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Kirk Minihane and Rob Bradford celebrate the Red Sox 2013 World Series Championship- Hour 1

Nov 2, 2013|

Kirk and Rob look at today’s huge turnout along the streets of Boston to salute the 2013 Red Sox. They also check in with Mikey Adams and Dave O’Brien from a duck boat on the Charles River.

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Now and is sticking around until Bradford shows up until 3 o'clock 617779790. Reserve in the number. What it is -- I've felt like go you know we get at all. Long good didn't. I wanna stick around assessment to the final few minutes they're gonna miss it to you you're -- yeah. You can and I don't know -- bring in for hopefully we'll hire somebody who did you do. Some real talent -- mistreat these days you know I saw some running today it matter if he did yes I did. That you read 1516. Was sixteen miles did come along Arctic. Just about two hours with a little. There's not much that you do that impressed me that a -- that column because you can come straight it would that'll happen yet that's not enough whatever the marathon next week and have been. Etiquette training your -- what's next week to week from today yet. -- -- Columbus, Georgia you'd like just militaries. Is it that that's a violent flat flat it's warm. It's gonna be like yeah what the weather 52 he's -- to -- you drag you'll from the time not to. But just go -- solo adventure you Brad folk know it just me who's going to be there -- nobody. -- that tin -- thing around and I was open a list might. Lester some -- last about race for the new U. Yeah I know while what's held up signs and everything last time there was want yeah. Was so you missed everything you've been running around well a little Twitter I mean about a quarter of them listen you guys on the out. A -- -- -- you -- about ninety players on which would you like a bad idea loveless and it is -- that they were pretty good what's the big take away what torture that the players were pretty good Sander -- it says he's -- shortstop but he wants number two by the way he wants to play short. He wants to Wear number two so that means Stephen Drew is gone and l.'s response we can and number two right and Dempsey said he's been a lot of teams it's like the first teams ever bet on. That didn't have won a hole not one you believe that does not want nail on the -- Possible for help Iowa just got so you've ever been -- point literally 25 people in the one needle. It's good question -- in the room outside if you. Yeah outside of me right that's hard that. -- to say but. He believes that he's been a lot of teams in the in the -- we didn't ask how many holes he said. Not one when they go out together with a -- to go out together they go to those. Cook outs big puppies house and all in this together and we end up on us and I said. Did you ever go home and volume wife for -- call friends say the Sox I'm on the bench. I'm one of the top that is an American League and I should be plain piece -- never enough recent Ferrell went to him and told them. I'm going to play a hunch and play John ago. I don't believe that. The -- lion well I think he's telling sports. I hope you'll -- you've ever -- private moments thinking I really wanna play in the World Series I think he understood it Farrell's thinking even though. Most guys go by the numbers these days in this case failed to knock over the numbers and went with Gomes and you mr. Gomes was this is that's all -- saw this parade watch. Did you for probably went to the finish line he put pitchers are delusional enough and we're gonna yes I mean. -- doesn't know BP now is -- and how. How quite worked out well why is it would not at that -- what did you think of finish lines it was awesome to do a good job it was awesome and unfortunately you know have the votes America through. Half the votes could have been there yet so I was kind of in the middle. But for the fans who were there it for the viewers who watched on TV. It was great having had some survivors the threats to the big thing. Before you got him for all the survivors right not all but a whole bunch of survivors and heroes. Carlos are done that was there bunch of other. Families right -- here and EMC club yeah. Know them very cool move by its -- triggered it today running around us but -- -- might come around you'll want to thank him for the past couple days this might be the most unlike. Championship in history it is yeah I think in my -- to you call your mentor week old palaces and gone. Not meant to -- the patriots is number one nothing even close. I think this is number one for a number of reasons. They didn't try to heal the World Series -- as much as they say they did it this wasn't the goal right they weren't trying to build a champion that would try to build team. Take a baby step trying to get better trying to get back in the good graces of the fans. Trying to get that. Fumigate the clubhouse and the manager's office and get that -- toxic environment out and replace it was a good character guys that was the priority winning the World Series -- -- and if we have said we. -- he does he would set -- before the year started. 8280. No headaches everybody likes -- -- -- -- -- would sign on a second. In a second -- you know that that. Then next year's -- about winning ninety O Whitney division or whatever but right. To me and him that. Look at what they're doing now going forward there will lose Ellsbury yeah. Well -- what else. What else by the gonna move was on these pictures I would think that they're gonna move through loose from the blue -- them there's something. Well we'll see they're gonna won't lose that's not that good pitches and leave them as freeagent -- woke the him it was a shortstop on the -- you -- -- to -- frustrates. It's time he moves on. Other than the center fielder and got in -- Jackie Bradley might be great. We don't know he has potential -- -- -- very good he might be better Saltalamacchia might have missed a beat when he talked assault or muscle he's lucky we can play that's he says it's not up to meet that reasoning but he said. It's up to the Red Sox the Red Sox and his agent. Will talk but it's not up to him about his decision which is stupid that we could lose Napoli. That's a good point but when you hear Napoli. We knew we said he wants to be back right that's Rob Brown -- Yes but let's say when you hear sounds like he's held his -- get the deal done or the side for. Well if you look at -- if you read through years that you lost this injury thing right two years you sign up for to do is he's 28. In the cable pop -- there you go because so. The unit. Good sport all the all the problems of suddenly gone away that there were concerned about. Will -- up -- there's been no problems yet the MRI couple times the course of the year at the planter -- ideas that that was a bigger problem nets. But -- could read re surface at any time that's why don't think you'll get more than two years for an. It if they admit that -- often today in the can take it. Two years now but again again wants to go out -- because there's always one team. Especially much money baseball right now it's always one -- Napoli in the -- oatmeal. They don't know it could be that could be three -- four in forty years old yet the unique skills this is the hard thing to -- baseball this type again. It's freaky as he has what is a guy -- it'll balance in this day and age it is hard oil runs -- that issue. -- -- -- Twenties over one part high horse and finally I would like Israel is -- no. It's war what you say sports baseball but it's harder defenseless target refine the number one pitcher and is the funny guy -- point three home runs now it -- that's the hardest thing the phone. I say I said the middle. You didn't think he is I hope that type of theater right who you think that he if he was Alfie in. Courts all season yet he would have a potentially thirty months. That guy the potential to hit thirty O'Brien's. And and -- not -- mentioned the fact that he led Major League Baseball not even close pitches per plate apparently factored in -- this team but it. Fighting a guy with a potential -- -- -- is the hardest thing to -- baseball Tuesday. And he showed up at 9 AM appearances and the support that is that. Heart is that's part of -- yeah. I told us -- the -- talked about the short track at the height of line. We -- that you watched John Lackey right there at home plate in his boat. At quarter of ten. Gunning down spotlights. And the fans would she did -- take -- pictures. John Lackey was gonna -- spotlights at the board but what they had a chance to. Pocket a -- chicken and a kid and don't care that's what almost exactly 24 months capital -- it didn't take long and they all they were and they weren't shy about it -- say in the can -- in the Beers which is double -- -- The other point or lack the complained privately about the -- this dealer. -- understand. The years that these this sign -- -- I guess this ice is another year next year to be appealing about it will be able to do they sell that at a year or something. He's very treatable to -- off to -- there's you're wrong. Two years sixteenth so it's like eight million a year for a the goods -- that I don't trade. Him well okay that you Bradford -- -- in this world yet. Which pitcher goes who goes to get out of there. Who wouldn't want want want him you say the most back when you get the most back. Goes dumpster. So you think that trade him for not that probably. That he makes that that might have to be wary of some of the monetary look at this -- Lester not trade -- you need. He's the top -- guy to sign up next here. -- -- you match up I do this last night you match him with -- That's the guy right right -- -- -- stupid money that's mean but but but if you match up he's three months Greinke three months younger than last year. The numbers are almost identical the last five years now the post season. It Lester has better post season what a great you don't want for the 47. -- -- -- Rosenthal we'll also be more get more than that lest we get more than he said between Greinke and where their workers Russia so you talk a 165 once yes so if you. Wait -- -- -- -- why should go away little sign that I go back to go back to -- I think one of the front office guys told you guys on time. Is that you identified the right guys to -- foundation to give the long term contracts W the office that. Consequently I guess until you got a lot of I just made out of every year we had -- -- -- -- trial Steinberg told you Janice caddie told us they lose Ellsbury drew and Mike is going to be GM's morals that's my prediction and -- -- is going to be a managers or it'll be ultimately so that it hopes of stopping there. Want to hear what you guys -- -- will show the development name rhymes with something. Who's -- that I was brought them a hug. His first contact sheet cash pre camp. While I get to leave now the that you put around it up in Iran halted that 25. Did you -- every talked about -- -- lacks the ability to float. NASA says it sounds like this that ultimately apply lacks. -- other in the water now that looks so who see this tournaments all -- -- -- -- Robert and Robert -- parks was supposed to do. Rule that we -- you've got you guys can tuck the Mikey and -- one of the boats just get him on well yes but what if we -- a replay through these interviews who blocked out of that you have on. Boca its -- to assault the Hayes who stunk it. Yeah I don't telling the -- also didn't give as little power would the two best guys who missed replay. -- -- Bogart's now let tipster. -- all the -- and because he's an emotional time and these days that they were very happy to -- was flown. They were re played 55. Replay a replay of the montage replay -- month -- -- who do them -- they're great get Mikey on the fault they don't really like it's we have Joseph. Mystic is on the boat to. In it is cumulative resale though the best call been opposed. Year -- from Dave Bryan Ortiz off a horse -- to name over and over and wasn't. Me either in the level Brian now so he's good he's much better -- it that well but that was not. That was not. But. The deployment of its domestic political -- as such but the fiscal relief from in the morning after game to clear him of playing both are us. I played our best but it is that what it wouldn't have taken by it what global. And they were applied equally to people about every movie -- the -- into action actually what is the rule Saltalamacchia. Ross if it's salty sounds like you guys -- hit the market suits there. Well it could reach it if McCain gets the call -- offer. There until the market beat -- the most market because its offer to run. Salty not as if he doesn't solve these group. Streamlining you came out right I tell you what though I would not be surprised if true it's a qualifying offer. Really if it does. Then you're viewed very wealthy him back next your beat Snow White. Yeah let's say that they -- we these calls all got to be very disappointed if that's the case he's to a support -- third. I think you made a trade with -- true. Are you sign drew for -- -- -- that credit you don't have to wait -- middle of June you were out for you. You wouldn't potentially put. Or to third middle Brooks at first I -- -- this for this we have is that he works afternoons they take the breaks on them. That's hard to the break I suppose I'll see you Monday morning. All of them hopefully your you meant to world advice I'll call there. That's what 77797937. Rob Bradford joins -- but until 3 o'clock. Your calls will replace a -- does that -- any players on. Water. I don't know if you will look -- over there they'll definitely do it. Because it's funny that we'll get Mikey -- on the boat these guys. All that stuff coming up next on W media. All right Kirk -- and rob Bradford here at Fenway park at 6177797937. Chris from Maine the other callers here hold on for a second we don't have been nauert now. We're all of the -- -- what's up. You don't show it to soccer and it is well Bradford might be a real. Which sugar -- that's correct. What's more quietly now going underneath the underpass on the Charles River -- very hard to describe it -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That we're -- hundred yards away shore where people aren't just bop era that Charles River. And you know -- court statements you guys really wish it to. Are you -- realize is is there any instability. On the boat right now. -- there's no real danger here although it did it sink some pirates on an act like it was struck in the -- post are similar to -- me up but the banter just don't believe it will take at -- We got beard. They get -- appeared done. And I've I've repeated directives like not and so. Pretty weird they might act like that toppled about a week right you know -- -- in the -- -- of my ears. Drew. But this is -- beyond all that it's unbelievable behind its ports that but for area. And know very duck -- very very popular threats on the right edited by John -- Out of editor and weight behind the Wall Street -- you guys -- real happy I think I thought about African. I think we did see them Mike as a matter of fact how how war is of course the craziest stuff you -- the crowding it jumps out. Well -- It's also would not be tested as somebody that you can really take it because there's that this that the crop -- so that guides it. You don't expect out of -- and all they looked out. If the crowd is so deeply in a -- -- -- -- a five mile an hour. It's impossible to go over all that's wedding of the event video. And depth a -- it did but this was because brought -- -- like -- -- like. Mike you were you aware of these guys value there as well as the intrepid reporter for us get exposed to set the scene but were you one of these guys are waving to the crowd. And saying hey I'm I'm acknowledging I'm here. Or. You mean like well you know it's like -- you -- kind of waited to when they yelling your name and and waited through you can actually say I'm on the clock to get a job to do. I wrote up I -- to a ball what you are your multitask. -- -- you think Edward. Democratic ended -- a whole lot more serious though about arms on budget and a -- people -- to -- -- SharePoint report. I've done all right the weird reporting all the out of -- steeplechase public debt so the upper part because. It is big a single bigger bombs or CN -- -- today and you're into that and your fan of that. I would have no comment on that despite -- -- it. I -- you you know up high in the windows. I think I thought if Margaret -- -- It is -- broke and it was partially open. And smoke cigars radio with the final vote but it's not a new here is flat. -- -- like yeah yeah O'Brien there he straighter on acquittal on Dave O'Brien into the red side. They've met our area -- rob Bradford -- -- you. Great guys that the that this that they smoke they have let the weather cooperated like you wouldn't believe him it's just. It's this sensational as the 65 minute it's built like. Spraying all over again that the crowd that they're an even larger edit -- might you probably. Speak this -- well they've -- -- argued that we anticipated. At some point they were twenty feet. You know on oil London and it's just the lovely day to be out of the Charl well. How's this different than the other parades and you've you've seen here I know that. If this what is give it distinguish itself because of the marathon bombing tribute at the finish line but. How would you distinguish it this compared the other ones. You know I I think it basically. A lot of new England and Boston was there's probably. But taking it I'm embracing it -- -- now that they've done it. You feel like there's this great admiration and while this all of them not that there wasn't 07 but and most evidently expected. You know we all thought that he was gonna win or most of it. All or was -- or that's always going to be unique special. For as long as we all had to wait for it. This was unexpected to it that way and I get the feeling that there's still in the look for the bases. Up and down. The streets of Boston today on the Charles River. There's a look a little bit of all it instill like wow like it or leave it it has been quite sunk in yet him. For me it started this thing in all the the next day after game six. You know the Allman and and candidate you know. Ratcheting down a little bit and then it's like it's not a bricks and at -- -- I -- does that -- -- like. When you look back on active though it's still fresh but is there a moment that jumps -- you think about this team. This year is one moment that does it stands out above the rest. Well I I don't think I can think about this team -- in the championship that want her without thinking about what. Which he did in game two of that American League Championship Series right now that today happens about that moment. I write to me that'll be the seminal moment that that occurs that I keep going back to opening day as well and and just getting off to a good start as opposed to the wind starts. The previous couple of years at at and and you know Jackie Bradley would that the two most important walks to of an opening day maybe it -- like this period. That was remarkable to be able to get off with a start take two out of three go to Toronto do this team thing when everyone is speaking the blue jays. I thought just getting out of the gate -- so vitally important. But this club where the other teams to bail. But one thing that it stood out for me all through this summer and now into October. This team all week at eight it was going to be in good. They always knew they knew before anybody else I didn't avail with John Farrell in in January or even -- to spring training in downtown Boston and and he was so full of optimism and it was like you know. Which we may have a lot -- -- players we've had a lot of guys brought it to have a chip on their shoulder we have we may have a lot of guys that won and other places. But -- looked at the back there's a lot -- And eat that I only expect -- that's what the division and what that was one of the people looking it's got a -- going. Really object what about third placed the -- now more realistic in his mind it was always going to be winning the division I don't think he ever had to dial. -- last question from me but we talked about the previous parades and remember back in 2007. Half that was signed -- said reside Michael knows the big thing right. So have you seen any signs saying -- anybody in -- say that's a bad thing if there wasn't because. It is -- like this is the sum of the parts but have you seen anything along those lines. It's funny I think the guys -- the end being. You're Jacobi who's in the ball right behind us and has been all day along with Pedroia and a couple of other guys that. The guys have been camping -- Ellsbury the women have just sort of stood and stared at practice. Culture that you might like April. -- he's getting a lot of that. He's he's thrown probably yeah I'd say it's cartons were the C. To the action this. And it it's that it is that a remarkable day in I think it has been some of that that then I think it's been mentioned earlier. And if you sign people expressing apology to John Lackey. Which I did not expect to see it is as well so I -- you're seeing signs for everything but a lot of thank you just flat out banks use. Everywhere and people shouting -- thank you so much and be in tears in and so my books with -- -- their eyes. It's it's also pretty revealing that the team appealed to -- very -- on the crowd received a lot of really young people here you know teenagers and twenty year old -- that that's -- usual electoral written in Boston. I think it's the coming out and it with the respect -- Iran. Could help this group appealed to a certain age group maybe more than any other acts seen -- and I can only be a good thing but this organization will be all. Did you ever hear of life they've -- up Bob -- story came out they did two years later plans -- be at Fenway at 9 o'clock in the morning the World Series celebration cheering John Lackey he's drinking the beer. -- -- -- Isn't that amazing that that really I didn't think I'd ever see John Lackey if the cap then. Some mate who would that go out what's the big Healy to distill what it was a big deal that John Lackey got it. It was because it was a really great moment for him that John realize this -- -- it's appropriate for me. To do this it was like everything kinda seem full circle that night. You know the ball game wasn't in doubt even left behind at bases loaded for him to do -- leaving behind a bases loaded like I was very meaningful. Per -- how we're gonna look at John and how he looked at his career here and you know he had a terrific year we although that those of us -- All the respect every day realized he was one more valuable players in the heat -- valuable pitchers most viable players period. All summer and into the ball. But I I think it has come full circle for him and it's accurate. Aren't -- you might enjoy the rest of them it will talk to you later enjoy the off season if we don't. You relative. Dave O'Brien the bush the Red Sox Mike Jones the voice the people really is shocked that he's throwing -- who O'Brien pervert. Got a surprise to me at all I mean this is this is the best remote might be involved and since I was running. I had to call -- showing you run them on our heartbreak hill. What time was that he's refused to leave them they are used to the picture that. 617 sevenths thanks from -- You can tell you. The -- set at 7797937. Chris remain the rest where to start getting some real rob Bradford you're the best. Beat reporter in this room we're gonna get some offseason information from the sky trying to get the nuts and -- celebration over a place of more. John and -- -- players up we'll get to that great montage from Joe's our -- we'll get to that as well. Bunny left to go -- next couple hours. -- are you better at this and I am sure describe the scene of his is as we looked out here describe the scene to me it's magnificent. -- over the doughnuts at meet the audience field and saw that this tire tracks yeah. The common folk. Have been reflecting the commons vote on the field right now who these people I don't know I think that they just -- people on the field I think -- Like family all of those are some went in there and pick -- the cop a cop is going to confront somebody. Well yeah that's a trend that is the cop that threw at him not that is not lovers really literally pushed away. You do we have anything to remove himself from that -- give more credit is an officer first that the celebrity section of the -- all the credit in the world he's not. Grab his fifteen minutes it would go to bowl whatever it what Peter there had been kept doing a thing. They're -- billion cigarettes that are put it that was like a toy you know -- a three seconds arms up. I -- the bullpen right now they -- to get your people -- -- following. Agency. Then six what 7779790%. Most of the some of the calls to -- -- -- Samantha awfully patient good afternoon. -- who's turn it is to lose your comment all you tell. America -- I got tighter and prepare properly and I got to Jerry -- there like. But -- I mean you got to leave the show. I don't know I don't cultural golf radiation -- decided not sure right now I don't know John and Gerry want me to state the station. Yes -- -- -- -- your docket will be this show you want to leave because you wanna leave. Thought about it in the morning yeah I don't know yet and I. Again -- -- -- called -- -- support. There's an awful to be written. There is sailing to do. There's a lot of endeavors I believe it. Well first ball I believe the second thing. Before I believe the first women all you do -- -- compound up caddie that's true that there is it there's sailing to revisit it. You could do what -- forget you know he'd be doing your life you died over the sleep I understand but I'm just -- that everybody -- the goals right I mean you know everybody here was somebody wanted to do was a bucket list what if you bought this is only one thing that the -- -- use somebody with just no actually you know initially thought the quality as what you mean it's the final mile. Try to write a book if somebody wants to read stuff. I've I've really done at the rate of marathon with Kirk and I mean there's no drive across parts and everything. Make love to a foreign woman. A man. -- does does nothing else that bulls so what he's that he went sale -- I don't know if it's the breaking news you know I know about it walking boot. After doing the best two hours -- great comfort. Back who we won't let. Out or Andy depart the -- that Kindle. Ad rate. Is a great job today. It appears that his idea was -- the -- -- -- drop some great lines operate average it's a great line drop right York court. Yes it was debris here giggled and he yours. -- Who gives you -- DC. Now make far where was decent EC was doing Mikey Adams -- -- -- -- -- -- but will this mean I -- -- -- offensive there to have to do elephants who. But on -- and -- yeah but it way -- the road. What is -- that could. Have been in the cart and flow which we want market right. -- the parade I was hitting the codes that I was still. On a what do you want making or talk RTC that I don't like -- -- -- the use the would you do you breaking stories that. That's my point -- leaders are part of Britain's toward left and right most of the electorate that is where they're kept in high energy. The whole thing specifics -- Milwaukee year like years. We've probably doesn't hurt the -- that includes the -- the -- -- some I think it started playing a completely. Passed Wednesday -- -- -- -- -- I try to -- I try to be all right -- every man. Yeah over the break -- what's next hour and do some real meat potatoes -- -- -- -- is gonna get a -- -- stuff that's that like ought to get a day Ellsbury only get in the Lester wanna get into Saltalamacchia. We're gonna play -- these interviews. -- we're gonna play if these monetize the very talented. Andy for the big show why love personally he hates me then I'd love and I've always loved and -- gave -- big shot and I started doing this. He you know he's down army now which I understand there's a war right now. Rob between a morning show in the afternoon show and yes that takes sides then has to take sides we gonna take our side but where it played out with somebody to play. What click on the back played excellent back. We'll do a montage that we get some nuts and bolts and Bradford we get back.

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The Red Sox' High-A minor league team in Salem recently had a 16-game winning streak that spanned two seasons. So what? From the standpoint of making prospects better and fostering player development, does that matter? Salem manager Carlos Febles (who managed Salem for the end of their winning streak, but who was also in charge of a 50-87 Single-A Greenville team in 2013) and Salem radio play-by-play man Evan Lepler discuss -- while also touching on a number of prospects in search of the next Earl Weaver and Vinegar Bend Mizell.

WEEI WrestleCast: Wrestlemania 30 recap

Scott and Ben recap WrestleMania 30 and talk about the death of the Ultimate Warrior.

Jack Edwards previews Red…

Jack Edwards previews Red Wings and Bruins Round 1 with Dale and Holley 4-17-14

We preview Red Wings-Bruins with the great Jack Edwards of NESN.

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Ty Law, Patriots legend: …

Ty Law, Patriots legend: On being a finalist for Hall of Fame, 4-17-14

Ty Law joins Mut and Christian Fauria to discuss being a finalist for the Patriots Hall of Fame, the way the game is officiated now, and Darrelle Revis.

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Headlines, Headlines, Hea…

Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Chelsea is pregnant 4-18-14

The top of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed Chelsea Clinton's pregnancy.

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The Bruins prepare for th…

The Bruins prepare for the Red Wings 4-18-14

The guys opened the show talking about the Detroit Boston matchup.

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Shawn Thornton calls in o…

Shawn Thornton calls in on gameday 4-18-14

Shawn Thornton discussed how he prepares on gameday in the postseason.

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