Willie Meggs press conference in Florida yesterday afternoon. There was far too much laughing at a rape hearing.

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It's Dennis and Callahan and it was a pressure in his vision for the third. What is the what are they doing there. It made him believe they have any variation in -- different. I -- -- no idea how. I ever heard anybody call you allies have been hired some of the morning -- just thought I was just like I got here and around ground. Of course would be. Curtain and head Maggette is a little bit different than in the past but you know still -- down those kind of guys still. Armstrong the only thing they have out of the backfield do if they have the remains of Willis McGahee and haven't had on Sports Radio W. Report. Alphonso Denard. Is still a little bit nervous about that. Yet dinner Denard. That. -- but no I think is inflicted Johnny boy shot and perverse kind of way it's fortunate. Yes that's you should say that right up the top because when I woke up this morning yes first thing I -- -- -- -- movement bloc and is he is he's not only walk and he walked on the plane back to Boston with the team that's good that's good. So -- you gotta -- Portland -- -- in the works we have vigil right outside the Montreal hospital for them open he would move his extremities. He appears to be. OK but the weirdest most contorted straight it mean if if you are definitely not always say would speculate. That injury what do you. Like like approach separated shoulder I guess the issue -- -- we are broken neck a few and got up when your knees and right and -- the ground right. But then. Maybe maybe do maybe there's some -- -- adrenaline companies can move briefly but. Then because it became so cautious air date on his hands and knees for eleven minutes. I heard somebody speculated that it's a serious back injury yeah disease that it is who took that brother some teams -- -- -- back injury back injury not not good. Like low spasm when it could be a real back injury but he. When you find out this morning that he got on the -- and back and Boston probably being evaluated down here. In hospital and want to speak French that helps you know yeah you know one -- -- with that it and her upper Canada no way when that's agreement. Like Somalia somewhere not as good because he's beachfront right wars in camp to. Every other countries not as good corporate rule what are you some kind of Montreal as America. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Musical themes of any to be -- -- I don't development take -- talk all the themed musical school score today was probably. Noted and I don't know it was just. I double -- it later for -- until the Donald -- on a remote via and the best performance was the Honda but onto your audio guy girl. There church when the -- for the Oscar. So all of the best proposals supported -- bad when they should go to was great Mel was great that was under rated film. That would have I think for -- -- -- gone now -- but she's not anymore so that times change. Well a couple years are enough phenomena. I was in New York obstructing my daughter -- at NYU. Walking out of dormant the -- and walking she's tall woman very. Well woman was -- alien stuff coming up there and totally wrapped -- -- just a photographer yeah exactly have problems -- those conflicted OKG in the nets have to be embarrassed. And balloon -- Andrea abrasion is roaming around in -- to -- -- free will be treated us at. That resolves. I know well why wasn't resolved three weeks ago exactly I mean the fact that. Two questions on the legal system. What will be the went -- there with -- that's a good question what do what will the big -- the I guess in the answer when it comes in is any any thing everything you can't get worse picture than one herald's. It's not -- -- and human object at a discount. Flip through less thought I was in first class at the picture -- Arabs and Kurds which is Hancock. Behind their -- that she was great a couple of cigarette that's what does it get -- smoke still out per -- I'll do what it is these. I shouldn't be surprised. A Susie Q and amount to do for lunch followed up -- us with a -- red. But. That NN and and at some point we get to the Willie megs perform well that's -- and unless you come second question asked about Andrea brings I think. Is what took so long them. They knew the cops the number corruption -- the under the -- -- that folks in there and enable new. That she did it three weeks ago they knew before Thanksgiving it's still canceled the game and we know this year. I don't know why I guess everyone was scared they were afraid to come she did it. She was and I and it. August that the paint cans in the fire at work and approve it but no she did it and here are on December 6 and she is still grazing the campus. To defiantly get off my lawn get off my property that knew no trespassing sign because of the media bother. Wasn't there when the neighbors were all bringing -- but no I'm not so welcome and she did it just so the neighbors -- bring this on it is that. The -- a secondary motive here. That should play if -- cook him a great picture faces bizarre it's like whitish gray. -- see if we get that for -- on this -- viewers put that picture right. Occurs Balkan -- but that question. We -- that it -- take three weeks why didn't they -- right -- and these kids play the games. And she did and yet they went group that charade these these bureaucrats -- the school system. Went through with this this notion that and we didn't know that we all in danger that they didn't wanna announce the results and lead they didn't pick is still have not done it yet why didn't I mentioned this yesterday. Do police do when there's a murder suicide husband kills what kills himself they tell the neighbors there is no imminent danger in this neighborhood don't worry about it everybody understand Acropolis. Could opt out of out of the superintendent said listen this is not the sort of you know KK. Anything happening but they don't even and explain what the danger is you know these idiots who say you won't be safe to play. I never looked at the cancellations as punishment although it was certainly viewed that way by many. In the end the safety of students and attendees at the games it was deemed to be of Paramount importance at no time did I -- any employee at the schools and night for implicate. Any of our. Players actually she's really haven't used that line brings back nightmare is younger days you have to listen it down. Take -- -- pencils I straight ahead of justice -- which teacher anyway she. Useful -- it and there was no danger she couldn't even answer the question who how -- way was it dangerous is like snipers up on the -- But the question remains is why they could've done it earlier and and and and told everybody knows she's the only suspect that's what they're doing right now right. And played games. And when you watch Willie -- -- well -- he's in 82 by the way I know he did the right thing here I don't disagree. There was that this they were not gonna get a conviction he knew everyone knows right then and the accuser has the know. What would have happened. In court it would have been -- and I'm not say just because of Tallahassee in these idiots with the shirts off would be who known her family and went to court. But you guys so the press conference right on -- tell me this. Why did take ten months I don't even understand I I heard him address the question another it was a cop -- there but. I hope she -- to Tallahassee PD I need to know and I hope Sports Illustrated there real sports someone gets the bottom of this. I think Willie -- did his job I mean he's that dumb redneck with children. Inappropriate let -- all the wrong times. Did not. Have take this seriously enough but I don't think he had a choice I don't think it if he took this to court. He would have been Mike -- -- -- would have been doing it just for show just show that he's not afraid to go after a football player. But do you want to know why yes he did Miguel's bottom yes three weeks -- I do. I do at this is the company line I don't know whether true -- is a law enforcement people are saying she after a very short period of time when she when she made the complaint. Retracted the complaint and they used to. Since the victim to not to press charges we -- going to put it in the inactive file. So it went away for whatever was nine or ten or eleven months. They say she is the reason it went in actor for that link -- and she says that he told her this cop she named his name and -- right. And you raked almost derisive. When you obviously don't hear you read. That you know you don't wanna do honey she makes it sound like he's just this this caricature of some. In the tank local cop grosses your life will be miserable and eight I could see that be and he said she said where he says. Told it was going to be tough you know you take charge you and pressed charges against. The star football player you're life is going to be tough. And he'll say that Mitchell says he said you know you can't do sunny. He she will portrayed differently if she wants to. I think she is a civil case. As he's not gonna wanna go to court and have a lot of money and in two years. And I think she has some kind of case at least in the court of public opinion against the Tallahassee PD. If that happens it will learn a lot more but with the fact that -- had. Which he didn't even get the three weeks ago driven -- court there's nothing he noticed you -- that I asked you the other day before -- -- for the Heisman. I need to know what the two witnesses said. And we found out yes that they backed him they didn't want him was roommate to renewable teammates. But isn't that the question you come away with this. The question was whether it was. -- -- such -- -- or or or sexual -- right that's the big question. -- one whom she says sexual assault pieces consensual and both agree that there were two eyewitnesses. Epic and the that I don't -- ever ever been involved in stuff like that say it's consensual I've never been involved in as a witness or as a participant yeah. Now this is the point in the program and it looks at the announces WD -- don't have stability answer questions. Have you ever. I'll ask you you -- on the table sure witnessed. Consensual sexual act but some screen. You know screen that's going to be guess what. And that's what the it and. I haven't either I mean I have on screen -- like Cuba or -- -- Match asks that a -- guys and you know gigantic and it sure shape home. And all the witness heard the records say if somebody. Said she said he forced himself on well according to what I heard and according to the affidavit she got up -- told them to get out. Election slammed the door or was broken they could see -- And it's amazing that her case falls apart when fund that she wasn't he placed. Yes no drugs and she was not believe I've ever heard of many things so bizarre is. She's argue with the cops and probably the DA at some point that I was really hammered. Oh no you weren't yes I was not you work we got pro. It's slick the -- situation ruler on its feet as impaired which is having lapses in memory and record wrong space seconds at a DNA correct obvious -- which is -- and -- got real. Inappropriate I believe asked about the boyfriend. I'm looking -- that this whole thing I -- -- set this up. First double I guess we get to Tallahassee and I guess because it's sports I guess because it's famous dream as. This guy felt compelled to seize the spotlight. And put himself out there but generally speaking in most cases. You called a gigantic press conferences not doing well and he's just announced it said it certainly sounds and that's it. And I mean that the lawyer do his job he he didn't I don't think he was playing the cameras and you know I hate lawyers put the camera -- he didn't even I was fine when that when they ask about the connection Alabama and you're saying decision time to bite someone's face off illnesses time -- -- for the cameras and he didn't. Give credit even though they -- the everybody in the country saying. -- have to go after this it it was a. I'm not thinking it's. Made. The many things that make them believe they have any affiliation whatsoever with everything. I know I didn't know I didn't. A real questions she said the army. Is that like stuttering John type of thing since -- is a person that. That's an outgrowth of the people who -- questioned the timing of these charges coming up on Jamison now otherwise why weren't they eleven months console they're talking about but talk about the national champion to have you read any thing I missed so much about the broad Lucas. Is that would you like an old question again now I know. Is she real candidates mean were you saw on the video behind him like them to an obscene gestures in the budget goofy. If -- -- students around him during the press congress. This was she sounds like an important. She asks if the victim is connected to alibi she thought she was being edgy she thought she was asking asking a question nobody else would ask you about that it's -- Growth of the plot that this is a real -- the timing of it because their -- the national championship. -- -- Alabama -- I don't think so maybe Auburn yeah you know may be out there at Ohio State. Yeah Urban -- I don't know Urban -- -- might react with Europe. Yesterday's proceedings require different tone. Requires some. -- Begin. Are going to do it makes it stand up they look at me. Are some good -- -- yes. And I am not of that his whole thing he was a cartoon scared he was. As someone. Wrote run out of Grisham novel. He sent that would no notes and you know what he what did you think he was. A regularly -- a little -- he didn't need any coaching on this wasn't -- script. I mean and you know he was criticized weren. Hi after colors. I didn't mean to him and liked that. You know he's a seven year old guy and when he says he's been on the job for 29 years to think and it's time to retire in -- -- seven years old. And it was so poorly done effective. Who's the woman was good yeah but -- on the big -- he's a congressman. -- -- Brooklyn representative. And she's whatever it is we need a woman into an African American and no we set this whole thing up. And -- -- tumbled over every -- it was just pathetic I mean she's a performance like that that's for natural distrust has -- that McNabb I had the evidence in the case yet that's -- BC guy act like that -- him to trust this guys talk about any of its investigation he wants you think he's -- on us congressional pretense that he says he doesn't win the horizon. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just perverse in that situation. Compilation Novo -- mates. The state attorney. In his final. In the spotlight in Tallahassee. And it was a pressure -- his conclusion for the vote for the Heisman Trophy. When is a fluid and a true. Suffered NFC whatever they're doing it there was no pressure in have not been. Pressured in nor have I consult with the football schedule are. The rules of these bloggers. -- out over a year in this case and I just came back. To support students there you don't have a politician in the category of -- tremendous clearly. There was a religion is what their sexual assault. Well that's kind of good. Why we're here who have. Do you have got convoluted question. -- -- run Obama won't order for -- Any questions hasn't either -- it was well. Tell us about your girlfriend. Did you instantly. Well I guess getting it because you like to do they didn't presumably means what and I divert attention. But now. That is beyond inappropriate that was the low point when callous about you Roy Corcoran yeah. Like why I mean she didn't identify the boyfriend if your reporter you'd like to know why key part of the case and they're gonna wanna know well we is that right it's. And this fool says to me about -- girlfriend. Some reporter and but he couldn't be more inappropriate it's that one fell flat -- -- Libya we get a big yet got to that no. Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri. Is very upset about as a former prosecutor and advocate for rape victims. I am disgusted at the frivolity of -- press conference. Announcing announcing no charges on Winston press conference was just wrong this was no time to -- exactly right no time did you -- on the. Cited this week you know Europe. Is -- a -- -- giggles he's open and for lining up next ML is it yeah yeah he's -- just there's some of his material always work -- In a -- it probably is in the banquet circuit down there and I think she's a funny guy option speeches is probably given put millions you're right. Press -- wasn't necessary to correct no charges the affidavit tells you all you need to know proceed whenever Shellee Smith earnings reports say listen. The two witnesses. To talk a -- to witnesses talked Jamison didn't. And they assume they told them don't we saw what happened and was concerned I do think if they didn't give -- -- Thomas though he will be jumping up announcing wire wiser and oppressed. So army keep they'll be asking -- question direct that he says that this involved was concept faith in this -- these professional should be able to do a twenty minute press -- that sonic -- and without -- in command -- -- big black guy -- -- and cute blonde girl -- meant I mean it was it was slicks and show we put on the -- If you grow up. If you're a young person you named Billy. Or Bobby or Willie at what age you go to boot off and bill got down they still don't know also thinks that there's a lot of -- new matrix X we may surprises though admittedly it would lead Joseph megs. -- price drop that to you know. Yes it was Willie Joseph mag she jumped up the joke seemed more distinguished that you know. He knows everything about the highs in the national title he knows that if he charged him. That the hole cut in the whole landscape changes mean Jamison doesn't get on that plane to go to Charlotte for a charge of Purdue III think you may have. Contradicted himself I was watching sports center this morning a couple of minutes -- an optical port. You gotta sit down with -- covering this for ESPN in his office afterwards prematurely I get a shot and he contradicted what he said about the Heisman he called Sweden and the price we yeah. And she said something about you know where you will not where you'll where have Heisman type of thing but he said yes it's one of the reasons the week celebrated golf is done today. When you don't just say was only kidding at the -- odds -- would -- I mean are normally. And I know we all normally root for chaos we like chaos. But this case I didn't feel that way when it was over because if he'd charge -- we'd had chaos and -- charged him. We -- chaos he wouldn't want my husband. They still would have beaten duke. Maybe not. Whoever they're gonna play in the national temperature probably not over to Auburn. But. It would know -- -- eventually he would have walked like like Kobe Bryant right and Roethlisberger he would've walked. And it will what do says -- wait -- -- this guy didn't win the Heisman because of this. When you heard the facts of the case and read them. Did you come to any dude could you come to any other -- could not proceed -- there's always going to have witnesses this it is not he said she said. There are witnesses there's the innate -- -- there's toxicology reports. He had facts made between the -- they were facts that allegedly he had no -- Yes absolutely you know it's just wouldn't so I could feel -- eyes and ballot now -- -- I don't like that authority I don't know -- -- wait Saturdays games that are you know who else -- -- -- -- about to -- here. Yes that's true. Will check on that there -- 928 voters Kirk can't be right there's a lot of people that list -- think -- hall of fame you know and on the manager of the year witness as a browns bimbo from Seattle. Seattle. And even though you know we're now press than a friend or -- right correct -- you think that's bad. If you looked in how many buys from about -- voters. Have no clue you wouldn't be surprised that all mean. We think poppy has one right. That video. Tell me when I first read it we'll check out the possible. Why well may -- Levittown hasn't it was a game giving -- coffee like I used to give him your morale you know. I didn't give it to what -- crucial vote for me it was immersed in the I think you know in this game meter once underway and to win he won't win. No one else even be close. James Woods to win every region you know they -- the regions in the Rondo obviously. He'll be the leading candidate next year. And seek out. He would be the number one pick in the it would be no debate no one would even be close -- one of these -- types that. There's consensus that he will be the topic and know they'll be no debate when it comes. I rarely used the word liar unless I am sure and I rarely use it with somebody calls me a liar why haven't. By the way we were gonna do -- of the week -- do we have a winner I think we've had a had a -- and comes from Florida 61777979837. Joel Sherman. Joins us in the 8 o'clock hour which takes us to one area that we did not explore if it's possible to be. Inflicted also a look -- -- into a corner by millions and millions hundreds of millions of dollars but I think that's Robinson can -- maybe explain what we get back.

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