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Dan Sileo on the Incognito Martin mess in Miami

Nov 7, 2013|

Our friend from Miami Dan Sileo joined the program with his insight on what is going on with the Dolphins. Dan Sileo adamantly sided with Incognito and said that Jonathan Martin is weak.

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-- the for the final hour Dennis and Callahan without men and still have no idea where he has -- -- have a theory. He knew that -- talked to Dan silly opening -- hollering under his bed at all that could be it and wouldn't face the music could begin joining us on the AT&T hotline. -- -- silly of South Florida radio personality that you the Tampa Bay Buccaneers again is it easier to list the stations in Florida you haven't worked for vs the -- you have. All of us. It didn't matter -- Who do I can't keep again as -- oh it might golf. So they're not an it would fund either -- my -- Get ready to do with my wife on with the NFL game. I go you know when people locker room mentality thing here because it would see no use toward. And so I let it -- a cycle you know what a way to take that it out who to let slip away we're gonna put your not there. So did their part I guess what I do know this. People listen -- they -- they read several what you say. And not what you really need -- I always think it's sad story showed you that people are gonna mentality that in a lot of room. It's something that fit for the public advocate say. Yeah as best you can -- would know as well as anybody did try to litigate the difference of the culture of an NFL locker room. Up from you know the usual workplace in middle Americana. Very set -- a happy note. -- -- -- We don't live by that code nowadays -- Side we live by the what's popular and what's that's what's politically correct -- which quite frankly when you see that what's going on lifting a -- needle voicemail is a prime example of that is the race. We lose a -- game well. Just lost and again if the FCC that they -- shut down then I'm I'm -- sentence in Leo probably thanks a lot like in conference moralists and yes I think that's it probably but the question is Dina is that right and we know it's like him. We notes dog eat dog -- and I all that stuff you got to fight for yourself right by my standards just not right by your standards it's not right I'd most people listing to the sounds of our voices standards but it is the culture it is right. In that locker room for most people if Jonathan Martin didn't wanna have to fight every -- likes ousted should have to. No but but but as it turns out it doesn't seem that he was having that much of a problem with what he's saying he's having a problem with that the voice mail it April was funny it was so funny. He shared with his teammates that same voice mail in November is that the crux of the matter it is the it is the reason that. That. In -- -- may not play again in the national football I'm changing my tune on that to we will play again I mean there's just universal support for him. Even people who hate them. It's way that's the way it is in that locker room and when your black teammates not only don't take offense to year racist language but say. He's like one of us he's an honorary black guy yet. The success that says a lot about how except that he is in the locker. -- ten seconds in the gig the FCC pulls the plug on you again down. And ludicrous it is. It -- -- -- in Portland ray Crockett in the locker room their. Jerry ball goes right overt attempt access what are you doing -- that confederate flag on your head. You're disrespecting the world. Right there in the middle of the Detroit locker room was so gracious with their. Let everybody black and -- was like really what you're doing well and looked at home at the world what Shaq. Everybody knew I don't know exactly what was it what what should tolerated. It with this regiment I need it then what I saw that I -- laugh at. Because she currently sit our kids -- you how many times -- the locker room my mother my grandmother. Mike racial heritage of being Italian it's the line like -- -- outside they want I said that I'd pay a thousand dollars at somebody kick -- -- at issue guy. Do you really think your mind. If you have any comments and I don't sit and -- pretty -- that's something but of course the public and the media. Sleep witnesses that stand on the sidelines were immediately jump to the they can lock in type guy like Regina Martin here's where that guy and they're bright can. This doesn't look like peace abroad and -- They won't -- right tackle. They won't come back there which is basically the market to complete the project on and that happened to admit that the historical look at excuses. For everybody else so why he failed. Now is that the coaching can't turn the sort of like coach and everybody in the organization understand the culture that inside -- likely. Absolutely it's a failure everywhere however. To put it this way if I want -- fox hole in the mentality and I know -- sit next to me. Such -- public that we say Wiki as a racist. And I got a guy like Jonathan Martin who would never get right back I would be a fox hole with a racist knowing he's gonna get back. -- -- -- Then I would Jonathan -- because shot at the -- and get me fired. Also -- the process. People don't get that culture this important chairs in the -- Everything possible in that will -- 47 active guy on Sunday. Everybody wants one I went to reach. To a street shares. I went -- and saying. One of those chairs in the room when they see that which you can't -- -- -- -- I think it -- that. Been so that every NFL guy my opinion. That the -- is -- He is so. I enlisted. An issue. And that's an internship I put understanding. That there should go out and I know I caught in acts as if the -- is -- part. But he won't talk about the best shot at the -- This guy's got issues with the governor. Yeah you're in that league and understandably you walk on the planet you don't want to see. And to me I would think like that my locker room. So again you understood long before I did in many other people did. Why all the dolphins back in cog needle and not one supported. -- and even the African American dolphins even after what we heard what we read the -- voicemail said. -- Just said that -- Three to do you guys is because you -- the best that's why you waited for the employers. I'm waiting -- the players can guess you guys that. How many people on the planet we know -- culture is inside your family. Let me tell you that my plate and said the same thing. You know what would question how I raise my kids. -- would question I like about it like just let anybody else since this. Society -- -- rate of failure broke through quite a locker Romany and it felt so alien it's the same thing. -- wait to hear the people and -- say something. Now I'm waiting for the players to come out -- yet man this guy here he's allowed out in that respect the world -- -- he doesn't understand the world. It got to respect what role man. Then hit in my only problem with a I don't like the Edward. And violated being saddled economy. I would jump up and I don't think so because I want insult anybody in my locker room -- have that kind of maybe in that locker room. That's odd again that's under leadership of the golfing guy that tolerate debt and -- -- seven. I look that -- bit -- round because. You know an uncomfortable situation. And I would say don't -- -- guy like don't you around. That -- -- within that society which is called the -- we -- the locker -- Did tell me your theory why did Jonathan Martin. Pack up and leave why did he go home. -- -- I'll tell you you guys could tell you why I failed in the NFL maybe you can go to some -- my experience. I can't tell you how many times I went home but first your year and set wanna quit. That met -- the metro -- and knew how he. This first year I'm telling you guys I went home and said this in my million house. I don't put football anymore. But -- you know I'm I'm not getting it done are it's. This is really unbelievable. This is not on scholarship. You're you're accountable for your that's gonna be mad at. I didn't feel because of my ability I failed because of my mental weakness. Because I didn't understand what was about to be professional. -- you end the freaking locker room at the NFL society would never get it. That -- lieutenants are in that locker room at you look at each week week just say oh well he may have been conditioned on being right. Maybe a problem in you know I quite. That happened. Do you think he's like that do you think he to it was convenient scapegoat reluctance brand Richie incurred innocent I can't take this I want out of here I know what I'll do I'll blame the -- That's exactly what did he bet that guy got wet cement itself -- you guys. You can't currently don't play -- -- -- recommending that quietly don't think guys and everyone laughed including. -- and play it -- I'm glad including it Morton had a partners. In particular problems -- in a locker room. Yeah like I'd hate to say this is barbaric and it Neanderthal. Like big guy. Even if you lose you witness chair and the -- because -- -- -- your coach and say. -- but that guy I told the guy what do you guys got to take care of it. Every guy in that locker rule -- that respect for -- at the Martin standing out shortstop. Implement them create a fight and die at any. Time you take care that you -- yet. What are -- huge job on the planet you have to step up its stand up. And -- in the Boston Globe today they add a perhaps financial element to this entire picture and bit -- writes the following attributes to your take on this. When a players placed on the non football illness list to free up our roster spot. His team doesn't have to pay is weekly salary mark was making a little more than 607000. Dollars this year so yes it's fair to ask did Martin go a wall. Without realizing the financial consequences. And now has people most likely has agents are trying to clean up the -- one more paragraph perhaps the housing market endured was so intense that he felt he had no recourse other than to leave the team. -- -- -- And his agent perhaps using in -- -- as a scapegoat. To justify mark -- team Martin leaving the team while still collecting his salary. CIA. A big corporate parents stop -- I'm still make sure that they. Are going hey let's see you force that everything you do when you quit. Put a model player and to perform list and let the -- and Shaq. Absolutely there's a financial issue there with -- and out of Miami Dolphins which are notorious for lending money and not spending money. The more I think this is totally now gonna go into the aspect of money being what impact do you know your other three million dollars at midnight. And they've got to look at that find -- so it's want to prosecute -- on the roster right now. And Panama and at the pay and the entire three minute that fire but where are conduct detrimental to the that can put the -- and every -- contracts are totally into it with this because now you've got a look at the ramifications. Financially and -- so the players association. Well they've been actually in all of this. On meet the -- which by the way -- one way to sort considerations when it comes -- I think the players. I don't play an honorable and there's no doubt about this now the -- now -- getting about trying to protect itself -- You don't get -- if if if this indeed ends up being the case and it's proven that this was some sort of scam or scheme or exit strategy. By -- to get out and keep his money I would wanna ask him the following question did you do this to your friend and by most -- they -- inseparable they were best buddies. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Into it I actually -- there were some mentality. I he had. OK I think this war until that I picked up like exactly the way you guys in a way we've been taught in. I get a lot of play anymore all the sudden he gets into a position they need somebody to blame except that he would benefit -- got involved -- that. There's a money issue here are. Right I think it all went down the progression of the building block of building this story into where it. And it's morphed into this and I would Jonathan Moore is in a position where guests like. I'm -- may never work again. Well except I don't want -- -- that Palin in the National Football League is going to accept that died like that in your locker I don't. We need he may say something like that again and most likely will national questioned the -- the players are reacting. Like. And why it's no doubt that players right now my opinion duplicate that -- -- doubt about despite the whole thing. Hey do you oh -- did you when you play Dan did you get pays did you Hayes and do you think. There's a place in an NFL locker room in the NFL culture for hazing. No not that kinda crap okay it may be just what happened to me like Stanford played fourteen years National Football League. I had to carry equipment that entire year. I got pissed off about it and I had a bite -- I had advised meals and remember the guys coming up -- the saint. -- -- you gotta respect and I'd like we spoke to here in the dugout I. I can -- would call back. The head -- you don't like it. And I went okay that I had to pay for dinners are a member Testaverde had a -- -- ski. Person that the line down here not camp what we got trapped in that same time no question about it I debate hoping I said though is that. Whoever gonna take me out and take it will go vote some of the cracked his jaw and if you do it every time I'm gonna. -- -- -- -- -- That's what's that the don't read that the stand for yourself -- that -- you don't stand out it's such outlying and mentality I can't tell you guys. It is that -- Biden didn't quite. What happened to me that Sunday at the mentality that war and -- Sometimes I can just speak my mind even more so what's in the NFL locker room. Yes but in that culture guys I tell you. It really is that it. It's a culture of course gladiators. And it's a culture seniority. At the culture of people let you look up to that at all through 400 years of NFL football. It understand that this is just part of you're not entitled to cheer at the world because the general manager. Signs -- or or -- did you take a look at violence 2013. Draft. Every Furyk -- a guy may eighteenth. -- possible. What you get when you -- that -- that entitlement that is seven point Obama. I don't think that drought crisis does not think this year. But that cultural in the -- that it's okay general manager ArQule put a little while the regular pat because you're the guy. Definitely got its liquid sparks and also got. We didn't put the -- to coach at the beginning of the New York. But the mentality that the -- would that would be organization. I'd -- they're four and four they get winless Tampa this week. How many games does Miami win this season. 27 steps I think the number is in eight games -- -- pace for seven today. Are now they're losing god needle in the process your answer out of the Barton though I don't really -- let out I don't know how they're gonna protect. I think they get a really good job against Cincinnati and protecting. -- in any guilt that's when it comes down to. Any -- not turning the football over and any -- being able to be protected Arctic football Wallace's the most overrated free agent signing in history. That they let let Marshall -- publicly that I. So I look at -- Went to the way I see them late Nate. Who is more likely to play again Martin or in -- -- Oh yeah. It it yeah Jonathan Martin and you're getting ready to cite them. And I you don't use the worst mark but if you guys in the room that was gonna make an excuse for a time he -- -- many people around him. The Miami Dolphins had given up so many sacks nobody on the same page got one guy and I went and got everybody else -- not a violent. Didn't really good mechanic I don't think any -- -- problem happened because he was in post that. That would let the year. I mean look at that this -- corporate parents Stanford. Bullock and teaching yet Itochu and he's confronted with -- for the first time in his life he'd brought an entire locker room down and we get him. Well I. That is the first I I had ever seen that I've never seen Ciara and by the way more detrimental to the locker room. More -- when he wants what Jonathan Martin would you apply in the New England patriot locker room. Los was quiet largely. A choir boy when he is here with a couple weeks BO small hill surely didn't get the ball right now than there was a problem. -- it probably went with a pitcher I know I heard Scott Pioli said no way I wanted nothing to do with them. This and that that is -- you what that patriots team don't make it to the Super Bowl. And the rules and that's -- -- because Aaron Hernandez and all that stuff. I -- acute that -- is all about winning and when you have a guy that can galvanize and it I -- Cora Mikey type needles galvanizing. It's the data Belichick guy what every guy in the locker room stepped up the steps of her head hit it -- not a racist he's the leader. I don't know a check. Would that be that be a good month worth the talk radio for -- yeah that be great. If it right and we can drink guys -- are good friends from South Florida always appreciate the conversation always appreciate the national talked -- down the road. -- dad's clearly Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T outline AT&T the nation's fastest and almost reliable four GL TE network. Lot of people wondering if so Leo put a bounty on a minute and had. He the 2000. Bucks -- hit all -- had to do was a little ha ha ha yeah well right now he said. Obviously he's not really put -- -- on a Florida State kid. But didn't matter on Twitter it's a thousand bucks someone to take them out. And his wife tells them -- say kidding. He shoots and he was kidding he did but it was too late torture have to be pretty good to get -- get jobs have to get five we heard a passion he gets fired it about every every few months he steps over the line gets fired. One night bottom and spectrum. That was designs. Government needs to get the ball still shopping -- so -- care. -- gets suspended yes I'm just ended a look at it does list on Wikipedia. Kgo radio in San Francisco. Our sports phone 68 the ticket 1050. Now we turn that it seem to reflect and cardinals football -- WD JD. That we have a WY and Z that we have W cute keep them that we have news radio 540. Then we have 930 the fox in Jacksonville. It's 6:20 AM WDA eat in Tampa then. If you run out of the author up up up up on WPA yet again went back a couple of times QAM 560 on -- goes. I believe if my memory serves me correctly got fired from three jobs in ten months. I think that's right are just. Just yet it's gonna have another once and like detect.

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