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Chris Singleton, ESPN: On why he doesn't like Pierzynski signing

Dec 3, 2013|

Chris Singleton joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the Red Sox signing of AJ Pierzynski and why he doesn't think it's a great fit.

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Soured her Butler and ID 37 WEEI -- we'll get to -- your phone -- starting baseball today the Red Sox. They're first jump to the free agents people remain every day lineup standpoint AJ Pierzynski one year deal eight point 25 million. Pending a physical talk a lot about this -- you we talk about it with a guy played Major League Baseball guy works for ESP and a guy we saw. The night the Red Sox won the World Series over at Fenway Park is our buddy Chris Singleton obvious the end Chris but little Oreo. Our Brothers I meant you meant and fifth at that. We got shall close during the playoff literally literally so close sitting basing on top each other Red Sox radio Booth for all those games. I did you know not like it don't see your lean and mean rates are it's you that goatee Maloney got a pitched out right now no winners well -- In towards Christmas looking like jackpot a little bit. A lot of lot of praise lot of -- definitely -- playoff run. It's a slide -- -- you know Beckett can't help actress one of those things eight. Lou did a great job on the up broadcast -- -- -- in the -- and that's awesome job I. But I appreciate listen I I we got to ask you about the spec is listen we both. We both know AJ we both know everything in the history has. But he can still playing you know for one year these that you may be -- crazy about it summit tweet earlier today how do you feel about the sun. Yeah you know I don't love it by any means that you compare last year. Regarding digit predicted has created. A dot go and check Hitler's you know pretty. A situation like mannequin that could be geared it more on. The Red Sox. It just didn't click for me like and I you know -- going to be good spit out much and it's going to be -- by. Just knowing it gave a long time he's a guy that I I've grown to like in that respect or you'll get fully loaded gun on the -- and -- years of the White Sox -- character got to watch him not. Up close every day and the -- that I can't -- -- got battles at the plate I know it it'll walk a lot but he battled at the plate and speculate inning. And he gets gives you some -- that aren't good -- that's great. There's no question Iraq is still going to be that superior defender. In my eight and the ability to handle. And starting rotation but the big question though you that you and I don't -- it. About chemistry and how the other -- well. And you know when the honeymoon over eighty honeymoon last year to one you're the only good one year situation. But I -- I get to appoint certain point. You know during the seated where everybody's. -- a personality in a kind of robbed. Each other even some of the better ones sidekick can rub other guys on the team and we -- you know -- -- -- A bit and abrasive personality your way about him and seeing what the Red Sox pulled together you know what bench -- to that they would do -- bring it to really -- Balancing out. You know it could be attitude of the team you're Jonny Gomes in danger. Mike Napoli gave a rock -- It it -- victory coming -- lot of angry black guy. You know let's see out it's a war I'm not I'm not big on it I'm not -- -- gotta sink the ship but. I definitely don't love it and after that special and magical heat and you know you get he would not have established on the beat cigarettes are looking character that perk created the -- I mean to be wanted. All right cool man that exciting I'm I'm I'm happy -- that I'm a little more indifferent or slightly on the negative. I'll buy out and I should take as one more step and that person it's that you were there for couple years doing the games when you say. His personality can be abrasive is -- example -- stands out to you when -- two years you around the team. Where you saw that abrasive personality and how does that manifest itself with. His own teammates forget the opposition they they hate him I get what about in -- clubhouse how you see that on day in day out basis. It's one of the things are what the White Sox used their -- Arthur -- You know -- Chicago longer than let anywhere else and he had a mayberry. China Motley -- unique situation we're caught the end and he's and you. You know and it. -- this attack the situation there and if it work and acting. Because after awhile of being there and they won the World Series in 2005. Your -- you find that DA accused a big part of that at all. What happened people build up tolerance you know and now. You know how it blew it into -- family and you know you don't always like each other what you're committed to each other on the team -- you're a successful season didn't and you -- you love each other and -- accept -- you -- in uniform but there Chicago they -- mean. I -- if they were. It beat it and where -- -- recall that they'll allow doubtless it's more of its kind of like. It's yet at the big blow it just you know an outburst. -- looked like guide you in the act act you know issues that they Milton Bradley. Or somebody like action. It's not like that it's more of a you know elite kinda cute. Can he actually yeah actually now and looked like you say the grind it took it sometimes it's good because. The players -- you a little bit of it or to be a little angry product over time. Is it hard war. A TE can be -- perky to absorb that over time. And that you look to tax is much raunchy content that you look at an -- get there and everything else. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Remarked we do all right. He's taken managed just excited got -- warrior right now he'd take it they dot com and it has captured on the radar and why didn't adapt it. You know yeah he's got to wonder edit and then leaving Chicago as well there was no offer from Chicago. Chicago all they opened the door and it was and -- mean they're -- what it's that you you kind of wonder. Nobody perfect obviously which you kind of wonder you know what what. What war on -- -- to what happened you know which checks and so not wanting to retain. It's our election the question mark it that I that I have buried after such a special either and bought it bought from that year where and you obviously had some issues. They're you know from -- manage your manager's side of the players and then you have you know just a complete turnaround. The next year. You know this little movie it you know. How did that factor and you don't see it right on the on the -- -- this positive impact. What about exactly what you said that's the little things that a daily basis it's running over the mound. Right running over the dirt it's -- yelling -- hit home plate and it just many assists as in the past with him. What -- boat as far as utterly no wages front quotable goes you know -- second up about. The things he says kind of outlandish -- team and he wears on it then what about the immediate is here in Boston. In I don't know it's Texas and Chicago OK but the lights out that the cubs. One when your -- that he says some outlandish things. How to play out to media. -- Again AJ get in and -- its credit AJ had gotten. He's gotten smarter and wiser as we all out over the years and -- he had mellowed intemperate things out I think. All of us as we get closer at the end of our careers and you know we start to the -- -- the that is slightly different perspective I don't have any. Problems -- issues. You know are concerned about -- and its ability to handle the media there that may be you know something early. They catch them off guard but I'm expecting to be major but he he's Smart enough and -- in Chicago even though it's not a cubs. The White Sox her. They're kind of in -- there on the south side you know with media it was you're columnists and everything else and he did fine in that situation no time I really ever see AJ. Having any kind of you are you know question mark is just really when he's in the situation where. He doesn't look like -- and you don't want to sign him or keep them and I kind of saw that Chicago towards the end and actually human. You know what you wanna be at a place and it doesn't seem like they want you there and it. You know you can you can you know kind of whopper. And -- -- figured it was -- lack thereof but really. I don't I don't see him be an ally in Iraq by any means to fire up the media side that should be a problem I think the biggest can -- it's going to be. Early in the clock let me say that David Ortiz being India captain leader at all while there are one of them. I -- you donate -- long time I think they're probably at some time together twins organization so that that's -- -- that's -- parallel bars you know pop Bibi and the guys you know everyone to sort cuddled under. And then. You know mutual respect. It is -- we -- HAN and -- -- expected -- -- expert David Ortiz saw I think that's gonna really help stabilize staying. But overall policy I mean it's probably a year -- you know a year deal. -- and that's the thing saying you know it's like it's it's a one year deal in no soul and I think the Red Sox have some guys a minor leagues doubling tripling -- daylight and at that serves as a bridge. You know so be it had -- we're just the talking about salt the SE -- defensively. But I can say publicly that were bottom because everybody apps and loves this guy but -- -- -- questions about you know calling a game had been inconsistent play behind the plate and I agree with Dave -- -- will be the best -- which frost point seven art sound longterm he's not. But we're that would to a quote Chris -- earlier side never shake off AJ Pierzynski nice that's a pretty good staff were re goes. Calling a game I think he's he's better than salty maybe not David Ross credit he's -- an -- we know what as far as echoes. Well yeah I mean I think it would -- look at last year mean how many times Yu Darvish you're no hitters I mean eight it would -- the dish. I'm not sure it's -- now extinct in the morning as well. These the no hitter for the gains that we've seen mark early or Chicago I don't think EG. Was behind the plate for the the guy number they'll Palmer yeah. Yeah okay so he had now poor and are actually you know where that thing about it is -- You know looking at at at a mean he's. I think he can be solid. And good but it's just a matter. We'll see you keep that up because he's hitting catcher -- easy to pretty good hitting catcher you know. And it's not like you say in total imbalance by. You know there some guys that defensively they know that their bread butter and salt in the dog days -- summer there tradition guards they're blocking balls they're doing. You know a caught working hard worker interest and that's what keeps them on the field where's that AJ -- that now totally keeps him on the field -- -- you know plays as well so. There -- times and I think I've seen earlier -- to watch a game the White Sox were playing they may have been playing yeah they're trying to Rangers. At home and was it was last year -- -- it was behind the plate in the White Sox won on a walk off but there was a ball that -- -- -- To get their chipper pitcher of literal door brace and he listened to stoke the slider in the dirt. And god got a runner on third winning resign is there and you're here. The Rangers you're trying to hold the team -- -- couple balls in the dirt out like -- packet in the polls. Are trying to back in the one euros off the banking and it all the way but it didn't -- -- not. But I'm in most situations that I used to seeing catchers. Not just you know go and all land and smother net thing keep it appears that things like that actually sometimes. And it's usually not early in the seat and the more you know the second half of the season where they're -- cheaper guy. You get you know a little tired a little worn down and -- that's when you know you're really -- and you know and make it happen but that steps the only -- I guess I would say there. Up the defenses are AJ calling games and that your. Chris great insight manner I appreciate your breakdown of -- -- -- tweet today want to get. Your opinion on this signing it's the first big Red Sox signing in the offseason and obviously with his reputation. There's lot of back and forth bonnet and I appreciate your time today we'll talk to you soon. All right guys thanks Robert -- there is Chris -- have a great holiday season Chris Singleton of ESPN play for the White Sox -- there. Three years as an announcer. When that he was playing their Crist joins us. On the eighteenth the outlining eighteen to the nation's fastest animals reliable forgy. LTG network and and again as he was talking about it grinding and guys will be written and picking Nixon. -- I couldn't help but think they buckles like that -- go Buchholz and he kind of he was trying to make that. Leap for right -- this year where the injury affected him there at the end and you know. I thought about the the opportunity now for another veteran catcher with David Ross at the Ross about local collect talent there. SI -- that talent from him. Accounts there ought to look for -- it was fun to play us they are healthy for six months can help and you don't need any offseason that would help but. I you know. To send -- -- says wasn't crazy about the deal. But in a way it sounds like he would be crazy about the senate to three years -- you grind on people but it's one year deal. As a big market teams beating half million dollars -- point 25 for catcher for one year there remain flexible. I think -- that it is the one spot now the rest of free agency they have flexibility of over the ago. No if you if you right now you can signing first baseman a shortstop and third baseman left field or center fielder. No one guy kind of moves the pieces around -- move the chairs around. You know you sign a center fielder which you know maybe -- Ellsbury whatever anybody you know maybe Jackie's not ready to -- you'll -- left the cell lithium project -- -- sent. Left fielder maybe now because the first in the -- Napoli -- ghost -- I mean you can you can sign at third base which put middle books there. Today they signed AJ Pierzynski one year deal remain flexible 3.2 541 year to grinds on players is gone after year anyway. And I can approach creates sort of sit back and let things come to you. When you see this won't get your calls on a GO Chris says this it's excellent seven. 77979837. AT&T text line is 379376. Flexibility. What's that now if you're -- your charity you cross that off. Is very next thing you've got to get on is their next piece of the puzzle or. Is that flexibility so good where you let the market sort of play into your hands and that you might want a guy but. Because you can fit the pieces in different ways to move the chess -- around. Is there not a guy stands out -- -- was the next guy and exposition Null for this team. Know a lot of people say Napoli -- -- -- my guy I thought I I feel like a son Beltran put him in left but -- at first. We found that as well when you've got -- plenty of options now. You know you you know you know this is the only spot he didn't have a player. He didn't have anybody so -- Napoli and go to catch you know you didn't have another catcher he -- the third. 36 year old David Ross took it openly -- -- 67 games nets at. That's yet. You know if you don't see if you lose all of these guys should not gonna be happy about it. But -- capacity could field a team. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you inside a catchy inevitably catch. So -- now you can kind of if they'd be bring Napoli back down as markets albeit the belt trying to steal from the Yankees albeit. You know this other -- his other option on not -- guys are out there maybe for go low piece here -- there some way to back up Jackie Bradley ran that place -- So -- you just now it's up and flexibility can -- -- coming up Seattle with the flexibility is when it comes to cold Beltre in the country isn't used mid to. The biggest one of all this when he mentioned the Yankees we're gonna Belcher. If feels like they position themselves now there are yet to these big name guys McCann is one. Beltran the other and and maybe things change is sweeping eighties will open the -- not gonna get in your price certainly -- again at the Yankees prices -- again. -- that doubled the cost. So by default I have transition back to Mike Napoli Gary talk of talk about this lineup. And the way that it worked last year and Mike Napoli was not for from beginning and was not the protection David Ortiz. Expected again it. Mike Napoli was up he was Downey's 5060 down the order him with a round at times aiding a mama stepping in. But when he was really going good. Mike Napoli was that protection behind David Ortiz and was a a legit power threat from the right side in apple park. And if I'm convinced that Beltran is one of the Yankees and I just can't afford him by I just can't go get him. While around the market now I say well who's The Who the other power guys. Where the guys that are gonna get me 20/20 five home runs which I still put Napoli in that category put Beltran in that category. Was a guy approved -- to play here in this market wants the comeback year and was healthy when I thought about having hip injury Lewis that's Mike Napoli. Saw I I agree with your take on Beltran I got Beltran would be a great -- I didn't understand what people thought the -- play center field that makes the most sense of play right shall we laughed. You move guys around but my concern is that like McCann. The writing is on the wall of Carlos Beltran he is going to be a Yankee forget -- for a second Beltran is going to be there they've already spent the money. They're gonna find a way to spend some more now when -- They brought -- I don't. I mean you got McCann vanished into the unity -- Soriano Ichiro. You know it's your outfield and Vernon Wells your fourth. One. -- -- -- seen it move on and go get some pictures. The gonna spend some money to -- Beltran. Any good Gardiner and you get Ichiro they -- good Soriano. The one of them DH is one of them plays Elliot Vernon Wells for five million dollars. It's Soriano for like 76 million dollars next year. Mobile get better and other areas. Right I mean that -- -- not productive enough that you can't improve every team in as far as your pitching staff goes -- closer. Bush's second starter who's a third start -- a false start was a fifth starter. Today I understand the Yankees makes sense than you think about Soriano for seven optic Kamal left -- good enough out there -- oil field. Google announced improve by winning by pitching. Yeah I'm sure the gonna be an owner should go get a bomblets are assured it's it's -- and I'll etc. is. Quite frankly I just forgot about the old depth and yell for the Yankees forgot that -- -- of the year and led guerrilla granderson off -- I want you think of gardeners so -- You know he -- a pop open fire somewhere off signs bring you know an -- back you know -- gonna do that. Recent third base biggest improvement there. Here's what the issue comes adultery for John payments story yesterday it's CBS sports dot com and -- give him credit. He broke Pierzynski today he missed I believe on Andrew Bailey but he got to -- -- -- -- today. Says the Yankees have already made an offer to Carlos Beltran. But it basic said it's a bull. He writes on Beltran specifically. The Carlos Beltran is seeking a three or four year deal at fifteen million dollars a year or more. -- drives from the Red Sox royals Rangers mariners and yankees among others. The royals the original team are thought to hold some -- for a mobile the Yankees are seen. As his probable first choice he has ties to New York is six after years of the -- -- sign a 119 million dollar deal the Mets. Before side -- the Mets pitcher -- were called the Yankees offered 98 million. Two Beltran of the time he writes about the Red Sox there'll likely want to keep -- Beltran the open two years same as the yankees' offer. But wouldn't surprise of one or more other teams especially the royals are Mariner's stretch had offered to at least three years. So if the other teams offering Beltran -- That elusive thirty or what happened with Carlos Ruiz and Red Sox catching position. We're -- -- amount of the Beltran sweepstakes and and I go back and look at that. Where's the -- the power you know we added you and I agree on this that the middle the order powers now tougher to find in some cases that finding a starting pitcher. The top -- rotation second rotation. Napoli gives you some of that opportunity. And -- -- three or four years. An open -- -- one -- to bring in and then double the peace is not outweighs at first I can play now they left field right I can put. Now -- flexibility to settle for now. Mean to you off from three years 39 to two years off -- one year. Thirteen one off from -- three years 39. Based on Ali stay healthy I don't have a problem three years and someone at thirty at best case threats such really screwed up. All I would be good -- for three years 39 and he made up some injury but his hip that he's never ever had his entire life. And it's a surprise to anybody including Mike Napoli that you remain healthy -- -- long because never bothered him in his life night in Tehran because you'd tried to get off on the cheap. You get a tournament of the year more money. Well I mean I would build and it continues before that hip they believe it's still an issue in -- that's the draw all the appearance Jason -- thing all over again. Where they're talking to Jason Bay about his name -- -- -- talking about as the hold up on to say look around the market for power -- power guys -- the order. -- -- the guys outside of the name's Corey talked about could no Beltran. Mike Napoli. Brawl was already signed he's off the market it's a rare commodity in baseball. And it's that's the gamble when -- when you wait this long and if somebody comes along here and gives a third or -- -- to -- you wanna go there you're left with one option. And that's Napoli CC what's next. I think it's him and I like Beltran -- more realistically. It can be easier to -- Napoli it is Carlos Beltran based on what your reading so far. Six days away at the beginning of the winter meetings in Orlando well what that we -- last year offseason is that you know there's. Boys and won the wind. Right and and no powers tough to find. Because it's so tough to find what you're about what you'll pay for. You know just it's saying is that maybe go a different way. You know it's one I mean who knows maybe Mike Napoli steel plate before year's 6570 million dollars. You know nick said powers up the -- to -- beat Cuba there's little more desperate and in my seducing he was she was great for us for a third of the season for April September. You know and gets a big hits in the post season in the improve defensively but is -- the best option. On a polished up the find. But you how far vehicle for. 61777979837. The phone a -- text this Tex lines therefore we all day ATP text line effect 37. Nine 37 your thoughts on the AJ Pierzynski deal. And I got two other baseball follow ups that. Are not directly -- the Red Sox could have an impact one as the Doug Fister trade yesterday. And what the Detroit Tigers got in return -- for Doug Fister the other as a negotiation Robinson canal. And how that might affect the market fraud and -- guy we've really talked about -- -- Ellsbury in center field. Which -- more your baseball calls and those two issues next.

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