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Chandler Jones and Donta Hightower

Nov 29, 2013|

Butch and Steve discuss the progress being made by Patriots DE Chandler Jones, and conversely, the struggles of LB Donta Hightower.

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I think challenge for it -- much more consistent position than last year alone you know put it on defense last year -- it is. There is in this eskimo. And we investment -- more -- to take on more responsibilities. Played in different positions. I think he's and you know -- season comes to work every day. It's improved on a consistent basis pursue -- and do different things he's worked hard at those gotten better. And that's that's helped -- That's Bill Belichick talked about Chandler Jones. He has taken that next step. Among other things his last sack last week tournament and a half is only the fifteenth time. Patriots players that it and a more -- season and in the history of their franchise for second year player at such and watching your belt. It is right there he's also as you just mentioned name the NFL defense RA FC grammys via defensive player of the month up. Mom and he's getting some accolades where wasn't Phil Simms last week said. This phils have dog he was. This -- Yeah the Sunday game yet he thought Chris was a little bit over the top but we call the one most impact -- players in the NFL right now one of the yeah one more feared. NFL players and a little top little little hyperbole either but. To the point. Is he's a different player there was Lester Lester he was kind of all over the place and if you make him please it was. That's half the -- are missing by accident but now he seems he still has to do better. Interest rate one on one pass rush still lesson but -- -- Very -- -- very good -- pursuit. Pretty good your always gonna get better going finding ways. Hollywood formula was doing to social yes so he was he was slap the bulls are -- come around the corner. Very similar decision get a move. Not that exact move but. He's got to have a few moves or as a -- -- and bigger with that move could secure worker. Did he did report cards sold released. What would you say straight cash rest are you saying that one a one gets a left to what it also the importance of staying in their portion taken and outside all implement all of all the above I meant to don't like to say -- one -- one minute one on one. -- stretch when it's him against that left tackle which is the premier. Spot on the -- line with who's your best -- form is about left tackle if you could just do. Some of the -- better one on one pass rush and it'll it'll open up the world form of Republicans who stop to these are very good on starts making them better form. Answer the question jerk questions are flying -- But 37937. To send in a few more to Texas 37937. When they come up a little bit later on but you can text other questions why would you like -- Steve DeOssie. Answer for a question make it a tough one pushed and I pushed the limits but okay -- gold gold go to the ends of the earth to do you like to call. Number six or seven. 7797937. And that's Mike and Lester has done hello Mike how real. Hello Mike it was Mike. But my -- on hold rates in pretty passionate getting three guys and what he wanted to talk about. Chandler Jones I would offer this perspective on the ten and a half sack season it's. I could argue Steve and it's even more impressive to me without Wilfork with a diminished defensive line. That you would faint when team's game plan to look at channel joneses say well I Wilfork we could spend a little more time or attention. I still don't have any outside I still don't think anybody's game planning against. Chip fortunately Jones right now he's knob that. You impact player now if you're looking opened on the defensive line. Of the of the patriots got to know that he's there and -- -- he would you have to give cleared somewhat but you saw would ever did. They decide to run of -- Jones. So so very direct question for you is more impressive to you but he's got ten and half sacks this year and he -- that Vince Wilfork mail. And Tommy Kelly and others have been out of the line is that more present. I don't know oil -- -- you don't levels and levels times you don't disclose sex from a sub packages stuff like that to -- was would play much in sub package. Anyway you may it was -- coverage. Sold. And Illinois are necessary given us that on the sacks don't mean -- no I don't know I think the ability to support -- revenue -- -- have a good year you don't. I just think he's athletic enough but good enough to play even better. Really don't matter I've he wants acute play you want tomorrow and watch his quickness who watches -- You don't to have sex OK great I'd still think there's. Plenty of room for improvement for. Outs were just good to go that -- bluster and bring in Michael hello Mike. It was there -- -- I what -- comparing him to. Great typically an. Kirk Jones -- Holland lineup. Well I just think he has backed candidate he has that personal. Interviews he's. He's he's very aggressive. And that's why -- -- so Lori now. I don't look at Andre your policy hall of fame player. You know I mean he had what he would eighteen -- nineteen sacks when -- -- -- three years -- have six and a half of the year. Twelve and half the type of player. OK I think to -- -- might even be a little bit quicker. Off the ball a little bit quicker but. -- Andre Tippett was a Smart ball player he was he he had. He had. Multiple moves to rush the -- particularly you know he could. He was I think it was better against the run -- bill -- -- to lose the totals pretty good against -- big tip it was better. I think variety of pass rush moves I think. Tippett was better but now we're talking markets only the second year that was also. Yeah you know what I don't think -- decrypt because. You know the media. Always -- to work. Make sure -- -- -- -- you know what full stomach you know -- Eaton being you know. Miller talks -- -- much are we -- know what you're Tom and already. I'm not ready to. While I like the comparisons that played for the same team. Took to his credit Steve as we've been saying. This sort of started talking about Jim Jones. By backing into -- from the Donta hightower not playing better in his second year Jones is playing better in his second year. But I'm just not aren't all my mind just can't let me go. To that comparison. From lots and lots of all for him he's a hall of Famer. It was a bad ass he was also an impact player on his defense to your point didn't teams. Look at film and say we got a scheme against foundry tip so we just take some some not. Not played a generation with a with Lawrence Taylor and there was everybody else had -- not happened he might he got more attention of some club absolutely absolutely correct. Tube was. A very good all round clear people -- remembered as a pass rusher. -- a very good all around player he was not just a pastor -- no we had a ton of sacks -- 100 Sachs hundreds Jackson is -- here's something else. So his first full season that he played played nine games his rookie year up second season played fifteen games any half sacks his third c.'s point five years old. 1984. Made a probable eighteen and half stack up his fourteenth. Sixteen and -- -- Double digit sacks three years out of his career hundred sacks total. I mean. You know I was sacking guy he was tackling guys there's tackles and those number or years to. Or. Don't have him not to welcome but he was an impact player and it's wise all fame I absolutely agree -- -- brilliant and I'm not taking anything away from true dual boots -- you know two thirds of the way through his second year right to compare to the whole family trip it is news. -- there but. But I will tell you this -- had all around game. To Britain had an all around game he was much have to pass rusher he was not just dead -- To a lineup and to a stunt he would he would rush the passer and stunts who rush to pass through while one. He would cover the -- plea to run pretty well liberal smaller drop back into Pasco which. -- Bad as in any inappropriate text in your questions answered the question jerk at 379837. What would you ask. Steve DeOssie now's your chance that's what's going on. We're going on guys -- -- that you guys all the time really get it eight. -- I just wanted to make it got mad he picked up there are a great debate and I don't think. I don't think stylistically -- guys or anything at all like back and I look at Chandler Eli Derek time especially when he -- that he'd come around quarter. And get after the quarterback. My question is really how long -- we -- how long are we can tolerate. I don't a hightower who. I think broad and the purpose -- this really underperform. And -- actually got younger guys who are. What I the other guys get on the other guys that they are demonstrating that they might be -- more appropriate for. The current package at the worsening and that right now. Keep you were doing keyword on that -- -- that whole thing was might be you have your ups a small. Sampling size we talked about columns and I'm Fletcher Fletcher more experience has been Roma defense longer public college of William. One very good game that he's played. Do you when do you move it now do you do you. I think you start given those two guys. Day or -- begs the way they played against ever they've earned some playing time and that's what you see you won't see also. Substitution or less high towers mid -- -- hurt but. You -- the end and Adam forget about all the -- or something but -- think a year and a half three year two thirds is enough to make a full judgment or -- I didn't visit argued that business has argued that business answer to your question how long they're gonna hauler rate. Donta hightower you signed a four year deal as a rookie on the 25 pick in the draft for seven point seven million dollars he's guaranteed six point. Two million dollars of that is kept his salary this year. Is one point nine sold by simple map they're gonna tolerate him to the start. Of the 2015. Season. In other words as -- and many of your colleagues have told me Steve. In the NFL one of your first goals to get that second contract as anybody all of -- tied tower continues to under perform. He is not gonna get big money from the patriots in the second coming off from the -- from -- drew wrote some real somebody you'll find him if your guidance and they'll let him walk. -- well we will have a little less he picks up what she finds -- way. To contribute more -- Do you think he didn't think that for the NFL the way it's played today he looks so slow. In comparison -- -- -- the court and we thank the guys on the other side of the ball. I can tell you this you tell you this Kiki does enough speed to do the job as he has is your speedster by no means is -- -- but. The way that you. Mitigate that lets call -- average speed. You study. Laura and -- -- figure out the tendencies you anticipate. You were you put yourself in the right position every single time you don't take missteps. One missed up. By a linebacker -- -- -- -- synagogue you know give around the you're pointed out several of those this year that's part it's it's -- you can he's -- speed to be productive in the NFL there's no doubt about it. Weathered that it would what difference it differentiates him or what will defer to him will be whether or not he wants to study. And become a better football player not a better athlete about a football. He's also I would say Steve coming from right -- this that speed and football quickness. Are two completely different things like flat out open field Ronaldo. -- in my SPD are gonna get that from a got X 270. Pounds it's all gonna be relative some guys they're 25300. -- fast as well but. He's not he's he's got average to above average speed probably part of why he was a first round draft a football quick. Witness is a whole different thing like you said being in a place to make only two or three steps as opposed to five or six right. -- baca spoke quite a few years here guy like Steve Nelson. Are -- -- Rambo -- five flat out a two -- right now I have no idea Mumbai Obama and sold them but. He'd never. Ever took a false step he was never out of position he was in position before dolphins' new rules happening he was that -- linebacker. Because he was smarter and worked harder pay closer attention and and decide to learn the craft of being a linebacker like your position in the NFL. Steve Nelson was that guy you couldn't fool him you couldn't get my position you couldn't make him take a false step. He was the guy that that works his way to be a very very very good linebacker. Donta hightower has all the athletic ability he needs to be a very good -- -- -- to be -- good linebacker in the NFL. All he has to do is make sure that he does every little possible thing it takes. To get better to become a better football player go to Christian on the -- I Christian. We're going to -- I don't. -- all right just a quick comment on Jim Jones. It seemed to me that I mean I don't pay much income college what you need a little. I'm in the position you know and what I've noticed that you know I mean I don't think our defense to -- -- outside linebacker Ian -- scene from any level football. I mean in the tool to compete and at least one -- -- in. Don't. The outside the could not continue to. You also distributes music to a little. Uncomfortable in the position we don't know how long he's been playing that position but I mean -- -- -- tell -- that we are learning curve ball well. You you make a very good point for his point that -- -- a couple of times how he's gotten beaten contains situations. And part of that is is exactly -- talk about what I tower. You have to learn the craft you can't take that fall -- one false step that -- scenario now all of a sudden you know by tiger to -- and -- -- tackle soul. That's gonna come from play recognition that would come from. Understanding tendencies is gonna come from all the things and -- in the classroom all the things and lord in the offseason all the things that you all things the coach points out you. Those things will work I don't agree that he has been. He has been her would contain a few times. What I'd better get all I'll go back towards Obama hi Tara I don't think that's an athletic thing I think it's. Comfortable with the defense and understanding that UK to people's -- stuff doesn't it also comes from not taken any plays off. But can't you get caught Biden by not going a 100% next thing you know -- get hooked he -- pushed. You're not frightened for that outside keeping your. Inside shoulder on the guy or -- or see him back into the -- maybe maybe I don't -- there's much of that from -- much -- -- too much of that from -- Holy See. Sometimes is he bites on you could see. Tackler -- and actually invite him to grab the inside and the limited notes via the video the. Other hand on started double bird not -- high power you know. I hate to get on the got a -- complaints -- this year. Like I mean you've had to -- You know I think drop back and coverage I'd do her. Part now. -- -- -- -- -- You know also I could -- you know he's definitely. I don't know if you -- to wait the next thing you know BP can play that position -- You know I'd be better off as an interior guys they'll probably too late transition in him and collect it could tackle what I mean that -- really should be right now. Those are his true there's a short history of linebacker coming and moved to defensive tackle but. It depends on what you want do he was an outside -- -- type linebacker defensive end -- Alabama. And the transition to linebacker should have been -- typical we've seen guys. Like Tedy Bruschi maker from normal transition to a two that they and you think Teddy Bruschi -- body are being. The best athlete on the field through bruised ego by by being smarter and work at Harvard study harder in an incredible desire to make the plays. Betty you give you give park tower some of that you let him. Discover what's your take for him to be good player in this -- and I still think he'd be a pretty good linebacker. Final chance to get your questions and 37937. For answer the question -- -- the man Steve DDoS you've got a few creative ones. I'm told by again and again the voice coming up let's take god gave in Woonsocket. Finish this segment here hi Dave. -- -- -- -- -- -- I you answer that right now right now it depends what you think will would which mean by -- which part of horrible year and a half now Coca. More that your and you know -- like lol okay talk about tell me what you know don't tell me what I ago. He's crossed the boy okay it's. -- the former returned for touchdown last year says four sacks last but it got four sacks last year two guys in. There -- I'm not I'm not disagree with effect reports are reported that already OK so what I'm telling you was this blossom into -- -- -- whine about it and it would lag and a. Yes I think he can't be good linebacker in the NFL McDyess I actually I -- all once a day today all of our second. -- I pulled back I initially said very good I realized I don't think you'd be very good I pulled back from that a city can probably be a good linebacker in the -- He absolutely has the ability it's going to be up to him how we don't makes use that ability. Or based based on what Stephen's college career because not -- program. -- does that criticism based on his desire to heated debate based on the of the way he won't drama feel. He has the athletic ability of bully of loan trust me I know yes definitely that's not the question. The question is does he want to take the next step. That many many linebackers before him have taken and that means to study harder that means stood to have boat put yourself in the right position. That means to do exactly which of coaches have been telling you prolong our. David you try and you're trying to say that this is not a possibility at all from what you seen that he could turn his career and a different direction and become a better player. Knowledge not a not in a bunch of about it I have -- a argument and then. He's done absolutely not you don't absolutely brutal because -- raise your argument better what's better about how often how often does high -- take all steps. I'm a personal invincible on the I don't know what he's -- Hello how often take false steps. All that awful stuff. I'm quite good he smuggled -- of about it quite quite a bit. You can eliminate that believe you can eliminate that -- how often how often resume is in a position where he he. He has the wrong assignment he follows the defense ones that are filling the gap whose post I think a lot he's done that he's done that way too many times. But those -- things that are fixable if he wasn't an athlete enough to do this I would say so. I would abstinence -- so. You know around odd numbers dropped it toward first overall day look at. Most people with Erica I go -- work we got an -- and Dave. It will is what -- reduced that the level of where he was -- -- I think we got Atlantic ability he has and -- your talent -- -- your train. Is that there's reasons why he has and he's got to get more serious about his craft released by his actions there -- right about this app he would never visible on the field and more bad plays and plays. Quote unquote especially for some it was at 45 in the draft and that the page who traded up. Absolutely correct there's no two ways about it he is not sure what you expect from a guy that was drafted torture them first round. That was not my point my point is that he has the athletic ability to be a decent good linebacker. In the NFL. The difference between a guy like him at a guy like Teddy Bruschi. Is that Teddy Bruschi worked harder wanted to war pay more attention the details and do everything he was told by his coaches to get better. There's got to play do you remember you have -- -- -- record for sacks of the defense event. At a resort and Robert -- Teddy Bruschi was. He -- this endowment call -- -- himself in to a -- very good middle linebacker because he wanna to. Hightower has the ability to do. To be a good linebacker. If he decides to get in the classroom if he decides to take this job seriously if he decides. Then it's important to him to get better we always gonna get better is mentally physically. You -- what to war and he's he's good enough to play in the NFL get better. I -- you had the ball. Are coming up next answer the question jerk Steve DeOssie gets put on the hot seat but some interesting questions here. Up next army just Steve after this a soccer.

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