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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Is the voicemail real or fake?

Nov 21, 2013|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today they aired a old voice mail and tried to see if it was real.

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Headlines brought to you by precision fitness equipment shop the pros do precision fitness equipment. I'll start this when -- night you don't you've heard this I -- not. I'm curious you'll be the average trader here all right yeah and I disagree we disagree I can see it's the funniest thing I've ever heard -- -- since well since last Friday. When someone -- you. We used the strangest place you've ever gonna grab the at a -- idea. That was the funniest thing about her on the show right there as you could tell because I couldn't breathe for ten minutes and mark saved us but as all this. I'll just say the funniest voicemail -- evidence I think it's one of these ones -- increasingly there's fakes -- trying to go viral attention right. So a guy calls is boss -- running a little late to get back the office in a nuisance issues. I'm mark do their normal weight or that the gates got -- got hung up it's raining out here all the way in the ballot. You're probably going to be -- -- find out. Aware that it can't get a hold may have sure so. And it got -- right. It got ran a red light and hit. It's -- ladies and -- in an impala. Or not this guy get out of his car this story is bad debonair like he'd like like it was their fault. You go roller window. She drove -- better when it's always. -- -- put the pepper spray that you don't they don't have an independent audit and if you communicate frequently. Umbrella group in the final minute -- about it. And we're moment -- like I did not -- it -- -- They look like I'm gonna do you aren't -- I can't hurt pretty. I don't know how many that's. Didn't know weren't what you gotta -- brought back cuts can I don't relative -- -- side. I don't know that it's coming along the Atlantic and other -- Now it is happening in Newton got beat duke it if you knew about it and I mean about or not that. -- Everything else right. I don't know. And -- I called. Him. First of all it's old. Now about a year ago are yeah I had heard I did not try to talk about -- on line and -- -- on its -- definitely fate now. Think it's definitely a first of all met with a the first sign was. A guy just ran a red light hit for a ladies -- -- -- voice doesn't change not only does not change she gets too much information to quickly -- all the stuff happens much too quickly got to read like -- world -- an -- it takes a little while for this thing global. Is it funny no -- -- -- and that was old I'd say I may have the this script there and difficult than the graphic in the words when you see you online. And it. It's one thing that made me suspicious he never swears he never says -- -- OS brilliant voice he suspicions initially. Not your suspicions well that's. I have that I still think it's funny as hell you speak. I don't care makes me laugh and goes the -- -- now not so actually like half of politicos on another two minutes is enough for. Yet we're gonna -- -- a sense of humor the -- out of -- that's accurately. Charles Manson -- nine years old still locked up in California is Bach. Corporate state prison -- the team in sports -- risen. Star. Is a 25 Carol Burnett went visiting. Obviously -- she she was nineteen years old on May eighteenth several web sites devoted spending Nancy according to media news story coming out. Repair ship will be heading down the -- yet now. And she's cute is she she's cute she's not she's cute she's a six and a half that you -- really -- picture ever. Yeah I'll find. She moved to 2007 she was living at Saint Louis. Rough they're not -- open heart and sit ups and though she was working at the retirement home kitchen off the train to California. -- interstellar. She just recently made the big move to all couples do when it's time to put -- next report. Yeah she she did most -- -- exits while supporting the actions of its stars but at the swastika she's -- acts with a knife. She -- and -- I have seen proof that there is somebody forever but I guess so. She what -- five yup and he seventy. What kind -- nine stars as good improvements is more to voters knew the girl I'll tell you straight up trying to argument merry. When LB we don't know take it very seriously Charlie's my house. Totally tell you this is important but that the properties right yeah you're right now so when -- you -- walked on the it doesn't work when you marry a prisoner. Is there an actual waiting with flowers and ratings and all it's quite that involved. I think it's this it's a simple certainly is just human contact as he allowed conjugal there yeah. No they're not -- and he's not -- You know he's. Almost California lakers game like that after an eighty this week that was electors are no longer get. No longer get conjugal visits you know what -- it -- 179. This crazy Bravo made -- that's that -- This hole for you yeah yeah tell -- -- he found yet but it looks pretty good percentage and an -- actress and she's hobbies. She looks like Heidi -- in Heidi Fleiss. And Opel model to me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Europe's all the seven yet so but there are its engines -- says there are. Hundreds of women -- write letters all said you -- it just means yeah. All the time as a psychological -- -- that I think maybe it's insane but you know the Menendez Brothers this girl Q. Wholesome we saw a million girls but distancing us. Hops on the train to spend the rest are from like patrols means she wouldn't get -- the time a day in the real world society right -- -- but who would. Two point. -- YouTube but she she's attracted. You know just too dangerous shouldn't she know she doesn't have to be with them yeah I think that's a lot of times the attraction prisoners. You can remain at a distance. Utilities looking for something interesting to do or to get a little -- by Charlie Charlie you're like an almost. Nine year old guy you know were hired you know beaten and early bird dinner Africans like that you do Cuban people sort of attractive and then you read the paper on the front porch that Georgia I'm not exciting is all right Scott Kelly. On Tuesday news but probably. So we talked to Tim McCarver McCarver knew when to get out. I think where they were injured or yes announced yesterday he is this is final season with CBS who no longer be doing. Football games your boy Greg -- you know it's over until I do I'm surprised I was surprised -- how young years. And universal 64 that was older mom and -- house screwed up messed up he is physically. But that surprised. That that would that he's retired because he can't walk right. The RT -- -- a some a year ago which elect two years ago to in the game he looked real bad. I mean I knew he wasn't an. Instant. The night away David this is why you go to just Saturday -- and not the Damien Woody route. Carry all the way to rock and still big guy -- -- speculating that Boomer Esiason slide into that number two spot. That's number two team. He makes life and in. Like that -- -- favorite Greg Gumbel Greg Gumbel how vitally boomer should be if you want to do it. Should be number one should remove Sims with Gumbel they used to work together yeah it's a -- in the once bought and yet not one nets -- -- dance and oversized bed like that I like that and boomer may be happy go for that may be chance for rumored to be happy doing something which I know he's not doing. Right now it's up that's -- not -- -- -- -- you wouldn't be forced to do -- -- do of his own -- right. Yes it did professed to -- needs to -- hips and can't do stairs anymore. -- -- -- And he doesn't sound like is mentally like this month his brain is gone out yet yeah cardboard box. That's it for danger of premiums is a hell of a career -- think. Mean as a player hall of Famer to make fun of as a broadcaster that he's great but he did forever pretty good not bad it is based on the way down about it. Humble guy 61777. On 79837. Speaking of career coaching or cinnamon and I want more -- yeah that's but that's -- I did not that you -- it is obvious that can be it is 85 year old Korean War you see mr. I did not. His lifelong dream. The visit North Korea has been detained in the Communist country more than three weeks according to reports of Merrill -- the Palo Alto. Was five minutes -- take off his return flight from Beijing on October 26. Authorities boarded the Plame pastor grandfather first passport it took him off the aircraft. It's a spy that title -- 85 years old his lifelong dream. North Korea. You know what -- never you know one of the retain them because in North Korea they've never seen anyone that'll before -- -- the guy that I would like -- to you know like three feet nine all malnourished and they don't have any penicillin in that country. That probably where she can worshipping him like gone with -- -- to begin Merrill Newman yeah they asked Merrill -- afterwards what his second choice for vacation was -- admiral Ronald hurt our infantry officer during the Korean War. Finance executive for tech companies. I neighbor asked him why did you wanna go to a place that's dangerous I wouldn't wanna go -- reaction. He just wanted to go on a fun trip was an effort -- particular reason they were just trapped get a massage. He -- -- -- -- -- on North Korea -- -- so I. Guess I'd rather date Charles Manson to the bars I think North Korea -- the last place now if you think about it all North Korea via -- always serious opponent North Korea hasn't traveled due out there like they don't have he can't call them like 800 number get a hotel. Rent a car and driver I like this traveling these crazy places right now you don't know where she is she she too is I think she's in Mongolia that you heard this article it says this no one goes to Mongolia text to be this mortgages in Prague today bush is flying approaches in Warsaw today. And it's terrible back issues and you know Bucharest in that we think we each should be cheese. She's a crystal says they have all the food that bike -- up what he's he's not so -- Pounds of sausage gravy and she said a lot she said it would have been that McDonald's there temperatures in the subway. She would she had to I guess which you sit in the hotel bar -- having dinner by herself yet you think she empted today. At one swinger so it's perfectly fine me for seasonable weather -- -- sees avoiding what I wife what she's in Bucharest. You had Claire Bucharest is you know elements. In Somalia. And my wife -- my wife Cindy my wife has been lucky enough to be the recipient of this. -- -- For a long time -- I can imagine. She wants to go outside ready for your basic point I'm delighted to answer the question current up yeah she's a human being of course I would imagine she thinks about it. Really so she's not happy about that you'll you'll -- your wife of the -- about the guys. And she can barely stand me skip I got a quick question for finishing move right away from the I answered if I'm. Quick question for sure on because this is one of those happy headlines but I need to know what. -- I want to go on -- with my prediction. President com Karzai of Afghanistan. And we -- know he's a crook and a corrupt leader over there is demanding asking. For a written apology. From President Obama. For all the civilians killed the damage done before he allows us the privilege to stay in the country any longer he wants a written apology now we've lost. 2300 servicemen and women with you know billions billions -- like 350. Billion was spent. On that hell -- country jets is still coming. That the wars going on twelve years pitcher lasted twelve weeks we should just. Killed every one we wanted to kill and -- we didn't it too late now. Do you think he gets it he think he gets written apology from our commander in chief. Yes yeah I do you do yeah yeah it is and some mitigated or watered down four won't be perfect but they'll be happy right. And then we want them happy I want -- -- so that will allow us all the details and -- soul I mean it -- wouldn't put it past him but. Om my human that the voicemail was real so I think. Even even Obama says we're not going to mean even Obama and you have to draw lines somewhere -- -- -- -- it a bit like -- statements. Guarded written neo. We were public careers. Altered or score coming to a close -- carvers were coming to a close there is another career. Around us here more coming to a close. And simultaneously. It romance and a career we talk in this building once the romance a romance and the Koreans kicking himself that he doesn't know -- old -- -- circling the drain as we speak will have that for you. Pickle we had tees that we where it was. Rick Middleton sixty yeah absolutely not. George Atlanta. Bo Jackson. Yeah that would be is baseball at different golfers at their numbers. PGA -- given number looks predominantly all polling numbers by any -- numbered in the right here for example on sixteen mating Malone was number sixteen Al through. Are able to romance and the career circling the drain your WB yeah.

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