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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Miley Cyrus person of the year

Dec 4, 2013|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed Miley Cyrus being up for Time person of the year.

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I'll get to that calls here in a minute but first headlines which brought you by precision fitness equipment -- the pros do. Precision fitness equipment and we start in Berlin Hamburg we were yesterday as well police have a potential new clue in the investigation. If you racist graffiti in Hamburg after searching the home with a hateful message was scrawled. The whole like the home where scrawled on the -- on the punish yes police to be a bag of evidence out of the home where. Quote knights don't need and words and quote was spray painted on the family's home -- Phillips is biracial plays football -- -- And remembered Bhutto sleepless football from the number taken him for a season because perhaps because. -- guy spray painted in his own house. Yes that's certainly looking looming now is a possibility this. Okay and they you know it's. Sizable. -- -- -- -- That's that's infinite -- -- in my driveway and yeah chase and their failure rate posted no trespassing sign on the property. And the once outspoken anti -- we just heard isn't talking anymore from the start they blamed. People spread in their thirteen year old son's football team the city's case because he's bi racial. The town held a vigil. And this is used did not get to play at the district -- rattled all future football games investigators since cleared the team saying they weren't involved and the FBI they still involved. We got past to shall we went and hate crimes they have to not show of some -- -- it's thirteen fourteen year old right that's usually who spray paint stuff. Maybe not in this case may mean not in this case not the legal question short Mike McCann are very many Enron. Theoretically. Is it illegal. To spray paint spray. Spray paint. Racist graffiti on year old house you know on year old property that and not mean this is America. But is it with a lot crime I guess it would be. Misleading police are you about not that's different music filled out a police report yet that he answered questions -- place that's different repeating investigation. Also by not stop adopting I didn't strike me that's absolutely not John asked the generic question if you spray paint your girl house. -- payments -- all the time to read stuff. Racist but you know what's the mood is right now kind of artist I'll do that it is -- they searched the house and -- enough evidence vote if they didn't I probably not so this was a self inflicted -- yeah probably probably not it doesn't look for an. If you -- -- bet there's some cans of paint spray paint. In that evidence that I think so it's yet on the -- -- -- -- -- -- mastermind probably going to -- were I was you know there -- a day away from it or not even history's. -- judged -- these guys or this -- I was a suspect from the beginning. They knew this was a possibility he'll probably start I would guess -- if this all comes out today. The public played one game this Saturday -- and next Saturday they'll play again and wrap it up yet I don't April if this indeed him. Or -- at whatever up to prosecute him and they make them apologize to the team down. All the time around it's right Kremlin purge of -- time. -- don't like seeing this happen to be voted yet online for time's person of the year you know I've not host -- man of the year remorse and personal person. Of the year IE I usually like this in the person of the year we -- usually talk about a Dina. This is a tough one to discuss 'cause. According to time they don't they this they -- deciding like this week. And they have less than 36 hours to go to a play will moderate the panel today. I don't know the candidates -- I read the Frick and stole out other that is that's -- this doesn't necessarily mean the person wins is going to be. Voted the winner but it's good to see the table when the editors sit down right now there's virtually three way tie. Ultimately seeking -- did you read -- -- yes the -- of hell yeah I. It's tough usually think Obama right oh yeah he's got example you're six straight -- -- -- Nancy Pelosi. The next you know. Someone think of news I was gonna say you know why would you include like -- bomb targeted him one of the women in Carlos -- daughter -- wanted to witness a woman of the three she is less attractive than Nancy Pelosi and -- about Ted Cruz what about some other new political news may like it also goes sort of you know they sometimes -- Off the reservation to do the of the health -- website sometimes a couple of years -- did they did did you in a couple of -- results he's a pretty big new reactor at edit -- Google you -- Amazon you know that the Google guys he depict the Google -- she could pick anyone who Zuckerberg probably one before. Not that he could -- up Padilla which -- there are a lot of options out there. In this is the top three here's the top three Egyptian defense minister Abdel Fatah -- CC what it's about time -- the leader gets a lot of time -- got wrecked boats that he -- twenty point 4% unbelievable over a million votes by the way if you had to fill it in like it was in the multiple choice they would -- now. He knows who he is number two is. And Turkish Prime Minister -- kept tied up. -- -- This is termed this a little hoax this what is this Saturday -- and -- at the -- number graffiti this is a hoax -- who ever vote for the Turkish number three prime minister 1617. Point 9% and close is. I swear to god I don't get it I think she's a pig. -- -- -- she might win person of the the whole world got -- the year. It's disgusting lobbyists -- the temperatures with ropes -- -- Yeah yet for the committee's work interest on the become whenever we're on -- Lady Gaga right just. -- -- back in your mouth we -- -- suddenly she just turned 21 to. She's twenty shoes that in the foam finger between your legs. Scioscia say what's what else who else is on that -- I shouldn't they -- actually -- her -- she still won -- oh that's true the only name like it's spelled out. -- around -- its fourth that's that's three or four I don't know Leo who is that random loading them. -- -- demoted don't know represents a striker for Manchester United yeah. Bashir Al Assad is fifth. And all that Wendy Davis. And then Edwards notebook C -- snow and being that is the worst persons the list which though I don't guess Davis. That's a good or no -- shock collier's and it's just -- hopefully don't have any mention of the marathon moment at all. But the biggest national story and you're in the Egyptian uprising and revolution that you wanna call. Secretary of state. John Forbes Kerry who's who's -- people get right ago and now here's here's a guy who legitimately -- could have been a candidate this year. Is my guy. The guy who was bringing me back the lord savior -- line or your goalie has -- Christ my man right here. The Pope Pope could watch it here not for. Hope frank Francis rights and same -- -- lobsters from the medical break the mold but it does it's that he's been referred to a super hope for super wrote feats of faith but -- -- Francis -- honest to goodness superhero. It. You know Huffington Post -- a source at says. He goes out after nightfall in disguise to be with homeless men and women. Takes off the Pope oh -- dresses like -- regulatory system lived with him he has huge house agreement. You watch lot of problems. He just says that vs Tampa and says Angela Angela as -- -- you guys ghosts. So now the Christ like existence. You walked among the -- you can you believe he's -- -- don't believe plays who you know I believe the doesn't use plastic trash -- I believe that he is not and he's -- I think he does that's fine with homosexuals and the keys performed abortions -- he's against. And -- whatever on it like this guy he's what it is really care much about religion. It's like -- put him go to church -- recycles. -- well no question -- I went to a hotel music with the towels on the raft washed again he has been used. Yet so it's weird though that if you're gonna do this night for the -- in Egypt for support regular priest worked -- -- superhero. Mike did you -- his usual regular priest. She only yet it's also -- decline there's probably some space -- that I mean if you went out just in street clothes like in series the teacher here. Some security issues. And one goes without. Aspirants -- right she brings a couple of fellows we does all the guys who -- and yet. It's in. The moods right coaster club. Just like regular they're like regular Google G jesus'. -- yes you don't like you don't. Stewart threat assessment what does homeless people and not feasible who blesses them on principal. That McDonnell. Brings we -- -- banks -- the only fluid and hair samples we determined that a bunch of old homeless dudes had an -- card. Ha it's you know that's culminated then it's called soup -- You like this like this. Like. Like you don't justice -- I think security team not the plot will be. And gets rushed by people and all his Secret Service or whatever you know all the old knots I don't think he uses that vacation Villa. That last all right talk to. Not easy for your job opportunity that -- -- sent a -- to -- his -- her right I think he's more -- he I think he should be he'd be my vote I would vote for. For impressive for a good two -- actually Atlantic just changed the way things are always things started to go one more Dino here. Your show graduation to TiVo's -- to the blacklist. Picked up for season two NBC's highest rated new show NBC twenty years 9090 -- yours and a network that is desperate for good show how well. Our heroes red hair and not look like much but I want soyinka was Somali with a want to simpler days hands. On -- episodes of about eight. I've seen three at the cassava Stew maker -- which was to creep -- got -- I set I felt I was surprised that killed them. The Stew maker yet -- he seemed like human being good recurring character. He boiled people like Robert bodies -- -- -- cover was scams and everything exit dentist in real life yet -- -- -- -- -- no idea appropriate to bring the -- knew he was not redeemable when she tried to talk to him about his kids and her kids to read it look at -- and all that. He just went about his business boiler has been a bad year for TV so it's good music good -- -- show because the shows I watch think home -- may come back you watch that obviously -- like I couldn't give it up wanted to come back it's good on the fourth. Fifth episode. -- it's -- it's a good show little bloody is that masters sex which is on after all these terrific show it is if you -- an English or else there's nobody like its original killings at Saint Louis this well it's about magnificent job to -- -- director is English Michael -- using your yes surely put it's always gonna lead you to watch. -- by. I -- so I said -- he said it's awfully never watched it. You're solo silent voice you know he said his office it is early justice is awful it looks -- spent about five minutes watching it but that's typical for you -- I think all the real you know literate people the people -- that people who don't use plastic trash bags they gonna watch masters sects are fictional. -- recommend the use Clinton's appearance. Yeah all the time. There are crazy -- ethnic -- a tablet public black lists have you seen for. Like I like I do like I've been able to I had to sit down watch three or four blast through -- wood and eight that's eight yeah it is you -- the guy feels no pain told about it. Not a little pain again and Sandler and -- mister deeds listed the policy on all the one last night that was last night sort of finale that really. I'm episodes in his alimony and that was starting January 13 back is Alan -- -- -- you know it's a brand new guy he's like the head of some gigantic syndicate that but apparently hired Angelo who was like the creepy -- asked these -- it was torture -- And leaves Cambridge. Understand that happen that we -- -- -- -- to do them people present and numbers. We know what this. He doesn't work fro and so you always. Yeah. If it. He played a bad -- and that awful and still move XP and so he made offers it was. -- movies and T ease the bad -- -- that was good in the it used movie he's back senator Sudan's export. Its. Crist -- field goal in the cards car talk with like 8 o'clock.

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