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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question featuring John Dennis - 11/15/13

Nov 14, 2013|

We answer questions casino style with Dino and our man from Foxwoods Resort Casino.

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Every weekday at 545. Still can only please answer the question injure a segment so popular older shows are playing why is -- but Lee is always a color that was never on your shirt tied let's see let's do a test for coach -- went. I have a pretty good don't. Like written perfectly normal and nothing and you've -- -- I can't get to the bottom line I don't -- So that's been -- of your pixel sense of the questions and the guru morning guys are answering doesn't days are getting colder my skin is drying out any tips on a good lotion whatever he. -- all -- -- Jack Black Europe Swiss formula saint eyes actually. A last they give me a sport you -- yeah. We just like. Didn't answer -- question asked by silicon -- answered by the morning show stand -- -- days ago my son gets lotion after -- I don't do the full body -- -- -- as a free stuff you know if you try to help other shows might try to ask their own provocative questions to Noah's -- have to -- does that and they reproduce a sexually oh yeah. Well let me there but there's only one original answer that question here to show us -- grossed just. Sure we've sold in whole league. It's time for answers the question generic answer the question with -- and Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering any thing and everything I'll answer that question. It's answer the question what. All right -- often duplicate it. Never imitated. Never I don't you know Iraq and I got up and imitated never duplicate a lot of jobs anyway. Answer the question is sponsored by terrorists restoration specialist. There's a -- 21 of November. Chris writes like salt myself will be hosting a special night of food drink applauded terrific last areas lot. If your facility a property manager ordered shores will have never met ERS team please hours did you -- dot com slash. They are that's an -- Mikey adams' house documents. Are you doing gambling down their proud I I I just came right the broadcast like clay problem and if you clean up. I'll lose my house later that night of that but also on another lesson -- -- you know very very special guests our host or hostess or host with the most. Got you -- the CEO and president of box with welcome good to see again streaked beard you know played her thanks haven't you guys do a great job here wonderful -- With all -- -- Disney World this is -- happiest place on -- yeah that's there it's there it's added it's about adult and had the adult entertainment are you -- everybody's got to answer some questions of provocative questions I'm ready are you -- this now in full disclosure I didn't realize -- -- can't. Question you're. Yeah I live with it at all. Others called words that everybody's on Kirkland has since that's -- out yesterday you're noted earlier earthworms -- -- -- -- sexually sexually -- should be okay. -- -- And give about a bit about what the next question is what gets to feel it. Next question. That's note -- that I got -- -- what was the biggest bet you've never seen your book. Biggest out of every senior -- million dollars we have a very high -- gaming and on the top or print it but our all of these stargazers. And that we bring in a fair amount I am playing and million dollar even -- even that's not the general. Did he win or lose that -- can't just let. That would by and large the he's -- guy but the odds are usually in the houses like that but it's it's evolved but it we have we have had million dollar bets. I guess is it's a little bit and use a lot of I am player right now is in Vegas and in Asia. But that's happening we will take -- could you tell us what game -- that the million homes Jack it was it was that Iraq Bacharach or idea that's generally the -- which is a game of luck not skill yet you know. So but it does he gave -- the best dot -- Next question. What this this may tie into that first question which celebrities frequent spots with the most. We have a lot of -- -- -- -- Steinfeld as the favorite we have coming in here Lisa Lampanelli. You know -- they're quite a bit. You know we have a lot of areas in new movie and TV people -- that are fairly discreet but. Jobs are probably John. Absolutely Burt Bacharach -- and -- -- Adams -- -- in the out there and allies did. But you know I would say Jerry you know Jerry's been probably our our you know she's left. Next question. All right. You know leader or a minute. While they're both weird ducks I'll tell you that. Meter is a little more user friendly. It had been ahead as a little more abrasive so it depends on your attitude on that particular day -- -- wanna go along to get along to beat meter. If you -- resistance fight and scratching club and it's been. That is. Is all but. The next question. Hey you know is. Is this afternoon you are you trying out here are just mix it up I'm just told the show up at 2 o'clock for a little try outs and salty is in Morocco riding -- -- -- thank you went. -- Above I think that -- I don't mean the Campbell hello all I've got a volume. UNC a line and a that they're. Not bad. Next question. Scott Lowell Massachusetts get a fox wouldn't box was innocent absolutely. That would be the best thing that ever happened for you know we get a team that understands Massachusetts -- -- great customer base there. I think beat them up with the design really suits the areas so we feel really good about chances it should be pointed out that this is -- -- biggest like fifty story -- does not play this is not last brass and -- yes something that we spent a lot of time studying history of the area. Well represents the area you look at our rendering this thing could be a campus and I am -- the years and my dad. You know -- said it is nothing in the world wealth of casinos it looks like this blatant and is just like foxwoods is going to be a lot more to do it is just game it's it's it's sort of like would you describe as a very high -- watch very -- very high and I actually grand resort grip rhetorical or so and it's got a lot of indoor outdoor -- -- -- using 15% of our site. So have great town greens and naturally areas and stuff like that but -- usual entertainment restaurants retail. You know great hotel rooms and obviously world class game and it's really easy to get to him and it would be right afford to live right off the -- and -- -- -- no 188 acres of raw land. Literally you'd get from or 95 to the casino or we estimate -- So ultimate convenience but it's a great site great area. We -- at the -- commission yesterday which is just a little bit more on the -- here that I'm -- But I got thrown at another I always feel like come you know like guitarist dean -- barbour's office and in the amount and you mr. -- -- -- -- that's zero point zero epithet but we got through it and I feel good about it good. Add -- to the next question. Next question how much would you pay how much did you guys -- -- -- had sought to assure together. Published by how much you've made all that many out here -- your case here. It's free it's free radio. Well you know to what to make it a thousand I have to -- to make I pay a thousand bucks drag those guys this institute report on the death. But you'll also need has met people who commit to cleanup the -- except for Chris is a camels to the other can be blood right. It next to what people. That's what is it true that the slots on the end of the road have higher payout rates. I know now there -- alleged. Yet know there's certain games that have higher payouts than other games which got -- members of the casino. His message -- it's like it's all odds so we call it volatility of the games they have the highest volatility at the highest payouts. And and they could be anywhere throughout the board but if you look good for -- you know this didn't come from needed did you brokers were. Two pro video poker. That's on the slots poker I don't even know our. And and there have been a penalty for a -- and the question please I see a video of our virtual. But analysts marrying inanimate objects. Barbara I got a lot of questions on that by it and -- I wanted to -- low balls and is -- well. They like he got a blow up doll and she looked so surprised. Again. A that's because when you squeeze down on -- as the configuration. And the next question. -- will be casino Belfort. Absolutely. No doubt. And will be part of it. And we'll get some answers next week yeah next week yes yes well and -- all we have a referendum coming up noted that November 19. And then -- to pass -- Council meeting -- zoning and ultimately we have to submit their final applications by the end of the year. And the gaming commission will select the winner sometime in March and April we have all goes well what mother in what year does do you know walked to the front door all they Scott I'm here all of 2017. Other WEEI Brando accelerate. Excellent. At Texas that didn't hurt him like you're sure to bounce back -- -- -- -- the reach. Yeah before the -- they're actually all right. There -- I I would put it this way if you get salt. And in hand together it would be like captain Phillips and the some volumes in the rescue vote. Same type of business and animosities and give us in the movie and I haven't heard of yet to his own sort of gesture oil at I well well well. I heard you guys talking about this on on the morning show. Who would win a fight yeah and that. I was surprised at the hands that he. Admitted it is conceding already he's a skinny little marathon. Bush -- is big. Asarco from Morocco to so who would you go to that which still at the guy who is I don't it all runs all the time -- little crazy C I think -- -- Armstrong. And it wire reached fraught with more Mikey for strong -- I think admitting hand is -- Travis -- WEEI and is it gently -- and we haven't seen it rate I disagree pixel which is. Snapped. And it does as the -- side. You know what. There's there's a lot of animosity built up that he's not let out. Jersey office space for the guy beats decrepit the printer that's it. So yes this you know -- -- -- whatever beat anybody anywhere patent leather loafers all the time. -- Those things distract you know does that does the trivial thing about so he can stand next to -- with -- on it look at the patent leather. It's the other addressed. Mirrors in his cuffed pants -- -- -- Adams it all comes down to -- -- to the next question I think that's what. Next question. Is -- -- sports book coming to foxwoods any time soon. Now now probably not. They might we might we're what we're -- a couple things. One in this area over erratic restaurants and retail product so we're gonna have something that now is affectionately called the restaurant. -- -- -- -- -- -- of art well -- it's -- it's like one of these restaurants where they have a lot of sports. Videos and in and watch games and yet servers that have amenities that landed on the -- the term restaurant I didn't source sports betting is not legal. In this jurisdiction and -- If Xena -- that would make a lot of money in sports betting it's more of an amenity obviously it's break during March Madness and Super Bowl. But we think we can accomplish the same kind of thing taking risk and that so Mike how we do have what we do you have a strong support group for four straight tournaments in the year. Talking about you know keep us abreast of that -- restaurant to grow at this coming season. I'm working very hard on them but that's just that's occupying most of my time to talk -- -- priority list the rest are absolutely. So Mikey if you're in charge of interviewing for the restaurant I was having. How quickly -- -- elect Rick -- next connects a Hollywood for you here. Who has the better it should -- you know my. -- -- It and it's UH you know we get a little I. Talk to you know I'm just going to go eat. The on you -- particularly about Kingston. -- Guys guys -- seven game series about that you know I don't know. I don't know about how about though doesn't let him do. There that's that's good. Okay 88 -- you have you know there when he went off what that's -- -- -- at the with the detail we understand. Piccolo little -- is now. The bodies and who has the better -- -- party time. All politics you just since I know I'm on over time now it's just I've asked a little recently we kept you guys a little longer to modify them -- BP is there any any word on the of the day. I heard no immediate word Michael yeah I -- what's coming up on the planet Mikey program. I wanted to sign off on this porn site to back the ESPN's -- the -- obesity still lead the space man is here in studio till seven that we get the the hot stove show 78 now and then there's been a focal. All right well that would have some fun here -- -- all you -- Dennis. Maiden voyage in afternoon drive he did great thank you -- futures on it was a pleasure. Very good we should wait fifteen years to work to get out what was that about Monday I just I did enjoy -- note note to. I and -- do you do here Tuesday I'm in the blow Tuesday Clinton talked to operate not work all night. The issue now about a couple of the view you have -- -- whole experience either when he gets that want to trade jobs through daily. Our guards got a -- well yeah he can look at it everybody statement badgers could -- planet Mikey coming up next tomorrow. After driving no we have we have Tom curry and and it hard on -- patriot Friday. About everybody.

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