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Tom Brady on his bye week and the Panthers

Nov 12, 2013|

Tom Brady joined the show refreshed from a week away from football. He talked about his down time and the difficult match up this Monday in Carolina.

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Our conversation with Tom Brady is brought to -- northeast electrical distributors the cancer center at Beth Israel deaconess and -- credit. Union I'm joined us on the AT&T hotline good morning Tom how did you enjoy your bye week off. I got a -- more gorillas elude it was a good week we got a lot of spoke also started. Learned at a few days of a little mental break but we're back edits today -- it's actually. Straight we've backtracked in order. How many days in this past week did you absolutely -- lead positively turn off football for your brain want to -- that more than that. Our god -- -- -- is not right. All the time especially. I was part of our life for the few days ago that it's -- you know what I just love football. Because we've ordered but they have apple announces forehand and you're not. It's just pure shallow water cellular. Carrier what didn't you know. Are they need -- followed every you know I don't have notarized you have so I've -- every five minutes as you would go -- little -- score it. It's probably more anxious. Where -- top players figured this you know you're you're watching these games -- these -- -- -- -- Watching our teams are doing it and it's a license football player are -- There wasn't ready at any moment I would say where about they -- about the game. Well you looks like you're having a good time your wife tweeted out pictures of of the family on the beach in people up there were worried did you get sunburned or anything in Italy if jelly fish bites or anything Tom. Now are pretty safe here she -- that in order so she. You know that he currently without data from that -- itself out like what you what what -- my in my and that's sister. I do think you -- left you bathing suit on and that photo. But it -- -- -- does it ever seem like it's not worth the trouble when you have 45 days and you get away and you go to these tropical -- -- the wife. And I just on the couch with the collector and and rest. I'm you know -- is where. -- yet its -- because. Or seven months of the year. It's so much applause literally every day you know -- do it. Football and play better and urgency every week and every moment you know what I get home and -- -- You know they got about the next day and -- -- -- -- third down in the red zone and what are we gonna commit nonprofit that Josh. There are quite the night. There are Travelle Wharton brief break during the these that you actually get from broke all the time which are apparently and it's it's kinda. For however long it could be 36 hours. You -- you do get a chance -- -- connect with your kids and your family that's a nice thing. Because the -- pretty quickly up the contentious political policy and is. It's it's it's that it's a little bit of -- mental break. Our brief period are but. Just like you wouldn't let that out but every. Does the offensive performance that you guys demonstrated against the Pittsburgh Steelers -- the interest obviously it makes it a lot sweeter. It is that the out liar or is that what you think you're gonna see -- 55 points from this offense going forward for the second half of the season. Well you know look our expectations. Have never changed you know with the way that we perform offensively. No reason why score a lot of points that because York's Q well you get the plays that are there. You know when you get. Defense is that you may expect he did you have a great play called person you -- that the urge you gotta. Really take it -- the opportunity or both all of about matchups and that blood execution. And when both those things come together. Now you can have. Pretty good night offensively that you execute really well offensively at Hartford good defense his. That's about you but if you execute -- you could -- the best flavor the defense searcher looking forward to it. I'm -- at bat well then -- you know the -- weren't productive so. The important work trying to -- productive are consistent basis and we talk about a practice we talked about it or opinions. You always go to the game sick and make you are really good player and attack. And that it carved out our players and a lot of excuse so we buried. You know it looked as a last game we scored the people are quite -- -- outside that usually -- -- -- we we played really well -- How we fare against Cara why not you know we got to put the work in practice we got to be prepared that we can go out there and play with anticipation and you can play. You know 200% of your aggressiveness if you're. If you're really competent and Richard go and so for that play games where you gained confidence so what we're doing and you say OK there it is what we're capable of it all goes well. And that's what we're trying. That's what we're gonna go tribunal that we -- you know this week I wondered. You know Pete Best defense in the belief so they are our market and it'll be even less but here we still expect to block fair play really well that's. That's they expect it to the office. Saw your coach is on this the station here yesterday was pretty expansive talking about hazing and what's going on down in Miami you're the senior player on the team you've been there. Forever your leader in that locker room -- How do you deal with it every year -- going how do you treat rookie season and what your thoughts overall I guess on the card you know Martin's situation. Well I you know I I've been a part of one locker room in my -- to really hit it you know being in Michigan and being. I you know patriot locker room and you know we we got a great group the guys who he we have great respect for one another and that starts with coach telecheck mister Kraft the job then that. That the leadership there's paper so we don't want to do anything. You know misrepresent -- -- honored our locker room we wanted to be. -- role models we wanna win football games and I think that's what it comes down and we shall every -- trying to do our jobs. They're really not laying out yet know if that's because. You know it's it's there's. If certain issues they hear a lot for a third issues that are outside of the realm but if you're on opponent. Specter -- -- it just takes away from what you trying to accomplish so. Coach Belichick is always done a great job of keeping the players focused on our opponent and that's our energy ago so. It's unfortunate finger but a lot of you know awareness brought to the situation you hope they saw what happened down in Miami back. You know that's out there she could deal -- thirty. Certainly not an issue that any -- patriots won idealists are you aware early concern -- spectators through were concerned with how we're gonna do our best but prepare first. The biggest sharper here this week. I've heard varying stories in very reactions from players and former players some say that's the way it is it's vulgar it's crude it's that the -- environment is one way and -- -- a whole bunch of other players say. No that is the aberration when somebody like Richie caught in cog needle is setting the tone with that kind of language probably just the N word but -- defecated in Malcolm's -- kill you all that sort of stuff. Eat eat eat eat your estimation and I know you'll be there one pro locker room is that the rule or is that the exception in the National Football League. Well I don't know what I'm I don't pick a poll on most no one knows. I mean you just know what you see and you know we -- out Tedy Bruschi and we're here around running here and are willing to get a steady. Those guys are good luck you're not severe junior say -- Troy regarding Kevin Faulk did. Those -- both of our teammate so. I mean that's both of those -- but I think you know those guys well it's just. They were focused -- -- -- and are often. But we've got a pretty good record of success because. -- here in the air recorded individual a lot that's the most important to mister Kraft ourselves check. In Britain and guys being facilitated you know what car -- person is that probably it into the locker room are they. You know patriot kind of player which is really put the team first then go on out there and help and that's when you're playing -- role do whenever. The coach actually to do to win and so that's what that there are that's all I know I don't. You know I don't. You know partake in the you know anything that's different -- -- so. It's I have no idea what goes on in Jacksonville -- San Diego or Denver. You know there are other guys hit it. -- different locker -- that made her differently I don't know what works for us and it works pretty well so there's really no reason to change you know what we do. I was gonna say it's of obviously what's going on here Tom works and Belichick gave you guys credit the leaders the players -- that and that locker room how they police it. When you're a kid when you're a rookie. What did you have to do and what do you as a leader now of that and what do you consider acceptable rookies to carry in pads are rookies. By and coffee and donuts is that the extent of the that that of indoctrination I would in the colonies in the treatment you give. Young players. Yeah I think it's there there's always so very you know respect lot of Putin are a lot of minutes. It's you know you can expect the -- Serbia would contribute on the field and you want them to be able. Really be able to express themselves. So that are not intimidated by by order players -- bias. You know you attribute that Libya article on -- that's the most important thing could ever on appeal if it -- -- spot. There's always turn over an elite you're always gonna have brought you here we're gonna have second year older dirtier players. You're gonna have your players free -- that comment and apple learned what to do so. You just want our environment wherever it can chill out that he yearbook (%expletive) beat themselves and play -- confidence. So they can help the team and you know. Don't absurd you know what I know we always cut the cut -- guide's Erin it's it's -- -- being at the camaraderie saying it's kind of a group. You know sacrifice you know we're all in this together -- -- -- -- it started late away but it. Hopefully it never started at the disrespect of it's that is -- -- came together and not try to -- -- -- those are saying that it is. You know for us you know we -- our. You know foreign camaraderie. You know we have a Halloween party and other important things for the team to -- history and all credit -- some -- outside the realm of their -- and knows. Where you can feel. A sense of kinship with your fellow teammate and you know. Veteran player set the tone they younger players follower and yeah that's that's what creates really. You know strong cohesive bloc were aware you you love the guys that you played -- -- will -- -- yourself and sacrifice sure. Your own well being for what's in the best interest fifteenth about -- Wednesday. Where you were you fortunate in that you were kind of under the rate yeah sixth round pick and you know fourth string quarterback as a rookie you weren't that you know first round bonus baby. -- -- rookie who got the singled out correct. That was there I mean I'm not that was one of the best things that are happening now with our. In a position where I had to contribute my first you like it really. Take -- time. You know understand -- Propofol at about and I had a great example Brady Drew Bledsoe. How carry herself and the popular that you brought Martinez. You know I really learned so much for can't think. Also John -- veteran quarterback watched him prepare. Michael bishop for the younger players that. You know. Did a lot of you are a lot of really positive skill though are from I was disabled sit back and watch those guys that he try to learn from it -- it's alive -- I didn't find my old evil and I was lucky enough to -- the ground and you know without a great part of our rookie season. This is defense Tommy you said earlier it's it's got to be the best you've played this year they've allowed a 115 points this year. Second fewest -- FL on their rolling right now it seems. Oh yeah they mean they went in the fair princess -- San -- who you know they're very human what -- -- what we know what strategy they're all about self. It's a -- team their physical their front seven is. As good as anybody they're past brush their lives stoppers they got playmaker from the secretary so. Got to be our best game -- notes there's -- doubt about it on Monday Night Football import yet but I am it's an important game for us. It -- -- made us so. We've got to get the kind of that I relate where were asking what we need to do better brought forward based on public -- -- Had an extra time to prepare for himself. Yeah a little work out a lot there excuse it. You know we think we got a good plan just a matter about going out -- -- you -- that there -- they -- and if we can be under percent prepared for. You know the -- on yet I'm excited first excited first he. Tom did you watch the San Francisco Carolina game -- just saw highlights of look at the film going forward. Art -- or -- yet it seemed to me I think nick was sacked six times and it could have been twelve if not for being fleet afoot. -- -- of you a couple of times -- think he's he's like a tenth of a second faster in the forty than you are so to cut to have to make sure your offensive -- -- pay attention I think right. Yeah Irish peace and actually went for it this week -- else might that record jump rope like it. Try to avoid those guys because they don't get the odds are the suspect there and figure out what's gone on that's not the strength and only defense I would say guys that can rush. -- for rusher could still get to the quarterback. You are some of the best defense that I ever played -- one of those teams that. -- they let her rip through when they're coming after the quarterback that you just can't be impact that catch the ball try to figure out guard Derek Gilbert as. They're common and they I like it won't -- they got. You know -- got courier forehand that -- -- -- -- the -- -- -- -- -- can move it has -- six times and felt like you were scrambling Albania itself. And you know hopefully we have a real good plant. You know try to slow those guys down but you know we are notre comedy and I'm not going to be in a stand back there -- clr called on the ball. They it's customary during the bye week republic Haitians to put out there you know mid term grade reports and I'm reading from the Boston Globe this morning and you get a B minus from league from the globe. Passing average 250 yards down a little bit lost touch don't down total on par for 2357. Point one completion rate. They gave you'll be minus would you give yourself and an M -- all those numbers being down your statistic being down the team is seven and -- what -- is Tom Brady give Tom Brady. I can certainly do better and are I don't aren't gonna get and you know my. You know grade so that doesn't make any sense to me so. I can do better there are certainly things that I need to do better health barking and then. -- talked about those things with my coach and you know figure out via particularly beaten so. You know I think I can't act like a veteran -- I felt about it would do. And no well you would like to play to your fifty and you have no intention of retirement talk and retirement but we often have -- would always ask this question of when will bill how long Belichick do this for my theory is he'll do as long as you do it and you two will walk. Out the walk off the stage together. You think there's that chance that happens it would discuss it with their coach. You know we never thought about it but I -- -- coach I never won a place for other and themselves. He's he's he's the best coach in the -- that's. You know ever coached in the way that he gets thirteen prepared the way he handles the overall organization and then. Is it pretty phenomenal already in that -- -- pro football it is very different and order what you when I came in relief. So much turnover. Free agency and salary cap out. You know for our -- to be able to do it it -- you know on a yearly basis and so. Remarkable players -- points at -- of -- Coach Belichick have to manage on a yearly basis for. You know I'm not going anywhere on the armor -- for a long time. So you know I hope -- I hope you want to coach that long but it might -- for help a lot longer than I've done -- -- far. -- taught in this legal -- work guys going down all the time quarterbacks as well when you seek -- C Rogers go down then everybody's evaluating their backup quarterback and how many games can they win. Powell Powell. A fish intended be with a back up to do us any sense based on what you've seen from Ryan mallet in practice if you were called upon how prepared he is to lead the patriots who -- forward. Why it yeah I'm a lover I have and I love Ryan and his attitude what you bring to our team in the role that you played and you're not only attempted -- back up quarterback but he also does all the out -- every single day gives our defense but look at what the other. He's trying to do so well and is. You know right -- the great. Yeah I -- -- skill and you know when he gets an opportunity I know it's gonna take advantage of itself. I'll tell them. You know you never know what you're gonna get it get like I didn't know I was gonna get -- like you said that the game of the church and it could be the first play of the next inning and then you've got to be. Just as prepared that I am to go out there player. He's done he takes our challenge -- it's helpful -- You know back -- quarterback -- -- heroics on the edge here seat trying to prepare like you're not getting all the reps so. He brings it every day -- that he brings every bit of work then and you know he's. One of my best but he's on the team and I look forward to -- -- what he does get an opportunity because I know it's gonna want they're a great job with that. All right we have a lighter note Tom the quarterback question of the week brought Cuba crescent credit union on line at crescent credit dot York. What's the most notable bye week event either you've been a part of or you party teammate put together for himself. Our man. Mostly guys should get away overnight and a lot of guys cycle back to their colleague Richard if you try collector Collins a little bit more games and guys go home. The -- elderly guys the guys stick around. It's all a little bit different so. That's a good -- basically have what I would say they are able part of the ordinary eight to go to Vegas but my buddies and you are much are we could have. 48 hours were always a good time -- Now it right it's more deal with my kids so. It's it -- like all of our -- let. It's not for better or worse the best part for me is back Indy it's our vehicle back workers. Are not -- better than play on Monday Night Football. -- played against one of the best teams in the NFC east so that's. Now that's what it's all about for me it's hard to get back to work it spoke policies and and you know our restaurants you're made it here in -- -- the year. You probably didn't consider this the Michigan Michigan could probably use another pep talk from you Tom. -- They're -- or and they you know it's. Its -- you know like those. Alabama is in the house ever feel like they're defeated every year it's quite a bit different than pro football. -- you get the caliber athlete but they did they get. You -- first round pick the year you like you know Michigan is you know we're a millionaire it's it is not over we've still got a few big games left but I. You know there are not really the national title -- unfortunately. Our top back to work we'll talk to next week. OK got it here Tom Brady the interview with Thomas brought you by northeast electrical distributors the cancer center at Beth Israel deaconess hospital and the crescent credit union.

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