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NFL Sunday: More on the Ed Reed Saga -- Did Tom Brady Want the Veteran Safety More Than Management Did?

Nov 17, 2013|

The guys go back to Ed Reed non-signing or perceived lack of interest on the part of the Pats. Now reports are floating around about Brady texting Ed Reed that he should consider the Patriots. Does this change things for a Patriots team that is pretty deep in the secondary?

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NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI Dale Arnold Matt Chatham Chris price. I -- we've talked about this before. -- you didn't think the patriots should go after read read I didn't think they should go after Ed Reed. Chris I think you sort of thought they maybe should've gave maybe she yeah it'd depending -- what it Reid thinks he is at this point well. Let's let's look at some numbers here as today the jets go to buffalo play the bills he starting. Adding that that's where were at -- this whole thing he's played seven games for the Houston Texans. Sixteen tackles no interceptions. He was downed a twenty year 22 place. In his last game for the Texans that was the total amount but he played with twenty or twenty to play as. Back to of the point Mac you made the point earlier on and -- an agreement here on this. I don't picked in the whole lot of gas left in this tank this is one of those things work Rex Ryan is remembering the Ed Reed he coached. With the Baltimore Ravens who was a great football player. Wilson that's separate little gap between that it had Ed Reed in this ad read and I am not sure -- that in. It didn't cost them anything but money to bring him in an amateur that they're gonna get what they're looking for a last. Game he played a thirteen steps are doing against Arizona is -- you're looking at a guy who and we said the soft the top I just. I don't -- -- ready to admit that he's not a pro bowler in you know everyone goes through that stage of their career where they have to admit that they are enough to clear that they used to be. And I just wonder if if Reid is. Having to deal with that -- this teacher you know where -- years if he's the kind of guy. Who looked he's not gonna play by all accounts he's -- a police have injuries -- -- again -- he's just not that guy. If he can accept a reduced role. On a defense on the competitive defense you'd be more of a veteran leadership guide be more of a locker room guy -- be more of a mentor to some of these younger players. I think that's where he has value. I just don't know if he has anything left in the tank while. How to missed the LeRon Landry doesn't even play for the jets him -- -- push the colts he took his massive by Systemax. Did you know took his talents and you have but again I think these are it's always fun to talk about story lines and were. You know make him pay with that now with Rex is relationship. I think you always often boils down to just the legitimate. Depth chart roster situation they have going on himself. You look at the safety position for them in their little banged up their little -- that their super young there. It might have as much to do with that is an agreement affinity for -- just due to have a problem back there right now and it's a place yet we -- fit. Nonevent that the patriots were having those same issues maybe evaluation goes differently board I think it's a lot more to do with who they got who they need and everything are. I think we actually have what. What could serve as an explanation. Of the difference between the narrative is told by Ed Reed and the narrative that that Tommy current talked about Chris mortenson talked about you know the patriots that make any connection. According to Jason lock on for a CBS sports on their pregame show today. Evidently Tom Brady was texting Ed -- directly but he go. And you know hey you know if you're looking for a place to play one of those type of deals now sell. Really rate may be telling the truth that he heard from the patriots we heard from was the quarterback. Number we talk about the depth of the relationship between. Belichick in in it read it it's almost as deep when you're talking about the relationship between I'll -- in in in agreed that it I would go back to that. The photo that was taken. Before patriots or during a patriots ravens game a couple of years ago. Where you could see on his on on on -- our orbit he says -- -- -- -- point -- -- -- -- to report Donald. In the you know we we we collect the video football life where you'd Belichick said they're talking about it read you'll how how great he has -- and think that we know that there Brady Belichick essentially sure football minds so. It's not a great leap to think that -- the same way about read the Belichick. Well let's sort of explains the you know -- was telling the truth. Mortenson and current were telling the truth. The patriots as an organization to reach out and read there was no pay interest that -- for -- he didn't have a decision to make. As Rex try to make it -- But he did hear from somebody in. A pretty important somebody with great remind him a scratch read this morning there was wasn't thorough -- Tom Brady has reached out the player blank also was at. -- bridge was Dion is about little things circulated for awhile on and one -- also stopping its unusual armies of haven't techsters you know Richie -- you know -- at 12100 text in a month's time. Agreement he just -- attacks people ideally we know we also texted the text -- bright lawyer Matt -- a regular basis for support to those guys have maybe the -- again ouster -- -- -- -- with the jets and I don't know these guys well but the Munich at 32 -- players I mean in the third uses -- people threaten the basing their safety positions made a 32 reporters and one -- and then. It's named the rock my angry inch you know him while so Dawan Landry excuse me and figured -- mean again I think it always says it to a football mean -- -- upon. But the the good news on the field a problem would how it gets immigrated here first packages which we talked about in relation the patriots -- guys. You know maybe use around the deep field -- maybe you know maybe go Rex -- similar ideas for how we can use we got -- But ours is that we got a text from the jets fan -- and main. From 207 as as you guys disgust me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I just concede the reason to disrupt what you have there aren't that I were talking about Taylor Wilson assume general -- I didn't know they're gonna go on draft Iran -- astronaut would be nice players while. Are you feel like they've invested into many other places to where he even made any sense I just wonder how much you know I'd love to be able crawled that is that a little bit in figure where he was aware that some of it and we're gonna look at giving up and -- the idea finding out where he is. Mentally in in what he wants to do an expectation level that that he has for himself in the jets a form of -- calls -- -- says look you're gonna start forced. You're gonna play 80% of the -- gonna play all the time you're gonna be -- only guys did -- make a huge -- like if you wanted to and I if I -- read I say yeah I'm going there. It's it's it's it's a coach that I know it's a system that are relatively familiar with. No I'm gonna play this is where it's different situation from bill appreciated for mobile visits and from two chips on the off the field for a minute or two or five whatever. And racks -- coached him for a decade -- ever -- some ethic that's a much much different situation. It's much easier for Rex to know him well on the women to intimately know what can you know what to reduce from Obama Reid can still mean Yemen now we can use them to me that makes so much more sense the patriots -- to do you know what the other one that that I thought. Would have shown some more interest and I think it's important to bring it up in the context this conversation this is Indy. Because the -- -- was in India and he coached him as a defensive coordinator Baltimore for awhile awhile so he he is familiar with Ed. He's familiar with what you think you know do. -- beauty of having a veteran on any relatively young defense like the colts. But did attract less -- coaches always want their guys got the quotation fingers up they always wanted to let our -- absolutely. Remember how wrecks that avid pursuit he had a Bart Scott. Sitting in his driveway at midnight when free agency on the -- that whole thing and and I understand that completely Ed Reed was one of Rex is guys he knows them intimately. But he knows the had read from columns have been -- New York now this what Rex yeah I recognize -- you know -- heat. He has seen Ed -- play he hasn't been -- read on a daily basis for four years now. I can promise he would agree to four years ago was a different player than he had -- of today. This is -- feel -- remember loving the movie last star fighter. And know that reference probably not but the point is you go back and watch it now what are -- to say about. It really -- -- well we have really good you have memories. Of stuff from five or ten years ago the word yeah in your mind was awesome you go back with tunnels whatever it should transit tunnel watched the gremlins. That's great. It's not -- go to movies you're represented an -- brings up the point here and and this is gonna sound like blasphemy okay. Ed Reed is a hall of fame player I understand. Text since the Gregory is better than -- right now. And you know what rubble that constantly makes anarchy now he's got the on the issue not gonna play. Tomorrow but they expect he's going to be able to play they'll patted up and cast -- up and all that stuff. Again -- the most telling thing is it is Baltimore like that with James opposes. That -- that should have been problems and ultimately just a feeling that bridge -- -- Asked if they agreed the wonderful back that it is. Look he was a bad situation -- I was in being used properly I was ice drinks weren't being maximized you know the -- I did it well what was -- it was it was here it was the company shipping and no he was slowed by -- you know and he says -- -- he's old -- but but he did it go what's he could sit there and it -- that was being used properly. You know -- -- time to get back of the field you know I didn't see that with the coach clearly. That's about it public record that's clearly matter public record rate it did that he didn't think the world of Gary Kubiak so apartment -- with fullback that reminded that. Was. And what this with a -- during the -- of them up and be the guy. Well I just get a feeling looking -- -- there and play like a house fire and you know he may be off exactly what all of the -- defense pretty good if the jets needed help -- was on offense. And maybe they're gonna get more help but return Santonio Holmes today and they will by the addition of it read to their defensive roster. We all sorts of people now. I'm all over your -- at last our fighter and a death blossom says yeah. It doesn't hold up but it's still good recorded fund by the hole. I thought it was late start worst two men who some advocates a team UT -- during the possible from time to time and it's one that you just can't let all -- us. A couple of movies like that that you know I've probably it's by win. Don't know. Noted -- that the board -- like that calm and not the right -- you what with the one with ledger. Where he says he's that night. And they got illegal rock and roll music. Oh that's one where when I slide by it and it's and it's on like you know. AMC but if it's back from you know it doesn't for me -- of -- Cuba -- -- seniors a knight's tale thank you Matt that was exactly the gods. When the came out about fifteen years ago. The when -- Matt Broderick yeah better there was just an awful awful movie but it internal strategy more movies that I'd love him and I missed remembered I go back and you know. Continuously. As a public. And -- there's plenty of my allies to question and -- right appears to break but -- maybe we can talk about it after the break dated -- is. I remember having covered this team for -- going back to when you were playing there was a healthy -- rivalry between these two teams for for. Probably about yourself aria you know in in the wake of what happened in suitable thirty. In you've played that game and I remember that game between these two teams as being one of the more physical super games. The -- and call all the -- flights. It. Winners from what's his name. Was linebacker -- some good bows are remembered you know Chris Jenkins was. A monster was supposed to him block -- Russ Hochstein Kaman played great advancement Super Bowl and you know some fights and -- into your climate Ngo and Christian that I really good dudes in Siberia. And you know Steve Smith the Mohammed were talkers those are -- two guys a rule elected jaw with the beauties of the recent divorce going on there. It was other stuff -- contentious aside I'd I'd buy if those are -- Christmas and it was a good blocking aid and bottles of physical guy and and Willie would give in to a lot of fun I mean that we enjoy those but it definitely be key energy field that steam them there was different field and lastly. Five plus I remember going back to. The pre season game the following years do you guys please go there we referenced earlier in the show. There they were so worked up about that team and about the the Panthers getting revenge and I remember this department store to other selling T shirts or talk about the rematch rematch between the patriots in the papers in his also Steve Smith tells a story about how Tyrone -- Popped him in the -- Led off the light first play of the game at what -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Which I admire him and you know it's the -- -- -- -- -- -- broken yeah it was a chaotic and actually -- -- -- talked about all of this we don't. -- -- this -- was talking about. How would seem that game was when we're super what -- -- pursuing or can do that holding forth you know it was just like I don't know what to stop an open door to score in the first half and a member and I remember bad. Finished the dead though I have -- tackler at the as the game ended. The bit ended according Steve Smith who have been one of the most dangerous two quarters of -- time he just sort of merge the year cars wide receiver if you hate me. That's -- -- -- like this is going to be the final played in the whole thing and it puts Steve back there and rods are actually Bledel and a -- believe at the time of -- top had a great year -- -- glory years to return to kind of resurfaced after the ex FL thanks so. At a lot of cool weird hopes to realize that went on and again I remember rewriting my final -- story about seven or -- But I fourth quarter always want to try to -- -- yeah exactly and I'm going to delete delete delete it and nobody gonna get it going delete delete that it was just one of those great back and forth were thwarted because the first quarter Nolan could know what inning of the board. It was just one of those games where you thought oh this is gonna be below twelve the -- -- -- final score but it turned out -- with a great shootout tsuboi mr. As we go to the break out continues just update -- there's a town called peak in Illinois PGA I am in between Peoria and Chicago. The tornado has just gone through the neighborhood in peak in Illinois office. And it does not look very good. Our buddy Tony Branko we'd follow on Twitter says that there is there's something called the pork con index. Scale of one to ten. The Chicago area is adding nine on of one to ten for the likelihood of tornadoes. Them. And the game is still scheduled 'cause we have to play at 1 o'clock.

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