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Antonio Smith thinks the Patriots are guilty of espionage

Dec 2, 2013|

Mut and Lou react to the accusations that the Patriots cheated against the Texans. Texans’ defensive lineman Antonio Smith thinks the Patriots knew what was coming.

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Either -- Spine notices got there I don't know what it is. You know we hasn't. We have some ways that we was gonna play this week. They just got put in this week. And it was miraculous did. They changed up some things that they did office. The key to own. What we put in this week to stop what they do. Also that's what the patriots yeah. Touchdown touchdown touchdown field goal field the ones that sell land Antonio Smith -- I was wondering. How the patriots were able to turn things surrounding its text being down 177. At halftime and this goes into the conspiracy theories which you Lou you are huge fan out whether it's Antonio Smith the -- her car. -- about a good conspiracy theories so are you buying until after Antonio -- that I. That is a question Bill Belichick partly due to listen. We spied on him all week. We spent Thanksgiving dinner watching these two in nineteen because we thought that'd be so tough to beat but here's the thing. We are not gonna -- until the second half. We're not gonna come out the first half and show them that we spied -- them all week we can make the adjustments on the fly Wigan away at halftime. And then would get a kimono sit in this flexing get a but it trail that going to be down seventeen to seven in the first chapter. We're gonna wait this thing out. And then. Will break it out it was it was genius that he didn't college right when he when he could cheat on a test you wait till the second after the test YSE through the entire notes -- obviously not show the teacher I got -- first after the test for leverage gulf the second that they -- -- -- -- -- -- all the answers yeah you -- enough to get a seat plus. Also in irony today. So -- the first half and just not look shock betrayal 77. And then break it out. Yeah that's that was the plan the whole time. Pretty amazing pretty amazing Butler and ID 37 W the -- get this from a player. And -- a player he said to a -- out to win ten. Other at the highest the best ranked defense three yardage stamp when the National Football League you saw yesterday they have some big defensive issues. And they lead at halftime 177 the whole game was in front of them. Instead of saying you know we didn't make enough plays the second half we never got the Tom Brady in the second half you know -- make adjustments and they did. Antonio Smith plays the cheating -- not just the basis scouting but really what he's saying is I think and you don't know how you heard this. This was he believes that somehow some way the patriots. It either bugged or videotape their practices this week the Texans practices. Knew what they were gonna run. And then based on that made adjustments at halftime of the in my getting that Reich -- -- conspiracy dear guys you explain to me exactly. How he believes as Antonio Smith in this case that the patriots -- Saudi thinks. Apparently shower is no way that you can Amazon Toronto -- up on the fly there's no way. You can play football in the first half and watch a team is doing to you. And make adjustments. Oh come on the second half and show them off -- -- or. Is gone Ali it's just does not mean first half we've heard Bill Belichick those guys asking before about what they write is though sheet that just little notes to go for. Part over and over again you know first drive they -- -- notes. Aren't you you don't wait till halftime break but those adjustments maybe -- a second draft third drive for whatever it is. Yeah I think so because apparently feels that they were just gonna wait till halftime to make of just. I was setting a pretty good I know Bill Belichick and and Tom Brady one of the best that they craft. Because date date date puts so much and today craft. But also you have to you have to be a descendant of tones to downs to know -- we put the -- we. To be able to change that fact. Yeah. That must be that if it's at -- as the question. -- it is here's your it is is concert Thomas references that him is he called self these. Antonio Smith. Holmstrom Thomas probably in America or forty really think -- tells an -- of Nostradamus I don't know I don't know religious tone. Little thing obviously it is the other tricky thing -- -- -- that was his brilliant. A bill Belichick's -- the only spied the defense. Of the of the Texans that's yet the only spied the defense the only made the adjustments on the defensive side of the ball. -- obamas finally the office that it -- -- -- -- case Keenan and pay those guys gonna -- We give up 31 point they were concerned about that they offensively was put the only thing -- concern about. Has been used by and you cheat you often win by three. -- routinely -- you also often get a deep plus and just barely -- Why there are two legitimate things I think about Antonio Smith comments number one. Is it is excuse making and it's modest in the national football this is a guy that. Goes on to admit how disappointed he is in his team's season -- went into this year. And what it thought about this Texas team is being -- legitimate Super Bowl contender. And instead it just letting that be the true that you're not as good. As you hoped to be the had some injuries may affect you right Matt Schaub wasn't good also banged up a hot area and Foster. Right huge part of their -- not playing such hate some guy named Johnson. You're disappointed Antonio Smith we understand that. But the spattered around and tried view treated as the patriots. Went of mission to scout out your practices with some -- gold pro camera over the course of last week. And they pick out which would plan just for this game and ignoring the fact that I know Brady Belichick -- Wade Phillips a million times. As a -- at the quarters at -- -- it's a joke. He's beat up a loser and delusional that's number one. Number two was shot in his own coaching staff right. Made an adjustment. Because his team. Does it make adjustments Gary and react they get it Eric Berry got a quarterback Ryan Doumit predecessor exit QB. Reverend Cecil once Kubiak to want Kubiak their quarterback the jets he's the -- you have to pick will be -- logo will be not putting it mild stroke to the side of not making referenced anything -- help with him. But they don't make adjustments. -- bad coaching staff. Covenants are there we have it listed confusion Villanova -- the cup but it Internet it was haven't seen confusing too because we was confused and trying to get. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This sub subjects there right. Confusion on your side the most -- not coaching on your side it's the patriots cheating. What -- -- -- or not you mentioned -- -- he's doing what Ed Reed did just in a different fashion every came -- said other teams make adjustments we don't. So that they after a game Wade Phillips coached what Antonio Smith just say. -- think that the patriots adjustments are sold mind boggling because this doesn't make them but he accuses them of cheating. He throw Kubiak Kubiak directly under the -- About is as loudly as you could in the moments after that game yesterday. That's what I took out of that -- In my two takeaways anything Antonio Smith Ed Reed -- on -- we're out coached out these make adjustments we don't in the release them. Like great. We don't need that reality in our locker room right now we don't need that truth in here I alms we're gonna stick and everybody else we're gonna go to conspiracy theory. The other team to make adjustments. That that it just update you can't call for is no way to go to team is doing ten. K that's what it is all about. Antonio Smith the team is doing and it coaching staff just continues to play just gets crushed in the second half and -- -- they've had halftime they've gone on in lost. They've now six games in a row the -- the ball ill late. With a chance to win it right and and they haven't won any upon. This is just a team that had expectations. But what they could be in Q what happened a year before. In this it -- to -- ten in the worst team in NFL. And you just can't face it. That there's a reason why it's not just always personnel may be its coaching. All right -- teams are out there running circles around you left and right there when you make -- a patriot offense scored seven points and look bad the first half. I think they're not gonna make adjustments. It's ridiculous. Ended think that we throw things in this week that they've haven't they haven't done well we haven't seen. I mean the at this point in bill might not have answers for some things Christine -- teams have never stop Bill Belichick offered this offense. You really threw some and the hasn't seen before. Will Phillips now I don't she's Wade Phillips twice a year in some years when -- with the buffalo now. They went back to something they think built into different things and promising a few different things. Made -- -- of attack of what they always are successful at a but for -- -- dismay at the -- -- we broke -- this that we invented this new thing. But it -- Before is he Vince Lombardi being carted no I don't believe that about this on a bomb I don't believe that and here's where Smith contradicts himself this is my favorite part of this entire thing. So he goes out there aren't any yeah we know what he says by now you know it could just -- good -- stable like -- -- it was very suspicious. And -- writes today in the Boston Globe. Smith also said the Texans decided to scrap their new defensive plans after halftime and quote decided to just line up. So they've -- the patriots put this new defensive game plan this this brilliant scheme. Block the -- Barney came back and help Wade Phillips put this thing together. They hold Brady and the patriots to a -- 46 yards and seven points in the first half including a pick. A true but coupons and a missed field goal among their five possessions. The patriots knew what was coming. And Smith says quote we decided scrap a new plant at halftime and it just decided to line up. Make any sense. So you know they know what's coming you still stop them but at halftime he -- at. Not working anymore we're gonna scrap -- man up. We touched on Ellis gives an example which are getting -- it it it would give away game plan but it it has a specific. The specific that it was important to -- what we was gonna do today did they do you know year. You know -- to the point to how we -- -- defense. And they -- is a definite way -- were. He could really use an indecision and come the defense that way and it's no way we have an idea to go before and they never change that would force that was kind of days. Antonio it's called coaching. That's what it's called I got for big giveaway game plan. I got forbid because you know you might need that January. You know you might need that in the playoffs it -- -- but he -- destroy game plan out his will or will they go what was. Start or what he -- reports called coaching Antonio that's why I've seen it before busy guys to a but struggling at department. Here's the big picture take quick from the patriots when it comes when Antonio Smith that say in this village reality. Guess who's back in the third quarter. Tom Brady and the patriots Rican offense. It was Chris price of WE got dot com who wrote at the beginning of the season. October 22 -- they lined up. That weekend's game. He wrote about the third quarter offense for the patriots and how would have been really one of the weaknesses go back to October 22. Not in their first stretching games. They're first -- games. They had three games a single field goals box falcons and saints. They had three points each in the third quarter. The other 406. The first seven games of the year the patriots were atrocious. In the third quarter. They had no points against the bills the jets twice in six and the first seven games of the year this team that was so good Lou this offensive team that made adjustments would McDaniel and Brady and Belichick. Came -- the third quarter and crap all over themselves for the first seven games of the year. We -- against Miami. Seventeen points. Not go ahead of Pittsburgh you know scored three without even scored 28 points in the fourth quarter. So that the three points and third doesn't look -- be scored 31. In the second half total. Carolina had the ball once it scored 77. Denver. When he won zip a week ago and home against Denver yesterday. 147. This team. And Antonio Smith wants to make a claim that cheated and sent the Amazon not prime drone over their practices all week. Their back in the third quarter and the first seven games they have scored nine points in the third quarter. They have scored seven or more now in four of their last five games. That's the big difference yesterday that this team -- -- quarterback who'll get to their played a lot better in the third. About it he -- to do with. You can go in at halftime and you can talk about what the team is doing to you and you can make adjustments in the first seven weeks. But if you don't have the personnel to go all their -- security. The take advantage of it that doesn't really matter I think that's you deal with the first 67 weeks. Right now all of a sudden Caracas back -- dole is in the mix right and I always talk -- an -- of a settlement is in a mix. Shane Vereen that's the big is back -- so now all of a sudden you have weapons. Whether it's here at -- side order of Dobson one week they beat Hopkins the next week senator deceit voice in in the house a little bit more. But -- start -- it it's reusable personnel. You know when we looked at the first seven games and talking about Brady and you know eventually come on break because of the season started to get a patient with this with these guys. All this new weapons or Tom Brady can be struggle for awhile but at the seven weeks all of a sudden became we forgot about that and we just got on Tom Brady. Or blue pocket -- organization Bill Belichick do this well. Now the weapons -- back we jumped the gun now everybody's back in place this was the plan. Now if he shot about the first half not that they want to assure themselves in the foot -- for different reasons whatever my being journal was penalties and receptions whatever it is. Now you get the personnel to go up there and attack what they're doing -- I think that's the difference that that's what we expected. As we normally see that Tom breeze off. That's what they've been known for wind when Brady -- -- those guys are cranking it up even in in the panel's previous that with this team. It was about here's the patriots or gals like getting an extra possession a bonus possession. We -- see that the first seven games affected the first seven games. It was really Brady's worst quarter when you compare the quarters. 54% passer the first seven games which is but it was his second worst percentage of any quarter the -- one passing yards by far his worst. Six sacks in Q when receptions. So the first seven games Brady wasn't very good to talk a personnel to -- benefited. Off from that personnel mr. police Brady. Get the Panthers three weeks ago seven a seven. In the third last week against Denver twelve of fourteen for 1632. Touchdowns. Yesterday at the Texans. Ten of eleven. 176 yards and a score the last four weeks in the third quarter last three weeks. Brady's 29 of 32. Yes three completions. In the last three weeks in the third quarter. For over for a 300 yards passing and four touchdowns. He had won the third quarter touchdown the entire year. On to this three game stretch that was against the dolphins the last three weeks port touchdowns and no picks. He has turned it around completely. In the third quarter were today you look at its third quarter -- It's his best quarter statistically. And it's been that third quarter last through weeks -- Carolina Denver Houston it's turned again right yeah they. Trees and Carolina game was 77 because again they donated seven drives. And had one drive each in the third. But the back get a third quarter. Patriots had their second drive -- -- it bled into the fourth that was the third one. Remember going up that third one at that point Brady was -- for twelve in the second half. You know so that that that possession soldiers lead into the fourth quarter and one full possession third him and give an outstanding. You know and -- offensively. You can't complain. Really but anything to do in the second half now is -- they are in the second half. Go to the net Denver game was still giving up points as well. Which is another huge concern right that's -- flip side this conversation talking about Antonio Smith ridiculous comments in the patriots in the second half. The patriots are back to being the patriots in the third quarter specifically note literally like. The patriots -- back. There's what you known patriots to beat Tom Brady is lights out in this offense click unfortunately they're backed offensively are they not that's -- it felt like yesterday. And humans and is now for about a month and my guess is your watch necking and that's what you think you know -- come back and talk about that part of it is as good as they are back to -- on offense. Might have a point about defensively beamed back to. Hold on your seats 61777979837. As your phone a -- text -- it's the AT&T text line therefore all day at 37937. Or get your calls and and jump in a loose point about this defense being back to being what they ward -- big of a concern is that going forward that's -- you -- -- and the united threesome.

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