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New details emerge in the Incognito Martin saga

Nov 7, 2013|

The guys opened the show discussing the latest with the Dolphins and their bullying saga. Jonathan Martin's case appears to have some holes in it.

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It's Dennis and Callahan and type of culture that I champions as the day that I walk through these doors. One of honestly. It's about. Accountability. -- -- We have met in the locker room care about one another a warning excluded in your mouth on this blog you're expletive -- carry -- That's John Martin a week before that was that's good he was absolutely. If you don't -- Extraordinary. Gordon but. What's the word I'm looking for college Sports Radio W. I'm not happy I am not happy at all on that day I personally. -- admit I had the most to be here. He is a no show. -- -- -- is -- -- let me at the outset just apologized. For my shortcomings that will be obvious to you. In the next four hours on the Dennis and Callahan program this is right it meant a hand kind of stepped up. Man up and take a lot of the show on his shoulders and he does not show up. At a physical issue note here a couple of days ago and mighty doctor said to me would welcome to our usual blood work -- heavy and today. Breakfast lunch and well into the weekend -- the blood work because I -- -- fast before we do the blood work. And I said well OK fine -- a topic today down the road a couple of days from now where you don't eat after midnight. And after the program you go to Mass. General to the -- you get to work done. Today's today this is the first day in -- all 151617. -- you you you haven't done this before. Not that I ever call. Like this when you get to work every year yet the physical -- this first let me ask -- -- fast. Yeah now it would every year and I do on Saturday Saturday. Saturday. You know what -- -- good idea yeah I had dinner last night will be finished in around 6 o'clock I have not eaten since dinner at 6 o'clock but the worst thing is I've -- at the he coffee this morning this is the first time I'm going to attempt to UC program without. Volumes and ball is smaller coffee in my sister about seven some headaches it. But at all what a joke Turkey I tell -- -- sorry you know you're gonna have to do your best Kathleen involved now. -- amendments Saturday. You can eat at 6 o'clock. I had a nice sticker on the early bird special interest like dinner. -- Saturday at 730. Sophisticated yet that we do in the yeah in the more sophisticated namely C at 6 o'clock and watch Matlock and gold. After that so works out though NBC night in and -- it's Howard case medics and catch up on the latest let me just say I'm just I'm just. Begging for your forgiveness no there is no apologists don't hold on him to sit at my place -- darkroom -- so Rick I. Cut off a finger -- myself -- I don't smell -- and he. God so like this before and all gonna get into making excuses Allred I am I want I want to know maybe doctors out there could have some I had a columnist -- has copied the gates is that part that only one test that test hundred yeah. -- cholesterol all all of these things and I talked to listeners. -- you know. You can eat you know you can have coffee because that's all I'm really. She says only -- X one test. And as an important to get it was fine and she says. It's a lot election reform from the -- -- justice system made -- thing gospels that's all they just won it switches offer if you have to stick -- things. And then yeah yeah once said he wants. You suffer as much as he did so as you know you have to let you think. He does digit my rectum suffered more than I did by having his did you -- -- that you liked the Houston. Like you to its memories of -- time that all it is yeah is out -- disturbing. And I feel the same ways is Peter Griffin it's just like. Every time it happens it says that shall hole. Today. That's just -- -- not not you know now but it's necessary and gutless but people do -- -- ready you are allowed coffee can -- as you can have black coffee. If confirmed that doctor this doctor Peter -- bottom restaurant nurse or blood person. On the docket after this idea how much I can get through this about this got a -- you know you can have black coffee just Berkshire. I think he -- have like splendor an equal and yet I've studied this you know medium coffee addict yeah but what I do a lot of San. Now I've got this system too because the place it's like one of these. The blood testing please yeah -- what. -- last game to change all eyes tell the place she walking in the very boom businesslike yes. And the key is not to be the first one there to show up at 8 o'clock this line of every -- -- -- -- -- People don't want off from work and they don't want starved themselves to -- on Saturday may pale. I -- bail out halfway there don't want to -- on start -- need coffee. I kept -- off a little -- split and a little you know you can have little splint little -- -- Saturday at -- Off -- -- -- but anyway he. Donald Butler yeah exactly I mean blood lab and you don't. Don't be the first one there. Come in the second wave it like 9930. In gated fairly quickly. And it's fun to -- first. As the line is open to all real sad they literally there's a half dozen people wait for oil. And they stand in line open ball on the right in their court now. And you know it's Tuesday the need -- -- -- -- -- like at the and you go Republican yet I of the system. The corner. Doughnuts and coffee never taste better. Model than pumpkin muffin under bucks for Doug and is off. A -- just stop me a break this past that have lost reachable quest an undated do. Qwest -- and Bob -- approaching one quest what that question. That's complicated too big place and definitely the question gets you Reagan did I get a good table is a table away from the case could care area well I don't. -- mean that's Suzuki and banquet on me I know you've just act. You know it's easy he -- tapped a vein -- -- -- rapid. -- this moment running. Office or via. Lots. Yeah people -- west you know c'mon Europe -- tough about -- it's. Did your panties off and out drinking coffee absolutely as -- I feel your pain I can't do the government says I couldn't do on the week there's applause. It's much poppy is my office if I break the fast now. -- get off in order breakfast and school bought my usual chain of events here. My day off the price to pay for that is to drive in the city on Saturday. I -- do great work via. So nice place but you have -- -- on the quarter from your. Suburban state and don't do it there and take care. Are we. Defer to medical -- a TV show radio show as a medical expert. -- -- She should say if you told the fast the fast no cheating to the doctors. The it was looking for. This much strength not to eat and drink -- to ten. Let's see you do this about all done that I've done enough coffee I did it once and it was important to be tied down was awful. And I think it's psychological. Yeah. Yeah it's part of the routine use yours you click the people smoke cigarettes the exact different it's smokes in the middle of the night. Yeah. Friend in college and don't forget he kept the cigarettes and he -- -- next in the alarm. And he would in the alarm go off the thing we hit the bull at the line and he went with one swipe at the congress of the pack of butts off later. And light up before get a bit of before eternal and you're right I do have a good friend who smokes in the middle of the night in and put -- in Florida in my Rome and I got concerns that are. Choice and I look over in the mornings lighten up to read too much and you finished but actually. That an -- But are so where's Manhattan by the way women -- I don't know place if you're watching NASA and we have Leo we have guests. Yeah post was all right Josh say much at all around you pretty. It's like -- -- the show with would be the most. Silence reticent. Com. I was -- it -- like image yeah. -- -- -- -- -- Another patriot yeah in his place I like your -- gets a bye week so it isn't that much now that I know Monday. We've done this in the past we have Tom Brady on a bye week we get -- when this stuff we raced up asked as we of one of the game to talk mode. We'll ask him I mean Halloween is over -- things that we Thanksgiving traditions I want to ask him where's he live when he retires we we never again answer the three choices -- and he'll say bi coastal but that's not possum records Costa Rica to which could have the school. You know sure you can't. You can't do you can buy a school and higher except that if if if she wants his kids to go to school here it's thick is the school and -- And in now. And we think they'll be like the Brookline or just a pool W Brookline high. A private school here but don't -- school when LA and up and you know with. You know Corey Feldman -- -- Charlie Sheen yeah that Charlie sheen's kids poor throw feces at each other or -- kids at school we're gonna look aren't getting along well on -- be this he says that -- when their own -- -- -- kids in school and that's deployment Brooke. These women Brooke for this and thinks it's time that the kids away it's good. Public demonstration of your your your marital status when you call your ex wife a whore on Twitter that he's got like two point nine million followers an -- judge has to step and say stop that. The dolphins -- threw feces and each other. In the left tackle. Well you know what if it -- -- four things I think. 45 points the recovered today faster continue to faster can I drink coffee I'm not. Obviously be in -- needle Martin thing and it is getting curiouser and curiouser public service. Parliament -- never wrote a book with as many twists and turns. And diversions. And and how about this. Confusing missed directions. As we are now reading about the -- and in -- needle thing as the muddy the waters have been born in India. And while I still thing. And I'm sure you agree that the income you know is not exactly and -- -- guy I mean he is what we city is he is what we thought is he is meathead. And they -- and a bowl he blocked. There's stuff here in the stores that make she makes me question wonder about Jonathan Martin's -- yes where Jonathan -- what Jonathan Martin and his people. As we've said many times haven't lost very Smart people and you know parents went to parties -- -- these. Important influential friends. He went to Stanford. The division the the picture we have just this guy. This meek mild guy getting bullied scientists whose drop and is -- in the lunchroom installment not a campaign in and so Florida. It's not that simple. No they're they're may be some -- motives and their maybe a plan there may be a plot that mister winner dale. Perhaps and there are theories about this we'll talk to some people about this and opted. And may have decided that -- in -- -- was the perfect -- yeah. If indeed. What rings true in this young man's mind talking about Jonathan Martin that he was an excellent quote. Maybe I'm not cut out for this. And if indeed that reality struck this young man that may be I am not cut out for the national football. Perhaps he needed. And. Yes I exit plan it's -- it seemed initially brilliant I mean year. Heart went out to the guy right yes yeah. Why do we think that everybody every 300 pound big strong guy is cut -- sport it's an easy life yes that list. And we talked about John -- the Denver Broncos guard who just. Said I'm done and I don't wanna play anymore at the bye week. Said and he joked about it he sounds like a pretty Smart well adjusted guy. He said. I'm not enjoying it anymore and I'm not coming back like you say enough of his Google's open ended conflict character in the movie and we say -- I really don't Felix -- in my head into another Korean guy for a live. I don't feel like dealing with all the the pain all the stress. -- Jonathan Martin could probably. Earn a living a decent living. Maybe he doesn't have to his parents while -- maybe he's got other opportunities. He is the opposite of Richie and Courtney yes in Richie Incognito is very comfortable in -- world what do we think other guys everybody is that big that strong. Would be could be comfortable in the world you know. And probably at a very early age because he was that side and basketball players -- to grow to be six foot six when they're in ninth grade. Are sort of compelled if not forced into playing basketball. Or if -- six foot three -- 325 pounds you may be just expected. To be an offensive lineman right at Stanford or for the Miami Dolphins and and maybe that has happened here. How this thing is is ultimately going to play out but if you're Smart and you can create a plan and suggesting you know -- hypothetical here. You'd like to collect your money and get away from something that you have now realized you are not cut out for. Could you come up with a more devious. Plan into identify somebody as crazy and as much as a meathead and a bully and all the things that we believe. -- in cog in a debate to help you get away from this life that you no longer want. And may be collector salary which by the way he continues to do from the Miami Dolphins and their two things that strike me about the story today. The fact we have now heard chapter and verse. How joint at the hip. And how best friends these two guys work went to games together went to movies together sat on the plane together were never apart from one another. Who was at the -- but it was the oddest thing. That too offensive lineman would turn on themselves all it was Christian port. Because these guys -- -- together right -- this is the herd of you know -- turtles. Appalled at the same thing when you see one offensive lineman you generally CDS because that was the case here. Right it's a thing in football if you wanna see camaraderie. At play look at the -- sublime yet they have to work together they have to get along. And pride and Newton no lesser player than Ryan and -- says he thought they were best friends yet. Quarterback. In the huddle in the meetings at practice and games travel with them says I thought those two tight here's the dolphin quarterback. -- -- -- -- A week before you know who is best on the team was -- -- -- -- On the first guy to Sanford for Johnson -- anything we downfield. And -- tussle -- was first there. You know when they wanted to hang out outside the outside of football. Who was together rich in job. Now the thing that really. Had me thinking twice this morning. Is reading. About the voice mail yes the voicemails the most incriminating things the voice as I said. 101520 years ago. Martin could say you know he used that and -- markets say threaten my mother. And with say him -- who believe maybe we wouldn't be he said he -- -- in this day and age people saved voicemails in this day and -- we see video. Of this -- head in the bar shirtless Stallman around scare scare people right but in this case I'm thinking that voicemail. That's pretty incriminating to find out today or yesterday there's more he played it in the locker room. For the team laughed about it and we didn't find out about the end the end of the voicemail after says. America your mother and dedicate their -- them and Edward -- Edward M call them half and word. He said it's OK give me a call right call me back yeah. And he played it fourteen now put that contest is April. Put in context where you stand in the club locker room. The fun of other players in hotline. And a hail and bouncy it's atlas and that rich that she's out of his mind played it what what do you think everybody did. Laughed -- laughed yeah they laughed what do you think -- and it probably laughed probably -- probably before he said it and I don't know this he said listen this is funny. This is how drunk because beatle was priced right and there are those who say it -- it does read it remember leaving. So maybe it was bleak things and so my guess is if this indeed is what we're looking at here. -- played the -- male or his teammates and probably preface that with what's Gerri what I think probably just listen to Richie was a crazy round. About drug debug I. It happens all the time I think this is a problem for mark because people can relate to that they sell you my friend. Let me wacky voice memo it talked about my -- or whatever you know friends do that now. The N word we hear one black guy after another and Cris Carter had a long. Explanation for this why it was accepted among friends it why you know pounds a year and and and Mike -- and other. Lacked dolphin teammates except -- is. Part of the locker room binoculars and probably in their specific case Richey beat Richey Ritchie being Richie but. Mostly fear it you know if you think Richey Ritchie is and usually have a question I mean there's no denying that Martan. May not be what we think he is if he is in the locker room playing that voicemail. And laughing. And we're supposed to think. Six months later. That voice memo was part of the reason that was one of the but this is -- him yes to storm on the camp because he couldn't take it anymore. It doesn't seem quite as convincing today I'll admit you know and indeed Dina again and this is stuff here that it's irrefutable that does this culture this is bullying culture this hazing culture. Is wrong it doesn't help the team you can't. B make rookies in 151000. Dolls and think that's. Part of a team building you just can't among -- Walked in I'm not backing off that but. I can see -- behind his voicemail I can see him saying I want out of here like John Moffett says and I'm I don't like it here I don't wanna be here. -- as you term exit strategy yes it's a pretty good one it is and at least it wasn't till you know. The teammates one after and it was -- next teammate to stand up for John McMartin. Not there's not they are seem to be 100%. Unanimous behind in -- needle and what do they what do we find out tomorrow the next day. That Jonathan Martin was a little bit of a schemer here a little bit of a manipulator. It all falls apart and does indeed the whole thing falls apart ought to know who edited the last line off of the voice mail that said I guess in a calm voice on the back. Was exactly what that could ask at a shift because they played for him yeah I'm sure orbit. The league hurt the team heard an ESPN heard it. And some -- somebody had a real vested interest in them here in this lunatic. Ranting faintly. With the with the racist language for yeah. Who did who left that up bed -- To getting paid or not getting weight lifter on -- you are not on. We will read that to you and share that with you win weakened back. Three or four other areas in which we need to delta beside him -- -- mess in Miami. Media wars that we generally low of media wars yes and I talk about your in the middle of that I loved. Most -- what -- and -- and ports short or or men and men -- us all right right but when it it'd balls somebody that you absolutely love. Vs somebody actually -- we can take great -- In picking the side and explaining to you about and this has nothing to Boston this is outside of Boston right to entities to. Recognizable and notable broadcast entities who hate each other's guts and are going head to head against one another it is absolutely. Delicious pick which. Heard -- and it could be to a best friends Yemen which is what and it remind you something to remind you. Salt and hall assault him in hand and minute call -- offered by Sofia will bet you said they have a relationship yet I don't know about that. That's true more dismal something you didn't they like more interest or like I had to hack. I don't think. You think maybe they're taken off together because I heard miss -- he -- -- trip assortment Twitter we'd look for doctorate and millions and social today admitted that we don't know why have no idea it is not the -- of the -- on Saturday right said he -- -- -- right. Yeah I mean he's walking is he running into to look Columbus, Georgia I don't and I don't think he's go until tomorrow so -- Today's kind of a misty -- at -- out together I can I'm pretty sure the two principles you're referring to the two combatants -- are not. Hang -- no no I don't think so I don't think -- out we'll tell you who they are and what they say Tim Thomas returns to Boston tonight. May be muted due to an injury that might not have him in the lineup tonic for the Panthers. -- also we're going to discuss how to impress. Your future in laws and and that and we have somebody in our midst who best to figure this out between now on Saturday night. I wanna ask what I can eat forgery and not violate the terms and conditions of my Dino you must fast. Before they take blood from you later today 61777. -- 7937. Michael -- and our legal expert. Will weigh in as this. Weird in -- needle -- -- plays itself out will be respectful and to open.

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