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NFL Sunday: Does the NFL Have an Issue with the Health of QB's?

Nov 17, 2013|

There are a good amount of QB's that are on the shelf right now or playing hurt - is this an issue the NFL has to look at? Jay Cutler, Peyton Manning, RGIII, Matt Schaub ... the list goes on. Is it just the nature of the game or has something changed?

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For the final hour NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI Dale Arnold here along with Chris price WEEI dot com former patriots linebacker Matt Chatham. Are you show on these guys on Twitter as we were sitting here during the break. There is a super cell and Peoria right now and for those -- don't you know follow the weather channel and Jim and -- -- must follow like he -- for me. The super Seles the precursor to a to a tornado. And they have party at least looked at the possibility of the fact as we said there's a tornado watch in effect for Chicago. Bears Soldier Field playing host to a game there they've already looked at they said with a crowd of 63000. It would take -- fifteen to twenty minutes to get them all out of the stadium. And I promise you if there's a tornado come until we get in the heck out of the stadium their something's yet. It take a chance with their other things lightning they don't mess with that's the thing that sticks -- from tornadoes you don't mess with I remember a game at the old Schafer stadium way back -- And a thunderstorm came and a salacious you know late summer thunderstorm that was pre season game. So there was that big crowd begin with that they had to get everybody underneath them the stands there and it was. A little panic city for a few minutes there. I always wonder about the emergency situations and fox when we're talking about this off the -- -- the -- if a similar thing happened if there was a weather event. What would take place in you know we talk about rule one being you replace it now that I went in and out of that place. In reuniting would be difficult logistical ever ever -- to your point on Barbara a pre season game. Or -- three or four years ago down there where. There -- it's just it just the skies just opened up about an hour or so before preceding game it was just did that the place was just crickets and people went underneath standing kind of wait it out in the -- game but. I had lightning is the one thing that I think the government can agree on you know we the football. You take for granted the fact look there's going to be some miles or whether there's going to be some brain is going to be some snow there's going to be some. You know whatever but I think we you know you're you're kind of crossed that point when a couple of -- well and it's again liabilities always remind of the NFL's multibillion dollar industry and you -- -- -- Sony doesn't. Mean they're not just concern for the safety and. -- better and there is Malia and also there's both them and I'll give them benefit of Dobson is a little both but. Will remember early in the season over the Denver situation it was a in Denver where they they can they headed to LA and it was -- night early Monday night you know now belatedly delay -- violent cold aloft but. And l.'s situation with a cell was way out and some account which is there were my place in the keystone so. It that wasn't. Sitting over the top of the stadium it was preventative kind of thing or was ninety miles west. If they continue all the -- formal -- -- -- -- I think the definitely the point where they're going to be more. More cautious than not at this point. Let me ask you guys question nine iron no up and I'm I feel obligated. We mentioned -- the Green Bay Packers are on the third string quarter we have seen quarterbacks dropping like flies around the National Football League this year. Watched. A the next Texas are we doing enough to protect the quarterbacks in the -- Well in my view has actually been that if there wasn't players that. I was OK with defending was -- quarterback I don't have a problem with about one it's just the -- This invented you know unicorn thing with that the -- receivers not felt out there -- make a choice to -- leave the ground at that point -- people come TCU the quarterback if people don't root of -- the defense the climate offensive linemen quarterbacks that would move the product quarterbacks that would keep people tuned in people come to see Pete meeting Tom -- Drew Brees. Aaron Rodgers whatever it you have to do whatever you -- to protect those multi billion dollar with a -- not to see that you know one guy's worth a billion but as a group. You have to do whatever you can to protect their investment I have no problem with you stepped up rules protecting here's the thing I have a problem with. The stuff once they've left the pocket one of the things it's always sort of six Democrats -- that's what I see the quarterback going toward the sideline to be it would dive for a you can have a a two to three cartridge cica has legitimately concerned about -- a -- near the silent no real thought in the season opener -- -- the jets Buccaneers season opener that is after the game you can also you can always you can hit it gently but you also. Slow as a defender as you approach a guy on an angle for an angle tackle cornerback interest -- And if your quarter -- can really sort of manipulate that your argument that can you can take that three or four yards and kind of on mountain discount -- through. But some of the situation right thank you should protect him is on a fall through to throw it can be dive nominees. But that and and that the idea of hitting Heidi. And I am still little concern about that because I think it happens incidentally we -- locked. Saw that with -- Claiborne thing with Drew Brees earlier this year -- -- change the face became work if the arms high because that's. -- by the -- -- mean you can't. Go hard stripped the ball because you're bound to strike helmets. So I -- problem that I am I'm guess I'm putting a premised moron encumbered via the dive in and delay to step forward. I going to hide because not throw the football is I don't have a mutual problem that. It's just that you should protect their legs because that is that a defense as -- I was gonna say that in in -- argument in Camden the six foot five inch 245 pound man. Is defenseless in certain situations when he's playing quarterback now when he's about this is vulnerable I don't like the word pencils he is he's ultimately getting you know I -- I do think they'll win they get outside the pocket think that that -- and they are for lack of better term fair game but I think if there in the pocket anything you have to do to beat him. I put every adult all -- -- -- but the but the idea that dip. They're need to be rules created to help protect the quarterback situation. You would necessarily Steve for a running back well yet receive I think it's fair. It's just when there in the pocket there in a different situation other guys don't have notices from the field -- deal with. Doing one motion which the jobless record and Withrow foot tall women have some photography but thicket it highlights the idea we saw that rock last week when he was run across -- round. You know EC BB -- his likes and and back to me is that's a legitimate defenses can't defend elect our helmets on your knees. That's a legitimate defenseless is vulnerable Wallach a world better but. And quarterbacks are unique to their situation -- with a kicker to kicker hasn't exposed like because apparently the ground can't Ivan -- apparently that is a position which cannot defend yourself. That's the legitimate. Picture definition of the pencils not to sort of invent that idea. And I quarterback has a unique situation and falling through the camp tekelec can't drop your children on the keeps them out of your doing something else now as soon as you start running Iran. And so I think it's it's fair game and then the read option is is helping lead to these quarterback injuries which orbit the guys journalist frank injuries with their -- guys -- -- shoulder injuries on the mound throwing our guys -- -- I just think it's something that's unavoidable. The thing that I think if you look at most of these policies or contact injuries anyway it's not what you drive into the ground and think. How many of the injuries that happen the guys have these next payments for example to lower ankle thing. You're gonna get that there's guys are gonna Jake Locker to warn you know we go ahead and show. How much to the rule help him get hurt I mean that's that's I think of for -- while I'm curious to when -- when I watch Peyton played tonight now Marty said he'll play the entire game and shot. They will not have homeowners how he sold to get the ball anyway and what. The only two with -- in that we do we talk about his mobility we talk about that yet -- ankle injury it's not that he's a scrambling quarterback it's about mechanics. They think when you're talking about a high ankle sprain in the quarterback to north -- had sort of erupt is which ankle. It's I believe its plant but they said yeah when the Seattle FISA right guy it is. It's it's it's his it's his right ankle is right it's -- right ankle yet in so we're not talking mr. because -- about a guy who's going to be you know one of the ball hole -- the department got a mechanically. How that's going to affect him going forward a river that Ben Roethlisberger think it was the other wrinkle for Roethlisberger a couple of years ago care how high ankle sprain in -- really affected his audience just a target back there yeah it is an appetite I just wonder. And again I wonder if he wasn't pulling the chiefs this week if they were going to be monitors Napster if he was gonna be it and not not play altogether but. I I just wonder about his fitness report when about the state of the yank and what about how that's going to affect his key because ever since he got hurt his numbers. In -- to -- a quote for you because number's been fantastic over the course of the season but his numbers have taken a hit. In and I wonder how much of that is just regressing to demean any idea of him. You don't not being able to keep -- that seem ridiculous level over the course of the sixteen game season and how much of that is really in Munich. I think there also -- by this new. Trend that dale sort of touched on you can live in the gun messed up that weird you know -- something that would they will surely in the -- but the the movement that puts the most stress on and ankles trying to. Jet back and trying to get back in future dropping links they talk about stride length is trying to push back as -- -- the set the pocket of the best possible death. Guys just stand their historic with the release sort of takes that. Part of the equation where it would become an issue was escape ability and you never have that he's a guy makes great decisions and -- -- and. I I should point out -- and I always I go back to the enemy earlier about X percent of them back up is is worse than -- percent of the starter. He had a situation with Chicago last week where. You could make the argument they rest Jay Cutler back to. And now they're going to be without him again they certainly had implying later in the game. After having already been injured and you think they should have and I understand the whole notion. Again Chatham -- me -- football players or football players and all that stuff but but their. If you have to protect that asset. I would suggest the coaching staff the Chicago Bears into a very good job protecting that yes you know we donated anything -- Pressman expressed some regret about that after the team in about his decision to be -- mean as long as he did yes especially you know when you consider the drop off when you consider a drop off from from one -- number two. In the number of back up quarterbacks we've seen teams relying on across the league over the course the first ninth and he was the season I think that's a legitimate tilt panel MacCallum yes. But it never -- to accounts those larger government count me what's that got to account at your -- you'll be playing today and as a matter of fact because the other starter can't like elect Jay Cutler is clearly their best quarterback in their best option -- all -- -- But I wonder time it goes back to your idea you know player safety and I wonder within organizations how much players' safety is -- is concerned about you know who did did they have a discussion. It Pressman and his coaches have a discussion. That that went along the lines of I'm not there I mean at this point. -- to thing. And now now he's out again -- RG -- yeah I didn't talk about that there's a break beat the idea that you can inhibit your young quarterbacks growth. If you make the wrong decision medically that situation you consider back for your -- that's one of the things. -- caused RG three to have the problems that he's had this year so it's it's a really difficult decision to make because you have to take a lot of things into account not just that individual moment. Whether or not you need him on the field but how this is going to affect him physically mentally on the road Tom Brady was playing the last -- 55 point game last week. -- week two weeks ago against Pittsburgh. You know it's the idea it was starting -- the matter how many points -- no matter how much are up by. They never think about. Ask him out I think -- error writing my -- had a good piece on -- today and it's the media freest in Boston the fact that Ryan mallet is one -- -- to back up quarterbacks this year that has not taken a snap. In it Arafat chose the two of those moderates and if -- he'd -- the reliability that the fact you can rely on him in the you know -- your point -- the idea that you know you want if you complaint. You're out there. One about there. Shoes record and so thirteen and I don't even I don't even mind the idea that you know football players play and all that stuff and you don't -- coach scared. You don't want let's get him out there for some bad happens I understand the mentality of it. But I mean and I'll even take your point I wouldn't have hurt Matt Ryan gets some snaps and in you know 55 point -- for Pittsburgh. Mean they had on prime -- now I write -- ballot I mean they scored what 21 on the fourth I think. Yeah yeah I mean that's something to be said for the idea of you you would you want your backup quarterback to stay -- in the best -- the sharpest route through do you wraps but I guess the counterargument is not alone throw anyway but. Brady was thrown a lot of handle their rubicon here as the patriots and Panthers are among thirteen teams in unifil which the backup quarterback has an attempt to cast -- season. Hasn't attempted a pass it may be that some back up quarterbacks. In that thirteen of played we just haven't. -- throw them. Doesn't set up an amateur -- bids via you know we've moved the Ferrari that's not been driven the stiffer and it was a it was a yeah I always thought that you know of that I'm just so used to this team losses were always been you know here or were New York -- remember -- right. Where they're just only the diameter community it's not you know we edited your reps -- that's the most important part we're just gonna play -- stop so I'm just. Used to the only time I've seen him divert from that is easily seasoned team that doesn't necessarily. -- how I feel she was governor but the idea that you know you're locked in your your -- locked in your playoff -- you know we're going to be. This is a good opportunity for -- we've seen this in the past week secretly do ya ya -- it back up guys to get wraps in that last regular season game. As a way to say look you were -- we may need to go on the stretch this is a good Wednesday Scharping. We have is go back to -- you know that the dropped a Q -- -- -- -- -- you know edit their situations that call for. Using the back up but I think to this point -- we haven't seen any for the patriot. And and -- the text from the AT&T -- -- says Brady needs all the reps seeking get with the new guys. Are we sort of past that point here. Behind you know that beyond the needing all the reps he can get with Kimbrel Tompkins and Aaron Dobson. I mean all of training camp every practice all the games so far through ten weeks nine games all the practices that come. Like a -- is three extra pass plays -- -- Dobson is gonna make the difference for them. Yeah prominent and the video that's we one quick weather note here tornado has struck. The NB CTV affiliate in Peoria one. And by the way -- just was looking one of the weather maps it is headed in the direction of Chicago that north. Easterly track from Peoria up towards Chicago who now at this point I think the game is still scheduled to start as planned at 1 o'clock. In Chicago at Soldier Field but you gotta think that they're probably all looking at this even more closely -- I -- Mr. Chicago who with a point. Baltimore Baltimore OK so it does is it never game. Wanted one of the big scary and I don't know it's interesting how sometimes develop those regional game -- that -- -- I was not one Arabic you know that's being carried its its interest in about part of -- sort of drives it because of -- got a game. Behind it you know going and other network start gamers. Ehrlich and part of formulas and and oh boy Jim -- Torre as well as now weighing in. -- and Roanoke Illinois is now words it's headed -- in the in the direction from Peoria up towards Chicago and each. I'm a little work is Stacy -- on the sidelines -- for NFL network finally got to go to bat I don't know why I say this with his ability to throw floater to it's going to be interest in the Joseph Flacco deals with via. High winds. Out there in the windy city mr. -- And Joseph Flacco has anyone gotten more. I I we mentioned this last -- were talking about teams that had sort of disappointed like. That guy just got the biggest NFL contracts won a champ should do a great job last year. Now he's one of the higher -- guys all the NFL he's been big disappointment. Had music in a brief line more under the radar than those guys in Joe's reverted back to what I think we kind of follow Madonna throws to -- picks again it's a little too dangerous of the ball. Got a comical throws put -- back to square one now you know what though. I'd just like that before I'm not remembers him until there officially archer Agassi against given what he did last year I don't -- the national -- exact -- they don't give but it's just watching them played on the stretch last year I know that it's a different team and has a lot of new faces there but. A lot of that court's still the same yeah I I just wouldn't count them out until they are officially the extra brings a good point about the patriots. Ferrari's getting used extensively it's the shabby that city and he's -- -- -- right now. We'll take a break -- NFL Sunday in just smaller presented by compliant ski insurance at the plant ski. They shops or use a visit to plants -- dot com today.

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