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Dan Marino, Hall of Fame QB: On Dolphins and Tom Brady

Nov 12, 2013|

Marino joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the Richie Incognito situation in Miami, the state of the Dolphins, and Tom Brady.

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It more information right now -- a couple of draw the roster for use it or -- they kept them the the vets alike in Miami Herald the right way as well get more information. Find out that you know I know you know where he was wrong which use an award. You know -- to talk to all players and maybe not years as freely as they do in the locker because apparently they do they use an extreme to -- talked to one another. Tomato that's discussion what does that worthy of cut a player not bring him back when you're saying what do we know now. The owner does not wanna talk to -- god -- the text or points out he was asked the question we talked to rich you know I haven't -- wanna talk a lot talked to dark mark burrows yes. So that at that to me is sort of a sign that. He's fed up with -- -- -- why. Is doing what wants to get in -- aside for me wants to get Martin Cyprus and he reached out to me -- -- Martin twice. I guess -- the reportedly even get him to get a -- regarding I have Richie -- aside. The onerous and talk to him -- -- and talk to you I haven't talked to meet there and have already got -- -- NATO side got the owner of the team I. I understate hit and but. I'm not so sure we know exactly what Richie got NATO has done to give it all off the Miami Dolphins yet. They suspended -- they're the ones -- act quickly. But we get to get more information we've already heard -- side he's talked to a fault of our -- heard saw the interview just liking it. And I was gonna try to get Jonathan Martin's side and go from there but I. Packets I could see the marine statements got. A question. Do you think it's more likely give what we know now. He's back with the team and got -- much much more likely now a week ago now. But what we know now absolutely and that's and that's fair what I'm based now what we know now how to -- include disagree with you. Base of the allegation that came out with this woman in the TV ten report in Miami everything else I mean it. The stories it's just so. It's still in its infancy and I guess although war. -- as we go for in the next couple weeks also in the lot more about this playoff picture. -- in the AFC and a guy's been talking about it every week on CBS and the NFL today is Dan Marino the hall of Famer Dan Marino. And he joins us here on the AT&T hotline is gonna tell you about how watching TV. With a mobile lap that he threatened familiar with. Actually help you win stuff hey Dan it's not -- your -- scenario. According to a world we're talking football today gallery talking about this -- that you're talking about can reward people for watching TV which we do a lot of as sports race. Where it -- -- the commissioner of the vehicle by guy panacea in. -- you -- we kicked off and had a lot of fun doing -- and -- hero. It's free you go on the you win points while watching TV you watch the games have played a game to play against other people he could have blown up. Just thirteen when you win Gibson the the best Q what is your attempt to disposable one person wins. And so who lived in new York and well. The bye guys big flap of skin is very slow and I'm the commissioner ought to be that bad. But again today where I tell people how to get that thing where to find it it's. It's been a weird couple weeks Dan for your franchise that we also -- to with there in Miami and -- that in the face of that franchise. How do you tell these last couple weeks into what people said about your franchise what's gone on their Miami. Well I mean it's not amused and have them you know go on TV now so I haven't about really big franchises Ramallah on the team but at the same time goma a -- you know -- -- Miami Dolphins on the ball from polite you know that's just the way it is done. I think it's just frustrating -- and literally go away. -- everything came about and you -- -- look at -- I in no way that those much you guys do about it because you know everybody's NFL investigation that's ongoing has been a lot of speculation and it'll hopefully -- one thing that I think it's important news. It also almost rock slide mightn't be. Or on TV -- all want to see the things that he's committed to you know get into the bottom. Written committed. They couldn't make it right that's the most important thing. Yeah ethics through dolphin fans we look at this year there so much. So much -- so much are you going to do you think al-Qaeda challenged knowing the patriots made a lot of most this offseason ten meals ready the next thing you know it's you know you lose and Tampa Bay boxing you wonder and -- what's the rest of the season going to be look at likened. And I hear of all it's time to rebuild them even here in -- since you have like. Have a tough you know obvious that the passport is actually get organized. You -- like a lot of people around Cochran took the dolphins are in the quarter in the -- -- -- people. They're getting better I thought they could tell us this year you know in the open. If tomorrow we -- obviously. But the same time. You know last vital spot it's possible all the things that went through this past week and do with a -- great program that the put a lot of stuff behind if they were able couple point win in Tampa but it didn't work out that way. Yeah you know what things on a glaring at the last night and I'm sure you can attest to this. The what you really can't do much offensively for offensive line is just in shambles statistic can't run the ball and Daniels got no time at all. Yeah I mean there. Yeah when you look at it maybe you wanna be balanced offense too much to camp and they've been -- of the football which makes it hard especially a quarterback and and go home and effective they've seen a loss to a live and our place with little arm of the -- starters. Home but they were in the game you know they did they did have a chance to win it and it does but at the same time you gotta make plays -- have to make a you know the level of circumstances -- to ought to that the way they need to do. And -- you mentioned trying to earn the respect back on the feel Lotta time to go Stephen Ross the owner talked about. Respect off the field respect your organization actually mention your name is part of a a group -- he's putting together as the owner of the dolphins -- try to bring back respect to this franchise what does that mean to you what all that role when he under the owner Stephen Ross. You almost -- called me yesterday about the you know part of a committee that we could look at you know what they're doing. And I have we have heavy particles is about Dudley gotta -- -- -- -- it would. Load -- anywhere I can and so I told mobile part of that we haven't really got it all the you know issues where it's going to be war going to be look like -- haven't had a -- -- -- and it's just two days. However that it -- all settlement Tony Dungy is going to be maybe on the committee -- Don Shula earned. Bonds who with the very well respected man here in the league yet and -- -- you know Miami Dolphins coach great coach and -- -- of organizations sort of dialogue -- Discussed you know the next couple weeks you know they don't want. I'll ask you about Brady but like you say we only we know I what you know Dan from what you know one from. You following the story was there a line crossed in that Miami Dolphins locker room this year. Yeah I eight. You've got in there you know about a player or improvements it's. Help our poor. And you want really to make judgment on what's going on and it'd probably really get to the bottom of it can go into those investigating. -- it's hard to make a legitimate comical really that in -- You know the one thing I'll say is you know older because the NFL's do investigate and and and the team wants to get the ball but it depends it's important to stick -- whatever maybe it when -- only figure out what is what is our. We're talking to Dan Marino the hall of Famer Scott -- got an app whose gonna help you win some surprises yeah wanna ask you. I gotta do what we get -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't wanna ask you because city -- come into the league in in year with Clayton and -- for all those years and then. Think it was 93 when when they left the that it became -- -- before you but. The transition right because Tom Brady comes and this year it seems like all of his weapons from previous years ago on how difficult is that when you're just accustomed to. No one remarkably no mark -- on the -- he looked out there and they're not there anymore. It's it's it's difficult because you have to go through that learning curve again especially good young players you're a veteran like Tom Brady and get them to know. I think like you think of what you're seeing on film but what is in. You know in a game that it did gain speed and and that's all part of a process that goes on and you know sit in meetings and talk of young guys we'll let them. Understand what as a player as a quarterback a veteran guy would you look forward you're trying to get out of them and and -- -- -- I I give a lot of credit I really do because does that problem I have some tough games this year where you could see that they could be frustrated. You watch these games and the bottom line is -- At the quarterback position Dan do you watch these games on Sundays you know with -- current crew and say boy if they again had -- these rules when I play they went up -- I went up put up with like 70000. Yards. Again their equipment all the time but like I think I'd be able to put about the same number these guys put up today you know and all will be the first of a billion Peyton Manning broke the rules have changed and they played him you know the play of the game when they were younger when the rules were. Different -- -- you know -- pretty much grab guys mobilized permanent. -- ball but guys at the line that you don't really see them as much anymore makes so. It doesn't it definitely took its that the league and he got a beautiful football -- Buxton. And and you know that that's the wanted to papers the little that I believe that this year's that it more balanced in this very very well football's probably as good as anybody leak. You know the world a lot of miscommunication and some drops in some of the young wide receivers and then. It started turning into while Brady may be is the same guy he is getting old because he started missing some throws. When does -- that may be lack of culprits of those young players sort of not be in the right spot start to affect Q was a quarterback and you start -- passes does that happen. As well then why are you know that's part of it but it would make a player like -- great is you know you can get frustrated but his bottom line it's about women and could give those guys lose. You know. Around them to play and I level that's that's where it is and he also -- dropped the ball by upsetting it's a little while but at the same time you gotta give complete you do. The next ball he's from my B -- ball it's gonna win it -- you're keeping a guy called. We did that -- guys they're playing right now we associate most with a a player like yourself the -- put up hall of fame numbers are. -- Manning so you've got one game on Sunday you've got to be -- size since team. You get one of those quarterbacks who do you want Brady or Manning wouldn't have brought about -- -- a good answer. And a very Denver he would say Peyton Manning and so I think point. Al luggage -- -- on this because I don't early in a year when Brady -- some frustration on the field these young wide receivers there are some people critical of MCI it's not gonna help out the young players. One does across the line you always pretty enemies sell well what is it like on their view in dealing with these young guys. Well Pinoy. In all the -- and it was very emotional side to believe or not sometimes do was get emotional on the TV cameras are aren't in it looked like it. You're yelling at -- -- -- -- upset about what you've -- maybe to completely throw your bacon. But calm you don't a competitive situation sidelined different in the home of real competitive guy so those emotions -- one way or the other and it comes out sometimes with. -- wide receivers. Getting frustrated -- with the quarterback that's happened to me before work -- mark -- -- may you know that they get on me but that's part of it and the next thing you know he's going to be back on the field working together try to win that football games that's the most important thing. We get you out on this the quarterback position Boyd Dan has changed it is thought of these mobile quarterbacks now on what RG three and Russell Wilson of done. Are we getting to a point where that stand and throw quarterback is that. Is that going to be extinct you gonna have to have some sort of mobility it's to compete in this league is the speed of the defense is change in the offensive change. Yeah I know I think it the guys like to know myself through you know Peyton Manning their Talbots note that can move the pocket and make -- in the pocket is you have to have those guys -- But if you have a garlic or -- -- who could do that it'll stand in their -- does anybody believe also run. To make plays out of the pocket that's that's the best of -- world and a you're gonna see that as as time -- -- you know that some of these guys that don't call it the way we're playing an awkward to run and you know it could -- make them be more mobile quarterback has to run first 2000. That's gonna continue to would ball the ball in the league but you're always gonna have guys to like -- Like pavements can reduce the American and -- to block. Seat now you as the commissioner of my guy partisan real time cancer and real time fancy football people can play. They can earn points for NFL games at the end of bit the one player's gonna win a Super Bowl trip for the highest award during the -- my guy football playoffs. I'm gonna tell in the gulf find the app bagel on their phone or their their Smartphone here and look for the my guy and sign up and play and try to beat you the commissioner Danny get themselves Super Bowl. There's probably be the commander like Garrett it's my guys -- football league and I in the community can download Apatow. People after week. -- -- just he could play other people palm. You know throughout the league and and friend of yours would sign up within it and but only begin exclude the number one -- in the year due to develop New York City watched Super -- -- -- Hopefully see of their Dan appreciate the time today look for talking down the road guys have a proper -- Dan -- all favored joining us here on the AT&T hotline eighteenth -- the nation's fastest. -- reliable Ford GL TE network and -- interesting thoughts and he. Like a lot of players wanting to know more information countries closer to Lou invited guests -- -- because he's a dolphin you Stephen Ross. Asked -- -- part -- -- leadership group and and we shall see what. If any role he has publicly in this thing going for trying to balance that role with his role on -- try to talk about these games on TV. 61777979837. If your phone number can text this. Are on the AT&T text line at 37937. On -- Celtics won again last night their fourth game in a row. And it's making some of you very Smart Celtics fans insane we'll talk about that next.

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