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Rob Bradford, WEEI.com, joins Salk and Holley to break down the pending Red Sox free agents

Nov 4, 2013|

The deadline for qualifying offers for pending free agents has passed, Mike and Michael call on Rob Bradford to explain all the moves and what the future holds for catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia.

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Our Red Sox are making decisions today. Four guys that they could offer qualifying offers to they would decide to do with three of them Stephen Drew. Mike Napoli Jacoby Ellsbury but no. To Jarrod Saltalamacchia rob Bradford WEEI dot com joining us in our -- studios all we are in Foxboro high Robb -- fellas that man not the much. Nothing much just go back from the bed shared and John Ferrell pressed -- -- was that. Somewhat interesting you know -- all looking for not looking back a step that John Ferrell talked the president that's about it. He talked to the president didn't talk to the president one. That's that's for them to know enough to find out why are now saying in the or Obama that's exactly what I. They talked to the other press. So what do you make of their disease don't know who called whom -- I think you know at this illegals probably caller that called the White House say it is definitely different aspects of your text messages oh this is John Ferrell. This is John Ferrell and I have not received a call yet patched me bro. No so yes so we had that would be qualifying offers today. I was as surprised -- any room not really. I kept saying through and people didn't believe it -- it. -- UN the US sources are not surprised that you were not surprised you knew what they were going to do the bigger question is do you agree with the four moves in the four decisions they meant. So mark is a tricky one I think -- -- for them not doing it -- one -- for -- -- to all the guys -- -- take him and -- stuck with that old Albert was gonna take -- -- you'd be stuck with his contract. But Saltalamacchia if you're looking in one year -- -- catcher right. Because you have Vasquez there US why aren't there you have Ross who is going to be an everyday guy. You won't hardly there but he -- it's from the right side in the jurors to -- a little bit. So for one year fourteen million you know I can see it but they didn't -- see it that way. Are they are they down on him defensively I mean you look at what he did this year's best offensive year of his career. -- a ton of doubles but he he did the fact is he lost his job. In the in the World Series are laid down on him as a game caller and it and as a defensive catcher. Now you know I think he made great strides as a group game caller this year that he made great strides defensively he got -- our global -- the end the year. When a lot of conference throwing by you lost that confidence and seemingly. And as the playoffs went along throwing to third base in particular. Now it's weird right -- that you go through the post season -- and the post season and you don't wanna say that. Our guys. The perception of a guy -- shaped by their post season. But that's what happens a lot and I don't know if that was the case here but certainly didn't Jarrod Saltalamacchia no favors by what happened in the last couple series of kaposi's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He need a catcher who can be your short term until you're ready to hand the reins over to one you young kids. Looking at looking at the list of free agent catchers is not a lot of exciting Carlos Ruiz is is probably the best it okay Kurt Suzuki. Now right AJ Pierzynski now for one year so. So you're looking at somebody like that you know that somebody like Carlos Ruiz for one year and it and is that better -- -- -- -- -- for one year. I'll tell you what the Saltalamacchia. By not offering him the qualifying offer. You price yourself out Jarrod Saltalamacchia I think. Because bright McCain gets the qualifying offer he's considered the catcher on the free agent market but now he's he's tagged with -- I'll pick if you wanna stardom Saltalamacchia isn't. Still Saltalamacchia almost at least jumps even win McCann in some respects. Really well close. -- close that traffic for a lot of teams they don't want it they don't wanna give it up now I will say this. If you -- the Yankees and you have three guys they think they have all qualifying offers that do you have to know you Kuroda you granderson. You're gonna probably be getting some draft picks back so if you're if you're willing to make that trade toward Jarrod Saltalamacchia in regards to draft makes. Then they might even awful. It's fair chance that it is their chance and Vasquez or -- our heart is close to being in the majors and they think one of those guys gonna taken giant leap. MB on this roster next TI think. Vasquez defensively is no question he is Major League ready right now I just don't think offensively in this assume that he could be it'll be put no lineup so. He would be the guy XY -- a little far away by Vasquez and this is one of the story lines this spring training it was a couple David Ortiz is. Go for it and and and Al Webster throwing 9900 Vasquez unbelievable. Catch and throw guy so. Yeah I mean he could do that defense -- major leagues but I think that -- this could be set for Jarrod Saltalamacchia is bad we can't just discount. What he did offensively because of what you did at the end of the playoffs he's he's a pretty offensive player with -- a lot better. -- -- -- -- yes you said he said we can't but it sounds like they did and they are but how about this guy you know based on what you just said and I think it was Peter Gammons who compared. Vasquez or people in the -- told him the Vazquez has a better. Throwing on the Yadier Molina. We worked -- the off season slowly but -- okay is there a possibility that you could put. Vazquez with -- Vasquez with Levine ways is you've got -- -- -- bet I would not necessarily good guys that you have a -- you have it all covered got a defensive catcher who's not quite ready offensively and competent guy who's not basket is equal defensively -- just. It's going to be someone with -- Ross Ross is going to be other guy OK and so. Could you put basket with him yeah I guess -- -- could put boulevard away with him -- And see if we get some some offense -- -- way the tricky thing I'll say it again as that you like to have that dynamic of lefty righty. Which works so well with Saltalamacchia Saltalamacchia was a really good compliment to David ross' throughout the course of the year. Is so it would go back to that the qualifying are for is the one that. But I was surprised that I I didn't think they were off for him but I think you can make a strong case for our fly. They should've I'm insane it today I thought for the last couple of days I thought it made sense if you're looking for a way to do -- you're talking about their Michael maybe two Ross for sixty games. And then the other two guys maybe it's Vasquez and have Lavar and -- each -- fifteenth with the other fifty games or however many it is being down and in Pawtucket I don't know exactly how that works. But I still think you're a better team if you just have salty back for one year fourteen million dollars the only difference is a small amount of money that I think they -- -- Short term is this what it takes for Saltalamacchia to get some blood because nobody was there -- anything -- bottom last week yeah. Now as we have now a now -- -- -- -- is their -- babies spend a qualifying offer well I cited a man I tell him. This is the show and I talked to Saltalamacchia today and one of the things he said Willis. That he used to he's just been disappointed in the lack of Entrust the Red Sox have had and I -- target but the qualifying -- a talking about this negotiating a free agent contract with so. They he thought Abby was his words said I thought we were on the same page and I guess we weren't. So but now as they said you go into the free agent market you don't have that draft pick looming over your head you make some money. Yeah he's pretty psyched I guess it turns out that way for him the other guy who who kinda gets left out here I would think is will middle Brooks if you're gonna bring Stephen Drew back or willing to bring him back. For some significant money next year fourteen million dollars you would assume they wanna plays -- Bogart's as much as possible I guess at third base and occasionally. At shortstop -- it will middle Brooks is losing out on -- -- The ally asked double Ferrell and charged at the press conference that. Would you be willing -- to argue prepared to. If these guys except the qualifying offer if Napoli does. If drew does that you have the surplus right -- -- to middle brock's. Were you prepared to bring all these guys to camp and bring all these guys in the season to remember guys a couple years ago they had a similar situation similar -- kinda similar. Where you had wool Beltre Youkilis and then Ortiz at DH and they went to the season and it got really dysfunctional it was weird. And so. They're heading into this and they said what they said was yeah -- fully prepared to do that. But I do think that middle -- name will be out in the in the trade rumors this this offseason we already heard it did Jennings is on. On series I think. Those guys from the Florida Marlins or Miami Marlins I'm sorry. And he said yeah we've discussed will middle Brooks for him to save -- -- tells you how big league baseball views them a young player with a lot of potential beginning at home runs. Do you think there's a possibility of the Red Sox adding anybody either via free agency. Or trade that is. Quote unquote a big name I know we've been through this already there were no big names in free agency and it ended with the World Series incorporated. And then a poignant moment on boils in street but this year different season 2014 any chance of victory happening or create free agent signing. I can see -- trade in the trade I could see is the first at first base and I don't have any new Fareed. By no that that was plan B last year they missed out on Napoli it wasn't going to the free agent market it was via trade. So it in terms of big name free agents. I don't really seed Amanda that you have obviously can now that -- go after -- Ellsbury is number two in the list. Then the starting pitching market which they don't really need either is is pretty thin. The part that I think that they need some help but it is the bullpen I think they need to add some late inning guys in into that equation and a guy like great Belfour is there but I. You know they get they did the right figuring Koji you take a guy get him on a flyer you don't overpay for a you don't get locked into a three year deal -- -- with a reliever. So I think that he did your question I don't know if they do go go all in on some -- top tier guys publish a Carlos Stan. You know what you'll hear his name I dare I guarantee you'll hear his name could be remember it. At the at the winter meetings last year the names we heard and rightfully so. We heard Josh Hamilton. We heard. -- -- And there. They're not -- shy away from. I got a move like that they can make it but. Mike I'll come back to it every single time he bring a -- name. I think that -- name is going to be brought up as well -- I right now I don't make that deal I don't either but his -- if there is any way to do it without giving up -- you have to very seriously consider Australia are absolutely if -- pull the trigger immediately yeah absolutely did it's -- you know what it's the same reason why it -- exploratory -- -- -- Kansas City last year about the will Mars. Jon Lester -- because those guys are so hard to fine. And that's why David Ortiz is so valuable. He's -- power guy like that there are just are a lot of them anymore and so if you get a guy you have opportunity get a guy like that then. Yet you explore it in you explore as much as you can without mortgaging the future and you know what. It's -- -- be one of those guys can be 25 to thirty home run -- Yeah you know rob I want to start a contract pool here in iron yeah -- run after like in the press wants a contract -- if it's gonna cost you ten dollars to get in. If you're gonna have to guess whoever comes closest. On Jacoby -- great if there's the whole tape gets all of -- I just can't do. -- that makes an interest. Daddy gotta you gotta do -- just came -- -- -- like the tiebreaker. Okay you put the team in the money and so what is your early guess without your ten dollars of the artificial. But what is your guess on Ellsbury team and money length of contract. Dollars the hold. All right come what 7160. What is that one. When he was a year 716. While it's a little more than -- used to and one quarter 7147. Seattle. Yes so wall 123 -- league rec recchi was 6147. Yes so -- 23 year OK I'll go with that and what team are we going to Seattle. No you don't want to go with a Texas Rangers. Really like taxes they got a ton of money there's a ton of money in baseball and they Needham. -- Seattle needs him as well. Buy it is gonna go there. We're Texas milk CEO mark -- you -- when -- the same money and that's why are your priorities -- I don't think you understand this Mikey from Oregon Oregon is nowhere near Seattle and thoughtful. But just any I don't think -- -- is nowhere near Seattle. A three hours a way to get to Portland from Seattle and he's not -- -- the threes and that's like I don't I don't buy dad but I think about it or a bit I think organs look closer and say massive shelling is going to respect. I wanted to have ultimately cowards or three hour or battle -- -- the five -- when you -- different you know I don't know organ has that Texas doesn't dear. Taxes -- it. Do you think diligently on taxes public the Mets. Now they did their city Alderson and JP majority they have. The we can get ten players for the price of three players Adam monitor interest of our rob we appreciate demand will be talking again quite a bit. As as the off season begins for the Basra it's our guys are talking our pitcher -- phone calls -- 6177797937. A lot of information from rob Bradford when you hear. The names to capture that are possibly you excitable Carlos Ruiz for one year you save a little bit of money but would you rather have Saltalamacchia than we use as they're going to be 35 years old it didn't really get it all last year what. Why would you. Why would that be an upgrade for this team even if you're saving a little bit of money for one year 6177797937. Salt and -- on WEEI.

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