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The controversy around Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin continues to grow

Nov 7, 2013|

Mut and Tom Caron analyze the emerging details in the Jonathan Martin case. Reports indicate that Dolphins’ management had knowledge of the situation and endorsed Incognito in an effort to “toughen up” Martin.

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Back -- Butler and ID 37 WEEI. Tom Caron back today. In for Lou will be back on Monday. Taken some time off after a long lengthy Red Sox playoff Ron. We a lot of stuff going on today if Tim Thomas returning to the garden. -- always was going to be well. It may be all right maybe maybe I hope he's -- I hope Tim Thomas turns in the garden tonight in some way shape or form. Match out of gonna join us here in studio I get some NF NHL stuff they do want talk about in the next hour. But you get up this morning Tom and it to on this radio station you turn on ESP and you go anywhere nationally. There's one story of one story only and that is the story Richie -- needle in a Miami Dolphins and feels like. And you mentioned this today to your credit and I agree. It almost feels like a bigger story today. That it was yesterday with some of the new information coming out and more more of his dolphins teammates. Going above and beyond. To defend him in what they see is actions that are not represented of of the player Reggie -- need a what is in his run ins with Jonathan Martin that's. Stunning today that the more you he year from teammates and the more you hear from inside this locker room in Miami. The more you hear players siding with in cart media which. I think I expected there to be a lot of support because really what we're challenging now is not -- and -- -- we're challenging the culture of the NFL -- charges -- challenging. What's happening inside that locker room and what happens. In the most physical game. And the most popular game in the history of American sports maybe. Not to overstate it but. One what was the quote I heard somebody this morning saying you know the players. Law. -- in god. Are worried that I -- 200 yeah -- Of the support. Is going right now averaging in Gagne the -- was the players like Jonathan Martin -- law -- and Gagne. And -- allegations that maybe -- need help. Let the team Ricky Williams. -- weighing in on this saying you know I left the team but I didn't blame somebody I didn't have a -- -- scapegoat. What more anti Jonathan Martin's sentiment. And I expected there'd be at this point. For me it doesn't make a difference for me there -- light has now been shed on what goes on there. And the NFL has to make steps take steps to make sure -- That the stock -- don't know what -- it was going to be a man to be in that locker -- got to put up with whatever -- -- know. You know debate 151000 dollars for got to go to it. Anyway. Because again. If and I and Mike -- -- a Michael Hawley was outstanding on salt and people talking about yeah he should leave these guys alone it's not a matter of education that's entirely what this its. A matter of education. We have the youth sports educate our kids if do you sports that the whole society -- -- examination that can't be going on I don't care if it's the way it's always been -- have been done it can't be going having said all that. More more sounds like Martin might that other issues going on that led him to this. I don't disagree with your basic premise but I do think there has to be -- like cute he said for some of this new information today now -- the Boston Globe has a big story in and points to -- the idea that maybe he walked away Jonathan Martin walked away from football. There are multiple reports today that Jonathan Martin talked about quitting football might out of football might not have been for him. But once you walked away recognized on -- place on the the inactive list I'm not gonna get paid my 33000 dollars a week. I need to find a way to make sure I get -- I need to find a way to make sure I continue to make that money that I was afforded by my contract. Being a second round pick. And some speculation that this might be one of the ways let me take Richey and Todd -- Let me use him as my pawn in this scenario -- these voicemails. I've got this evidence I can use against him. Let me leverage that against the guy played with. To make sure I get paid and make sure that I get my deal like I had never ever even invasion that is a possibility. Re enter some of the stuff today you at least have to when you read Adam Beasley. In the Miami Herald. It's sheds a different light on. The relationship between income and need when Martin this is front page today of the Miami Herald and jumped the mark Ritchie Gagne go out were great friends. Right up until the moment they worked -- -- -- who came in from Atlanta now plays in Miami called on thick as thieves. Best friends is how Ryan -- he'll put it. Quote from -- ball. He treated it like a little brother Richard and Gagne don't jump the Martin added a lot of stuff together to get a problem with the way who's treating him -- a funny way of showing it. Brian -- line. The people -- hurt the most are the ones closest to you and that's exactly what happened beastly -- just how close were then. When Martin wanna hit the town he wouldn't go without -- veto. They strolled down urban street together they sat together on team flights they went deep playoff games big weirdo was seen it was nicknamed inning guy knew that for Martin. As a term of affection. What Martin gonna to a practice field scrap with the on Jordan a few weeks ago it was in -- -- was first that was -- back and Al fully admit. Yeah this this has do with the new information. At least cloud your cloud my judgment I think yours everybody else's. Cloud my judgment as to what I initially thought of this story and thought that this was cut drive on some level when it comes to -- top it is. But the relationship now between Martin and in con -- don't -- fully admit to having questions. About the motive of -- as ivory to no question that it cut needle is a not -- and -- crazy and probably push this guy too far. But I also have to be fair -- say. There's something -- job and -- and at least this evidence today last point four hours. Might paint a picture of a guy who's more Mota was make sure I get money here. Well and even the the Vegas trip is apparently something that is paid for in advance -- decided not to go. Still paid his money. But again where else in the workplace would that ever happened that that that you're at the new guy in and you're told and that's my point I know it's always been like. It's better every sport the rookie dinner is a long tradition. Injured Burnett who play in the NHL for a long time was a -- mime united. Play by play in the minors and he played for -- -- in the minors -- the capital he -- at one point there were three straight seasons where he was on a short call up and happened to be there for the rookie get. So it dropped five or six or seven grand in three different dinners. You should be a rookie three. And now you hear stories about not just you know that the dinner is being. You hope this team dinner that he's paying for a -- guys in the round room coming together -- the -- stories of guys ordering. Steaks. And and bottles of dom to take home with them there wife and -- There comes a point where it's out of control. And again I've got guys that made it sound like I'm sure. Whatever advice if you wanna say that that. Text sorority lighting up that is only whining soccer I don't really care there comes a point. Where it has to stop and if it's gone too far it's got to be real it. And the way to do that is that he felt taken seriously look at what happened here. Maybe in gardening though wasn't as bad. To Martin as we thought yesterday we see here. But it wasn't. Not this is no race. Racial voice mails me right there are using that term half and war which he clearly used on that voice billed as -- new information. On the voicemail as well right Ares. As much an NFL players whites. They condone it because it happens in the locker Merritt gives Helio dude did do it today. We DNC guy played an NFL locker room will hear from Matt Chatham you'll join us -- look forty his take on all this I haven't heard -- take on this yet and how he. So the situation go down from the from a far obviously. But it's almost like -- can do owning of it because it happens in that Roman to meet with those players. I -- tell the shut up is what I wanna do. You're just because -- happens there doesn't make it right -- ten -- an -- yesterday talking about. Other relationship as the quarterback this ought to offensive -- of prodding him this the elation be -- between mart and Richie got veto. -- -- -- -- A week before you know who is best on the team was -- enriching argue. On the first guy to Sanford for Johnson and anything we downfield. And -- tussle -- was first there. You know when they wanted to hang out outside the outside of football. Who was together rich in job. Mean that's the quarterback this is not a wide receives a guy who spends more time with the offensive on the quarterback nobody. We -- -- the Brady here at the patriots Brady takes care of his offensive line -- commercials right Tom Brady did a I believe it was a credit card commercial. And so I will do it if you include the offensive line. And make sure all the offensive line was there they were included those guys are eight -- unit the offensive line in the quarterback is like that first lot of communication. With that group. And so went -- -- says that pump all admit my mind is African blown. Either there is an ulterior motive here or in cock -- it was such an eighth hole that he took one of his friends supposed to friends. And force has got to walk away from football. Forces got to get away from a gay and -- was paying him handsomely. -- -- -- Up all the friends -- that the spectrum here polar opposites we talked about what you're looking at here. And -- here ten -- citizen to read Miami Herald story we'll get to when he cut deals former teammates. -- questioned some of the relationship doesn't change reading Knievel was still out -- a jerk it's got that bad not change my opinion is that and. All the player whatever if we're wrong yes every rush to judgment on the relationship between -- Gagne when -- that I apologize for that none of this MD. Eight in a day or so or week or month or whatever it is this will not be about Richie and Gagne. This is not about an isolated and this is about what we've been fighting the high school and college and young -- level for years case. Kate you -- what you want Israelis. And there is a line at which hazing crosses the line and and goes too far. Having the rookie relievers bring the pink backpack would bubble gum out to the bullpen is one. When he getting indicted spend money. Shaving heads I mean there comes a point where. While a man and I don't care if he's paying his dues to be in the NFL or NHL or Major League Baseball team or not. Amid us to have the right to say now. How -- does no mean no means no entirely other situations. But where's the where's the dignity of the individual I don't care if it's always been that way. We're not we're not you know we have fall. I keep saying that over and over -- you don't do things just because that's the way it's always. You don't. And -- saying. That listen there's got to be a hall monitors in NFL locker. They should be able to govern themselves a team and I said this yesterday and I'll say it again until the end. Miami Dolphins have done a much better job making sure stuff wasn't happening in that locker. We get a bite and I write it goes too far sure NFL has that guidelines it has to have the abilities. And I use in Miami Dolphins I think it is top to bottom I think it is the GM Jeff Ireland. I think the head coach Joseph Philbin -- -- the veterans on that team to a recognized that we pushing player to a certain point. And from all indications players on this team thing Jonathan Martin's a soft player that is some of the new information today they don't think he is a tough player. I don't give a crap you've got to recognize what you have the ability -- -- -- NFL if you break you get a job to mark the goal should be not -- a guy up. The complaint is best. Hello Ritchie a cameo harassing him by voice mail. Getting the plays best how is Joseph Philbin a reportedly telling his teammates -- tough but a -- getting him to play. It's about building a culture of success. Not doing like you just said DC what's always in on this is how we -- green -- -- other teams have done it. We're just gonna keep doing it this way. Well this is what happens you take a get a player. Who walks away from football walks away from the sport and the responses well. That's on him he should handled differently to a pro football talk report this morning. Pro football talk as a report where when the agent of Jonathan Martin. Went to Jeff Ireland the GM. And and told about this per multiple league sources. Dolphins GM Jeff violent received a call from Martin's agent Rick Smith. Before -- left the team on October 28. Smith complained Ireland about the manner which Inkatha -- was treating -- Ireland according to sources suggested to Smith and Martin. To -- this mythic she'd be the agent that -- physically confront in -- veto. Ireland specifically mention the Martin should quote punch Richie acog -- Reached for comment by phone dolphins senior VP. Harvey -- -- a pro football talk. The position will no longer be public comment from the team on any aspect of the situation given the league's pending review. That's unbelievable that the GM's response is not let sit got to figure this out. Let's get you guys together what are your concern -- tells the agent Tom. Like him to punch him that starts at the top this thing at the top of the chain now I thought it was filled in. US wanted ownership that's fine I Starwood Jeff farmland if that's true. And again I guess that's unbelievable punch him is you know. You're on the field and and that breaks out it happens right how many times have we seen fights in practice. I guess I cover hockey closet that I cover football. -- been easy to argue all the time a fight breaks out between teammates at practice they get separated. It happens. But a pre meditated fight them. Really. This isn't in the heat of the moment get fired up this is getting advice to go premeditated. Punch this guy in the face. That's not losing control your anger that's not the heat of the mall that's not. It's wrong it's wrong. On Daria and I know it's lighting up -- about pink shirt and big get get help ores Nat on the texts. That's why I'm OK with that. Because again he's he's brought a lot of the same people who said. It's -- was -- of the NFL because you can't target older guys had an amazing aren't different word about it adds the what's vacation to the NFL is my point. Because now we can't rock guys and it. We warned about head injuries. Which would get a a hockey later on today we've learned so much more about head injuries and we've seen now that history. Of of brain. Injuries traumatic brain injuries from NFL players and the league is big urgently slow -- Coming around to try to stop. While this is shedding light on a whole different area where the alike they're not the league has got to do something about it. -- this is what people yesterday were saying you know Jonathan Martin should handled this differently. Right should've gone to somebody Joseph -- would come announcing never talked to me will find out today. That -- the pro football talky talk to the GM. The GM's response was not let's figure this out it was cool punch in -- K go start a fight get a reaction Richie -- you know and stand up for yourself. I think that's wrong. I don't care if it's sports or at this is or not I don't care football physical. I don't get these guys do this for a living. Wright issue where it as a badge of -- that's fine but when the GM a football team. Thinks the answer to an agent calling you about players problem the problem is -- punched that guy. Dumb stupid you guys are right on the ATP -- like I think it's the same guy Jeff Ireland west as prime his mother was a prostitute. So this guy's been a bit -- there in Miami -- -- some questionable things. -- put this just stunning -- -- we seem like a bad guy and all this but I also put it probably organization. And a league can use this organization look at the chain of command here and say where did it go wrong. It out of the league wants a player only GM -- Roger Goodell thrilled that they think and I gonna have. You know bill bell Jack is the GM right nick -- -- yeah probably eagle flight deck on. Now -- that's that's that's not the way to go about it. So I. I think you're right the Lee I think this yesterday do today. This gonna have a bigger ramification I thought on the rest of the league at the big picture takeaways in the league. Looking into this they've assigned a an investigator to this team the Miami Dolphins from the NFL. They will look at this and come to a conclusion and will be some sort of big picture. -- process in place to monitor this across the NFL and I completely OK with that -- was vacation or anything. Everywhere and reading it taxing I was brought up that you you know the way to stop bully is the punch in the and united said those words to mice. You know there comes a point it's never come to punch it becomes a point where you have to stand up for yourself. Where where where coming to tell me about it is not gonna solve the situation. You know but I I bring him before you punch someone in the nose and try to talk it through. You know a little I don't what's -- on -- fire alone as it sounds. Like -- and all these other versions but it does sound like you try to do. And he's being told go punch in the nose. Yeah that's where a lot or get it we get a lot of reaction like you said it -- really get the phone calls your next six -- seventy. 7797937. As the phone number 617. 77979837. AT&T text line. At 379237. Matt Chatham will join us in studio -- we get to your phone calls -- and you'll hear from one of they -- to both these guys how they feel about these players PCs in for Lou it's -- -- 93 point seven WEEI.

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