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Sox say hello to AJ Pierzynski, goodbye to Jarrod Saltalamacchia at the catching position

Dec 3, 2013|

Mike Salk and Bob Halloran discuss the acquisition of the oft-prickly AJ Pierzynski for one year, and the departure of Jarrod Saltalamacchia

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Our talk Alia WEEI WEEI dot com no Michael once again today he'll be back tomorrow at least for the days we get at a Mohegan Sun. For big dinner with John Farrell who will be with us the entire 5 o'clock hour tomorrow we -- a lot of baseball today. And tomorrow as well Bob -- and channel five news and sports. And former partner mind in today and Thursday as well I Bob. It's good to be back together again it is that it feels like big reunions and I'd. I don't wanna get too far into it because I'm afraid the word man crush come into the conversation I just don't want revealed that at this moment my -- crush I was on display last night everybody got to read me tweeting about Russell Wilson who very much one of my man crush my -- -- crushing to -- may -- -- linemen need to. The for some of my man crush energy over Russell Wilson for a few days. We'll talk a bit about that game what it means for the patriots a little later in the show but. The news of course today we'll start talking baseball and an open things up for you guys to give your thoughts EG president ski in that. Jarrod Saltalamacchia out to the harder names in all of baseball on both are gonna one's gonna replace another. -- capture the Red Sox and I've not liked the way they've handled per. Salty from the beginning here on each step along the way I would have done differently not enough respect what you mean why just I think they I think they hamstrung themselves I think if you if you had offered in the -- contract at the beginning offered him the call on offer. You paint either fourteen million dollars for one year witches. Six million more than you -- -- given present ski it's not such a significant difference. The couldn't have afforded to do it and if he had said no then when you ultimately end up going with somebody else and salty signs elsewhere you get another first round pick out of it so. I just I never saw the downside of it when that and when the ultimate decision is to go with -- AJ Pierzynski. I'm still not sure I see that this is any sort of significant upgrade short of saving a few million dollars which really is -- much to my concern. You have -- you shocked me when you talk about that fourteen million dollars for an -- -- for Jarrod Saltalamacchia are you kidding me he's not having close to battle it out I paid him five million that's about what he's -- -- more than he's not a very good catcher and like I've read about the only tweet earlier today. -- maybe the Red Sox past soured on him because in 32 post season it back -- struck out nineteen time. I mean but I've but if you're gonna just judge anything on the post season them why would you qualify Stephen Drew who literally. Couldn't hit the -- -- -- anything in the post season I mean I got issues they're too -- -- wasn't very good during the regular season either and he's not it's good a defensive catcher and you need to be to have that limited amount of offered Pierzynski not really any of those things I -- you look at last year say what you want about what what kind of a year salty had. -- PS overeat under which is sort of that benchmark middle of the road good players have been opiates or good hitters have an -- -- every hundred -- did last year as a catcher. Why the -- such a bad year in the post season personally. I think he was worn down I think they played in too many games. About Ross and it brought her -- -- along and and they clearly didn't trust Lavar and way and clearly still don't trust the partly as they go out of their way to sign that the sign. AJ Pierzynski. And so accused higher I don't think hot too many games by the end of the year or so again. I don't think this is going to. I don't think this is going to take the Red Sox -- being a contender to being a non contender. But I I don't think it fits with what they've done it was one year. Right so it's not just that salty isn't a fifteen million dollar fourteen million billiard player he's not your right but for one year. The Red Sox talking about committing three years to -- and 45 million dollars which is obviously too much you're just trying to bridging gap until you're young players are ready. Couldn't salt you've done that -- at least he was being known quantity he was good in your clubhouse which was one of the main reasons for your success. And I gonna bring an AJ Pierzynski whose reputation. Certainly among opponents is awful mean he's one of the most hated guys in baseball. My favorite stat of the day. 34%. A big league players said he was the most hated player and I portraits and -- at. That's ridiculous do they know that Alex Rodriguez plays in that league. I -- forgotten 34% and so you're right when you say that this is not exactly the way the Red Sox have done business in the past years so that type of players that they've brought in and character guys. This is a guy that they might have to worry about because. Based on his reputation right away as soon as he walks in the clubhouse don't you have to sort of like standup ago -- who laureate what do you about. This is the stuff I've heard somehow or another you have to chip away at that reputation improve yourself to us. Which I think most of the other guys who showed up whether -- Shane Victorino or Jonny Gomes or something like that. -- they showed up with reputation to be and hard nosed good clubhouse guys. And they were able to ingratiate themselves in the clubhouse immediately right Pierzynski and take a little while that's the question then becomes with Pierzynski is -- -- -- clubhouse guy where's he jerked to play against is he Rodney Harrison. Or is he. Kevin Youkilis even somebody who who created some -- in his own clubhouse would be the same kind of jerk that Youkilis war I'm Alex Rodriguez are in that. As a teammate of Ayers you're constantly asking questions and answering questions and defending them can you imagine what the first you know day of spring training and AJ Pierzynski shows up so as not to press conference forum where. I'm but the questions at the meet -- gonna ask about you know about how you're going to adjust to playing in Boston or what your -- been like to that point. Why are you such a jerk is going to be asked in some sort of -- -- seven times -- but I guess what they tell us about your reputation the reputation -- AJ I don't and and certainly he's dealt with that before I mean he is not his first rodeo has been to a bunch of teams -- was in Texas last year. I only spent one year there and although they apparently liked him. His numbers there were sub par as a PS like seventh when he last year in -- supreme hitters ballpark in a pretty good lineup but he was well liked. The question is easy -- -- Is he -- everybody else in the -- I can't stand him because he's a jerk to me he plays the game on that package that almost inappropriate or maybe even is inappropriate. Or see a guy that drives his teammates -- tried to do some research today. And got some sort of a mixed back and he talked to some ex teammates is a great guy love -- on the play wet. Talked to another ex teammate who said now drone Corey drove me crazy good guy one day the next guy it was due should mean he was. I'm very into himself couldn't laugh at himself -- here like. You hear a lot of different things about the question is. What is the in this clubhouse. And -- came into the imperfect. He may god there's always going to be -- there may be that he -- -- the -- to get some hypothetical and imaginary thing that you can come up with where AJ Pierzynski is perfect for this club he is a hard nosed guy who fight you to the end tooth and -- never gives up crying everything out. If it -- the other team is I mean. There's an element to and that fits very well specially in this in their. Their hair could be a great love affair albeit brief one -- here didn't work -- always wondered about duke where he was loved in the city yeah I mean he was he he was perfect -- -- is -- like him. I mean the rumors -- that the bad Red Sox clubhouse that wouldn't like a guy like that kind of the story you're I was accepted more I think what you heard Mora knew this was. He he's always so demonstrative. About everything that goes wrong and how parties trying than it rubbed some of the teammates the wrong way. I can't -- you're not the only one who strikes out not the only one who grounds out and if you're gonna go up their smash your back every time you and you groundout to third base. It makes me look like I don't care and I'm not trying because I don't go out there smashed my argument that dust up he had. With Manny Ramirez in the clubhouse -- are in the dugout that's sort of what I believe -- -- -- precipitated that so. When you put it that way it's different than where I was coming from on it because I think it's human beings we react to other people's behavior and if you're reacting to Kevin Youkilis it's because he's upset. It tells me that if AJ Pierzynski is going to run across the pitcher's mound which is apparently verboten. I'm sure he's gonna step on somebody's bad or something like that you're gonna react to that would years teammate or not and you can look at ankle doing and I got a problem with you for being your. I'm watching you be a jerk and despite the fact that you're doing it the other team you might teammate I don't like what I see. Out of view that because I'm a human being who judges the question is whether or not this particular group -- think that way David Ortiz from what I understand has always been a fan has their friends from the Minnesota days way back when. You know with Ortiz gives him. Everything's okay -- -- all the guys that this is a good buddy of mine maybe that's enough to make an ingratiating quickly into the clubhouse. She is a risk and if you're telling me that did that risk was worth. Six million billion dollars I mean why it's the sixth -- as you might ultimately had to give Jarrod Saltalamacchia like three year deal something how to do that in your offer of fifty you offer one year fourteen million. Either he steps it and you have them at that rate and that you can try to negotiate something else. Maybe after you've got him and he says yes you can negotiate two years and twenty. Yeah I would have done to -- and when he was salty. I don't know if -- get in the evenings and especially one year -- fourteen and just look at that every single base -- when you're Nate is he's written to 35 or something and -- you like it OP yes but as he's doing that and I am trying to get more responsibility to Ross -- healthier this year and handles the pitching staff there. And now they're gonna basically split time and -- given fourteen million -- -- that got what he given a Ross I million I don't think I would write -- to -- your two captures twenty million what do you care what. I just trying to get caught up in. I rushed up to her my number or or or even just he has to live up to the expectation of that number if you're a good team and he sure catcher and it's only one year which are trying to bridge the gap until you're young kids are ready then fine. I think he's a better hitter he's also how many years younger eight years younger -- then then Pierzynski is there's the chance the presents he's done. I don't know that it's true 37 years old homers last year but in Texas and and he didn't really have a great year -- a little bit of pop but he could be hobby Lopez when he showed up at the end and he was done. 37 years old lot of mileage on the tires Lotta years catching catches a lot of games. But he can also be my enemy you look at his career both in salty and all over the place for the senate you're good the next -- -- terra and they're good at them they're terrible supposed to crapshoot between them which is. And captures all the sad part though is that even a major Pierzynski is done and whatever levels you put that at. -- -- it's not much of a downgrade from Saltalamacchia -- offensively -- numbers for capture worked out last year your right to about the top six capture last throughout the up and down aspect of Saltalamacchia -- career and sometimes he's relieved you know point the bed -- time -- a bit better. I'm a present he should be in the coming gave you like pedestrian numbers that -- tend to give you nowadays there are many good offensive catchers. But I agree -- overall that this does not make them better. I don't know that makes them works medical and the controversy. Is the courthouse the problem. Could make them worse in the clubhouse that's more my concern I don't think it makes them. Worse or much worse or significantly worse. -- on the field in terms of production that it don't get 617779793. Sevens and number Bob -- and is here with me today -- -- to -- calls here against 6177797937. GM's in his car right Jim. I admit that -- the first. In -- -- and he's not going to be -- August -- now overwhelming. On the team. And it is. It is role is our tribute -- that is there are six million dollars like going to get here and other relief that might make a difference between. Where you can report -- count or not. I think we're going to be all of character and adding that drought that you want it may turn out here at our -- I don't. You don't get to -- the draft -- now that's the problem. That's the problem would not having offered in the qualifier at the beginning is that you don't get the draft and mean. The thing you have always thought is is Saltalamacchia really believe that a three year deal was out their form which is what he hadn't remember the Red Sox offered -- deal. Grammys that report it's been out there the Red Sox offered him. A two year deal so they wanted to. In fact they wanted to before they wanted to AJ Pierzynski was the guy they reached out to first instead -- offer you a two year deal I don't know what the amount wasn't clearly he said now. He won on 300. The demand to back up amid all buying -- offers little regard. -- yet to rule. Napoli and Ellsbury they did not make one -- -- -- -- -- or you don't get the draft pick and -- -- the I was out there looking for three years anyway. Is a decent chance he would turn down your one your fourteen million dollar offer. I know you do have a draft pick out of this that and it's there were so many upsides I thought to. Two to making him their qualifying. To your offers 1 that I am confused by as far as the Red Sox are concerned because. If they're if they're signing Pierzynski to a one year deal as a bridge to get Terry Christian Vasquez or one of -- -- catching prospects. Then is Christian Vasquez or someone like that going to be -- the year after next or -- two years away why we are offering Saltalamacchia to your deal and therefore are we gonna have to have another catcher for one -- here but it's two -- twenty million write something along those lines may be figure well we got him for this year and then next year we have to eat some of that money so be it because -- going to be paying her capture. Very very little because we're gonna have a rookie -- and it is Aureus Saltalamacchia. As the guy who kind of brings along -- back I got you down with Ross and now aren't you spending ten million. For your backup catcher who starts may be more than when he 30% of the game you know that there's a lot of ways you can do it. With a two year deal I always thought that was the best plan and obviously Saltalamacchia was unwilling to go -- 61777979837. Cannon Hartford I can't. And -- to. On the going over the air. -- yes. -- hit. It. Ought. Maybe. All. They are. But -- assumption -- -- is basically that -- the Red Sox had signed Saltalamacchia they wouldn't have six million dollars to go out and improve their bullpen and I think Mike's point and I would agree with it. Is that the Red Sox would still have six million more dollars to go out and improve their bullpen has. -- -- there. Are. Are. You at all. -- It's. One year and is 11. Year. About. It right. Well that would. Here. That Red Sox six million dollars if they have John -- like -- it was -- in the room tomorrow he finds another six million dollars it doesn't mean much for one year now. And if we're talking about six million a year for the next five. I would say a lot for one here who cares. -- By my guess is they offered more than adamant. That it was closer to only one. He said knows he obviously believes he can get more than that somewhere I mean he still got a couple of teams that are in the market for him in the you're looking at first remembered more money is coming into baseball's -- salaries are going up -- TV deals getting done. There's catching market. Saltalamacchia is worth. What the market says he's worth not what we believe he's -- right so. The Marlins are interested and apparently willing to spend some amount of money to try to regain some credibility there Texas still injuries that they've lost catcher others. There's more needing a catcher. Then there are catchers who were available to Arafat he just take care that either by topping your guys at right off the back. War if he ends up saying no coal mine off for his market it's whoever signs him is gonna need to give you would draft -- And as for spending on whether it's tax money here we might be actually looking at this too narrowly because we're only paying attention to Saltalamacchia vs Pierzynski. But I think most people assumed that the Red Sox aren't going to sign Jacoby Ellsbury is that like we kind of agree I've always assume they are not can -- what they had an extra six million dollars -- -- gonna go into a five -- seven year deal -- going to be for way too much money but if they're saving six here -- for the -- three there. Maybe that's the way they're looking at it's they can somehow somehow they must have a budget. You know it's -- a 14261. -- pick a number -- from last year's World Series team and don't want it over this number that number may be six million on this contract. Does mean something to them may be -- I did not -- I don't think Napoli I don't know I definitely not honor but you know what. They -- for few other guys in between right and -- Pierzynski was not their only option and they were clearly willing at times to spend more for a catcher. They offered a two year deal to Saltalamacchia. They offered something we believe they were at least in and talking to Brian McCann who cost quite a bit more they were talking to Carlos Ruiz -- they were in on some of the other captors who were out there. So they have the money to spend an okay. They're they're they're new line of thinking which by the way I totally agree with is we don't wanna get ourselves wrapped up into these long term big money contracts. They could potentially hamstring -- down the road but this isn't. Their redefining what long term is too because he used to be 567 years something like that now they're thinking two years as a nice number. And maybe they'll go three but -- -- again guys I'm one year contract Jim -- -- ESPN. One of the people lining up to like this movement -- well. It does seem to see a better -- -- in the make it only is it buying him a one year and eat in -- had. And even though he's not the heat at catcher used to be any me. Mean he and David -- -- -- -- -- with beer and and you know it's important he's been a very effective player of all these years and what he brings to a club out. I think that -- why they -- him. Is a bit ever read that others Bilbray won a young guys get that little bit. Opt built here in any way usually it papers and use their and it -- bad luck. They've now got to do things year not a right back don't exactly need that you that there the world champion but I think you've been really nice addition to that. About it for -- -- that the I I would agree would go with Tim's argument with himself. Is that what the Red Sox need to. Are the Red Sox out there needing that extra edge in their clubhouse they have a club us last year that seem to be the best in baseball. There's no nobody doubted that their clubhouse is almost what carried them back to victory. And make you wonder from he thinks that they need somebody to kind of re injected back that there that if you only came back with the same guys you might not be able to re invent or recapture that for next season. I guess I -- did -- does does Jonny Gomes feel like he needs somebody else to push him in order to keep them on Toppert -- seem like one of those baseball guys who eats. Drinks sleeps and breathes baseball they all seem like that's a whole point of this team -- this Pedroia needs somebody to push it does -- does Napoli. Did does salty to guys that that took -- off data go to a baseball game in Toronto. Need AJ Pierzynski to commit to push some of this work out fine. I and -- there's there is just the way last year signings. Look if the and then at the end of the day names like Victorino ended up being a crucially important to what the Red Sox were doing. This it worked out fine this is not one of these disaster deals. But it feels like -- risk that the that Red Sox certainly did not need to take 6177797937. The number. Well warrior calls Bob how earnest here at soccer -- WE. You know they need a stop gap for one year the -- they've -- in it for the Rangers. Even though he didn't have as the year at the light dark years of the war. I think he's the perfect addition to allow those young actors come along. -- -- -- I was with a couple of the Detroit tiger why -- we were talking about the White Sox -- one of them looked at me and they've you know they've really admit it. It vacant state that they don't but what he brought at bars. You know roll out president Betty brings on -- really admit that he -- to die from another -- -- -- appeared in a bad Obama in the what you bring. One of the many things to Chicago White Sox are missing this past years the bad team. Of you look at present ski Bob how are with me today and for Michael you look at prison -- numbers over the course of his -- is played sixteen years -- a long career. For catcher of the 37 years old for this upcoming season. And the numbers there I mean they're all over the place and he's got terrible years with the -- and 700. He's got great years like two years ago were -- 27 home runs career high. His last year in Chicago and contract year and then goes to Texas and had kind of an average to mediocre year there despite playing any better -- happening great hitters park so. I think just. The thing of the things from new presents. AJ you can get anything. He could be done it could be the end for him he's on his way down right mean he's 37 he's not going to be getting better in all likelihood of them two years ago yet arguably the pastor of his career. He's probably not getting better offensively he's always been a good offensive player. He's not a great defensive catcher nor was salty but it's not like upgrading significantly there may be in the calling of the game but not as enemy pitchers don't necessarily love to wrote him. And they need to have is a risk factor in the clubhouse that maybe it works out great. And he's an extra spark Unita. Or and I think it's probably more likely. Why you messing with something that was successful he can stay exactly the same -- need to bring any polarizing personality -- we assume. That. Presidency comes in here is the number one catcher. I think her chance -- David Ross is the guy who catches the hundred games and -- -- the other guy. I don't think so part now live Brady left the I mean you probably face more right handed pitching to prisons -- plays more but I mean. From that position I think handling the pitching staff calling the game throwing out runners running the defense. Because you're not getting great offense from anybody anyway that David Ross design is a nice choice there so even if he plays. Sixty games there that's more than he played last year. And it diminishes the of the need for Saltalamacchia vs Pierzynski -- anger that we -- that I agree with -- The first all idling Jake -- is gonna -- -- -- they get a history that doesn't sound good going back to their days in Chicago kind of ends this idea that he's the perfect teammate he is disarmament not to others and there's a disagreement there fine. He caught it over the last few years he's -- the tween a 130. Year and a half 12810. -- 140 games every year. Could David Ross be good enough to catch fifty and doctors in ski down 200 and -- part -- up to catch ten games and summons on the DL. I think so. I'm fairly impressed these 37 years homes that gets that behind the plate 13034. Games he -- -- you know how many of those were at catcher maybe DH here or whatever for fuel them let it play -- 134 games last year that can't be good for. I have to put it -- as I said you during the break. I wondered if part of the reason why the Red Sox wouldn't offer Saltalamacchia qualifying offer fourteen plus is because it would David Ortiz makes. If you're gonna put David Ortiz at at fifteen million next year's Saltalamacchia is at fourteen he's like the fourth highest paid player on your team. Even if it's for one year deal how does that suit with a guy like Ortiz who has been. Both a fabulous clubhouse guy and kind of -- whiny baby from time to time especially when he feels like he's being undervalued or dis respected. And would that be an indication of disrespect if they can throw money -- Saltalamacchia look what I've done for this franchise and I'll make in an even more are fine but what's -- what do Stephen Drew taken qualifying offer. And if you're gonna say it about Saltalamacchia doesn't also have to be true about drew yet who was worse in the post season who I mean didn't have a decent year I mean it's not what he had a bad year. But you're gonna sit at about Saltalamacchia I think you would also be able -- about drew. And then the last question is maybe they're gonna give Ortiz a bit of a race here a minute -- -- would be out of line to offer him something to -- you know keep him happy he deserves it. He's brought a third championship the boss and I don't usually. Approval paying guys just for past performance not for for future stuff but. Ortiz may be the he may be. Yeah you can he -- example where you say hey you know what he means so much of the city so much to this team he sets the agenda. For who we are we got to pay an extra few million dollar for David Ortiz. So be it he certainly has earned it what he's brought in in revenue. But the Boston Red Sox all. Championship yeah I just think -- the Red Sox this offseason they have to look back at the past year and say -- -- strikes lightning in a bottle do we just get really lucky here or do we put together a team that couldn't you know sustain this for another year. Or how many changes do we have to make. If I were the Red Sox I'd be sitting -- going note that the team that can do that again. Nobody was really having career years throughout the course of that season. I'm when you down with pop -- for as long as you were down and you know. Lackey probably was the biggest surprise there and you we are so I guess your biggest question coming in next year. Is whether or not you think you we are can be that good again he's definitely got lucky there. But everybody else you know the Pedroia is in you know that's -- narrowly or even -- power -- and -- -- I thought had a better year than you might have expected just in terms of health. Because when I signed in the big question was who's a degenerative hips. -- and whether or not he was going to be able lived while I want the one difference though is going to be Ellsbury and if you if you do wind up losing Jacoby Ellsbury where you going to get the production that you once had from Ellsbury and and certainly not something they're gonna have to figure out -- the record Kaczynski actually caught a 119 games last year DH in Texas. For 1261777979837. Johnson's car hi John. Eight are you guys don't worry. And not in most of the greater patient and a lot of commentary it's called the war in that you guys are discussing you know. Up until the present -- signing -- in the Lucchino. Had sort of been the golden boy they've figured chemistry they figured out how to take -- forest and I have to believe. And I'm not an overly gushing Korean for either of these two guys you have to believe though they knew what they were doing actual plan. And -- this guy who's going to be -- stick to the locker room. Don't think sharing in more Lucchino would do well would've made the offer with the intent of -- coming part of the chemistry of the locker. John has as much as I love the idea of the Red Sox haven't been -- ago from my worst to first. Lucchino was also part of the group that brought them from first to worst. So I don't get into it a habit of saying well they made the move -- probably a good one because look what happened in 2013. By by virtue of the job description they're not -- bat a thousand. And so we are left to question some of these moves and this move like question more so than others because it feels like it might be a default. Move like they couldn't do what they wanted they tried to sign Saltalamacchia they did go after Brian McCann. And then -- all those other avenue easier when they failed. They ended up with Pierzynski this might be their fourth choice and if so it might be the wrong choice we're just gonna discuss and while the other. That's true it's like in Europe might the other thing that I noted I think back to the World Series broadcasting had. Present your -- that you are doing pregame post game it could get him it was. I don't I was almost struck by the fact that 50% -- -- keep interviewing for a job this gushing over her at. I may very well have been a minute it ought. I can't see why he'd want to be here there's a lot about presents these personality again I think wolf the here at the same way you close did the same way Trot Nixon did it I think that I think there's a big part of who he is. The people here will like a lot the question is. Does it Alter what was such a great environment in that clubhouse last year. In a negative way. And maybe it's a positive way and -- -- this would go back to today and say I can't believe we had any of these worries about AJ Pierzynski he fit in perfectly everybody loved the more he's pave the way he was a jerk to other teams and that was worked out great we brought on a new element. For who these guys were but the -- to look like -- and our body's executive of the year he ended up winning I think he deserves that yet a huge fan of what he did last year. I was mostly huge fan what Theo Epstein did when he built his first couple championship teams and those that -- fourteen had personality galore. Couple years later he had a team of a comic cons in there and then he ended up building some of the teams that that they really collapsed at the end. I was less of a fan of BO during his tenure and boy wonder but he took indicates team and added about sixty million dollars of payroll and said. -- we can have a closer last year somewhat and I don't go out and sign Keith Balkans say 44 game industrial companies that takes a genius. And then the Dave Ortiz finding didn't happen until they were trying to do the bullpen bike race -- -- I don't know I -- background nor did he is but -- found the law are but he found Schilling -- -- -- Ortiz and put him behind Jeremy Giambi. And Dave -- securities I didn't put I -- he just signed them I mean if you wanna blame somebody blame Grady who was the one who was deciding playing time at that -- if he found those guys. Can kill for that to -- also signed Johnny Damon. I mean -- some pretty good -- this money in order against certain players who already had very proven track record we're knocked up and hey Johnny Damon ways like a future hall of Famer when he explaining -- -- but he got he wasn't sure he's running out on the upper right guys that we spent the money to get the guys he was basically Brian Cashman -- we -- whereas I think I'm sharing him with more Billy -- while at last year. -- just starting into what little money spent money but he found diamonds in the -- -- -- -- diamonds in the diamond. -- -- nothing you'd been released from the left Minnesota look at market are probably forgotten but I think David Ortiz as a platoon player in Minnesota had 24 -- a good numbers before I came here so what's it like a total shock and -- he got -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and it wasn't until they had -- -- -- -- to -- Shea -- that -- -- in -- finally started playing. And they're better and stick with them. How much more likable medal for team have been with Shea Hillenbrand is one of its stars 61777979837. -- in a car. -- a year on WB. -- on guys I it's one part -- -- -- -- he shining up my issue with him forget the clock out pinch hit shot 300 on base percentage in. You do not it was the Red Sox grind it out you know pictures which rocks Saltalamacchia Robert alt Q. And towers not complaints and like you know -- can't pull power hitters cannot work here unless you gave your key you -- 420 eat every time. You're not gonna hit twenty home runs Eagles -- it in the ear shattering first prize agree. But I think we're but the two really it. The Red Sox really believe -- -- Butler is back future back up catcher and the outs -- really believed then Christian act is getting here a lot sooner the court somewhere June July. -- -- -- -- -- -- It but it but if -- banking on a couple of those things than would -- just would you rather just have Saltalamacchia back who you know was able to do something here I'm gonna look at the numbers you bring up the on base percentage is not as bad as you make it out to -- only as one year. In his entire career with -- on base percentage under 300 it was 297 that your that being said. His 322 career average not great actor and it doesn't fit with the Red Sox grind out at bats I mean it it's. Is it what you want of a Saltalamacchia but. That'll PS over a hundred last year's preakness with a strike -- bad yes Pierzynski not gonna give you as many strikeouts but. Also look at -- dying in salty was eight years younger you know we're certain that means something -- out of the equation though of the difficulty. Of Saltalamacchia. Not wanting to sign here for whatever they were offering -- the Red Sox don't want offered the qualifying deal at fourteen million -- they -- from a two year twenty million deal. And he says no to bad. So the Red Sox elect in a position where we have to go three and 33 and -- right 63 in something no we're not doing that Saltalamacchia said OK we're done. So maybe there was an honest effort on both sides to try to make a deal here and it yes didn't I I once they once they didn't offer him the qualifier I think this makes sense I mean at some point you're not gonna give salty three years maybe get it either Texas or. Or or Miami so fine at apple would present skis as good signing is anybody else your other options for Dioner Navarro and some other guys who were. -- just sort of nebulous captures who will fill space for your -- The mistake I still think is not giving in the qualifying offer because -- you would of either immediate problem you're done. Three years where your draft pick out of here that's where you and acting part ways on this one is because I'm not comfortable on chairing another Red Sox are saying. I'm gonna pay Jarrod Saltalamacchia fourteen point two million dollars next year. -- is in his car Mac -- had. Okay I'll tolerate the man what's up guys are you going back ago that you. -- talk or present at that -- side. Are you like. Four point night that they're not music I have roommates. There -- -- diplomats it now. I think that that element of it is I thought you know I'll agree with that I I think that that will think he is somebody that everybody else loves to aid and he's the Rodney Harrison. Of the Boston Red Sox next year I think fans off. But if he creates any kind of distraction in the clubhouse all the sudden the wheels start to come off I remember when Bobby Valentine this year and Dustin Pedroia makes pretty much an innocuous comment racism. You know he's gonna learn that that's not how we do things here and online yet you know how the media around here are awesome and it was an everybody overreact to these are inoculate you know what are you talking about -- then let's say that as they pointed comment let's say it was IQ it's okay. They and that's the type of thing that AJ Pierzynski is going to call out in the clubhouse and if he says or does those types of things that create other reactions from certain players were from the manager. Com or in spring training something is done there's a dust up on guys that unnecessary. Banter going to re activist and right now world saying we love a guy that everybody else hates I'm not so sure that place. All the time I think you love it until as you said he says something that gets people looking at each other -- I mean how how does her how does Pierzynski handle the moment last year when Ryan Dempster throws and A-Rod. Which became being nothing in that clubhouse I mean it it dissipated immediately. Based on the group that was there now present -- you or does it get him up does it -- differently. Or is the culture of this clubhouse so strong with a Ortiz with Pedroia with Gomes it's better maybe bring back Napoli. They he just slides right in the -- just part of a packed -- so anything he says. Can be absorbed by other guys don't you worry about where the Red Sox go from here more your phone calls next -- 177797937. What do they do next. Mike talk about Howard in for Michael to and W. Red Sox make a change. Behind the plate they'll go with AJ Pierzynski signs about EE eight million dollar deal for this one year. I mean Jared Saltalamacchia is on his way out it off from qualifying offers they get nothing out of -- -- may still end up getting. Couple of extra draft picks Stephen Drew will probably sign elsewhere in the get a draft pick there. I think the belief is steal that Jacoby Ellsbury will sign elsewhere -- -- get another draft pick there and those are both good news pass from Mike Napoli I don't know he may be their next next piece of business. Is getting Napoli Don I still can't imagine he's. He's how expensive on the other hand you watch in the market in baseball and if money is out there. Teams have it there and they're bringing in more of it. And and powers for the fine. So quite happily still has some value he's a good guy good clubhouse guy. Coming off a pretty good post season he strikes out a lot but there's enough Smart GMs out there who ignore those things so. I don't know exactly where the market is for him I assume he's somebody that you want back I would like. Act going to be a very interesting offseason as it continues and unfold in Orlando etc. and things because I think that if Red Sox fans. Have accepted the notion that not everybody's coming back they fell in love with this team a team exceeded expectations and got where they were going. And so you'd like to see them all come back and do it again in the three -- But they know that -- now assault on my neck and back they're resigned to the fact that Ellsbury not come back you're talking about possibly Napoli not coming back. Now those last two in particular are significant holes I'm thinking I've told to all day here that I -- Filling the spot left by Saltalamacchia. Not that hard you found a guy who serviceable whooping kind of slide right in there and it's similar productivity and we'll worry about his character later. But you'll lose Ellsbury and or Napoli you got significant holes in your line up and now you're not as good as you were a year ago. I think you wanna be careful right you don't wanna do what happened to them in 2007 where they felt like they had to sign Michael -- for more money than he was really worth. Because he was a hero he had just won the World Series MVP he was be loved in this town and and seemed like -- had leverage and so you're really buying high. On Michael lol and end up coming back to bite them by the end of that career -- you back contract is no longer the player he was at the beginning of it. And you read that Francona book and it really makes that signing out to be one of the one of the things that led to the downfall if it wasn't exactly the phone itself okay fine. But by how is that happening with a one year offered Saltalamacchia. Amid -- -- understandably an and I think they're Smart they can't be static. We can't be exactly the same and we certainly can't commit to being the same for the long term. But does that mean you've got to make. Do you it doesn't mean you have to make specific little tweaks it doesn't mean you have to go with a different capture it doesn't mean that for one year you can't survive something. I even if it's a bad sign ticket if you if you end up of them for two thirds of the year and then -- somewhat. You start new title can't start to Wear me down from the characters speaking experts think you know they offered in the qualifying offer any sesno. Okay that's -- great guy just got traffic. If he says yes then you've got that one year gap that you were looking for. And again like iron originally started with the idea that -- space Saltalamacchia fourteen million dollars and now -- -- -- -- skiing you saved six million I go okay and that's happily decent deal Richard right about changing it's the end the culture of the clubhouse. Probably being more of a rich and it's really worth. And when we look the Red Sox the way we look at the Yankees the way we look at the Dodgers are certain teams that so much money that you really don't have to worry about those small amounts in the -- -- -- being a small amount of money. So the idea to bring in terms of Saltalamacchia back when -- deal. You know especially because I I would wager to guess that it wouldn't make a mistake I don't think you would -- -- any either and then you're just getting another draft pick and you hampered as market. Because any other teams just saying while. And I like Saltalamacchia -- unbelievable -- given twelve million dollars a year but I also gonna give up a draft pick. Not willing to -- had a -- the Red -- did not from a qualifying deal because they didn't want to hamper him on the free agent market I would hope not gold -- nice guy but come on -- NA you know you're hoping not to have you don't wanna see I don't want to -- -- -- this he says -- he's -- he's. He's somebody that that you are using -- does seem like a nice guy and yes I hope -- come on the show and think about Abbas and the we've enjoyed having him on the show before. But apparent business not to be nice to Jarrod Saltalamacchia is way out the door their business to -- is good baseball team as possible he's not going to be here the idea of giving please I just don't know that's true. -- and Revere high job. I looked up aren't up again. Arguably they are it's much different -- that he saw the gulf are really hit it big so what would -- EJ would probably the especially the starting. I I think -- kid would definitely get it on who you are too much money and years. Yeah why I tell -- why I just think. But why do you what we're gonna get we're gonna get -- try to crack -- this guy. Yeah and the battery a -- -- and a battery that we have behind home plate with -- in -- that it -- problem that that the mid to repay or. Which catches. -- -- I don't know I would agree with that I think -- I think it's a mediocre group but it may not -- in May not matter I mean -- you may be strong elsewhere. And so the fact that you don't have the strongest catching for one year. While you're waiting for your young guys that seem to really like. They not be such a problem Jim Bolden will join us at 430. Former GM he's been a friend of the show about everything that's going on a baseball. As we are less than a week away from the winter meetings Michael and I will be down their next week in Orlando on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday. -- as the Red Sox hopefully continued we would deal I don't think this offseason is anywhere near done you know wanna bring me with it and you wanna come I would love to come in Orlando and in in the winter that's the kind of thing that would appeal to -- -- my clubs and EI a pick up the bill backed -- perfect. Ready to be a Boston radio personality get an act of travel and somebody else picks up the bill and you get to just play golf. Sounds easy a simple question up next about the patriots that maybe is a little harder to answer that's next -- talent and for Michael RWE.

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