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The Browns are awful

Dec 3, 2013|

The guys opened the show discussing the putrid Cleveland Browns. The Pats may be facing the trick shot artist QB Alex Tanney this Sunday.

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Dennis and Callahan and told to -- some of the British government reminds me. And I have reached a problem. Almost reaching the sublime -- look -- now with John Dennis and I -- transforming -- mall. On the -- just to. Hey how pretty hot thing. Could you -- him. Automatic is -- thought she could read the -- today. Well let out of the way bird -- that then great you could get together Kubiak you'll be at the vehicle but I don't think you do occurred. Personal coach happy holidays fake events I -- all listeners investor who was the best thing of the things -- -- -- live here. -- -- cream and then on Sports Radio W. Now we often say this time. Things just generally great. Right for the patriots. And it was supposed to be better for the patriots more often than not it happened yes you know what could this morning's edition of that is -- If we -- to call Bill Belichick right now in his office and they've built we have one question for you. I don't think it would get this right he might by the of the day but as of this morning we said hey bill hey -- Name us the Cleveland Browns quarterback depth chart in the order for Sunday's game he might not be able to attack and would he might not be. A laugh when I get. He would he would that solely mean because that's I mean he -- know like the Houston Texans game and two weeks but this week. Laser focused he knows I -- call. It's called us LL -- well do you think. Anyone else other than you know Matt -- think anyone else -- Penske doesn't know yeah I forgot to take only whoever -- -- one knows you think -- just condos at the game you know that Matt -- Mosul of course us I mean even people were totally immersed in this mites -- that kid with -- video yeah at that to that area. This is almost like Jack and I'll take it from now called Jack Ryan something it has scored a certain -- -- points up like movie named summer movie name character and that guys like him starting at point guard for the Boston Celtics or to guard. This is a guy most famous most well known for -- trick show video on YouTube yeah. You can look it up you can see it in fact we just tweeted out of the NC show ended up that guy is stuck and we're here it is and -- Alex and me against. The New England Patriots it just you know what I know world supposed to be root for the home team here but. It's a disappointment to me just saw. Two weeks ago for Denver Caroline's -- great game yeah it's. Good competition very intense very entertaining. This week again Alex and the trick shot from division three what's that from Monmouth Mon Monmouth Illinois Marmol. He's from on mall all right any starting for the brown here's your question how many snaps. As he played. In a regular season NFL game. -- games how many snaps Nazi like zero -- correct safety pin. -- -- -- -- -- -- Hormonal requirement. Mean that doesn't mean anything current deal. Good stills in the ball -- finger. And that's. What they need to do one other plays that need to install is at a garbage can. Out on the flat not a bad idea not disease very adept at throwing balls are best coach that's not legal. Have a Mike -- says it is just iPod I clearly don't I don't put out that -- -- was at its luster I didn't mean it but it it's -- don't you find it disappointing well. And yet on the other hand a bye week in week fourteen is not a bad thing. I am not sure I'm sure Matt Patricia is grilled Belichick real but. As a fan of the team. After watching -- Seattle. New Orleans in the -- wanna watch. Whom analog lamentable. The bigger picture here -- toward the big picture getting veterans healthy what do you -- it called 35. Patriots starters on defense were rookies on Sunday you'll see more about against Cleveland there is no rush. Get better back in there is no no rush and secure big go out pumpkins in his groin pull back in there there is no rush for anybody that you value going forward to -- I guess Miami against Baltimore certainly in the playoffs to rest them. More than you really need to against Cleveland and the trick Charlotte. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That you Alia -- to be so confused as a chronological medical history here here is how does come. -- just in ski and Cleveland Browns up Brandon -- and sustained a concussion in the last game. So he's not practicing this week his status is is up in the year. Jason Campbell has been cleared to resume football activities but he still cannot practice he suffering from concussion as well. So the browns Bryant's do you carry. They -- -- are not okay no hope as the couple that certainly doesn't -- I would yes it certainly be better at deciphering defense is reading the feds don't want this to deploy now and -- -- -- yeah we think has any chance that it's lightning in the bottle with Alex -- -- Campbell -- -- these are cleared her but in practice at all. So Alex -- was signed off of the Dallas practice squad. Best known -- -- points -- YouTube -- on video made a division three Monmouth College has not played a single down in a regular season NFL game check this out. Just in -- says these next one reporter for. 48 hours will be key. We have a number of contingency plan that's a -- the view that no other quarterbacks sitting in the dark room right now that opened during the video one. This is funny last last week's game. Kenny was given a small package of plays last week so he'd be ready in case he had to play against the jaguars and asked by the way. Small package of play yes. Spoke carpet again they're expanding that this week. I know that we're not supposed to. Its NFL and agreements on the and the trap game does this look clicker cakewalk. It just seems like they're gonna score forty points anyways you know 4014 something never had a real laugher while. The ships the Steve just lost to Jacksonville as you point at home at all wrecked -- home. This they suck it lost three in a row right. Yes and that was a little blip in the middle of the season but since then have been awful and again no quarterbacks than that they regret the got a great receiver. With Josh Gordon make. At 200 yards now in receive not think you know quarterback to help him out at. Now it the game is off the board. In Vegas obviously because of these uncertainty about the quarterback. But if indeed it's Tammy Alex ten. -- his first app on Sunday against the patriots what the over under be on points scored. By the Cleveland Browns in this game six. This is in the 85 bears and yet for 1012 to get double figures. You see this yes they scored double the first of all pages score many points of Cleveland throw an all time. Pretty soft defense I think the second -- score points but -- this game is -- bureau we are hoping. It Jason Campbell plays you know your top two minutes is the most irresponsible plan and -- from square was in the Jacksonville game against the jags the court appointed as the -- 28 before the 24. But that's before the great Alex Tammy that's true derived there were blown -- they came back against the feisty jags. But. I would say. The when it goes on the board it's going to be one while I have thirteenth and -- for a few -- the league for an honest in his court. 28 was 3228. Were well. But that was with Brandon -- -- and he played the entire game with a concussion didn't have symptoms until afterwards you know the pressure is on Bill Belichick this week. It is to restore that mantle that when you put a young quarterback in front of Bill Belichick you'll amazed and confused and found him. If he even with this depleted defense is unable to do that against. Which is and again Alex Sammy Alex that's out there to do away with that with that little little cliche that whole bill -- just. Rush a young and inexperienced quarterback with his defensive genius yeah. Well this is an extreme example though you're not talking about a young -- up and coming quarterback grows. Going to be I don't think a guy who's going to be viable starter in this league is an emergency guy. That their pathetic. After a PX for the browns have not been. That could maybe since 07 their foreign twelve. Bimetal Ivan Ivan eleven or 125 and eleven and for an eight wow that's great now -- it before they let the AFC sales report Scott wraps. Take on Alex Kenny being the quarterback -- that's true we got our guys Scott for a mile the crazy. Wacky. And think he's a big fan of ciudad. Now is that he's not a big fan of any of news teams. But what's it like -- -- but. He's a bitter angry Cleveland which is why we love -- date they can't the good news is -- that can't run the ball either. The average 82 yards a game on the ground. They do stop Iran and stop -- there. Defense is statistically. Pretty good so Houston's fifth in the league in pass defense and rush defense but. You know they like those he -- low score of the pitcher's -- so what do you think Chad's. Offensive philosophy here with Alex Kenny is just hand the ball off the yes -- Willis McGahee a hot. Healthy was McGee's. Average in two point eight to care well a bad then there's that. Worse the only. The only star on the on this -- -- Gordon who prop one of those guys who's gonna get pissed. Outstanding isn't in the ball they just run the ball could dump -- of this kid. Habit Easton he set limits on Idaho he's at the -- one and he's gonna get maybe that'll happen who -- -- hardly alone at the quarterback is get me the ball you -- just amazing. Should Hinske is jealous of Rex Ryan's quarterback -- hit that about that. Intel for geno Smith. I'm telling you Monday were gonna be here Monday morning we're gonna be here -- can't believe this kid was pretty good for a half. Yeah yeah yes yes that was of these young guys all the time out -- salary -- -- three picks in the second half and it'll end badly but he'll have a good run that's my -- if he plays for the Campbell's though but in Foxborough he's on the run -- -- a hostile crowd. Yeah and so it's it's not it's not see Kansas City but nevertheless it's broad gains and awkwardly treats its object it's a couple of big -- 64221. He's 26 years old now. And never he's just in Macon videos August 45 views and to get them on my address. It but now cowboys for a it's a good question walk -- rejection may be Jerry Jones saw that YouTube video -- get that kid that sign him. CN CAA career record holders touchdown passes broke that against. Harold university against left Carroll university. John Carroll. Think it was doctor. The way he's the all time NCAA and touched an all time division career touchdown passes from one division -- Any division any measure yet he broke 150. He broke Jimmy -- we grew regulars where workers oh record he's the fourth straight clear and to return. I think 157. Touchdown passes and holds the division three record for most passing earth fourteen built at a pay attention organizing this -- thing. Do you think and all the obvious answers in heaven knows football it's that -- you think they're gonna lose again it was a patriotism. I don't. I don't I think the by the time they played Miami in Baltimore -- pretty much impacted and I think there's a reason. Or -- Baltimore -- and 500. That's that's there in the playoffs and now they've got carried away packet what they're six and 76 and eight -- About a game -- play this -- that they are in the playoffs now yeah ridiculous to Baltimore. That's what game could lose will they lose I don't think so no I don't I don't I mean I think there is something to -- December record talked about and I think. You know that it's gonna get easier. But it there's a reason that there are so good December's of the teams aren't that could in December of the teams. Weathered a it's a conscious thing or none of the teams give up all the teams wilt under the pressure of the teams give up when it's cold and windy snowy and and they you know it's a long year and their hurt and guys are in in there on the third quarterback of the teams packeting also don't also pretty good in December because they're also pretty good. I mean they're pretty good football team -- -- explain then that does explain the seventeen of eighteen. You know for Brady seventeen of the last eight let me ask -- that's eighteen of last nineteen could have given on the Cleveland win. The playoffs began today Baltimore would be your succeed and they would travel to Indianapolis to play the three -- is where I haven't found about regular. I think that's right so this will be a very meaningful game by the time the patriots get to Baltimore. Well they need to grind out on another victory what they need something to secure the number two spot probably not the patriots will be locked into the number two. Denver will be hanging on number one and it will mean the world to Baltimore with the William Miami's and whatever else breathing down their neck. I -- Cincinnati and India -- only game time. They play each other this weekend and so one and they don't and they lose the tiebreaker Cincinnati that's the thing their only game up -- since -- right now so they. You know faith based almost as he winds there at the proceed if you played buildings planned for some gas in that Baltimore. Game. I don't look the buffalo game but you know what look at the record he won the play if enough and they win. You know when the -- from nothing Brady plays right and plays well so I think that a row on the table at the Pitt finished thirteenth street witches. Almost I was gonna say more amazing than any other regular season but she can't say it's mormons in the 2007 even. So that team was loaded even on the team and a lot more talent -- this team. I think you can't say any season is more. Incredible than the one where they didn't lose game probably not but if you throw that one out I would say it's number two on the list of Belichick slash Brady's regular seasons. This will end up being in the second most impressive to me this will be thirteen -- 314. Nobody thought I don't even think. You know scurrilous Mikey Adams and -- thank. People like to have them at thirteen I could be wrong I think Sorrell said at seventy you know maybe that's it put it in there. Did anybody who took it seriously think that would go. Thirteen and three ought to be an optimist would say 1112 wins yet on 115 be written everything breaks right eleven or twelve web site and obviously the division title obviously playoff you know on the playoffs but to. When you think about you know where it ranks and again I have to look this up a retirement rightness. -- 41 years of knowing the patriots football before Brady got -- they never won twelve games. This will be the eighth time they want twelve or more or coincidence I think not time before he got here they never even had a year. -- stuff just broke right and only only played fourteen games for whatever the first. The fifteen of that book quarter and went over the first two years they only played fourteen but still. After that they never won twelve games this will be the eighth and Belichick and Brady one. 1213. 1415. Or sixteen games in the regular season -- it. 777979370. AT&T Tesla 379837. Looking forward to talking to the crazy man from Cleveland Esquire Magazine Scott -- A opera are all things Cleveland sports and he has lived lived a miserable life trying to do that when we come back I'm going to give you. Exhibit -- Of why I am convinced that college football coaches. Half to attain AP HD. In -- their ass off the -- a big time college football.

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