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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 11/05/13

Nov 5, 2013|

We tackle four topics centered around injuries in the NFL on today's four topic four oclock.

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-- Now our silicon -- score -- roller board or the four. Fun team. -- We'll probably cells -- finally -- -- Sports Radio W GE. -- do agree about. 44 brought you by Marvin windows then there are four questions that. -- -- all the injuries criminal behavior and lawsuits mounting is the long term health of the NFL in trouble. Talk -- whole -- market I would look at that you like I don't -- I was waiting for more of it I was waiting. For another part of the question long term health. Of the NFL I think I think yes the long term health of the NFL is in trouble but not just because of the criminal behavior -- that has anything to do that the injuries and the lawsuits may -- I just think that. Because players get bigger and stronger every single year eventually. We're gonna reach a point -- what they're doing up there are so dangerous that there are going to be serious questions about the NFL I don't know whether it's a year to -- it might be 152030. Years away. But how much bigger faster stronger and they get either legally or illegally before eventually people start getting killed commonly. On the field where I was I mean commonly. Maybe -- went about it not a particular -- an -- have -- seen that. Not yet we see them in the NFL yet. I think I would say no. Because of the information that we have as I know everybody doesn't follow it in times. I've heard it I've heard of what I've heard it a hundred times how a player has to advocate for himself. If he has concussions you can't just go out there and and go with the game rub some dirt on it. It empowered through it I think guys now understand. The long term effects. A head injury specifically that's one department uses. The way the game is trending now. There's less hitting all of their bigger and faster and stronger than they've ever been before there's let's hit it. Then there's been in the past so I think guys even know we complain about the rule changes year after year. Guys are being protected more they happen. -- In -- fell short in the offseason training programs and limited full contact practices in an effort to protect player safety however. Injuries this season have been on the increase and if you don't believe me. Well believe this montage put together by and -- pressed. Walk in touchdown. And Reggie Wayne. Oh my goodness looks like -- -- have. Into the -- win. Don't need waivers for sure. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Instead -- instead extending the season as the NFL need to consider shortening the season. Ought not have a facility that bush is put that right out of our idea right -- not going to happen put it out of your mind if they never gonna shorten any season in any sport. Just the loss of revenue will never ever happen I don't think the station -- -- the season I think they got the right number games right now but they will never ever short. It's rumored that these days stay right where you are now. Maybe. I may be you can take away any pre season games. But I don't just happen I don't have a look at it -- -- -- am gonna benefit as a twenty game package is the money is it is. Distributed that where the -- counted that way. I'd I'd say stay away from -- real and eighteen game season I think if you if you are serious about safety. You can't add two more regular season game what was it that Dana Carvey used to say is George Bush. Non. Have not. Guy never gonna happen. Already this season in the NFL more players have had season ending ACL injuries and in 2011 and in 2012. For a primary where there is said the new helmet to helmet rules are forcing defenders to go in low when making -- tackle. Other new safety rules actually making it more dangerous for players. It's not the safety rules that are making more dangerous your regular more dangerous. Is the lack of -- -- reduced. Full. Pads practice time for players. You know you look at it. It just makes sense that if you are if you were trying to get yourself ready for a season there's always been a process. We're getting yourself ready for the regular season you start and Darden OTJ's move up through training camp. And you get ready for the preview and you have the pre season you have practices and then there are gains. So you're preparing your body for these hits it means. You look at it injuries -- Injuries are up there have been more injuries this year in the NFL. Then in any here in the past. You look at you compare this year to last year this year to two years ago. Injuries. Are way up and I think it has to do with the lack of practice -- that has been collectively bargained. And it's a mistake. Well clearly injuries are up no one's gonna debate that the question is what is the reason why is it because they're not allowed to hit as much during practice. Or is it has been suggest some of the or is Britain -- -- suggests because players can't go -- they're forced to go low and that's why you end up with so many more ACLs which really stand out. I don't know the answer to a my guess is all of these things contribute. But I would think that at some point the association how much they care. How much the players association is upset about this why are focused on money in their focuses on money and I think that that's usually the focus of a group like a players' association not around safety but on money but more players are gonna enter the league earlier and I are great you gotta bring in somebody else that's more money to go around. But if you're focused on money you're talking about big time contracts. You have these guys devastating injuries that's -- shorten your career script is gonna limit your ability to make big money over the course it does or more players out there on the field techsters other companies some -- you guys have great ideas and home with you on this one. A Texas says abolished Thursday night games or help. The bodies either -- I'm with you 100% another texture says at a second bye week. I think that's a good idea to. So why if you if you're really concerned about making money here that you're an NFL player. I think you want to. Won't you -- prepare your body what do everything possible to make sure you stay on the field so far. Lately the last two years if not that's not happening. -- Agents have suffered numerous injuries this season some players like Jerod Mayo events will for some momentum killer for the year -- delivering -- even miss significant time. In your mind which injuries had the most impact on the patriots season. -- and its timing. -- rated they'll -- -- not the payment and it it's fun man I said excellent here to sound easy Kati and mr. market can blaze. Yeah Eddie young lot of I was -- that may have played. A B and KC man down for you make -- -- -- -- -- -- -- or what not so much KT -- Arthur what is. -- man. Had to stay with up Zale. -- -- -- -- -- don't affiliate and a Cody wasn't I mean spirited polo watch and I mean. About that as a loser you know we got out there about if it -- to lose so two. And in about -- 00 is the game number three gain them we pregame. And -- I I don't ask great we get sensitive wetness -- -- NCR's so. -- love -- -- -- we practice at odds now part of every situation I mean you do a good job what is in their situation so. We've been in front of well we we we -- in pregnant before those that I wouldn't want. To talk -- -- like it while we got a what is our plane via there was that ball goes out to be -- this -- man. -- -- ultimately going to become a dame and we let job improvements not -- a system and we just can't work today. That is statement in the game plan and only. I've -- -- we but he urges better you know we should do. You know bill. After some games like -- like talking to the media -- you go out there just getting anybody in the media would have a pro nobody but nobody. Now I'm not an opposite meaning that we if you apparently gave like hey what do you think you can you imagine I haven't had a chance to assess the film it parameter of the premiere of their. Could you go up at a particular group. You could say all of the Belichick answers but in a key to -- people -- another way of speaking you're saying it's an -- It is in place and we put them. And motivate him and we just we just play and make plays all three phases of the game -- offense we call it -- extra compete. -- that it can. Only mean what's the question. It doesn't matter -- that's better play a whole bunch -- -- believe that leaving tomorrow and where's the edges 12 and a half. It's the difference is we have like a thousand dollars. And you -- that owns some phone and -- what job as good. -- have talked images L. Visit the facility it's pretty it it's him. Running through his head as massacres but he's talking on the phone among Lou right now walks it has its -- between systems that are half I thought the -- -- And ignored as well. Or gorgeous day. With them and get back -- but. I mean what it. Well adjective every opportunity to talk to -- Mike and asking Mike and it doesn't come around every day gorgeous and a considerable conceivably stoppages all the times Tom Brady's wife. These are all the time that shouldn't be unique to him right. What score was more -- answer now. -- better and better. After the can probably answer refused to give an answer you know why complain listen to protest ban. I was hoping it was gonna do all 44 as a poll the way you did tonight once he didn't do that that was I refused to answer the fourth question. Under the ground that was not -- the home. So all my questions should be in haiku form from now on a day when Indy put together the kind of poll on the media you up your game. And also have a home or some four and women who wrote. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And he did that or should. She probably had them last night -- was because -- rough draft provides Angela it was great he was willing poetic because he wants the and the the ones that brought him document. And he's feeling very poetic. One yet. -- that that inspire you to poetry. Shouldn't it can damage. While -- why do you think what was -- about it. And Boston. And -- towards small clumps. Of first and talk. Guy the guy is the the guy could be a play by play by play. Apart from talk. The music -- some of the guys who you're -- you criticized. The great. -- As a -- aren't yet the next gig he's got to pick and he doesn't -- I'm kind of animal and going low maintenance problem on the scene he sort of high maintenance because while he was -- -- a machine. He was making it very difficult for fans of his -- to -- has. Knowing -- and the fact that you were inconvenienced. Is does that make me personally but he -- it was it was outright difficult to see his band when people wanted to -- -- If you're in a band he was starting to get who has been at that particular answer yet danger and a noble fight Ticketmaster -- in the band. People wanted to see your band play ball. -- Anyway -- sport that is for formal move on here. The patriots questions for we come back to some of the other bigger stories of the day Tyler Sagan tonight that the guard. And then also what this whole bullying I don't wanna call hazing that's not the right word for what was going on in in Miami is not he's. Hazing is fun hazing is cheeky hazing is a group of players. Sort of making fun of other people in and get them to do some things that are. Maybe a little bit distasteful or more onerous. This is this is beyond that this is. This is bullying this is legal this is nasty this is mean spirited as what this is probably illegal is a lot of things are -- -- neither did. We come back and I want talk a little patriots though Tom Brady. Because I saw question earlier for some -- is on the eighteenth two Tex lines saying it. Now that the patriots. Scored 55 points against Pittsburgh is the offense back on track. Is that they are you know Don worrying about the offense because they scored 55 points against Pittsburgh to which my answer is a whole -- no. -- mean this is not signal that they turned the corner everything is now roses and everything's going to be just fine Tom Brady is back to being Tom Brady capital T capital -- They had one game and I think we all know that one game does not. It can be -- -- -- in either direction a bad game that you play does not mean your battle offense a great game does not mean you're a great offense they are probably somewhere in the middle. And I don't know that I think Tom Brady is back to being capital T capital beat Tom Brady. Because I've yet to see what it looks like with players and whether he looks good. With a team that can pressure the quarterback which Pittsburgh cannot do. Cannot I mean they're not a team that can get after the quarterback when he -- to aptly teams. -- -- -- the -- has -- and I actually got old very quickly but I think the answer is yes the offense back to. Normal mean it depends on what normally is at forty point game no. But is the should we expect profits of consistency from here on out I think we should. And it's as simple as this health. So we have Tom Brady. Obviously help healthier this week when he was last week you've got the return of ground. Who doesn't look rusty like you did in the first week back you've got -- and Dolan who's got injured. That helps a great deal you've got Ridley and you got Marines practicing now. -- I think if you have your guys. If you have your normal players out there not all of them but -- -- It's pretty good now you you bring back at -- offensively and talking about you bring back rock you bring back in Amendola you lose Ballmer. And an in market scanning comes into replace Ballmer that doesn't drop off -- but is a huge drop off no. All of a sudden you start to see what they envisioned. Even after the knowledge that Aaron Hernandez was going to be there and vision -- coming back much earlier they envision. Danny Amendola. Being a threat inside and outside but mostly inside and we start to see it now and now you have you're getting very close to having the two back situation that you envision. With Shane -- And and Ridley and well and I mean I shouldn't forget -- either so what went back situation. Expect and be consistent and office. Now. I don't just it was a bad their bad team there's no way I know Eric and Portland had a hard time through another bad day or bad team but as bad as they are. The Steelers have had bad teams in the history. They have never ever given up 610. Yards in the -- long history they have never given up 55 points in their history. I think that significant. Even against a bad team they were able to execute their offers an extremely high level and I think it -- Some there's no doubt that they were capable of doing it and I think it does mean something but does it mean that this is now we great offense I don't think it does does it it does it mean and and they may still turn into it. But I don't look at one game it's okay they're back the boys are back -- -- pitcher to just gonna -- Tom Brady is still had up and down accuracy issues that I don't think are entirely dependent on whether or not guys like gronkowski Gramm and -- are healthy enough to play. He's just flat out missed people who've been open needed to do that nearly as much on Sunday -- is just because of the personnel around him he was different. To meet yesterday was the Al wire for Brady as opposed to the norm this year. So so where does this thing -- now 617779. 7937. -- even the Patriots offense because you saw one good game against the bad expert team that doesn't pressure the quarterback I don't -- Josh McDaniels gonna continue to run the ball the way -- that game continue to feed the -- up -- around the ball and allow them to work off play action -- yeah I think this offense is capable of doing some good things it's not 55 points a game. But I don't wanna see Brady throwing the ball 45 times every game I don't wanna see it. I don't think they're set up that way I don't think they're built that way and I think when they go against the two teams that are best in the AFC talking about Kansas City and talking about Denver. I don't think they are -- good enough offense to win a shoot out -- Denver. I don't wanna see them throwing the ball 5060 times try to beat Denver. And I don't think that and I'm curious to see how they react to getting into a dogfight with a Kansas City team that gets after the quarterback number one in the league in sacks and we'll try to play the much more house Cincinnati and how the jets beat them. And I don't know that I saw an inning yesterday the convinces me there then that their rate ready to take on a team like Kansas City that can do that took them. 61777979%. Well. The other which are two different things can you say the office being back to you. Throwing 45 times and repeat as necessary he would Soviet if you -- if you're talking about are the patriots back to being a one dimensional offense. I don't think anybody wants that. But you pointed out yesterday. A student league sells. Mr. -- -- you pointed out yesterday you're just being nice because I said you're right about something earlier you're just being -- and I'm -- I've gone back on it I don't know what I thought I was Java and all of you are right probably let it go a hundred talkative. They had to have that. Yeah I have like 45 meetings well. -- it argued that some trusted advisors. About dollar Michael that he was right what you I have quit the cabinet terrific I should say that well let's talk about let's break let's Greg for about fifteen and you're welcome back to discuss this. This is a very important thing but do you put out yesterday how balanced they were how they were throwing the ball and running -- who. So if you're going to be doing that if that's the consistency we're talking about basket. If it. Throw the ball 45 times and -- in and make sure they get the overriding game I don't think anybody's -- that there have been some situations where I believe the patriots went into the game thinking. You know what it it's it's silly for us to try to run the ball against this team they've got a great run defense and it is no use in. You know running at 25 or thirty times when we get two yards a carrier or three yards and two and half yards to carry. And then they actually go into the game in the -- it would run the ball with much more success than it seemed like they anticipated. A local boy from in the jets' game as the perfect example look at -- and all of a couple of weeks ago same situation Jetsons it's an aunt and my guess is Kansas City would be the same thing the problem is. I wore -- and it's still my worry is that Josh McDaniels. I don't know what -- -- storm in these games or he just like he he loses sight of what's actually happening on the field and decides that he needs to do more to fall back on some old habits -- jedi and it really need to do you know the jets game was worse. Because you actually had a lead in the game and you can calm yourself down to our. Now got to pick six here they're right back in the game and we're up at halftime but just calm down here. Makes it a few runs to the play action going again and take control of this game again. And they didn't and they lost the game they probably -- 6177797937. Do you now believe in the Patriots offense because of the 55 point date or he's -- whole lot of question marks excellence at 77979837. Salt and -- WB.

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