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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: ACLU defends the alleged Boston bomber

Nov 11, 2013|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today they discussed the ACLU's failed attempt to get more rights for the alleged Boston bomber.

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Headlines brought you by a perfect precision fitness equipment shopper the pros do precision fitness equipment. Which is a place I love and go to all the time Jerry yeah you needed now I have been -- and I wonder what's next that you sell one and -- as a -- royal regime precision fitness equipment -- woods yet ultimately to. Get there's nothing you can do like this I can't you that's that's -- people who -- like no I'm not used to the idea alien area which they do. Let's sit out for weeks. Sense when a -- I am freaking aggression by by. Thanksgiving is just limits on weight bearing and consumers you know you should goal full circle give up on links that -- -- and -- out -- ago. Smoke cigarettes go crazy you think so yeah. -- here's here's here's one military. The American Civil Liberties Union has been shut out of weighing in on the accused of Boston Marathon bombing suspect. I -- cars -- its claims of hardship behind bars and hearing tomorrow to address whether the alleged terrorist. Deserves to be cut some slack while he waits for the ACLU wanted to be in on the hearing to defend him or to advocate for him. Getting what cable TV what does he want well the but I nuggets in documents filed last week the ACLU stated that plane to fight for the accused the twenty year -- terrorists' rights. -- -- -- -- attorneys information as lawyers claim is critical to defending him against a potential death sentence the conditions of the solitary confinement. We're not fair they said oh all. Right so we want to -- When he wants and the minute the bulk -- she gives him the most cry bloody murder that he wasn't protected right that's true maybe they think they'll find someone with canals. Like mind yeah it is -- we believe he's in a glass cell -- -- was at the garden watching 24/7 which is great. Disgrace and he's you know belligerent we know that he confessed we know that no contrition. None none at all so. I really think he deserves some -- for principally from the ACLU on and -- said what -- we -- -- for him right and we said what do you want for him what's what's -- -- socialization. Yet -- with us -- as -- makes you lose your mind yes it's a shame because he's so stable to begin with -- Alerted everyone is entitled living conditions. The ago there's Amy and some -- some -- hasn't smoked weed for a while guests right now -- little we'd sit we'd tush reports monopoly and get a chance to hang out with the guys jackets. You know that you put in some vulnerable young guys in there and he can. You can brainwash him. But like Jonathan Martin like Joseph the following. The but hey how rare is -- in the state that Cummins has prevailed and it's at it's I was surprised I was surprised to see worth mentioning commanding that judge so Tom Cruise whenever anybody brings up anything against bunkers these rumors of these game which. Of course -- that's no reason to believe that on yeah. Had. A class. Right or anything else he sued -- or to just got yes he's suing again. It magazine. Claimed he abandoned his daughter -- After because she would not Katie Holmes is not following the -- -- college World Series not being racist -- dollars should be raised Catholic. Which is frankly just not whatever that's a different partner for different. Side people reason people think Scientology's crazies because Miller. The ultimate all aliens like buried under the ground. That's a judge or it's just facilities is catholicism and every bit -- results why has there's no X -- catholicism to me because there's no it is Jesus existed right EOK guys in Kansas -- -- -- -- disciples and he and he spoke through -- and yet he had a right turn water into wine now -- still -- -- until I was sick but. If you. Put that aside the miracle society actually existed walked -- -- spoke. Eloquently reached right now. And spoke commendable you would say he never text of the inward -- and -- any of these guys I doubt I don't see what you do you know do Scientology's. Is what is the basis for -- -- aliens are buried under the Europe and they're gonna come out someday I was opposed to a new diet has just told you there's gonna float -- to day basis is the word of -- it's a little. Okay it's a little any but there is no Jesus would you say run L Ron how Ron Hubbard as he does this strike is that he wrote a book. And then they fall. Anybody who writes a booking get a following. -- be right to sleep until eight books so we followed him. Following month or you fall of the for a follow Jesus why no remark that was real which is from my point my Jesus was -- at least the guy. But he was a very inning and you changes -- seem -- to you know was a different name was like Christ. He's amid Jesus -- I do believe. Anyway so Tom cruises is -- around like crazy fifteen million dollar libel suit against the magazine publisher claimed he'd been at Surrey which magazine. -- and we've heard of now it's -- C it's a weekly reader yet one of those look -- likes to gamble yes so. He'll present along with a nude pictures it is well known. As or disagree. Now. The it's the -- beach right Sartre who vote it was bull go to Europe or something. They'll look good. She's attractive opening girl from which is her -- of the nation lesbians -- missed many dance thing. You're correct the pathetic images of me over the weekend number one was me and climbing up that thing that's. Not to deal yet with a torn hamstring number two was me harping to my hotel resort to get the pizza delivery that night from the guy. Well forgetting I had the money didn't have the money my hand I don't hop back to get the money -- back number three was me after the pizza and the bread crimes crusts on my side. Getting my laptop and looking up some Asian lesbian porn while -- my legs underneath zero exchanging bodily fluids. Well I do like is a scene where they don't like each other first but the yet elegant along yeah that can work it out. Long story short back to Tom Cruise -- -- on the series so we get to deposition -- -- the second half a million questions which is kind of goals or does he doesn't it that that the reason they divorced was because Scientology's he gives us that. And ask him about. The location shoot season. And he says it's just like serving a torn Afghanistan. He said it's for the feels like it's certainly on the last movie was brutal it was brutal. There's different there's difficult physical stamina and preparation sometimes to spend months a year and sometimes two years prepare for a single film. But the kicker he says sprinter for the Olympics away restaurant two races a day when I'm shooting. I potentially to run 3040 races -- day day after day. So not only compared himself to soldier in Afghanistan but also sprinter in the Olympics yes car. He said the conditions were brutal. I've been on many many movie sets to see how the stars are treated and this is people like Jack Black top -- -- -- -- you've been to Afghanistan. But that's -- say was different say than that -- soldiers in Afghanistan each of their own air conditioned trailer I don't think -- with a -- players. It came right. I don't think so -- -- Paul throws trailer. We hung out Jericho -- there we had a trailer do you Norman yet it was a nice letters -- it was pretty nice genetic condition it did and he did admit he did say he has for commercial once in the last three years he's had to fly commercial and India he sat out yet. Do we know if you're sort of a flight movie but it takes two years that he's made Jack preacher does it take two years Mission Impossible six an -- on the -- would be. Maybe Mission Impossible probably two years. It takes to used to make scenes don't take. Two years to make you talk about two years to prepare and train wreck. Yeah try to prepare and train doesn't puzzles and stunts he says that's true it was a movie where he was the assassins went around town to wake up people -- born on the fourth of July now announced risky business known it -- minority moments limit minority report on Christmas in my pirate -- awesome I think -- would love but he won't -- Absolutely you'll see where they -- in the pre crime either -- or across salt. Policy -- -- to finish and tell are they all barrels and before they happen and it's really haven't you got to know. That's a tremendous movie Spielberg curriculum but it was very original like a lot -- movies I've seen this before. It was seen movement not slow crimes of what they what happened to you wonder like Alex Aldana climax and it did with. It's elemental gold is a big twister there mister deedrick twist -- once needle. Excellence and I else need to talk about the Tom Cruise movie where he was an assassin in a beautiful suit or Jamie -- yet Astaro. Collateral management flat out as collateral collateral it Clara named Schwarzenegger market excellent movie to collateral -- -- a underrated and Christopher will be or Tom Hanks promote. In the same yet all ballpark when -- five point -- yeah -- recently of that that level they reached this here's Tom Cruise -- flashed him because cages no longer on the level when he million now. But he is a Scientologist cruise as John Travolta comfortable yes and she needed help all they have a common to both times but nothing nothing short of short and no -- but it does come out of the closet. -- Obama he said that's the top stitch Tibetan army I didn't even say that what a terrible date this weekend. Yeah disaster with the in -- yeah -- and those people Philippines that their problems for -- sit down right. Now let's talk about the stones first what's the deal loves weather and yes I'm surprised and at this as the start with the mingle biggest. Biggest storm in recorded history. Ever biggest storm ever yet since Jesus walked the earth there's -- city of 250000. People. It does not have a building still standing subtly used up he was 121000 people think about that. -- -- -- TD banknorth are Katrina bigger than that whatever it may call it what it's all over like -- if you took all the people at it. It at an event in TD garden and all bid. That's what happened over there. Couple thousand people right now right now -- obviously it's going to be bigger numbers and do with a picture 121000. Just supposed to do with this. I think you bury them. I guess maybe it as a result -- the living people would just like zombies right now to stagger around what do you do we do get a life. I'm as our producers of the storm for the show Chris -- -- -- know about this before they did they knew 20000 advancement. I guess -- it was a huge a -- BMW open your BMW your laboratory right away. Yeah no -- ducks got look at this again video of a woman giving birth yes in the middle of the carnage. -- and down the middle of the masks and baby's fine issued by the way had to swim hole under some sort of hole. -- when the storm you know. In raging through to save her own life of men and it's -- and I got the and one at all -- if if if if it's it's unbelievable. Was that she obvious place to begin now. A -- as -- hurricane just Southern Hemisphere this right hand while -- -- meaning gold reached a US to vote yes like this guy was treading a water storming the beaches it's -- -- a barrel of -- to Brad differently about what this rob Bradford is that you're singing beach. I think it's close to a harmony bay I'm -- -- and a -- You're striving for over an hour he's rescued this weekend this -- swimming around he went swimming on purpose he didn't fall out of a boat correct he is slated to go for recreational swim off the coach coach coast. A Beverly. And I guess hypothermia -- kick ass let that guy die I really do you -- saved. The B police fire rescue gulf Coast Guard police said the bill. Water rest and I think saves and fire real fire fire and Beverly fired you know what you should bill him before you -- water yet you get charged Gartner credit cocky attitude -- Atlantic. -- -- Requests for what does -- -- holding us in his forties at a -- that. Wetsuit on -- -- When it suits its powerful. Chemical often buy your body surfing golf by yourself so completely alone in November day. Answers outraged with the ball with a wet suit and white treading water for power. A couple hundred yards -- guys obviously in good shape you can print water for our enemy quick game and I think -- the -- ago that that's right out of Shepperd joins us at 805 -- lines opened 61777979. The 37. Easily she says he has nothing to report that's coming in on the guns that you know you nuke us. Is date you gave in the whole menu again I'm not one to set in on a year. Real 100. -- what -- the sure boy in to meet his girlfriend's parents for dinner for the very first time we coached up -- what aware. We helped what what he should order. When we come back we'll find out how well this went. Get Hampshire after fatal fire no Tom Brady today will save him for tomorrow since the patriot Monday usually by Monday -- -- weird -- --

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