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Chris Price breaks down all things Patriots

Dec 4, 2013|

Ryder talks with WEEI.com's Chris Price about the Patriots upcoming game with the Cleveland Browns, and Stevan Ridley's status on the team.

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Transcript - will not be 100% accurate

John -- in for a Mikey and always happy to be joined by the terrific Christopher price one artist working men in the business covering the patriots in the NFL and a great job -- for WEEI dichotomy confine my Twitter Etsy price NFL we've -- -- shuffle them around -- -- good a guy is useless beyond as he does to -- On Tuesdays at 11 PM but. Would the Ellsbury news and then tonight with -- meat filling in for Mikey bump them up the news well to come on at nine which we appreciate Chris says go. -- blame or throw -- really really. Prejudice -- it is a mentioned a meeting now this would be sent the and it'll never happen but just in just for the fun of it a Scott. Is Scott Boras. Marriage Bill Belichick meeting and they would that be would that be something about a player you know got a chorus on. Although I looked at it meant it back Jacoby -- that decision. We agree on the part of -- -- the logical block its debt has just putrid Terkel commuted that they're really smacks of something that did Belichick do and we know that the -- in in that that. You know you go. He's that kind of money for that got to perform -- I think we've -- -- from the patriots over the years I think that that's the fault line without -- steamboat. Is there an Asian I guess would be Drew Rosenhaus though fallen through the Scott Borg stepped category in the NFL when it comes to you. You know until the road has -- at least in your practice had a pretty good relationship with the patriot. It didn't and number it was announced that Greg palace he -- a hearing is going to be -- -- going to be good extension. You're back in so. I don't know -- -- is really that the board -- It probably at least Steinberg would be years before that when he was very. You know -- that that's that's probably a really good analogy because people forget them Steinberg was. You know I mean the model Richard McGuire yeah I always you know it -- be -- be according to democratic you'll read the -- so yeah get a full stable quarterback back in the -- mean you're the only -- and let. That a lot of the record correctly he's probably the closest. I that I could think up to -- that bad that you could call us directly go to vote football or -- couple. Now -- moving out of the patriots in the current version of the patriots. One aspect -- I'm -- well I guess overall defense. And especially the run defense that you reference the number of times would make Chris. I I guess is you know can the resident -- -- experts say is can the patriots. Get to -- -- continue to compete in this perceived -- gave C. Would this week run defense and overall some question marks the second there. I think it's going to be tough but I will say that -- I think it's possible -- I wrote this week on the web site that we've seen. Great team and opened a portrait -- the Greek seemed really good football team. Make it isn't over questionable we have -- middle of the road and he says the best analogy. In he talked about it on Sunday Night Football that Merkel was Tony Dungy he said that this -- remind a lot of that 2006 school. That -- it was absolutely apocalyptic -- that went into stopping what they ever like 170 yard gain ground. -- -- It what is it that you're -- go in the postseason. With a replica clamped down and it entered their final total oppose the bailout -- regard to being. And well on the ground so they cut it. Slipped around a little bit -- them because strength thanks in large part because Bosnian -- yet I think it's gonna be top. But -- -- you will. Are able to look at a couple of different things and first off the middle of the road becomes their pass defense they can afford at notre. Long term interest in the future decide that ultimately it but -- speaker. That's secondary together in relatively healthy down the stretch they'll still be competitive on the current -- defense. And it really the only metric unit that it -- -- really care popular due to metric the candidate they really care -- points -- In there in the top ten in points below if I'm not saying it beat completely overlook. The run defense sort of speak and being in the top and in pass defense -- people out in India are all in court Mexican people over a lot of your deficiencies. Very it -- -- I'm not saying you know built built built due to the Super Bowl but. If you unity that irreparable and this award today. Article in the city -- your order and order to beat your your current I think it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A -- points allowed statistic. -- quarter. What about today and the other burning question or continued topic actually number one question and I just had to call about it and there's been so many Steve Ridley does the get his opportunity does he does he play Dinka. This Sunday Chris and how long a -- go for. I don't know if you please this Sunday but they're gonna need -- between now kaposi's -- -- -- -- -- right. Mentally and physically between now in the post season I I still go back to the fact that. At least in my mind it's. Bit of a crisis of confidence for them in their corporate and sport and we talked about the order divert that it went with them. -- -- -- -- Continued to sit him down it could you do this to a psychiatric you know how long term effects look if the guy Korea for 12100 yards last to keep reminding people that. Electrical polluters such as those guards are not commonplace in the NFL. If you can overcome that in in -- guys. On this frigid part of the interest port comport with the best example you you'll get into problems. With ball security over the first outfit skirts and was able to -- -- you'll be able to become a really important part of this offense from 2000 -- four. I think he can't and IQ where they do it. But it -- be interesting to watch play -- I think it is going to play a sizable role in the fortunes of this team between -- -- the people that. Would. We hear they're doing to try to correct these issues. -- -- All go back to that it that there was a story that problem. Of former player told me where -- have to imagine they're doing some of the same thing be -- in purple and Ridley its the simple fault when he was there. Problem they have a portrait you sent the players current goal. Admin and it -- have been you know -- colleges ordered BP you know what are your practice over extended pretty content so you look at all. In all in all with the kind of guy who just said okay let's do this but analysts we knew we got to go through this as a team and so. They were able to do that Arum yeah and so I would be surprised if there's a similar process behind the scenes. We're -- -- it is too important to remember. Is that. His teammates are behind his victory in his order for all of -- Publically or privately they are saying that it used seeking the right way you talk to release you for a brief -- -- off the record. You can tell this thing that you not the kind of guy he's gonna that you complained. But back in the ball about -- eastern and -- -- heat -- Really difficult action. But ultimately thinks he's going to be your -- football we're going for because. Was doing that and as I would guess to be doing that is on on Sunday as Houston just hold the ball like that. Yeah yeah yeah yeah -- -- -- interesting with The -- seek. You know spectators are trips like that if you're being note that your gonna be inactive. You don't even make the trip you say all in our with interest in it it was there with the they're being pieces here there are children is that it probably would seem over the course -- -- -- also went when he was injured. You would go Trout with the team but usually usually don't take you're if you're not playing it sort total interest and to have them there would football yeah I wouldn't be surprised if that was something. I am sure I can't imagine it's not you know. High schooler. College oral -- -- let's say you know called -- Bill Belichick scolding -- at lake where the dunce cap the other thing is as. There's -- so many different points of view on this weather peep from listeners media wherever it might be and Steve currently. I don't claim for the rest of the season I'd -- about this -- no activate them but don't claim unless you have a sizable lead. My feeling is. If if you gonna if you've got to dress a mob. And he's going to be active is thrown right out here I mean why would you try to wait. For all these different variables. And all right we have we have a twenty point lead will put him in there and -- what are your thoughts on all of us. Yeah I outlook it is that they are deeper than most teams at running back -- -- you know older including the launch. I think really really well on Sunday but I think you're you're kind of going down a slippery slope there when you're kind of finding time to pick and choose when you want you to. Update at my course of action would be my you know -- Murray record collection. What would be fit to YouTube on a fairly limited basis. In the kind of build that confidence back up and get him and twelfth that I've seen arches dual of course it would be a workable way back in Atlanta. Bill that confidence back up the good -- again and all the back actually they're gonna need it you got what you write you aspect of that and he's probably not probably expect that division. And I think he needs to be treated as such in order I think that the you know this needs to be scored the way you read later I'd do it I think it will it and I think he will be that are running back to -- It -- John -- and for Mikey -- talking with the Chris price of standing for a WEEI dot com when it comes to the at a fellow patriots to -- on Twitter. At C price at a fellas articles -- breweries like ten questions face the patriots heading into the the stretch run and won't give up too much away from that some people we check out -- -- -- Articles about the defense but is as simple as probably not but probably. No surprise that Tom Brady's plan is effective. As he has with the with Rob Gronkowski playing new way he has in May may second part of this Chris as well as. Which shouldn't be lost in probably isn't. Is the season Julian elements haven't but also for that matter and we side in Houston. Those got a one would question the Steven -- -- in the seasonings. Yeah you know although they'd pick the first part first year is clearly whether. You don't feel more comfortable -- in his own. Physical well being or feeling more comfortable with the wide receivers. Or you're just getting another thing on the same people with some of those younger guys but he completed 7% is palpable -- -- don't really impressive numbers. Kind of took almost taken it for greater that he's really ready to view from where he was -- the first part dispute or new struggle and conflict. I think the return of Gradkowski. You should be taken into effect when you're talking about that and -- Brady has been able to rebound a little bit of I also think frankly that the return of -- -- needs to be figured into that equation yes I think Arenas. One of the most social bring him back -- and the options on the -- and I think we've seen that over the last -- -- you -- 2%. I'm really impressed by element of written as a couple that we talked about it ad nauseam on the Sunday show. It is really kind of rushed into that offensive -- you do that it had earlier in the year where you know Gradkowski -- -- go over the -- didn't peppering. Settlement is it art piece exits and bring -- of the -- Yeah what -- 93 to be precise on. Yeah yeah I mean it's remarkable considering you know he was a free agent after this past offseason though. Between Barrett and his special teams value I think. It's obviously a very important artist right now he's going to be very important part of this game. -- -- term budget bottom out he would get -- -- our current -- on this a couple of weeks ago that 'cause he's having one of the best years of his current that you got your career. You could argue at least regular season perspective. -- regular seen it going to be just as impressive as Adam Vinatieri to. 2004 regular -- 2004. -- did not mean he he he field goal. More than fifty yards electing to only have one chance at one column. -- completion percent -- what -- think -- 93%. -- out here for -- -- from beyond fifty he created thirty overall it completion percentage at 93%. Obviously the resonating completed with what that we have gone into the postseason I think in terms of the regular seat perspective. I think you're having adjusted Goodyear its military attack in 2004 so I wanna see how he does go toward getting to and and they're getting to go out he had four meter kick it to -- orders. He had won that into game into overtime he had one and its ended up. Q what are the -- used to about realistic also -- impressive you should definitely -- full consideration. And we've kind of brushed over but the secondary good. On a court again in Nebraska tomorrow. Yet Aqib Talib would have. Which -- a lot about the run defense but there has to be continued concerns especially that secondary doesn't. Exactly and I think to leave his really big guy you. Who control at all I think it is helped lead the meter -- difficult for the team's gonna go to wrote about it in -- -- executed -- all out. This defense can -- -- -- long way I think I think if you go there at least we can a couple of countries here. And we saw last year's championship -- to -- more -- This year than he did last year with a logo -- it into an apartment back there. But I I don't know if you want Logan -- playing important steps using its future championship game at this point in his career arm. Yeah I mean that that secondary. That until lead being cut -- for doubtful whether that's secondary -- the group has been the steady in most consistent group I think over the course the first -- you can talk about it being from a defense perspective. You know they've they've cut the meter running injuries appropriate. They've lost -- I contribute a little lineup. But that's secondary that are consistent and a lot of that sort. Courted potential readers really big guy who it'll hold all the cards defensively he's healthy he's able to go I I think that these resolutions get a pulling -- -- You know last couple questions Chris. What about these slow starts of -- including in Houston was largest natural natural letdown considering. You know two previous games they played. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But because of culture in the third quarter what kind of flip that around a little bit now and they're going to slow start but they've been picked up by some. Really good third quarter performances -- I don't think. Yeah an enemy and -- Pittsburgh in the mixture I don't think that the legal really. We sixty minutes' worth of football to the point cease and you could argue that it Purdue was good but even in the first you know and I don't think we're confident they'll well. I I want to see the dolphins play a complete game it's -- cause streams to different say that that there aren't realistic. That bit bit -- overall seed in the playoff picture but. I don't think it Brady talked about it today that they -- -- beautiful sixty minutes if the couple of milk it's a slow start the -- third quarter of it in the -- great comebacks and it's been an awful lot of -- but I think ultimately that you would rather particular with sixty minutes in and blow mount. As opposed to kind of riding that roller coaster you know ups and -- in the first and third or. Yeah in two questions on the rest of the NFL one being you know collection and afterwards at a Monday that win for Seattle over New Orleans christened. Watch the panel and is about respect people out of Italy you know Trent -- you would think Humana soldiers with the Seahawks already and in northern Jersey for the for the Super Bowl -- they far and away. The class of the NFL. Right now they're the forum are aware of the class you know the would make a class the other felt because ultimately that you will play in the neutral field I think if you go out there Seattle. It's awful out of there I don't care who you are. By no one here neutral field includes a little bit different but I I I. Ultimately go to army that put the finger members that there's still fourteen left missing them at this point last year. We basically given up on the -- -- and -- anyone on that great -- -- on those things can machine to really really quickly right now. Seattle look like divesting any of the may be the best people calling I felt that you'll. You -- into the month you know things can change a little bit I would go back here it is it's not too much momentum going into the postseason. But hell. In and it's important vehicle -- -- -- that that's possible. We knew we saw that from the regular. We've seen that from the giants you know a couple of years ago we saw that from the Packers and -- -- that -- be healthy at the -- as opposed to discussing gathering. Then lastly Chris stiff enough penalty for the Pittsburgh Steelers Mike Tomlin a hundred grand maybe a draft pick maybe two who knows. After stepping on the field last Thursday night against the ravens. Yet because they need to make an example. You know I I don't know if this -- murder or -- to do it helping you would receive such heartfelt people I think we need to set a precedent the league needs to. -- to make -- realized that there are serious about this was cracking down that -- this so I think it is an appropriate penalty given the situation. Right excellent as always Chris no blood type you next week. Urquhart and I don't listen -- NFL Sunday as well this Sunday --

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