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Mike Lupica on the Yankees overpaying for Ellsbury

Dec 4, 2013|

Mike Lupica of the Daily News joined the show to give the New York reaction to the Ellsbury signing. He said that the Yankees drastically overpaid.

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We try to find somebody who thinks this is a wonderful field the New York as well we have of the parliament when he got -- horrible ordeal for the Boston Red Sox joining us. On the AT&T in the nation's fastest and almost libel forgy LTE network different from the daily news Michael good good. Like are you. I'm cured her we'll let it our. -- and I guess my question -- like where should. We were traveling yesterday and I actually -- -- of work well about the late last night there at any age it shall bewildering should be. I understand that the -- wanna use the blueprint of -- -- victory because that became. It's dynamic -- at about you'll forget about what their -- in recent work. But why do you shine and guide to a concert act didn't exactly the kind of contract. That the Red -- had to get out under. -- -- the world right -- -- explain that. Mike I was gonna start -- you know my question was going to be how many times do you Mike Lupica or how many times do the New York Yankees have to hit their thumb. With a hammer before they say this hurts I need to stop kidding myself. With -- CC sabathia hammer or -- or Teixeira and now probably three or 45 years about the Jacoby Ellsbury camera why don't they understand these long term deals. The thirty year old guys never worked out. Jarrett you're completely. Right and how about this year about this. The picture while we we want go to eight years for canal -- -- -- their collective. Debating on whether to go to eight years Robert Shapiro who actually is one of the best players in baseball. What -- You -- out where he earned two World Series winning here I love watching them play baseball has anybody ever thought that -- -- the one of the top five. Why don't -- not know. I had one year one year we were his second MVP and you know off the charts -- thirty home runs under the RBI that hasn't happened again Mike and he doesn't play every day I mean he'd -- that we in the number in the last six full seasons I think the average is 114 games a year right last four is averaged 96. He's an Indian doctor Boris you know the war switched came into this thinking elect. Is benchmark -- what are going to get him more than Carl Crawford and the current crop repeal it you have personally. Analyzed. What are the -- -- -- -- -- ever made in all of recorded history. And and so here there are thirty year old player that you -- movement by electric yankees when they shot a thirty year old player that's exactly what it. And now they are. Our catcher who's been -- -- up it will be acting up again and he'll probably get end -- -- six years. He gets it seven years for elsewhere and and by the way. We criticize them to mention what they do it I think jargon here and I sit in the back and that -- -- They don't take too long Q you say what that character gonna look like. They clearly don't care and so they -- -- -- and ringing Eric can't always expected to stick with a lot can't -- so I think that Iraq thinking that they're somewhat. How Albany could no situation ultimately play itself out in your estimation Michael. I don't think he's got -- up with the Yankees aren't here and now here she apple is it is at this of their situation. Or his representatives. From a -- honestly appreciate it -- and -- -- -- Clearly over promise here and they're clearly going to under deliver -- -- speak I think about the irony about it not -- the extra aura. -- you wonder what the other what real market periods for Cadillac Saturn -- -- -- -- -- -- under their their tigers may lose their mind. -- it was in my -- But the guy who got -- buried it -- last night -- -- is to master it or not. Are bidding -- that actually exists because you -- it. And the what was gonna pay Jacoby Alter it a 152. Million -- to others in the market. I think Seattle might as you said the tigers might they're desperate them and -- all I know -- I am tournament -- to the -- -- sorely doesn't usually take its time and dropped to three other teams into the deal and receiving get 163 or 173. Okay the -- you get them signed patriots -- a redshirt them it's okay. And you -- a lot and asks that you plan to appear at. You're gonna I'm surplus grandmother didn't -- any type -- outnumbered and under what the -- outlaw pay you by Graham thank you very much. In -- the captain and. Eggs -- no -- is the right I mean if you will dump -- for Jay-Z. I think is that a sign that year and I'm interested just strictly going to the highest bidder that you wanna stay in New York. Yes but I'm stronger now than it did it hit its all about it now. That part of that the Yankees are playing well I'm just mortgage. That you're taking a fractional. Player who depend on his leg. Who played 114. Games last -- -- -- -- go back to when he hurt nearly and that's total -- what -- -- -- In -- during the last year. Or the year before that here or right. OK so why you're making this kind of investment. Let's forget I'm not running identical -- I love like to play that huge part of a regular season and he was a bigger part of the policies that. All I'm saying it. Other than that one year and even then and did you adversary okay. I can build the team around this guy. And you're paying him like one of the very best players in baseball. Know he's he's what three or four years at the best number ever put the books right. You say one time all star. And -- a five camels there Ellsbury I -- Scott Cooper was a two time all star. Not that means everything he's a one time gold Glover is a 11 -- -- at more than nine home runs one time we drove in more than sixty runs. He steals bases which you don't steal bases when you're 343536. A maturity Henderson. -- about askew on the day -- the season ended for the Yankees what are their five most pressing offseason needs in order one through live what would you have said. I would -- sent picture and it's starting pitching starting pitching that that a result. I don't -- -- -- -- sure David Roberts it's bigger cause that they had to get 8888. Useful productive much younger. -- Alfonso Soriano and Ichiro Suzuki. Outfielder. And that they have to address whether or not. You know Alex Kardashian it's gonna come back and play their face them but it this year. You know I know that they were talking about to kick the -- I can't get all. But at the end of the day it's almost like -- in this weird poker game. We can now. And they're saying we're back in a sign of really -- contracts. Would you. Here's what we're gonna do -- can't. We're gonna start and even -- extract political the other got -- -- -- that the -- since said he and it's a you know outside plate and he says. Well by the time the Yankees realize that it felt very breaking back starting to breakdown Jackie Bradley junior should be freeagent partner. Yeah it's -- and -- right and he's a -- guys will be going to be Lehman. Do you think's gonna happen within Iran what's the sense down there Mike is it is he gonna be back in the starting lineup on opening day and this is all I don't -- -- the court. I don't think it's here I missed our team in American courts are so reluctant to -- Be invasive Arctic. By the way binding arbitration case I I think it will continue to be sports or are -- They didn't want to put Bud Selig arms stand eclectic but he had any information that -- you to get to they wanted to find some way. To a -- so I think it or where is going to give camp something less than 211. Games. But -- and hundreds and and he will continue to -- warned in this world working its hero. It's a political prisoner is that Nelson Mandela of baseball and -- and boxer only looked at. The other -- that you -- it was only his opinion. But you have to put some merit and direct itself collect the Yankees might just say. With cute so toxic. That we have to get rid of -- -- -- -- about writing a check for 86 and ninety whatever -- and now. Do you suspect it's going to federal court exhibit does he probably you're starting third baseman on opening day. But it can turn that that would that they would have to find great flaws in the arbitration hearing in the portal which you know it. Here's your artwork and about the I'm sure you back to talk to. The prospects that bit. -- rotten -- Packers have attacked or eaten at this arbitration process. -- -- player friendly. And so important to the Major League Baseball Players Association. For over forty years and now when basic -- against some. Alex a fixed -- -- got explained in the -- it was it was good all the way back to which the basis in the foundation of free agency. Briton Alex dumped expire and by the way it's a process that got wide and brought up originally. Is Jeter going to be the full time shortstop next year is the CI mean do they have any choice in the matter. They right now I I do not believe they have any choice right now I know -- -- to back him. I have no logic it goes against all of common sense. It's to say that he's going to be the everyday shortstop but I have great faith in this player and and back. It could -- the question -- will that leg to stand up overtime because. Bears and other flights were they have no plan B at this point they have no plan B they're not -- -- -- They're counting on a guy who turns I believe forty this summer to be there -- certain regular shortstop and in the probably Indians. Nothing like it really has ever happened at -- -- -- you know some skills and I like bet that this would be an. Of all the extra and everything Derek Jeter has done it may be the most extraordinary thing in his career would be being a productive. Majorly baseball shortstop covered up what he's coming up at the age of forty. Final one for me Michael yankees spend the whatever hundred million dollars on Tanaka. You talked about Albert you're HRE you're not talking about the pitching staff and and and that got an opera optical low that was that was another AAR PI. I'm here know but are you sure about him and CC sabathia words words. You know what might rent bodyguard optical. If it's it's that it. The axiom that it that's all the gonna get by the way as you pointed out on the back end that is insane contract. Then they needed nation maybe they think district in Iraq to can be there. -- by a large how was this playing in New York. As best you can tell this early in the day. I think it had stretcher Arctic you're always going to be people mention that select columns on every time the Yankees ever make any kind of -- Like there are people that record company in a company can they will say oh court. Here come the big bad yankees again like you're still the big bad yankees as opposed to achieve. It since 2000. Has won exactly. One World Series. And bad Q so this evil empire saying it's about as much I think the president that the Roman empire of carry. Would assume that they spend a lot of money. When -- money whips and overpay some guy it's like look out American League yankees are back well. Is this. Hank Steinbrenner whose call the shots on the big deal like this. Now I think I think Hal Steinbrenner has been wounded. By the idea that he would -- -- strict -- it at the turn the -- you're currently at a 189. Million dollar payroll. -- like that would flood -- the Yankees version of food stamps. Okay. And I think it was will get at this notion. That he does not want to win as much as Bob about they'll come up I think -- -- -- -- eventually -- we stayed under a 189 million. But they're coming down on about 228. Million. Last year and and I have actually defended Al -- that said. It if you can't win the world ritual and a 189 million completely got a look at your baseball people. Mike -- always good talking baseball again sports in general by the time talk you down the road a friend. I haven't read into the program and will always be -- friend of the. Thank you Michael -- to -- so Mike Lupica daily -- on the AT&T hotline AT&T the nation's fastest and now most reliable four GL. Now he's not going to be happy -- Christina. You didn't mention his book I want and which book it is just I mean it's it's Wednesday there I think he just came out with a new -- -- every Wednesday Google Mike -- -- -- -- -- -- and they're all good I'll say that they're all good he he knows what he's known -- your phone calls Chris -- Pamela we see you you're next with the NC.

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