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Decision day for Dennard and Winston

Dec 5, 2013|

The guys opened the show discussing the major court decisions for Alfonzo Dennard and Jameis Winston coming today. They also touched on the Lunenburg scandal.

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Dennis and Callahan an old equipment on -- -- -- can -- -- but I know they edit and great with the skilled guys as. Which I'm Dennis this -- you're just that. You want to be nearer. We're. Brought. Just avoid the reason panicked Gerry Callahan. No different feel the cold winds. Just put them because. You lines. And body and -- The only way you could make that show worst would be dead -- money don't they live viewers every thirty seconds. -- really -- base -- and maybe there's what are they did. On Sports Radio WS EI. Well. I'm actually -- -- trading places scenario here this morning. But if you had to rank who's going to have a better day and this is. A monumental day for at least three people that I can think -- right off the -- might hit. How would you write the following. Famous Jamison Winston. Andrea raised here does that -- context. Mute that would be balloon -- -- yeah -- verbal bomb. And it better off just. Discussing her rather than having a look at her frightening. Right Mormon war or Alfonzo. Dinner those of -- people who are going to find out a lot about their futures today. Yeah I what's the -- what's the question Alec with the -- rank them in terms of who you think will end up with a more favorable al-Qaeda today number one clearly is James -- wins because at 1 o'clock he's gonna win the highs and gonna win the Heisman 1 PM I believe it's 1 PM correct. -- 2 o'clock 1 PM eastern -- megs is press conference office 2 o'clock o'clock 8:2 o'clock he's gonna win the Heisman Trophy would be a real positive that -- famous that's a career changing thing -- it to go to New York every year get onstage -- This is crazy you want when -- rosier him. He's a freshman he could win it again next year. Yeah two win the national title I think at 2 o'clock. A lot of people a lot of voters. Including me. I'm watching this please -- says who's -- megs. It's is there will be no charges check mark Jim us he wins the only question is is under and win finish. In the seventh the rate. -- -- -- not I'm gonna -- moment belt I am in third place -- just aren't that many -- candidate -- -- -- lingering in wins in a landslide. -- at 2 o'clock as we all expect -- mixes no charges he wins and Lance has anybody ever called a press conference the day before or the following day at 2 o'clock -- -- said we are bringing charges. This guy just yet another -- car is that heavy attorney bring the guy in XL yes -- and a the attorney is and he spoke yesterday's attorney. No he didn't. Say where -- off the hook here but he said this would be it usually usually right if they. Announced charges will be filed I don't know if the victim or alleged victim. Will speak at any point all of the roommate. Speak at any point you'll just end here. But rob purposes he wins the -- and he goes to show he beats duke beats duke he goes the national title game. In his life. Is superstar continues unabated so all of those I named probably have a great day yeah yeah let's say is -- intelligent they go to duke -- the go to Charlotte tonight so. The video and he'll just -- of headphones Cornelia but he season but he'll just be one happy Seminole. After 2 o'clock today and I don't blame on me to imagine living with this. And apparently went well this is playing I mean don't have to give that would as eight or 9090. What I'm sure you got stuck twenty raising eighteen but Wiltshire area. Will he be a person that young on this stage at that high level in division one -- number one ranked team unbeaten all of this on the line and then somebody drops. This boulder on your head. And you continue to play and demonstrate the mental toughness and the physical capabilities that he asked I -- dare -- not a lot of eighteen and nineteen year old could. Old I Wacom gradually mix too because he thought among us the 920 it has been voted yes we could get it done if this worked. Heisman candidate on his way to the ACC title game and what happened today -- not it would it would happen webcast of rushed up to this point right -- -- 91011 but I think he accelerated -- process just for us and I appreciate that area where he's 1990. Yet entered Egypt to impress girls freshmen are sure. All really president you know. Anytime a guy get away with -- state of the where to go its way to go well. Well done. Is -- interest and if she talks after this. For father talks if the roommate and assume some roaming the demon must be -- -- and so he's not. We have the loss of your major or else I mean he can be someone you know she office you will not. -- right I think she trotted to support and it would would that be frustrating for you that we -- daughter that. If you were a victim and they said listen. We're not impressed judges go Jamison go seven. -- well I'll watch that my first. Plot would be to protector and get a rubble and get away from the people who would. Do what they did the kicker from Alabama on Twitter and every other than fighting off document but Europe will be a whole new ways yes -- way you law yeah. He accepted full -- Archuleta was down two the lovely. Andrea Frasier from number borrow funds of the art I think that's where this is going. Alfonzo might be continued we don't know for a fact but I think at this point today. At timeouts. He's going to be in Nam. Probation sentencing to 30 eastern time. In front of judge as attorney album stole. Nebraska courtroom. Lancaster County district court today at 230 in the afternoon for do you -- sentencing. His attorney -- Stoller has filed for a continuance we don't know whether he's going to get one in that event. -- a blur in this afternoon and if you Greta the continuance -- must appear tomorrow to win replete. Still undecided group plead guilty or not guilty. So this is kind of going to be up in the -- Toward the later bing bing bing is -- Andrea ranger oh yeah yeah. And I -- it's almost let's pull up. I don't think she is much at stake in population can -- Paris what pants pocket and I'm guessing it's really look exactly. You know misses a -- Lautenberg anyway in November you're yeah. Her idol please don't have a fence on this until I heard about the evidence the couple of Kansas rape again out of the house has to imagine how Stewart would have to be to do this in the first place I think that's the way to get your kid moved from one school to another and and in and who clocked this idiotic plan police observed to burn to aerosol cans -- fire pit. Outside the campus house is a separate -- I tried to destroy the -- but yesterday phillips' husband gave three different accounts of where the canes came from -- -- either of the husbands involved. He's going to be one pissed -- husband. He's black guy yeah she's the white yet woman she's the one used in the -- on their own house if he's not able. Is he gonna. And hit the road music and it's just want to give out by the wayside and anticipate you know those that aren't we don't -- its epic size and if the kids not while -- really feel bad -- that I mean I mean if he didn't know there's no evidence -- -- -- this sport he would not -- you have that of this club and yet for the rest of his time and number -- -- -- live -- that if -- -- -- on November 19. -- -- told investigators her six year old daughter told her. If she'd seen someone outside her bedroom window had blue hair feathered headdress in a pink nose. -- issuing outside a night of November 14 a short part of the know was there. Does it was -- have an Alpine and this is unbelievable six year old this poor girl has to spend the next fifteen years at least with this crazy woman. And and I assume in loan Lundberg or did they mean and on the duplicate moved to score book and they. So that lovely boat and move. Because. The patriots circus medical doctor -- go to Idaho senator best damage she did to the town right there will be people for ever. Who associate -- with this racial incident didn't that we people won't even know. She did it. That it was self inflicted there'll be an entire class of senior football players never got to play the Thanksgiving -- is actually their season and you know what this woman should go to prison she should go to jail. I mean -- you guys were all on board the FBI investigating hate crime. Is this worse. Worse than if it had been I mean the only suspects in my mind in the FBI's money had to -- mom dad and some fourteen year old. Stoned kid Huckabee got a parent I guess I mean analytics I. I mean I don't know but not what you think members of the football right it would be a 14161718. -- yet she wants off allergy or senior default or shall want to think it was the clam. You know was. It was Bull Connor yeah and that was which he was open the people buy into that she went to the game candlelight vigil this is like. Drew Peterson going to vigil for one of his -- why -- OJ Simpson crying over the casket of -- -- you have to be a pretty good performer. To pull this off to go to the vigilance and we need to heal let's listen. Every Frazier before she is she came clean yesterday when -- -- okay to every question they said she once the investigation to stop cyclist Andrea -- -- -- This school. That's it. Want to. Helps both. Can you try to get her talking at the vigil are talking before she was implicated here to next Friday. A case that there's more sound we try to get more sound from her before the vigil or during the visit -- -- acting skills such as I was like -- it just happened upon forward. This is Michael Graham blog this project this Arctic and how long did this go on this them. Investigation and speculation Wilson's part of Thanksgiving. Here for this amazing. She told police you know you know one of the investigation over -- The graffiti no one wanted to participate in the investigation. Say she couldn't sleep that night and the events were quote -- him apart. When police told brake issue that they had no leads and went after restart the investigation. She says her son was driving the new school and repeated she wanted the investigation over. During this conflict station and FBI agent told ranger that the reason she won an investigation that was because she was. One -- spray painted the graffiti on the house races replied OK okay this is November 25. It is now December 5 that's like two weeks almost she admitted this to a -- profession. What would you say I was -- I was -- I mean it would you say okay. I think you don't. That's out but that would not be looked -- as -- -- court I guess what what do you think Eliot -- but he when he was best that obviously is high crime might not. She did it right the ones that didn't they step foot on the property. The Davis of the spray paint the deputy and looked in her they knew she did and yet we went to -- raid of handle light vigils and and these pompous asses like the superintendent we select and -- We have to cancel the season I hope they have to stand -- think they assembled a football team in the gym in the auditorium. And she has to apologize before she -- of prison. -- superintendent apologists selectmen apologize everybody who was part of canceling the season. Because of this. And one woman who decided to. Spray paint her own house to perhaps get her some different school perhaps just to. Give him some maybe she wanted to get the players on the team said they were mean -- my -- you know I get days that it's too. I'll get them and she did I would agree with others -- it. Obviously he still doesn't nobody trusts it. Obviously as we came out who it is doesn't know what to believe in doesn't want to be here. You really does want to be there now it has wanna be in the hole you get. Iger at the second part what you said the apologies are in order I feel bad for the kid who had nothing to do witness. -- I don't believe is the day they walked in the house they knew she did your first response would not be. A woman Mary White woman married to a black man with a mixed race child. Would actually think it was a good idea to spray paint knights don't need all. Most of these incidents are hoaxes and and that's a lot of things yeah there are companies all -- them Ameen and investigators know that the first. It's like a nuclear murder and -- for a person. -- in order to the people and in the house and say they -- opportunity. Caught me and oftentimes that probably smarter than she wasn't until you know leave the cans and she's like you are crazy I mean she's obviously -- and ended the sad thing -- she won't to a day in jail not help -- find. You won't mean they'll they'll. -- some minor slap on the wrist and shall goers merry way in these kids will never get the play at Thanksgiving game. And she won't even apologized to them it is misleading police and hindering an -- -- and -- -- the a misdemeanor or a felony to go to -- I don't know. We'll get Michael McCann on this -- with a -- mistreated yesterday that it has a penalty of a maximum one year in prison and a thousand dollar -- which will never happen for some reason we never. Prosecute what what happens probation. Probably nothing communities nervousness service just like a year a racing graffiti off the -- Or abilities or you know maybe she has to go to the football games and in -- cell. Program sandwich board that I'm I am on edit it and never program I mean how Al -- never apologize for the Tawana Brawley hoax -- wouldn't lie. We never make people. Who do this we never hold -- accounts for this woman will not appeal the column superintendent to release a statement called the school's experience unprecedented she said the cancellation of football season was not a punishment. It was done as a matter of personal safety for that is so what a liar -- Scorsese's what's what was gonna go wrong that the Klan was -- right on the -- -- -- across the yard -- to start lynching. Football players on the field the claims on their side though according to be at the time right at the spirit ticket was -- team would call it ridiculous there in the regular reporter -- the placed on the ground and it was gonna Mississippi Burning paper it surely there are going to be here. Better -- there well you know that that central -- plan it's forced despite a powerful group that is so absurd you are what's -- person's name. Looks he called news yet that that is that a man or almost all that low -- a look -- him look you are a liar war. -- CU -- flat out liar you know there was no personal safety issue you know you just. Running scared. That you know one and bird they would appeal to weren't punishing the alleged perpetrators is a woman. Look see you lie you know there was no personal safety you can explain how was their personal safety issue if you played the Thanksgiving game. I mean I know of concussions production rabbits I don't usually like I know you think their games were ridiculous and it's got to let it ought to let the plant based. I honestly in the and you know that I think. Thanksgiving is very memorable day for these kids one of their last game seniors this is the last game of their lives. And they were deprived of it causes one loony bird in in you know in Annenberg. And these these useful idiots on the so fortunately in my in the and the superintendent. Who just played along to -- if she was. -- She wasn't happy with someone on the football team because they you know weren't nice to -- and. Yet there's been in -- you know it's out there how does that work out. She kept the whole season -- that she's she won. And shall pay no price in Oprah section thirteen a whomever intentionally and knowingly makes or cause -- to be a false report by a crime. Of a crime to police officer shall be punished by a fine of not less than 100 nor more than 500 dollars. Or by imprisonment in jail or house of correction for more than a year or ball so worst case scenario and it won't be one year and 500 bucks. Here's the principal Brian -- a female principal -- were their kids -- in that school and he's entrusted with. Well meaning he says. I thought. Would I have brought my own kids to that game and the -- Thanksgiving game. The answer is no way why because it wasn't safe to play. I don't understand. Us. God you are pathetic principles at a -- You wouldn't take your kids there because -- like midnight writer -- area where it would be unsafe ice on the outsiders agree to be humble and you. So some. Again three suspects mama mom dad in the in the fifteen year old who attempted to beat you you said earlier cops -- This woman did it might expect Thanksgiving they do. It's true by Thanksgiving they knew and guess sort of the principal means nobody knew what they I'm sure the original -- whispers have plenty whispers there was no chance. There was some -- banned them Klansmen and on horses. Already. Well what was the I'm -- heart I Kennametal that would be legitimate in jeopardy you know what she wasn't trying to make it's only ratio you'll -- from out of town it's at night August at the Bloomberg -- correct. I don't need Edward's associate trying to race correctly -- don't need KI GH. Yes again the day. Acadia nights nights knights don't need you know the principle this is some crazy neighbor of some guy just walk in now on the street that the media in -- This is the principal of the school remembered yeah wouldn't take his children to the game because it wouldn't -- state. Some someone spray painted on the foundation. Of holes. Some some words thought. Is considered even know having -- lie in your record is not a good thing. And -- a cop just not a good thing I -- Leonard is in better shape today just in terms of your life going forward and what people think of view. Which although she had less to lose but your right -- bush can lose plenty of. There could that she's kind of stuff to a seven pounds I -- -- little -- that kid and talk to kids feel that while it you're right the six year old who who's seen clowns outside her window and trapped in the chance that can have one of those custody hearings of the dangers dangers yet have taken the sake of take -- kids. Old picture -- to appeal to the -- football. Wore them converse and talk about -- has been getting breaks. Up to the sport right scheduling great scheduling -- someone there has his best interests and as we megs or an active hand in Omaha. I think I think he's gonna continue to get it is no chance that he's the one time currencies he faces a maximum of five years in jail and 101000 dollar fine. Which was the same potential fate. He was found guilty of burglary of assaulting a police -- still one more time. Andrea the lovely and it brings the year mrs. Annenberg or. -- -- on an odd bitter ethnic and I think -- right -- Huntington and it will get. And few months. Few months -- the -- didn't -- Garcia I don't know that Nebraska as contaminated a super balls update February 2 second so like I gotta go parade that will be good for those -- be electable -- death -- week. Second and third on the -- blooded attempt yet to report. Got a totally the Caribbean for a week and well regular weight of that is allowed to do this vehicle in the country thinks now. What do they will play in the bills and -- and landed in the other day minute to play special. Thanks supports are so on some automatic call to rob Ford goes to games all the time it obviously he always we as the -- like project managers Fred Jackson. Because that maybe police get as you know Doug Gilmour Jersey on it's not a good look you know when your. Not as well and good looks for our pocket but it just looks like -- party Michigan -- is like a weekly guest on the the united dance and the argument jealous he's -- to auto sports station the the sports -- yeah -- I think -- album he's been on he -- and -- teachers are separate weekly -- in Washington DC -- -- -- -- Scalia yeah yeah. Now want to -- -- do next is he going to be a star somewhere MC can hold it together -- of their support offer yet you do is obviously if you're Frazier -- More than enough. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We -- -- ID wade took a picture while its past. And it means -- don't think that's well listen. Means Cuban Casey could cereal every care teriyaki careful got a remodel an idea that water to get me economy is of Cuban he's just got off the I mean it's a struggling immigrant obviously copy the Corleone and up by the two. -- just before we get to that I've never seen any individual. Ever in all my days on this planet. Try harder to bend over backwards and appeared not to be calling somebody a racist while calling somebody a race it was the most amazing gymnastic. -- Portion I've ever seen in my life will have that where you when we get packed up -- AJ presents I think he's going to be okay. I don't think he's got this clubhouse apart now I'd like the granderson. All.

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