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Jacoby Ellsbury is heading to the Bronx

Dec 4, 2013|

The guys opened the show reacting to the news that Ellsbury had signed a 7 year deal with the Yankees. Everyone agreed that 153 million for Jacoby was far too much.

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It's Dennis and Callahan and Tuesday we added yet another name to the list of players who have left the Red Sox. The land of the Yankees. -- -- Starting -- trade which. A seven year deal for a guy who really need. Flags that's an awful lot of money to give -- -- here heartburn before it disappeared field for everybody good return to resolve all of its value. -- -- When this had happened but we have in the -- People ever present and never. Really know what the the only thing they have out of the backfield is if they have to remain to look negate your. Sports Radio WB. Well a five mile away all my -- Get into whether this is a good deal a bad deal a Smart deal a done deal does that shift the balance of power or does not move the needle at all. I actually talk about the -- I will give Scott forged credit for this it was two or three. Four weeks ago -- Scott -- -- you know what folks the Carl Crawford seven year 142. Million dollar deal. Is just the starting point for my guy Ellsbury and -- was divorce rate again seven years 153. You can hate worse if you want. The -- I. I gonna get to the guys he gets to the I don't lost little time on but we did make of that mid season in the number was going to take a leading it entertaining millions due to -- -- -- -- -- a little -- -- the -- -- Should certainly. Yeah. And secondly it's unbelievable. Just it's just amazing how naive -- -- were -- amazed nobody thought that the an impediment is off the bat what is right and got out patting myself. Yeah. Just mocking god you're an auction -- -- I'm not blocking YouTube morals and salt for you -- thoughts. On all sort Callahan and -- -- -- Bartlett and knock it is -- Brett Keisel smuggled sometimes angry posts. You know. To just -- to sit there and defend itself or just be a jerk. No I just set I got -- point. You say about you who thought he was not gonna get eighty million which was one of the dumber. Opinions humble team but secondly. Second the poorest. Guess I'll just -- the has done kiss and bourses apps -- tired of this Boris worship. You you -- reverend Jerry -- -- just Jerry's bass future. I'll just what you do admit how stupid your opinion was in mid season. Well that will -- look -- the -- was wrong okay I'm looking good you know don't look like okay now rabbit out. Now we'll move on the case and -- just -- and now we will go on to this. Boris worship. Expensive specialists. I'm tired of this you just referred to cut crop right. What was his agent. Anybody about it. Greg Ganske. -- don't and -- sick kids -- amazing he got caught up 440 million. Is Albert pools. The long line of guys that gets he's got Josh Hamilton and he'll give -- -- long -- guy he's got little alien Gonzales is they get -- I'm asking the questions it's my turn. Who was Adrian Gonzales. 152 million we said he would tell me what would tell me when -- was questioned statement it sells it I don't even -- -- Mike off. -- had enough you -- Never tell a guy who was exiles agent. -- -- You know now it doesn't matter but what does it matter you said it's all Boris mr. McGuire Boris he's amazing. No matter who else proves my point was your big jerk. Had a month but all -- at 140 as a starting point which everyone tactics that you. It that's amazing. Of course he was gonna get a 140 million. Just I just think other than men and Dennis who. I think he was get twenty million when we talked about this appear to be fair and wanna produce all the time don't we know we we had that discussion it was very early in the season Ellsbury was playing. Awful didn't matter all it certainly did. Of course it mattered. If he obviously didn't turn it did what he -- if you hit gives it to ten at the time but no moment to be viewed -- not if she wants what was the date. Sure these idiots -- -- the tape by a -- -- but it wasn't it if it wasn't realistic I didn't think now. I'm a grown man -- -- four games played later. Matt he writes my -- -- good year if he was hell it -- he was gonna get twenty million a year etiquette but it wasn't healthy. We spoke. To this fractured ribs a broken or busted foot but. Anyway it's just the thing that's annoying me abort abortion clinic lots on the -- company or things that are separate from Jerry how many Jerry self Akron -- how much problem how much would -- gotten Greg -- words -- Anybody and -- I'm just stopping people already here with -- and five minutes and you guys have no answers -- how much money would they've got a 143. Right okay so it doesn't match I million dollar or -- -- appoint his Boortz has done it again and again and again and again and really process. Give me an agent community reports track Jeff more bad before it became an oh -- one but how much would've gotten. If -- was in his. Fifteen million I -- on -- New York. It's the players not the agent all the agent does is make sure they don't sign her. He would never do that and this is so different from his track crickets so out of character. It's December. That it is third fourth or any sign this was unusual the big surprise here was. I was wrong that'd be January. Side but I knew we'd sent -- in the year. Who didn't. I'm. -- collide Taka about how wonderful Boris he did it get again I'm a candidate I -- Track record and -- reputation gets more money for his guys -- Moran Ganske or any of these other guys I think there's a certain week in the neat oh my god it's got abortion for -- do with it now gonna have to do with them down the road we slot -- we have. Feel we've seen with other agents is Boris says this is where it's going to be he gets war. It instills more fear more trepidation. Were weakened -- OK I have your weight with me at any other agent in baseball and that's fact what will. Robinson canal get. More than Ellsbury and -- a bit less and -- we sang -- -- -- that huge number he's never said that but anyway whatever you get a hundred no signs shall we say hi Jason he's amazing he got 25 million a year well you know it happens year after year after year after year yep I -- the players the players who get the money and again why they're agents -- -- and others represent themselves well I'm not saying you don't have -- the agents don't help. They certainly help him get to free agency because that's how we agents make their money you make the reputation. But. Josh Hamilton that I don't think had Boris that he. I know that colts. I don't believe so. Let's just check -- -- -- -- for pool to analysts that's an adult with that is. And he got pools two and forty million bottles he got the worst contract in baseball history. -- close but yet there is close in battling this might be his three or might -- that goes with that issue which is a great transition you're learning minute this might be in the mix I honestly believe that. I honestly believe this will be among the worst in baseball history. Because when 35. He's going to be back and by the way I just found itself from John payment. It's and coming he's got no demonstrate how do you dude that if your health Steinberg Hank Steinbrenner Uga -- 153 million. Do you throw that on Thompson agent that is important made it happen good originated happened at the end was it would it -- with a little bit and give us. It's pretty clear about this the Yankees are unclear on the concept of long term deals and how they ultimately work out. He is the fourth player to sign a free agent deal with the Yankees. Over north of 150 million dollars you do the other three work. CC sabathia OK there's value there chair Mark Teixeira no value there and A-Rod which is certainly in the conversation of 23 or four -- pop. Worst contracts or bottom -- contracts -- Jeter's -- about a 119189. As well that worked out a series. No that's true yet he was it appropriate -- -- idea how much Doris Merrill has more -- you would agree there it would 200 if you bore you might feel a 109 threat it is he close it because it's something that -- -- but he -- that but the amazing Casey close like Jacoby Ellsbury. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Last year Ellsbury had a -- year would also write Goodyear Goodyear to ever be better than that again. We not probably not that they are short porch I'm not a deep right field and how honest. A fair question I mean will be when it plays 74 games in 2012 he knew he was a year away from free agents to his credit he played 134 last year which for him it's like you know all. Cal -- but Ripken here. But now that he's got a seven regular 153 million dollars when he's got a little out winning pass up the wrong with him is going to force his way on the field it's going to be Logan Mankins with a torn ACL playing an entire sixteen game NFL season I don't. Think so now. But it certainly not -- track record. I mean it's strictly out of emotion at Yankee fans practices is awesome we took care center fielder and we took their lead off hitter. But when you stop and think about it it it's just more foolish. Another foolish decision by the New York Yankees I don't think any. Thinking Red Sox fan is real upset about this because they know the the Yankees will live to regret that they know the Yankees. Haven't changed their pattern in the with a -- sucks that you said. Unclear on the concept if they are indeed trying to. Model themselves after the Red Sox the team that just won that do when just the opposite they're going about it. The way the did not the way bench current conducted. And I think you got to be thrilled if you're the Boston it's if you're -- at tax revenues thought may be either it's actually in -- Ellsbury which they never -- and was never gonna happen it was never a possibility. But if you thought they might you should be thrilled that they're not gonna fall for this anymore this is proof. That they have changed their ways -- would have been right there with the -- either. Match this offer -- the software and give them whatever give -- ten years. He would have been stupid and chair it and was disciplined and I think that's our expansion BP. Here's what Mike Lupica writes in the daily news today for now you know who was happy when the Yankees get desperate like this. Agents. -- stars like Ellsbury. Paid like eight blisters one of the reasons the Yankees spent 230 billion dollars on a baseball team that didn't make the playoffs this year. Was because the aging stars at the back end of their contracts work close to being the players they work when they got the contracts humorous hurt. Iran played two months sabathia was just another pitcher. The Yankees go out and agreed to a deal with Ellsbury but the kind of insane long term contract that got them into this kind of -- In the first place -- -- and Kirk talks about a seven year deal but. Look at that way anymore Major League Baseball I know -- a seven year deal contractually but look at it maybe three or four years of production. In the short term if he can give them for good Jacoby Ellsbury years I think this is going to be in nice deal for the Yankees but after that. A seven year deal for guy really needs is -- legs that's an awful lot of money to give a guy who's gonna be pretty old is this contract moves not. We're gonna go to my Twitter question last night over the course of the seven year deal the over under on games missed by Jacoby Ellsbury I said it arbitrarily it. 162. As a number. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you'll be -- below. Which numbers 1222 so once execute and be 71321344. Yet. A year no way no way does he play and be an average -- 23 cameras -- more than thirty games a year more than the average here right. It's just as he gets older Wally was trying to prove himself here to get to that big payday. Really feel more pressure to take the field with a I don't think with -- stress fracture cracked bone. Not a chance it's and see this is another flawed arguments and sick of these arguments that it's not our money here because it's not your money. It was the Yankees fans money when they spent -- on camera. They glad they did it I mean wasn't the Yankees fans money when they spent on Teixeira -- -- -- -- -- right there's a limit -- we know it's not our money it's a juvenile arguments silly argument that matters is money well it's right you do you want your team to spend it wisely there it is it's not like every team is on limited budget. And the other thing that drives me nuts is the Kirch an argument that all right now it's a good idea. Well in 3480445. Or six years when he's 3536. And make -- 23 million he's still gonna be in center field. -- they're gonna say well we'll just roll him out with the trash. The rod and -- if he doesn't get suspended still at third base Teixeira still at first -- so some free agent comes on the market or some AAA player. Proves he's ready for the major leagues this guy in the way so pretty young center field there's a center fielder who becomes a freeagent. They don't go after him because of course there right they can move the left ORD did that -- Gardner. That could move the right well they did that was Soriano out there up. Guys may and the positions and you can't move them logjam with Jamaican 234. Million that's the beauty of Crawford Gonzales deal. Those were two positions real power positions important positions left and first -- that were going to be they were going to be stuck with guys for the long term. Cherry -- animal from under that and they make him all kinds. Room to maneuver. This isn't even a test for -- I don't think is Ellsbury is not that good look at the the player isn't good enough of that money get a player like no. They came down to protect -- minutes is a a a you know a top -- playlist -- Elsewhere is a very nice player -- a really good year last year but he is not worth 23 million dollars a year it's not your money period. What's your money when you run up against appear -- this team and he can't sign somebody else because you're stuck with them. That's your money right and and you make that you made the argument well when human Federer valid point and said. When's the last thirty year old freeagent society seven year deal wouldn't work out and it's never happened never. Think they think they know anything about the disposition. Of the -- case. Because despite under the luxury -- tax partial. One AB 39 when he when he got. They would like -- the goal -- and state 27 and a half million dollars generally accepted this is gonna go to federal court. I think it's going way to go through the entire season is not my point is. Don't think it rust and probably on opening day be their third baseman and all 27. Million bucks I hope so I hope so I -- that's going to be the kids there. I think if I had to guess the assumption in the front office is that the game a year off the get a year. At some point break right yeah and that's 27 million a year. Or more lists I don't know but those bonuses. Next year peace in the lineup he's gonna get that six million dollars -- -- and Willie -- you will so much thirteen notes closer. 8789. Yeah -- -- -- -- -- game. What will that be third -- seven point five plus 633. Point five. Not your money -- tweeted this saw last night the Yankees can we. -- it three times last hole did you watch the event called for me to step up tweeted that coffee to get them baseball reference ranked stuff up for us appreciate that. The yankees' payroll and 2016. Right now is a 110 million dollars that is a good back the Red Sox payroll like him working. That's discipline right there till death Magic Johnson but it's discipline that. Mean in their contracts -- -- bad they're eight rockets -- ten sabathia Teixeira still Teixeira bright and now Ellsbury those five guys Ellsbury is the youngest of those guys here's Curt Schilling talking about the deal. What if you look over the last fifteen or twenty years. Did he -- your hard pressed to find a seven year deal for any money they've returned it's all all of its value. It just doesn't happen it's such a hard sport to stay healthy and you've got a guy who's got a little bit of history so you know I mean. If he's healthy provided his -- and has five Jacoby Ellsbury years. Then I guess its -- that it it's a challenge. Amazing that that's the way general managers in an ownership in baseball think will -- -- to seven and hope for four or five. But that's fine if you could cut him -- to say go away now portrait of the way they did with Crawford Gonzales -- finest soccer. What's at it for a 635. Then he'll have. He turns 37 in the last month of this contract. So 635. -- on the can't steal bases in the struggle. What happens to. -- the Yankees mean you would -- do them. He's is there some -- -- -- state senator there might be a part sore left partial Jeter -- -- before so it proceeded to -- they'll drop him down on the lineup. So. That's probably true he hits eight. We -- sent Aaron. And will be struggle that's a big center field and if you heard I've heard that and I guess he would lead but he still play. So they're given up there that -- they're a conceding that the going to be stuck with him. At that age in and that position in. Four to three years. That's a bad thing and guys like to encourage and never mentioned that the just say well you pay a lot. But to get him for the first 34 years you expect -- be productive it just that would apply -- to share right Teixeira. Which productive a lot of people here were said were lamenting that the Red Sox let him go let him get away they should've signed him. They let go of the Yankees right now on the Yankees -- stock with him in the Red Sox. Have all kinds of maneuverability. At first. Well you know at at third at third act in less left and senator me all these positions where you want. Production that you you need production Red Sox. Of all kinds of options yankees -- stock. Not -- redundancy here I mean I know. Ellsbury is better than Gardner was really there are big need no not really what they needed to do good point wasn't stressed it's a little bit higher on their priority immediate society to know that part of the road. The good rotation right now Cairo sabathia a no vote Kuroda is not sign on to Google -- But the pay anything that's your money they'll just pay everything and the need him. Short term deal -- -- site can go to. The site assignment that -- million whatever it linked -- and even as the boards they can do that abortion give more he or forget it but that's I think you know I'm kidding but. When you sign JC coach can assure yourself -- in the New York doesn't seem like JC would never steer Hampton Seattle even if -- -- a little more. Probably went to hang in the neighborhood which is maybe why he went to. One reason went to -- that again but all the parties. If you would Boris she go to the highest -- has -- or Seattle you go to Seattle. The Seattle Michael LA but he wouldn't go I don't think it would but only in New York yeah. Yes there was another since the trade ministers have good days for the Red Sox if it was a great day for the folks you move and again you make the right move the catcher. We've not talked much about right now in an Ellsbury walks away and it's Smart you don't battle because you were right that's it goes to arrive. Mean you knew that that doesn't. I mean that let them choke on it in your 567. Debut panel laugh at them in -- Yankee fans on Twitter and Yankee fans you know -- on the radio like like GT. There hitting some of Andy. That place gold star from the Red Sox and Red Sox -- answer. Car hurt by this that they. Really believe in the they've seen enough they know this is another. Mistake by -- by by the Steinbrenner to send the Red Sox offered five for a hundred that's kind of what I've seen that would have been bad. I don't believe and believe they did that argument known what the other offers her through the due date and -- along about it but you -- the -- epic twenty million in his mid thirties now now now look like he's twenty million -- -- ball. Particularly when he's gonna get hurt he's gonna miss games. And he's going through -- slower I mean he's a great base -- now. Is going to be great public creek based it was another -- he says their five. A lot Rickey Henderson it was great rocket the end was okay. That'll ultimately out at 35 use -- longer than it was in -- -- can't imagine Ellsbury. Plan in his will he did this year. Which was okay you point out very -- year usually running a one time all star. One time all star you know that's that's half as many -- -- Scott Cooper -- that's. That's not 853. Million dollar a year ago 61777579837. Text like 37937. Fault lines are open we will hear from you next.

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