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Pete Carroll has the best team in the NFL right now, why his reputation in Boston so bad?

Dec 3, 2013|

Pete Carroll is getting his players' all out in Seattle, where the most balanced team in the NFL plays. Good on O, and D. So why is Pete Carroll's tenure as coach of the Patriots remembered so negatively around these parts? We discuss.

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It hurts us -- Bob Allard is in today for Michael Michael will be here tomorrow we're down in Mohegan Sun. John Farrell will be with us for the entire 5 o'clock there's ever -- with John tomorrow afternoon but imagine maybe. Jack tables for a few minutes does -- gamble you know they were you anywhere near. Opportunity to go to casino on the spent the entire playoffs hotels and casinos and Detroit -- and casino was great yeah. That's part of Detroit by far -- the -- a little rundown a Denver while there do you win. Sometimes it now probably price and but I keep it reasonable. You know affecting them. College fund or anything like that preschool fund as you know preschools the most. He's the one day. Any grand. Old. In gambling you can do it in installment. -- -- -- -- mr. That lying around in the couch cushions. But he. Little black Jack McKay you know I am not a gambler not a big fan but I don't even like it on the golf course all my friends know. How come just because I enjoy playing I'll have to be gambler. And you explain to me why after -- shoot 78 and you shoot ninety I'm paying you. We can -- handicap system he beat and he UB yourself you played better than your normal -- and I didn't play better than my normal self -- a ticket and he must be such a joy and all that doesn't. Beat such a -- friends muzzle -- getting the opportunity to go out and play golf with I think the most annoying thing on the golf courses talent but he -- Point it's like why can't icing it it's obvious I would tell you when you had a great shot but did you. Think rich -- -- -- -- apple that aren't on the fairway -- have no idea -- it -- probably -- will. -- it is. Yuri trash talker on the golf course that he doesn't like to camp doesn't like to gamble or how I'm not putting my money were out but it but it -- my game warm out there viral tool like Olympic gamble either but I'm terrible -- I don't get the talk too -- more complain about the things did you just get there that was terrible would you let me do that that was terrible shot -- play fast. I did that all anybody cares about eventually -- that -- up after 67 strokes need -- -- that's -- and she back and forth over the green. Simple question Bob about the patriots will open up by. The -- it's legit Super Bowl absolutely they are -- any like team to win the super I think their likely team to get to the Super Bowl. I can honestly say -- -- follow the NFC's closely is it would like to be able to that question Seattle so darn it. And so but right now today I had to guess I might say Seattle patriot. Pete Carroll Bill Belichick would be great Super Bowl it would not be surprised by that. One thing I'd liked it and that would just be so this that you wouldn't. Atlanta had to explore it would just it would challenge so many things that people in this town believe -- I mean that the reputation of Pete Carroll. Vs Bill Belichick has become here. In so many ways -- the antithesis of each other it's odd because there are some similarities to them and they're not as polar opposite as we might not work. Worst things that I've witnessed throughout the you know. Sports tenure here in terms of like on field in reaction to certain things to -- and I thought it was so unfair. With the treatment of Pete Carroll. Because I thought he was a very good head coach I don't wanna say great or anything like that but very good very competent -- what does that it as a -- -- -- a -- -- -- -- -- because yesterday -- the -- we -- the conversation. Who's your top five. In the NFL in terms of coaches and and it was actually this hard I mean there aren't that many very good coaches in the NFL there's a lot of direct. Out there you have got to go to Bill Parcells statement long time ago that -- head coach's responsibility is to get the most out of this team so if you have a team that's only a four win team and you get four wins you've done as well as the coach who won twelve games to -- had that kind of talent. So when I look at Pete Carroll and I say you know what you replaced Bill Parcells the year after the year Parcells took the patriots in the Super Bowl they won eleven games. And when Pete Carroll comes in the next year with a new staff and new players and he begins to have less and less talent because the Bobby Grier is draft in the wrong Geist he won ten games anyone nine in any 18 I'm not saying this is outstanding but I am suggesting. That he might have gotten the most out of those teams possible because the very next year after he left when the great Bill Belichick arrived how many games did the patriots win. Five that's what happened to that they were going down in descending order because they lost talent so Pete Carroll is is sandwiched between two with the greatest head coaches of all time and because he says pumped and -- he's got like a youthful energy about him. And it's it's only at the college game he's laughed out of his talent and yet he goes off and a college. Has success there now -- in Seattle and he's -- may -- that -- the horse of the NFL right now yeah we did it last year with a rookie quarterback he's doing it again this year with one of the best defense is -- an improved quarterback like. If he's able to win this is a big if if the is able to win the Super Bowl and I think a lot of New England fans people in New England whether the patriot band and not. Need to reassess what they thought. True about him way back I think that's critical. -- I mean it's going. I'm out eight and he'll give it to him and I interviewed the guy doing because -- -- gays and I mean to be around to watch it is annoying I mean there's -- and -- factor to it and I came around to doing this this little -- -- does not play the negative side of -- in this decided it -- it detracts from the good times. From the at all. Meaning hit bad element is kind of an all around here doesn't you know it out and you know what you the ultimate contrary and you know it doesn't interest as executive I anybody I know and yet you you have this love for Pete Carroll -- -- positive. I think it's because there's a part of you that wants to be more like PI and we. I know that I like had a negative yes you I mean I seat both sides. And I think in that by right there Pete Carroll saying the same thing if you keep pull it down and you're missing out on a lot of positive stuff. And you know I I see a very different side with Bill Belichick. They win the game. -- and he and Tom Brady both come out and talk about how they need to be better I think that I have a lot of respect for that because those guys mean it's 11 most impressive part about the patriots run. Because you know. I do think that -- might be the best of all time -- veteran -- and that's why they've been able to win I get much more credit to Brady and I do Belichick you know a lot of Belichick lovers out there would disagree with that. But the one thing that's true of both those guys is that they want to get better every day. Every practice every throw and I don't know anybody who who approaches their jobs that way I mean we all -- -- a good job but I don't know I'm not accusing you that you're trying to be better today than you were yet to do not think you're trying to be excellent every -- but they're trying to get better every day that's their goal and that's why when the patriots were running up the score and etc. that I actually gave them the benefit of the doubt at that time because I didn't think that they were putting themselves in new positions. To improve let's see this play works against this defense and into every opportunity they had to improve right they took down to. I think I -- what you're saying the Pete Carroll thing especially here in New England is. I think it's a little bit more multi layered than people wanna thank Ann and myself included him when I was out there at Seattle. And they announced that Pete Carroll's in the next head coach at seahawk you hated Asia or you hate it I don't on the air and I said this is the worst disaster that could possibly be fall this team -- -- -- -- from where -- England and I noticed guy. I think all of these things and and and ice it can't work he can work pros he will be laughed that he will be mocked. The team will respect him all the things that he was accused of -- some of which may Beecher. Now some of that is called the Bob eager factor can't be overlooked. The fact that players had a back door to go to Bobby Grier complain about heat because I don't like each committee didn't really have as much power as he has now or they had a USC. You can't ignore that. That being said. I do stuff -- kind of -- even after interviewing him every weekend and I got along with -- by the end. The slogans win forever compete every -- -- turn -- Wednesday and tell the truth Monday. That it gets hit I don't know I don't know and they're all there every Monday he has told the truth Monday night and then Wednesday is turnover Wednesday and Friday is perfect -- -- -- -- what's it -- -- he is definitely that doesn't say anything about his head coaching could Bill Belichick and a very different ways pretty knowing too I don't find bill why I mean -- -- -- interview -- like -- -- going on the back. I don't I don't I kind of I appreciate his style what he's done. And while rocking his speed it doesn't work everybody put this question work for his team and if I point out to you that in five of bill Belichick's first six seasons as a head coach he had a losing record. And then I ask you about Pete Carroll's tenure both with the -- yeah and here in New England in years witnessed him out in Seattle. If Pete Carroll state in new England and had Tom Brady for the last twelve years. How many Super Bowls -- -- I mean I think even by heat's own admission he learned something from what happened on just that about Belichick to that I think -- and he might kind of learning both guys in here made their mistake like. -- the existence of Tom Brady. Turn things around in an hurry and not taken -- -- and I and and make it a little bit away -- -- -- Carol well Russell Wilson was okay and the entire house of Beckett the and they were. Seven and nineteen that went to the playoffs and won a playoff game they were. Butt into ours job that worked good until -- back -- quarterback but I've asked this question you know if if you had given Tom Brady to Rex Ryan and gave Bill Belichick Mark Sanchez who went inseparable part of the quarterback thing is that sort of hiring you but that doesn't -- -- and eventually screw it up. Eventually Rex implode is team you might think that to be true about the suggestion to you that if the ever had a quarterback you might. About one record against Belichick and Brady I went and look at his team vs bears and not try to get at least a little credit available credit great defense of mind and that's actually the funny thing about all three of these characters. Pete Carroll Bill Belichick and Rex Ryan are three of the best defensive minds of their time. It's commits an oddity in the and they could not be more different. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because he's so software he's pumped and jacked and its team is mean I just an innocent and those guys army he started off in a former defensive coordinator in India in San Francisco and has. Part of that system. And the what he did finally learn those that he needed to bring the right people around them I mean Pete Carroll is not a disciplinarian on the team he's got Tom Cable to handle that a guy once punched one of his own assistants. I mean it immediate -- asking for -- -- -- this Bill Belichick learned from from the stakes in Cleveland. And the Rex Ryan I mean that's one of the things that separate racks if Rex gets run at the end of this year and ends up in another job in two years some morals head coach. I don't know -- the killer -- that went I think he will mean I think it's embedded in him to you the way he is but hey you know what. -- any of the successful coaches and managers in all sports are more successful the second time around than they are the first because they learned. From their missed but it really does take the talent at some point because when we talk about the greatest coaches of all time we talk about Super Bowl champions and then we talk about their quarterbacks like you know. Without it gets so much credit to bill washed well I'm suggesting to you that like one of the best head coaches of my lifetime is the power. It every single years yet that Steelers team winning thirteen fourteen games at Kordell Stewart Bobby Brewster Mike comes back and guys like that. And he did on such a consistent basis. I think Tom Coughlin it's much credit in the conversation of best coaches of all time and he beat Bill Belichick twice with the -- man. I mean so. I think we blue we're so results driven and we see what they had to with the patriots have done is just phenomenal it really is that San Francisco 49 -- of like sixteen years of fifteen seasons. You know eleven of thirteen wins and they're doing that right now so you have to give credit to Belichick from being able to maintain that level of consistency. But he has had a ten point lead at the started every game because his quarterback's not turn -- absolutely right but some of that is mentality -- and it's one of the things. It would said both him and Pete Carroll a little bit. Belichick say that you wanna know the bullets about her that -- Tom Brady but he did the right thing in in. -- what he stuck with -- it's a profile -- courage or anything -- Kennedy's gonna write about it but the he stuck with Tom Brady when Drew Bledsoe was one of the highest paid quarterbacks in the game. And by all accounts he was ready to make that switch in another week or two anyway if Bledsoe hadn't gotten -- especially that Pittsburgh playoff game when Bledsoe got it only makes an amazing throw brought them all back -- of the game by throwing it directly to Joey Porter who misses and -- I remember that. Are directly connected Joey -- -- -- yet but I'm not an if they if Belichick had already made a commitment in his mind Brady there's opportunities they Whitman I've got this course has got this hall of Famer on the bench and I didn't go far to Australia thinks should have started Bledsoe in the super boy in that debate raged for that -- -- There's a there's an amount of courage in sticking with the parent and Pete -- look I don't think it was his idea to draft Russell Wilson and that goes to GM John Schneider. But he managed to find -- a 5055. And -- I've kind of ID system and every is. And he found a way to take him over Matt Flynn who guaranteed money he was will start the rookie. And it's paid off form now over the course of a few years so I think there is a there's a similarity between them that most people don't think of and -- many unique position having seen Pete in Seattle and then and I'm -- -- it now. Telecheck it would be and ask Carol in the super there's a lot of -- or are there two weeks this year I'm normally up here at at a time in New York -- That's how in New York writer I mean just everything apparent New York town that hates Bill Belichick but also placed repeat. I was laughed out of being jets coach assault team quit Ottoman announced them out of there. And his -- it is personally as a work of Boston. How does how does Pete Carroll working in in and it was successfully -- -- practically and I think that it it it's its interest is all the way of asking the general question of the patriots Super Bowl contenders legit one. Once -- -- -- you think is likely to be in the super bull. If not winning -- watch Seattle last night -- think their on that list especially because they're not have to in all likelihood play in the road again there's only two teams in the AFC -- -- we relate to our you don't think you give nothing to Cincinnati. Indianapolis. Cincinnati Kansas. The patriots so -- getting I mean every any given some Indianapolis what team -- that that's beaten Seattle yet and so I look at these other teams they say any given Sunday it's okay but the patriots do keep getting better. I'm and there are also the team that does find ways to win so I'm a little nervous about the defense I'm not convinced that they -- -- better -- in the Denver is not gonna quite the opposite the one thing I'd say is that game patriots and Denver. Never happened. That game or do nothing showed you nothing because I mean you're on -- summit because the patriots don't turn the ball over three times Denver doesn't turn it over four times the patriots secondary doesn't stop Peyton Manning -- that -- -- basically gave up 31 point. That's the only thing and that's -- -- -- I think the patriots -- out as good as Denver and they were public passed them with some weird stuff going on and it's going to be cold somewhere in January in either in Denver New England -- like the patriots chances but they did not prove they're better team 6177797937. I should have known that -- Fall -- would want to weigh in on this Steve go ahead. IQ and I'll let them on the ground and looked up to January 19. Whether redundant because that's when the -- When they actually chip it to the schedule to beat this was the weather going to be. -- what the average temperatures Denver risks forty -- and the average temperature of Boston in 93. That's going to be surprised by Denver children about whether its nose and then it's nice. Even hardly ever taught you talked about -- -- all this time -- channel I work with bought what with Harvey. And you don't know the Denver is decent weather in January he talks a lot more about New England. And if you would to when -- GC yet Snyder you know that doctor frequently. Compared to do our state government. Pete Carroll. It's the patriots they're the error at the senate to also accomplish rejected it yet I believe. Only that Richie launcher that total weight. Playoff appearances and ultimately we'll all. So -- eight duke gets the mission Pete Carroll that -- and they have picked up eight Pittsburgh who I think it. Perhaps legal weight but that to start but -- that there. I know that's hard to believe by the way Pete Carroll had a bad erected they had -- what 33 years he was here. Including having. Go into the playoffs without Drew Bledsoe -- 98. And having to go into Pittsburgh. Against. That quarterback the running quarterback without. He is running back Curtis button right I didn't Dan Coats is number one might -- -- so I think he's a little. JD that would happen what. Article a lot of people are look I understand that I I think I think. I think the problem with the Pete Carroll here in the EP Harold you're here in Boston. Is that everyone wants to put it in one category or another it's either as you're saying much better than anybody thinks or say it was horrible and it was an epic disaster and he can't possibly coach in the NFL I don't -- enough people when they're in my cannot lot of -- -- -- -- and Stephen -- so good for you out there in the battle here in great company. I think it's more that it's it's just more nuanced than that and I know -- wants doesn't always work on Sports Radio. But I think it's true -- It wasn't as bad as people remember it. But it wasn't great either I mean there was that moment in the buffalo game they're driving down the field at the end -- doing his thing on the sideline and he's calling for a timeout Bledsoe looked out of Mike made the face like what the hell you called time out and throw a touchdown pass to win the game and it was like. He did not have control of the TDs playing basketball with them on him behind his back he did not have the controlling needed and they were some incidents off the field. That that may -- were because of his lack of institutional control the top and by the way that may be happening again in Seattle. I mean you've seen you've seen how what's -- these -- then you've seen a book I'm I'm saying there's two different thing. They -- suspensions for for drug issues both performance enhancing and recreational. That team has a lot that they're highly penalized. Odd date -- probably a lot more than they should for team that hasn't accomplished anything yet. I mean there's a lot of things that may end up car draft here about white. Won anything yet that team looks good they're great defense on -- help walk to Russell Wilson. One anything's patriots teams that you want Tom Brady Bill Belichick together have won three super balls and into two more Pete Carroll has been to not. Ramey. At that is a different one college which is a different game and he's yet to do in the pros -- -- nobody here nobody in this chair right here is suggesting that Pete Carroll's is getting head coaches Bill Belichick. I'm because of their results and because we have to look at and say OK you get the five Super Bowl head coach a couple of as a defensive coordinator -- your resonates -- hall of fame Pete Carroll says you know not -- next in line at -- That's something that's what the differences that at that overreaction is not -- but I'm suggesting that if you had two guys with similar teams. I'm not I don't think that Belichick's team is going to do that much better than Carroll's team if you if Pete Carroll had Tom Brady the county of Pete Carroll beating Bill Belichick in a super ball woods in this place and -- at -- until I. Does that affect this hypothetical how does that affect us this discussion we're having right now if they play each other in the Super Bowl and Pete Carroll's team beat bill Belichick's team. Do people come out of the woodwork and say well an avenue no Caroline no I don't think they complain about some miracle run and Toronto. Or just bogus caller anti Belichick crowd certainly says well I always knew the Pete Carroll should Stater all that time we could have one Super Bowl instead of three year mean you know -- am. People want to ignore some of the greatness that occurred in the first few years of the Brady and Belichick. Combination of four years were -- it it was a may have never seen anything like it but if that's Super Bowl. Changed everything for the whole city of Boston and change that the the the whole of the way people talk sports and think about sports in the city. Could a loss of Pete Carroll on the Super Bowl completely change it around again but I said the Red Sox and Bruins back into a tailspin. I -- could it could it have that kind of dramatic effect six point 777979837. Of the patriots would G not to -- these obviously the suitable content. The one of the five or six better teams in the -- of course -- legit but do you now think the patriots are likely to win a Super Bowl this year. Salt and -- -- Bob Allen and WB yeah. It's -- on his regular season and it was it was up and down south of them. But luckily it went we want to get around that yet but I'm telling -- the strength if you fit in with not not let anything get in the way it. Skips and what does the state -- that has -- what if you don't don't always. John good question but you never hung in there together that is what made. That would. All right Andy that's enough. -- can't stand him right you just can't stand -- You don't like him what is it what is what is that the bothers. When he left he gave this condescending speech to the fans about. -- you to -- late afternoon sure it's enters its funny you bring that up because obviously I live acts out. Now he's coming from -- hate everything. Do you think. Get back to our our big question is about the -- whether or not there are legit contender you -- think they're likely to when it will come back that moment -- Allard is with -- from. Do you think. That the whole out of Boston has has changed war actually should have changed the way that has -- So and values that is sort of at the back in the Pete Carroll -- Regis and I hate to bring up one of your former competitors but Bob LaBelle who set the standard yet for four for team the sports in this. It was in Boston on channel five recently he has had on the -- I'll still watch channel five I don't valid under or -- five Ortiz was my -- it was a good it's a big day relay and Mike -- -- -- altogether yet let's go Hawkeyes -- promoted it was a net -- -- globe or one who put it in newspapers in its way to promote an effect for radio and and it was wonderful to the Internet -- somebody tweet what you want to guys who would like and respect each other very much after the years and a wonderful conversation and I know that as the producer of that show them go thirteen minutes and you just stand there and act that the -- Let's go on everybody and I was gonna that aren't going -- Mulligan on that Bob Bob his most famous for saying. -- -- didn't act like I mean it was the nobody is it at that attitude persists all around the country in various ways but he put -- -- to it. That stock and was almost if you have to see what is the rallying cry of Boston sports through much of the eighty's and ninety's. You would say it was that market weakness is their moratorium on that -- I could start saying now I don't thinks -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It. At any -- below mine. That meant that was more than a catch phrases mentality right right I mean it really spoke to one was to be Abbas sports fan. For twenty years or so other than the Celtics and a run in the eighties everything else was. Man wait till next year I can't we geek guys why is everything go wrong -- its -- out. Myself I saw somebody forgot who once had been duped but it was somebody who tweeted why can't -- -- guys like that something in the I just think it myself really. For four watts where I mean look what what. What's wrong guys we have -- -- into okay yeah other guys can go elsewhere and still have success in the if you want to root against them when they leave Michael proms an animal like Adam vindictive I hold a grudge final liking guys or -- in any Busan. I want them to fail maybe when they leave depending on who the -- you don't mind saying I can be a little vindictive that's fine. But are you really sitting around -- thinking to yourself. Why can't we get guys like that all my team has done is go to five Super Bowls and a decade -- we get guys like that all the Red Sox have done is win three World Series and a decade. When you're really thinking that we still are you know I. Think that the -- the mood in this area I I think I've noticed a change a couple of times first and foremost there was. The presumption of success that came about right when we started winning there was that kinda Yankee arrogant and Red Sox became the Yankees -- the patriots became the colts -- that yes and so acting people expected that. My favorite thing of this past year not only with the Red Sox winning but with the change in the Red Sox fans. As much as the Red Sox themselves were humbled through that you know and beer -- and all the rest that stuff. I thought that the Red Sox fan was humbled to enough. Where they had a team that they they weren't talking trash about this team they were back on the edge of their seats they were back rooting for in 1980 east team or something like that that you kind of hope for that there were some potential there but there was. Little less there's no expectation and much less presumption and arrogance behind it and I was happy to see that am hopeful that that's the kind of attitude that continues because it's a kinder gentler fan. Who's not as angry when you've got a hundred wins and somebody makes an error or something like that this team did this team's fans were much more forgiving because all they want it was hustling down the first base moved from first to third dive for balls in the outfield when they saw that. They were fine with a reclining at bats and and. And a good likable and the plea directly they played the game the way I think most people here one player I just wonder how. How long before we except in new way of doing things. Like how long before we accept the fact that not everything Sox. How long before we except that the world isn't as well as it wants one like -- -- exactly. Enjoy life. What it's -- really enjoying the Boston sports scene have a nice -- Say you don't see the point of being. Angry at the teens as often in. Most of the things they do turn up pretty well right 6177. Sorry Amanda got to hope -- sees it was fans -- that they are. People they are -- That is fraudulent that's wholly different. They are not just looking at the good in life they are pretending. That they think one thing when they don't you know please nobody liked that. Nobody you know round like I've lived on three quarters of this country it's -- -- money like I'm telling you how how -- it is when you stop when you on this -- for long game at home it was you know it only on the East Coast grew up in New Jersey in New York on the -- in Massachusetts for thirty years. And so you haven't East Coast attitude that three years I worked at it again there's this guy he comes from the there's this guy comes from why this guy comes -- San -- And -- looking at us like we're saying it's -- and -- nice but that doesn't mean they welcome -- -- thirteen with open arms like Saint Louis was trying to pretend like they do that whole thing is fraudulent Q does your problem. Thank your candidate that went 77797937. GO is in -- idea. I got up. Talk about at share. -- -- I don't get old to see table and a cold weather team. Anywhere in the law. The ball or. Let up at all. But I'm due to teaching them it's pretty eight per month in Italy yet here. It. Clearly at the battle -- football. If you look -- You're in the playoffs they called. You can't go Green Day I don't eat MED yup and it -- the video art where -- -- it's all. That's pretty cool Seattle last night -- like 35 degrees their last night as they spanking New Orleans. If you want it but that's not February that they don't like it it is likely Belichick. Not they are not sure. Matched all but I think I'll check it out late at eagle on what it all IQ when they're not used to -- it I'm not at all like to walk so he'll it has to do any belief that they can also. And call. Look at the number Iraq the last thirteen years despite our team that all right -- -- -- Two years so I don't make sure I understand what you're saying Joseph and I I think is a really good point if the Super Bowl was being played in New Orleans this year or wherever I San Diego you you would not. The -- As confident as you do with the patriots but because the Super -- in New York. And because they're probably going to be outdoors because the other good teams in the N in the AFC are all outdoor teams so there's likely to be cold weather games played you feel even better about the patriots this year than you what -- -- -- -- -- -- Well all I feel more nervous and and I told her down out and yeah issues like human you'll. An interesting point -- the only thing I mean I I love your your take on it. You gotta get there first that once he got to be Denver I'm still not convinced that Indianapolis is Dolan. I know they've been up and down I like these team I think I think Andrew -- in a playoff team just has that thing about somewhere. I he would worry me a little bit if you're gonna play playoff game against maybe just too young I don't know maybe doesn't have enough around with Reggie Wayne hurt. I think Cincinnati's already -- once you have any concern about playing them again your completely different offense. That you were before and I think that's where I come out on other other -- it's a true Super Bowl. Expectation. Team yeah because there are very many I think it really that just a lot of good teams they have seen in particular is very weak and. You know he start off by saying you know Denver and Kansas City year tough. Well when we stop believing in Kansas City I mean I've never believe that watching Kansas City and I still don't benign wins were against pretty soft teams the three losses in our world yeah towards the end of the season don't bode well the two of them are in Denver so. He finished in sixth that the team depth and let out of five for good team I just look at the the patriots the team that I can't trust. To stop another team when you need to the most demeaning and in the Denver game -- -- -- -- trust her to do that. You don't trust Denver to do that all -- defense on now the only thing I fully expected the patriots were played Denver again I don't believe in this -- Manning's hand I don't believe and that they had a defensive game plan I don't believe in that they needed just meant in the second half and certainly changed everything you can Denver turned the ball over four times. On the and then I think they lost the game on a fluke play that was a mistake by Welker or somebody who's the problem here is a -- your theory. Nobody. It's there's nobody in football that you count on to stop the team. There's nobody even the good defense is obviously out of line quarterbacks against a good quarterback in the post season you're gonna bet on a defense. Did you ever open democratic and 31 points to case -- Then I can't trust you to not give up ninety points against Peyton Manning when the wind not well within myself and up I mean they've given up thirty to forty yeah -- all the time. So that we get -- so that's all I'm saying in terms of level of confidence is that the patriots. Right there top two teams in the AFC probably better than Denver probably can beat Denver -- whatever cold weather city they're gonna play -- So I like their chances but I can't see that with overwhelming confidence because I've seen too many mistakes made. By this defense -- too many points run up against them against bad quarterbacks let alone good one simple question of the patriots a legitimate. Super Bowl not just contender but a -- you expect to win this thing expect to be there and expect to win it 61777979837. Specter calls -- a moment -- -- and is in it's alcohol and WE yeah.

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We talk Revis with his friend and mentor, former Patriot Ty Law.

Wyc Grousbeck, Celtics Ow…

Wyc Grousbeck, Celtics Owner: Reflects on the Boston Marathon tragedy 4-15-4

Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck joins Mut and Merloni to discuss and reflect on the Boston Marathon Bombings a year later.

Jackie MacMullan, ESPN Boston, on the Celtics, 4-10-14

Jackie MacMullan talks some Celtics with Mut and Merloni as the season is winding down and the team is positioned to have a high draft pick.

Jackie MacMullan, ESPN Boston, discussing Rajon Rondo as a color commentator, the NBA draft, and the epic Pacers-Heat game

Jackie MacMullan of ESPN Boston joins Mut, Lou, and Christian to talk about Rajon Rondo in the booth, the rest of the Celtics losing season, and the epic battle between the Pacers and Heat.

Joe and Dave Postgame wit…

Joe and Dave Postgame with Grady Sizemore 04-11-14

Dave O'Brien and Joe Castiglione talk with Red Sox starting left fielder, Grady Sizemore. grady talks about what it was like to hit a home run off his old teammate, C.C. Sabathia, and his reaction to not seeing Koji on the mound in a save situation.

Dale and Holley: Steve Lyons 4-11-14

Steve Lyons joins Dale and Holley to talk about the Red Sox and Yankees series and Michael Pineda's sticky hand.

Kevin Millar, MLB Network: On Pineda's par tar 4-11-14

Kevin Millar makes his weekly appearance to discuss Michael Pineda's apparent pine tar on his hand, the Red Sox loss to the Yankees, and the team's pitching.

Shawn Thornton on the Red…

Shawn Thornton on the Red Wings 4-15-14

Shawn Thornton joined the show to preview the upcoming series against the Red Wings.

Pierre McGuire, NBC Sports, brings us around the NHL 4-11-14

2 games left in the season and the Bruins are in the driver's seat for the President's Cup which is allowing them to coast and get healthy. Pierre McGuire updates Mut and Lou on the possibility of Seidenberg's return and talks about situations elsewhere in the NHL.

Dale and Holley: Jack Edwards 4-10-14

Jack Edwards talks about the Bruins stretch run to the playoffs and rants about the NCAA.

Crystel the Tsnarnaev def…

Crystel the Tsnarnaev defender 4=16=14

Crystel called in to defend the terrorists.

Michele McPhee on the nutjob at the finish line

Our friend Michele McPhee joined the show to discuss the latest with Kayvon.

Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Chelsea Handler

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

Wyc Grousbeck, Celtics Ow…

Wyc Grousbeck, Celtics Owner: Reflects on the Boston Marathon tragedy 4-15-4

Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck joins Mut and Merloni to discuss and reflect on the Boston Marathon Bombings a year later.

Joe Andruzzi, Former Patriots OL: Reflecting on the Boston Marathon, 4-15-14

Joe Andruzzi witnessed the attacks first-hand and sprung into action to help others when the blasts went off on Boylston Street. The former Patriots OL joined the show to discuss and reflect on that day.

Remembering the Boston Marathon Bombing one year later 4-15-14

Mut, Merloni and Christian Fauria reflect on the tragic events on April 15th 2013 at the Boston Marathon and discuss how the city has changed.

Matt Chatham with Dale an…

Matt Chatham with Dale and Holley: Remembering the Boston Marathon Bombing 4-15-14

We speak with Matt Chatham, who re-tells his story from that fateful Monday and looks ahead to brighter things, including this year's marathon.

Reflecting on the One-Year Anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombing 4-15-14

Dale, Michael and Steve Lyons reflect back on the event last year, and the good that has taken place since then as Boston came together.

David Abel of the Boston Globe : Remembering Martin Richard through the eyes of the Richard family 4-15-14

We speak with David Abel of the Boston Globe, who penned the incredible piece on the Richard Family in this past weekend's Boston Globe.

Rick Middleton joins Plan…

Rick Middleton joins Planet Mikey

Nifty jumps on the Planet for an hour.

Red Sox lose to the Orioles 2-1 on Opening Day

Lou Merloni did play-by-play with Joe Castiglione today and then joined The Planet Mikey Show to talk about what went wrong, and a few things that went right as the Red Sox started their campaign to defend their World Series title.

Chris Price joins John Ryder to talk the Patriots' newest acquisition

WEEI.com's Chris Price joins John Ryder and Chris Villani on Planet Mikey to discuss the signing of Revis Island

Minor Details Ep. 79: The…

Minor Details Ep. 79: The meaning of winning in the minors with Carlos Febles, Evan Lepler

The Red Sox' High-A minor league team in Salem recently had a 16-game winning streak that spanned two seasons. So what? From the standpoint of making prospects better and fostering player development, does that matter? Salem manager Carlos Febles (who managed Salem for the end of their winning streak, but who was also in charge of a 50-87 Single-A Greenville team in 2013) and Salem radio play-by-play man Evan Lepler discuss -- while also touching on a number of prospects in search of the next Earl Weaver and Vinegar Bend Mizell.

WEEI WrestleCast: Wrestlemania 30 recap

Scott and Ben recap WrestleMania 30 and talk about the death of the Ultimate Warrior.

Fantasy Football Offseason Podcast #3

It’s been a busy week across the NFL & with the College Football Draft Hopefuls so Jim Hackett & Pete Davidson plowed through as much as you can handle, including news about The Jets & their interest in Chris Johnson, the LSU Pro Day, rumors and news surrounding free agents & recent signings like Santonio Holmes, DeSean Jackson & Nate Burleson. Then it’s all about the 2014 Rookie Wide Receiver class that just continues to grow and impress. There’s a lot here to keep you informed as the offseason heats up and the draft approaches. Get ready!

Boston Strong one year la…

Boston Strong one year later 4-15-14

Our montage to honor all those impacted by the terrorist attacks one year ago.

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Brad Faxon gives his take…

Brad Faxon gives his take on Bubba Watson capturing his second Green Jacket 4-14-14

Friend of the show, Brad Faxon, checks in to examine all the Masters action and to evaluate Bubba Watson's performance.

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Bruins V. Red Wings in fi…

Bruins V. Red Wings in first round of NHL Playoffs 4-14-14

LB joins Mut and Merloni in studio to preview the Bruins first opponent in the playoffs, the Detroit Red Wings.

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Headlines Headlines Headl…

Headlines Headlines Headlines: Aaron Hernandez in more trouble 4-15-14

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed Aaron Hernandez getting in more jailhouse trouble.

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