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The Hot Stove Show: November 14th, 2013

Nov 14, 2013|

Rob Bradford and Alex Speier breakdown all the latest news from the MLB offseason. Rob and Alex also speak with Red Sox catcher David Ross and Mike Napoli's agent Brian Grieper.

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Rob Bradford -- career here -- top -- the hot stove -- Alex. I feel like I am occupying degree or Magglio usually aren't is no better place to talk. While baseball -- -- by -- he'll be that we're at right now foxwoods theatre district. Is it all that we should make note also hot stove show is sponsored it will be the -- sponsored by. The beaches of Fort Myers and it's in -- bell in about well pronounced -- -- -- well county also to take the place where I ago. The next thing you know picked up. I've thank goodness it was it is about time to clean it up as interim might well I tell you where the Red Sox did not fix things up -- that the GM meetings which night it's returned from back in Orlando and that's no knock McNabb it's just the fact of life that there wasn't a lot going on yet -- You know Alex you're holding down the -- the year and I I was in Orlando by people know that. This is kind of the first sign that it's -- he might be a little bit different and we also know the reason why this might be different is because the money. Certainly there's going to be more they're going to be more players waiting to play the market a little bit and see just how rich baseball is a year where there aren't a ton. A premium free agents that are going to be. Some guys who are premium free agency pick that they might get paid like premium free agent but it is interesting because one of the -- that we're going to have on today. Was already signed by this point exactly a year ago I was just remembering. It that David Ross would be joining us on the show in a little bit out impact was the guest with was the -- that we had. Right after last year's American League MVP voting was announced with Cabrera beat out Trout a -- went to get beat out Trout in where I want to get going to talk to David Frost about. You know that's a great -- doubts in your pro at this and that's Alex -- WI dot com rob Bradford seemed organization this is the hot stove show. And as Alex mentioned we're hoping to have David Ross from the program we're going all the way up until eight. Also on the program a little bit later Brian reaper and if you don't know that mean you really should. Because he is the agent for Mike Napoli some interesting news coming out about Napoli today. I think one of the most polarizing guys in this offseason Red Sox have these these free agents really technically six. -- -- reality -- there was the focus on but Napoli is the guy to me who really is gonna swing what they're gonna do going. Board he has a huge impact over -- because he has he's among the guys were who are free agents -- -- -- Stephen Drew. Jarrod Saltalamacchia Mike Napoli. He's the guy who in many ways seems most inclined to return mean for crying out loud he was the Celtics game last night yet the speed of -- Bruins -- -- -- on. Yes all time through shirts if it -- that needed -- and he's becoming more workload every other than that -- -- -- like yeah that's I'll give them the only people with beards. I actually think it -- go in the cap because the bike now. Now I don't think Dick Gould would be I don't think that ultimately kill us rapidly I can't wait to go see Margaret in -- cooled once again. Is they steer me in the right direction they tell me this is -- we're gonna make you look it may be the cap is by the deal we submit big note that 617. 7797937. At the great way to join to join the conversation the kind of set the stage here -- waiting for. For David -- call and in and -- reaper and Mike Napoli to a team it's plated four around the bottom of the hour. If you wanna join the conversation -- right in 617779. 7937. In you know what Alex I think that we really should just jump right into it I think that this is. This is a great time to jump right into it get a lot of momentum. As we set I think through the first three minutes of the show was awesome and we're gonna make it even better David Ross joins us here. On the gas line are you doing David. My -- stood stood Alex Spears here with me in hey David how you been. Out doorman no duck boat we're down in Florida. Theriot now. Did you did you bring landowners TV the only guy who came away from the from the parade with one of those things. Now I'll make that kind of blew it. Iron out a little bit and had an automobile. Up spots on the spot -- don't make that I don't I don't make it kind of money. And David we were talking about you're you were nice enough to join us on the show last year and it was right around this time where you signed it would every time every one wanted something to happen at the TV GM meetings this year. They said well look David Ross signed with the Red Sox. You looking back at that that that's in really early in the process of what you remember about that. Did -- I guess what I mean that the Patriot Act is going on are ready now that we've won the World Series and I just feel like like our home and even unpacked. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He beat me. I do remember last year that the Red Sox called right away. Went and and and started the process very early for me. Especially -- I got it was a back out. In my career for the most part and end of the Boston Red Sox are obviously here you're Burton got on the first day that your created. It is kind of remarkable bench Harrington has said that you're the first person the first player he actually talked to directly. Over the course of that free agent process did you remind us what -- what was the conversation like at that point was he saying. That we think you can be apart of you know upper story something over this two years -- was even targeting 2000 was to what degree with -- selling the two years in the return to Boston where you have played here. In 2008 to what you what degree with the was he focused on on the shorter term. You know what was possible with the turnaround and what their team. Well I'm glad to get you great -- out good particularly guys -- it's -- that we're out of the Boston Red Sox started with a perk created size. Last year -- I remind everybody about that all the time did that to make sure that. You know they -- and dot you know there was a guy out -- they'd be deterred us -- -- -- -- back. Accurate that pretty fired amoeba. I know we we were talking about. He gets would say and it is what we're trying to get to we need guys like you who. You know we wanted to get a poke it back on our pitching and catching. That aspect. A lot of the pitchers. That -- -- -- coming back there were not a whole lot of new pitchers coming in and it's not the best way to. You don't put a stamp on maybe turned it around but I think out of date. Kiefer that was turned picking up ground out and -- thought it could start with me he would do that would a huge compliment. And and I think my resume spoke to and that's what he was -- look at -- two years -- What -- just debate is that what all the contract -- I was getting -- we started our contract but. He's started talking about we talked a lot about -- -- and a little bit -- time I was there and how old. I was impressed with how the front office treated the players. And the coaching staff they really don't like and we like the player -- priority. He's an image god wanted to get back to. But the priority is on the field. And and and that pretty much all that we we talked about. With David Ross with a sketch of the Red Sox and David obviously now we're going to another offseason. And once again the Red Sox need a catcher. Or could get to the particulars about who might be the other dialogue with you on this roster. But you -- leave argue at all that they asked your advice whether it's on in with a sun they know salty but. You get a chance to work with salty weather may be even a guy like Ruiz he played against -- they they'd pick your brain at all. -- -- Daddy he -- comedy and he wanted to talk yet QB talk captain seat in and I guess I thought him a little bit about I just wanted to know you know what he saw in me. You know confident a year you know you like your speculation but I had actually. Gotten a chance that talked about so you don't question I had all year just want to know what. You know -- and how I understand -- non Olympic I would diplomat as -- -- players -- -- what you see in me. Bet you want to be and we talked a little bit about that -- is that everyone's talking about catching a -- opinion on. Different guys you know or don't know it what you see from an outsiders. Perspective. But some guys and what he wanted to -- out. You know enjoy it parade -- -- -- and you know we -- gonna ask me on our number I got our guys go. I'm you know. No wait a Blackhawk here he'll -- -- do manager baker he'd not they would evolve and really -- I waited in I made a joke the other day with the body and mind this day and you know I just got home I look up and you know marquis had gotten a executive of the year award and our commanders are prepared a year. He's on TV and you need to start I mean. And I don't think it at a time to let their head above the water dogs here they're super busy. As as I have been used so I'm teleport talked to him. We'll have to ask about but you're talking to do a couple last name McCann. -- To contact the well you go along -- along those lines you know this is a big swing for you obviously. You wanna win you wanna be part of a winning organization you know what you signed up or when you signed a two year deal. But there are different levels of catchers out there and this could swing how much David Ross plays. Is that factor dame Q do you have an idea. Well what they're looking for viewers it really gonna be dependent on. Hey if they go up to get a -- can't you might play or Saltalamacchia he might play more. Is it that this depend on what they do and let me throw it up as a follow up in what's the ideal workload for you this points. You know I. I've always. And you know I've thought about it much or just being a team guy. I learned early time in my career that. Competition between two catchers. Or at the thought of playing a lot. You know you get hooked up. To play more or play last you figure to play whatever I -- try to come. I'd try to come to work everyday and he's ready to play so I don't know if there's an ideal workload. Anymore you know I I had so much fun playing at the end of the year in a World Series and and the player often. All those you know. I had so much fun playing and -- so I get -- I don't enjoy playing. But if they can't get somebody like Brian hander. Or -- free agent even thought the you know I understand -- going to be a back up and I'm OK with that -- signed up for that. I've been nice guy you know it doesn't that doesn't bother me. Well you mentioned effected their can't be competition between catchers -- you know you guys have to have. The same shared goals and that the sheer purpose which I think that you know certainly throughout your career including this year. -- -- a somewhat that was very apparent in terms of how you. Worked with salty that said. Taking over as the starter for those last three games of the World Series that's a big deal that's a big deal to be the guy who's behind the plate for the last pitch of the season. How was it was that at all awkward for you guys to navigate given you know I give -- the working relationship and what the dynamic have been throughout the year. You don't have been you know like that that I pride myself on a team guy. Beat a team guy and now we. There are a lot of circumstances throughout the year it went all our team -- sort of pat guys. You don't salty being selfish. We had. I would today. You know more Detroit type guy that you are seeing I think I -- that you really early there were a lot of us situated there were some -- and it -- diet plan. When other guys thought they should be land or or fight for an -- note -- change didn't. You know we look at it and I'll probably had hit 301. What our best players in that the pitch for both the playoff. You know he's just. It becomes a team. -- goal -- I was on the board with that and you know it was such a good group of guys that were after one goal had been talking about when the World Series. All year long. And I think everybody realized I -- -- -- we're just gonna do that for us to win and then you know whether it -- -- the year you know even Barney. You know and you know. Sometimes a year when we Hendry or he ought to gain went alternate banged up and and I was just -- to -- back so you know there's and there's always somebody -- You know that's they'd make that decision or not I don't they they didn't. But we had a we had a lot of team guys on the team and I can be had predicted to win a world -- with that group of guys because and that's all purpose. David I know that you said that Ben has it been a contact you. But have you already started talking to that's beyond your friends with Brian McCann. Have you have you already started talking to him a little bit up is I would imagine this is due diligence time for him. He he wants it at all while playing all the different places and have you talked to him about what it's like the play in Boston. You know while I'm gone down this weekend meet him actually need Canada another buddy of mine who actually all it. Red Sox contacted. We're all going on out on on a guys weekend and we're gonna hang out I'm sure we'll talk about it but you know like I I said that Mac we talk just a little bit not -- it's going. You know up and this is that this is that you gotta make for you and your family that is not something that. I can IQ I don't want him split the implode you either way I'm -- a -- you know. It is -- -- contract with the Red Sox. You know he's got -- probably a pretty pretty good long term deal if I would you know -- -- you know. From from what I've read. And and the numbers he put up throughout his career so. I told him which he knows he's hitting great with -- -- either -- guy. And also hasn't located -- you know like I don't I don't I don't I would ever want salty does that feel like I'm not. Want him on the team because you know what a great relationship we had this year so it's just one of those -- that type situation -- is mark brand. I I got nothing but positive things to say about it and when people ask I just can't help but he's such a great guy and a great player and I like him as a person even more than a player. So I told him everything that's good about Boston but I also toting you know what man like. Unity it is accurate accurate call you you got to do it right to your family and and I'd just sit back and be there one year in and we know it was gonna happen after next year so I'm kind of leave it leave it in his court not that are pushing too much. I'm gonna wrap up with this David last year the first question we asked you when you joined us on last year's hot stove show was. Who did you have him -- who would you pick -- that BP Cabrera Trout. Right after the voting with them so once again -- that same position I'll ask you with a year of seeing both of them up close a little bit more up close in the American League. We got -- Trout. Now man. That's a great question. And you know -- Bye -- Jets played against Nagy and in the envelope banged up though. You know it's hard. It it's a lot for me it's a lot closer this year. I know what you're casts. You know back when it was LeBron -- saying. You know what the guy who who scheme wise and I feel like you know at the end of the day it's all about. The ball well cop who helped her team went about. Whether whether that Crowder media and in all of and the new numbers they were metric stuff. You know brought down didn't get to the playoffs and I know the pitching in Detroit it was a lot better. Obviously it's probably a more complete team but. You know there is probably a picket guy it's going to be Miguel Cabrera Iguodala at the plate I got said that -- dude I want the plate with the game on the line. Between Mike Trout Miguel Cabrera a lot a lot Miguel Cabrera there. Well I tell you what to do is our attacks that you meet up for -- Edward and -- on memory. So that's it. Ticketed I don't know I don't care. I don't care. But but -- David have a great vacation with Brian McCann in the mystery man. And I got over that might be hit in about we really appreciate joyous victory. And yeah -- I appreciate you get cabby shot eight let our baseball. I think Bryant takes pride about it -- things. Like that it -- David. The guy who begin the World Series rub the red round and you can see that as an advocate of evidently evident we got a lot to get to give up Bryant -- utilize -- that's I think you'd think Brian reaper the -- Mike Napoli up Devin on next. And it -- a lot to talk about what again if we do during the conversation a little bit later six point seven. 77979837. On rob Bradford is Alex here all the the BI dot com. This is the hot stove show will get a little bit into what David Ross said -- will also get to Brian reaper ET for Mike Napoli right after. We're back we're back. -- -- -- grounded out back -- a hot stove show I'm rob Bradford is out -- both of WEEI. Dot com world live from foxwoods theatre district. Swing on by. Sort of -- say hi it's a great a we thank you very much for David Ross for joining -- little bit earlier. This again Rio sponsored by the beaches of fort -- in Sandoval county which we are so excited. About diving into a couple months it's coming up now it's it past that were faster than we typically well. We had one great guest on the hot stove show already and we got another one on the line right now. Right reaper. One of the most were suspected agents in the biz right now police agent he's nice enough to join and had a very key time in the offseason -- how you doing. Mario do it yet. So Mike Napoli without threats are not getting the -- so the quick. But I'm curious we were both out of the GM meetings what was what was kind of your responsibilities. There as an agent and I saw you and you were -- teams in. Worked in the -- like everybody else there. But what was your responsibility to what your takeaways from those couple they'd normally. So my main goal and being there is to meet with some clubs discuss the free agent. And lay some ground work for the future. It's it's a great opportunity to. Network where if people in the front office GM's assistant GMs. And really just have an understanding as to what their clubs needs are and how -- so my clients can fit into their potentially. But really it more than anything it it provides an opportunity where all thirty clubs. Are represented in one particular spot and whether the lobby or whether it's particular. Hotel -- or someplace else the opportunity to meet and discuss. Client. With organizations is really the key the key goal behind attending those meetings. Obviously you went through this process a year -- with that with -- with Mike Napoli you have other clients of course but he has a particular interest just in. You know last year you were probably taking about the market as both -- catcher in the first baseman. You were you know this was going to be his first orient free agency how different were the conversations that you're happy with teams. Between last year you know based on position based on the fact that there's now there's now you know a an interesting there. There's a medical diagnosis that obviously plays out teams might consider him get a healthy year behind it in which he played the second most games of his career. Out of the conversations differ this year from last. Well last year the majority of our conversations or how many games is Mike -- gonna catch behind behind hall was in the catch. 10010. To twenty over the club expectations. And then in addition to that it was where -- is that the line. So it was both an offensive and the defensive minded question. Determining the best fit her how would you handle that except on plate. This year it is much different because obviously -- not no longer catcher. He's the first baseman power hitter. Arguably the best first baseman available on the free agent market this year. And interestingly enough he. He kind of -- a little under the radar which reports is he -- the progress. He he's done really well there kind of surprise that he didn't. Become finalists for the gold glove voting. Defensively at first baseman at first base he's been fantastic -- he's gotten better as the season's gone on adults. Fitzpatrick -- is the best guy at that position. You know they can't get it. And don't think that I don't and -- is that every conversation that I. Seen GM. But you know this year it it's a slightly different because we're talking about the -- position -- a different player. But he got. But the different accolade under his belt this year than he did prior. He's a World Series champion this year and again that has continued to hit for power back he's. One of eleven guys over the past six years to hit twenty more home runs in in each of those years. And he's he's been healthy all year to what he said he played the most games out of first base. And you know he had a medical diagnosis last year but it is. But no concern as you move forward to the process I had that. -- symptoms whatsoever you're issues in healthy and looking forward to. 2014. Wherever that destination maybe. And you became one of the world's leading experts. Who is who doesn't have a medical degree in in a vascular -- The condition that that Mike Napoli -- with the steps. To what degree worth the whitworth the GM meetings the opportunity for you to educate teams to -- by the they had done kind of their own research into it to that condition. Or where -- you know where they ask you about every sponsor relations thing. You know this is what it is. But -- in the -- that made it through this year without any degeneration suggests that this. Yeah and in talking with some teams. They ask questions I answer them extensively. For some -- it really was not an issue. Each each organization employees they. A medical doctors that refused players -- the review their history. -- review. Prior Morris. And yes that is certainly what some education more along the lines of what really occurred behind the -- this year. With Mike and how -- how he -- he treated this is is it conditions. Which -- that did not affect him whatsoever so. It was an education process for some clubs and again more than anything just reassuring -- that he did not have any the it's not a factor there after effects from his original diagnosis last December. Bright reaper -- agent for Mike Napoli joining us on the hearts Ochoa. Brian this is gonna fall under that we have to ask category there was a report that came out today it's the Red Sox made a one year offer -- not announce to confirm that. But could did you say to what degree other teams have made offers and if there -- any multiyear offer out there. Your ears and a date yet. I've been in touch with a lot of teams. That expressed interest where where Mike's a good fit for them including the Red Sox I've had ongoing talks with bench Harrington and his staff. And we're keeping lines of communication open. With the Red Sox and another ballclub as well. As a free agent you have to. Determine what the market is you have to determine. Very considerations -- that's what your client wants to do. And then you have to. Explain all that information to your client and more than anything you'd have to make sure that your client is. Happy to ultimately he's the boss he's he's the final decision maker as to where he had to go. So my job is. Help guide him through that process. Keeping you informed and making sure that he's educated about the all the various clubs that have been in touch. You know -- you said before that last offseason everywhere -- was viewing him as a catcher. Was there any team besides the Red Sox have viewed him as the first base because if not it's unbelievable that here we are sitting here we're talking about as you said. -- gold glove caliber was there anybody else besides the Red Sox. You know most clubs including the Red Sox that saw him as a catcher well. They most groups over the catcher first and then a guy you could DH played first base. Interestingly enough last off -- with the Red Sox the Red -- viewed him initially as a right handed power hitter. With a position to be determined later -- So as it turns out his position. That that was determined later on the first base so. Slightly different. But it would regard the other clubs out there they they saw him as a catcher first. With a guy who could rest is like a little bit at first baseman DH the same time. Red Sox thought differently that some at the right hand hitter and get them the Red Sox had had a plan for Mike Napoli from the beginning of the off -- last year. And we we obviously had. Agreed to terms on on I guess our original deal. And then obviously revamp that deal if he plus days later. When Mike moved to first base full time so. The the Red Sox had had an initial plans for him and last offseason we continue to communicate to -- -- to stay in touch. And obviously Mike chose the Red Sox Red Sox chose him and the rest is history. So with regards to how you prepare information. To distribute to other teams I'm curious are you. Argue a a PowerPoint presentation does it you get the book ready you know do you we've we've -- in the past about. About agents to get information about the Clint yeah I had. In in whatever or you give information to other teams. Is Mike Napoli -- featured in -- -- or under on the cover page through the first slide to they have a wash -- out oil since. I would actually get via the World Series logo. Nice. Figure we might as well go bat at Mike Napoli -- winner but stepped out what is is the via means a choice there. In terms of that information you know what it is pitchers -- Don't -- presentations are really valuable. From our end from a club standpoint. On the flip side many times and protect the majority of times -- note just about everything. About your client if there in pursuit of him. Especially guys like Mike Napoli who. Who is a one of the top free agent hitters on the market. Actually beaten up free agent hitter on the market in my mind but. That power hitter but nonetheless the the presentation on the information we give the GMs. Again it's meant to help guide them and provide information that they may not have otherwise had. But like I said most of these teams that they've got their own statistician in the Red Sox have a simply built James. So they've got. The certain knowledge that other clubs may not necessarily have. But but they are fairly. In depth with regards to their preparation on free agent player that they are targeting any particular team for that matter. -- last question you've known Mike for a long time. And and so it was solely a an agent. Player relationship you've been with a -- time so you go through this run go through this World Series run. What is one moment the always gonna remember. In regards to -- either watching him or being with them. Well that's it's a great question -- Mike and I have been together for almost fourteen years now since since he first got drafted that high school. And had a great relationship been like a phenomenal drive phenomenal person. And I can't speak highly enough about him and his family and his friends in the top notch. And and I local. And -- You know I've I've been there. Through Mike for all of it is. Accomplishments and achievements. Back in the day when when he was in the post season with the Angels when it was in the postseason in the World Series in Texas. And that obviously Woody won the World Series this year in Boston. You know I I will say this one of one of the proudest moments I got to have with Mike was actually right after game six. He was. Is still in his uniform on the bottom and they but he a World Series teacher on the top. At -- at backward get a bottle of champagne. And we hugged it out and at a at a Jerry Maguire moment right there -- we celebrated his his World Series championship so. Probably one of the best one of the best moments we had a note the recent one but one of the best moments we've ever had together. And it's always great as as an agent and as a as a fan of the game. And friend to celebrate those kinds of moments with with people that you truly care about so it is that was that was. One of the best moments you've ever had and as of this whole list of more but I don't think he could have enough time for that. Job that it does a great like the people can really relate to that Jerry Maguire reference it really kid that's what they want it to be like him in. I having -- I think a sign outside the clubhouse and that's really what it was like. It and if you know and to think that this was you know this was less than a year removed from from having to ask the question of whether or not I was going to be able to play. In 2013 that's that's unbelievable. Yeah I've got a great picture he had and in his beard. Right after the World Series so he he apparently taking the beard on tour. The various hockey games in basketball games two in Boston. Yanked a little bit of applause on the way Brian reaper agent from Mike Napoli amongst other players really thank you so much for joining us. And and it will obviously be seeing you at the winner -- it would have meetings and talk you down the line. Absolutely my pleasure I think the expression. I always Bryant reaper agent for Mike Napoli as we said this is the hot stove show we're running a little bit late Alex beer I'm rob Bradford. We are going to diving to everything to David Ross. In Bryant reaper Mike Napoli to agents that there's a lot to get you politics we've had some phone calls to 617. 77979837. We'll get to all that right after the are right another award winning -- stove show. We're live from fox which is our first time at foxwoods -- -- the hot stove show the growth -- blade are awesome producer witness. That a great job all day to wake up tomorrow and stormed into another great W yeah I'd day. You could hit the slots Burress is that it up a -- Alex -- spirit talking W I don't come on rob Bradford also WEEI dot com we've had on David Ross catcher for the Boston rats are. Yet on -- reaper agent for Mike Napoli with a lot to talk about the first sisco on the phone lines. We have -- New York City I need -- -- telling guys. Diehard Red Sox fan I would know what. Firstly what the prospects are are resigning. Napoli and also when you give him. We do keep in mind no I know. Legal and let you -- Three years 39 million. -- question I certainly think that there's going to be comfort on the Red Sox part. I think that there's a report today that they've offered it made him a one year offer in Texas the qualifying offer. I think ultimately the Red Sox certainly have comfort knowing it's yours on him. I just that with a degenerative condition make you think there remain questions in the industry. About how far out you can get my contract so it's important one because he's not catching anymore so he should be more durable. But he played the second highest number of days and -- I don't know if you heard her decision on whether it's just it went great it. But he's right about the at the position and about how the petition is viewed. You look at who is available. And even with the draft pick attached you could make the argument that Mike Napoli is is the guy out -- terms of the overall market for hitters says as. You know -- reaper called him the best power hitter on the market in you could quibble you could say can no. But you know but Napoli has a has a a pretty considerable track record. As a guy with legit power. What was. What -- what is plan B. That's great question. Particular question and we outs or talked about -- about that before the show is that. I don't know if there is a lock solid plan B Daryl thanks to call. It is it is isn't it this isn't like last year last year it was Mike Napoli was the guy right Nick Swisher was behind them by a fair amount behind them right and then -- -- and then they were looking to trade one of the names who they were talking about it the time was my arc. So you ask what is plan -- Free agent -- -- -- not gonna happen. Double and also I think it Corey Hart an interesting guy guy play last year I had a pretty good number for the Brewers right handed hitter. You go after that though I think that you have to start looking currently in the opinion devalue. My car. No I think that he looked like you really really good hitter who is remarkable given that it was. In sporadic playing time and it would be area to -- Whether or not greater playing time and considerable production or he was exposed you know waited for what I the what I heard on the gentleman's reads that -- you -- asking about Mike are the Red Sox were no rush to -- -- And -- not only because the Mike Napoli situation. There at the fail -- but because. I said it before and I'll say it again this is the -- it's paying the fine in baseball. Which you just cannot buying power hitters in a perfect example this was the psyche guy who excited the offseason. Which is Marlon Byrd yeah Marlon Byrd. Who had been designated for assignment before getting busted for -- TDs. That well he had the third most complete the third most home runs. Oh any free agent on the market. Dagger into the record -- people screaming about you know that's six that you for sixteen. But that's why we signed him in so you look at a guy like Mike Carp second on the team in slugging percentage. Welcome back to it it's that even though we have left a lasting impression of not doing much in the post season. We can't devalue that. If -- is until on this team really good hitter during the season it I don't think that they -- you wouldn't be an everyday guy because he has the splits. I mean he wouldn't against lefties you might. -- will -- Brooks will -- -- -- liked our platoon and are all that leads to the Steve -- yeah first time we get uttered that name Steven -- but we're right below right before the buzzer right yes. Yes exactly well -- to catch up on things. Report out there general oil Boston Herald Mike -- -- Mike Napoli has got a one year offer from the Red Sox at just slightly above all -- offer. We also know that Stephen Drew. Probably get better offers on the market but the Red Sox have not closed the door according to team sources. Events Saltalamacchia still getting into it will talk about all that. Next week Alex Alex rate up that we opened doors throughout we do. -- rob Bradford that Alex -- this is the hot stove show brought you by the beaches. Fort Myers instead of all we will be back same time not necessarily the same place but same time next week.

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Tom Curran calls the show to discuss the Vince Wilfork contract situation. After texting with Vince this morning, Curran says that Vince's camp is possibly trying to put the "genie back in the lamp" and that the possibility of the Pro Bowl DT returning to the team has improved.

Celtics President Danny A…

Celtics President Danny Ainge with Dale and Holley 4-17-14

We wrap up the Celtics season by speaking with Celtics president Danny Ainge about this past season and the team's future.

Wyc Grousbeck, Celtics Owner: Reflects on the Boston Marathon tragedy 4-15-4

Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck joins Mut and Merloni to discuss and reflect on the Boston Marathon Bombings a year later.

Jackie MacMullan, ESPN Boston, on the Celtics, 4-10-14

Jackie MacMullan talks some Celtics with Mut and Merloni as the season is winding down and the team is positioned to have a high draft pick.

Red Sox Assistant GM Mike…

Red Sox Assistant GM Mike Hazen chats with Dennis and Callahan

Hazen joins Dino, Gerry and Kirk for the Front Office Report to give us the latest on all things Red Sox. He also gives his take on the Michael Pineda pine tar controversy.

John Lackey with Joe and Dave after he pitches a great game to beat the Yankees

Dave O'Brien and Joe Castiglione talk with Red Sox pitcher John Lackey after he goes 8 solid innings in a great performance, while giving the Red Sox bullpen a night off. Lackey talks a little about what he thinks about Michael Pineda's ejection for having pine tar on his neck.

Sox Manager John Farrell with Dale and Holley

We check in with John Farrell live from Fenway Park with Dale, Holley and Steve Lyons. We talk Boagearts, Buchholz, Pierzynski, Lester, the losing and much much more.

Andy Brickley, NESN: Reca…

Andy Brickley, NESN: Recaps Bruins vs Red Wings, Game 3

Andy Brickley, NESN; Joins Mut and Merloni to recap the Bruins win against the Red Wings in game 3

Shawn Thornton on the game 3 win in Detroit 4-23-14

Shawn Thornton joined the show to discuss the Bruins win last night over the Red Wings. Shawn talked about Marchand's agitator status within the league.

Pierre McGuire, NBC Sports, Bruins- Red Wings 4-22-14

Pierre McGuire of NBC Sports joins the program to talk about Game 3 between the Bruins and the Red Wings. He also discusses the issue of targeting player and weighs in on Matt Cooke's vicious knee hit to Tyson Barrie.

Red Sox Assistant GM Mike…

Red Sox Assistant GM Mike Hazen chats with Dennis and Callahan

Hazen joins Dino, Gerry and Kirk for the Front Office Report to give us the latest on all things Red Sox. He also gives his take on the Michael Pineda pine tar controversy.

Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Lupita Nyong'o is the Most Beautiful Woman 4-24-14

Headlines of the day brought to you by Kirk Minihane include the most beautiful woman, three lesbians and a baby, and a murder tattoo.

Pine Tar Finally Catches up to Pineda 4-24-14

Dino, Gerry & Kirk evaluate the newest contender for dumbest athlete.

Daily Diamond: NY's react…

Daily Diamond: NY's reaction to Pineda, 4-24-14

Mut and Merloni tune in to WFAN in New York and listen to a Yankees perspective of what transpired last night at Fenway.

Michael Pineda gets ejected for pine tar; suspended 10 games, 4-24-14

Mut and Merloni react to a wildly entertaining game at Fenway last night in which we saw Michael Pineda ejected in the second inning because he had pine tar on his neck.

Buster Olney, ESPN: Farrell did the "exact right thing", 4-24-14

Buster Olney joins Mut and Merloni to discuss Michael Pineda using pine tar at Fenway and getting ejected from the game. He also discusses the reaction from Yankees GM Brian Cashman.

Dave O'Brien with Dale an…

Dave O'Brien with Dale and Holley 4-24-14

Sox Broadcaster Dave O'Brien joins us for his take on Pinetargate.

Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Cheater Edition - 4-24-14

We tackle four topics all sparked by Pinetargate at Fenway and cheating in Pro Sports.

Previewing the rest of the Bruins-Red Wings Series with the great Jack Edwards of NESN 4-24-14

Dale and Holley preview the rest of the Bruins-Red Wings Series with the great Jack Edwards of NESN

Rick Middleton joins Plan…

Rick Middleton joins Planet Mikey

Nifty jumps on the Planet for an hour.

Red Sox lose to the Orioles 2-1 on Opening Day

Lou Merloni did play-by-play with Joe Castiglione today and then joined The Planet Mikey Show to talk about what went wrong, and a few things that went right as the Red Sox started their campaign to defend their World Series title.

Chris Price joins John Ryder to talk the Patriots' newest acquisition

WEEI.com's Chris Price joins John Ryder and Chris Villani on Planet Mikey to discuss the signing of Revis Island

Fantasy Football Off-Seas…

Fantasy Football Off-Season Podcast 4

The 4th addition of WEEI’s Fantasy Football Offseason Podcast is loaded and ready. In this week’s conversation Jim Hackett and Pete Davidson of Rotobahn.com dig into the sinking draft stock of Teddy Bridgewater (much too their chagrin), while refocusing and emphasizing the immense scouting work done by Pete on players like Bridgewater, Zach Mettenberger, Blake Bortles, Bishop Sankey & Lache Seastrunk. Also, Jim & Pete touch on news from around the league regarding new Jet, Chris Johnson, Montee Ball in Denver and help you tune out all of the negative noise some in the media are trying to push. We’re not buying! Lots of Football love in this podcast for the Football lover. Enjoy!

Pod Man Rush: DJ Bean and Greg Wyshynski on Bruins-Red Wings

Greg Wyshynski of Yahoo! Sports joins DJ to break down the first-round matchup between the Bruins and Red Wings. Also discussed is Zdeno Chara's Norris candidacy, transparency with voting for the NHL awards and whether the Canadiens will get out of the first round.

Minor Details Ep. 79: The meaning of winning in the minors with Carlos Febles, Evan Lepler

The Red Sox' High-A minor league team in Salem recently had a 16-game winning streak that spanned two seasons. So what? From the standpoint of making prospects better and fostering player development, does that matter? Salem manager Carlos Febles (who managed Salem for the end of their winning streak, but who was also in charge of a 50-87 Single-A Greenville team in 2013) and Salem radio play-by-play man Evan Lepler discuss -- while also touching on a number of prospects in search of the next Earl Weaver and Vinegar Bend Mizell.

Pine Tar Finally Catches …

Pine Tar Finally Catches up to Pineda 4-24-14

Dino, Gerry & Kirk evaluate the newest contender for dumbest athlete.

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Boston Marathon director …

Boston Marathon director Dave McGillivray 4-22-14

Dave called in to discuss the epic Boston Marathon.

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Headlines, Headlines, Hea…

Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: David Gregory is tanking 4-22-14

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed David Gregory's tanking Meet The Press ratings.

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Aaron Boone, ESPN: Sox ha…

Aaron Boone, ESPN: Sox haven't been able to replace Ellsbury, 4-23-14

Aaron Boone joins Mut and Merloni to talk about the early season troubles the Red Sox have had and the defensive struggles.

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Headlines, Headlines, Hea…

Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Colbert introduced on Letterman

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. The guys talked about Colbert joining Dave Letterman last night.

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