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Larry Lucchino on the World Series championship

Nov 1, 2013|

Sox president Larry Lucchino joined the show to discuss his 3rd championship in Boston. He told the guys that there will be a moment honoring the victims of the marathon bombing during the parade.

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And you talk about how times have changed as we get ready to speak with our friend Larry Lucchino the president and -- -- Boston Red Sox I glanced over the AT&T -- line. And it says. Five words Lucchino is a baseball. God. The front published report is brought to you by vita Coco. By new Wellesley hospital. And by celebrity cruises I'm taking one in January and by Andersen windows. The baseball god Larry Lucchino joins us on the hotline we -- -- to you -- baseball god. Gentlemen thank you congratulations. Congratulations to you as well and there every fifth at the wrestling. This experience. I was -- I was keeping track of your whereabouts in the last 24 hours obviously you -- the game. You went to the game on celebration UN that up but the Bruins game you were the mayor's press conference in between that I think you probably attend that an Obama fund -- known that you couldn't join us yesterday on the air Larry the morning after. Well thank you it's it has been a busy time that that does but I have read somewhere in the paper that -- Adrenaline of prevention too happy to be tired I think there's an expression yes or blogs and and and I feel slightly. As this big a jumping off. Up point of this conversation years from now Larry what will be your lasting mental image. About the 2013. Boston -- Oh boy. He always -- it's provocative. Question. Be a little bit tentative at a time when. Likely to be good one single image. Uh oh it's got to be. T. A part pressed to say it a the cliche ridden comment. But by a couple of good. Of visual images just popped into my mind is is Koji jumping right in the -- the classic moment and -- is bigger point is in the air. That's that's the visual image or number but I'll remember the sort of personality and maturity as a team. That total global global statement. You know it's a difficult question because there are so many not to mention you know Torii Hunter going over the wall and -- -- -- of -- arms in the air the great picture in the paper today with four members of the Boston Red Sox all helping. The -- plate umpire signaled safe window when Gomes came across the plate it's just one after the other. That's that's a wonderful thing if it'll last for a alone time and not get to preparations for 2014. Authority begun so we do know Hala. Don't talk about challenging it is to get ready in this short off season of next year the deficit the same this year. And not to worry too much about what support dropped more. Kabul when you got the tab for the 100000. Dollar bottle of champagne yet. As I was a little bit of a surprise to me in there where that. Where that came from let's open was donated by the campaign manager. I'm sure pat -- picked up the check -- Larry you mentioned 2014. This team is obviously a lot better than everybody thought to in and the future is very bright. When you think about what's with what they're losing compared to you know that you New York Yankees. We'd be disappointed if you don't win it all again in the next five years. What we don't wanna play in October and try to get back to the basics here our goal from the beginning is sleeping in October baseball. So I'd be disappointed if you're playing in October next year. But I know how hard it is for a Celestin. For things to come together and now. Constantly talking about the randomness and unpredictability of baseball. You can add to that there randomness and unpredictability of the health of our players. So world. Is it the -- things have to come together -- world tour. To win at all the women such a magical way as we did this year and to change is appealing way. The you can expect that every year what what we can't expect every year. Is this field a team that's were you the fan support to the fruit trees we come back to all the time. So I will be disciplined and if we're not playing in October next year absolutely. Larry at the regular season wound down. People look at this baseball team and realized it was something more than they thought it would be or could be back in spring training insert leave and April and may. As September turned into October at least as far as you're concerned did the bar of expectations. Get raised because in September was well if they can just hang on and get in the playoffs that will be good enough. I do you know god forbid lost the last two games six and seven -- those expectations not have been met once you got to the World Series. I think that's fair to say I think weekly it was a kind of buzz about about a team that developed all along throughout the season and came to the. Fever pitch. At a around the -- the postseason time it was almost like we kind of wave right there right now I'm. And and I think the the fans certainly speak for myself. I did. Realize how important was to get to the World Series. That's that's always the the -- it. Special measurement of achievement getting to World Series. But sure it would have been terribly this sport -- would not -- because this as he played. Our expectations grew and our sense of how historic this might be. Because of the worst the first concept. It's hard to. They also. When you're at with -- and Henry in the three you obviously enjoying the moment reveling in the moment the other night and yesterday and tomorrow. How much do you talk about. Next year how much you talk about Jacoby Ellsbury and Stephen Drew and and and Jarrod Saltalamacchia and who's gonna stay who's gonna go on how you do you try to put this all together again next year. Well I mean we we we try to celebrate. Whichever member. There was going to be in the moments celebrate this moment because -- -- open baseball's -- along we now. Or are these moments over. But must balance the futures I would say that on Wednesday unity. -- -- game six. Couple hour meeting that afternoon. That was all -- taxes to the the topic because trees in the players can do history. So that the -- support and to. Carrington. It is it is absolutely -- extraordinary job this year. And it does he keep especially on the on the issues the development immediately after the World Series of World Series inclusion as a trigger date for a number. Options and qualifying offers a bunch of things that happened. Quickly there after. So as much he'd try to stay in the moment and enjoy the moment diversity of responsibility to go to the floored you can have never. It loses track that. I'm sure an -- and you agree it's a -- talked about this before with you that that needs to be there has to be a certain amount of turnover you can't say. We bring in the same. -- group Bakken gonna do it again. How much in general what what is your rule how much turnover indeed does there have to be. And how much will there be with this team. When that we don't have a rule on the but I I understood the concept are getting killed every baseball team is he she is unique it's. You that'll approaches some real baseball team. Year to year. Again -- -- I don't want -- on the long term development of all the club in the farm system. But it does that there will be inevitably some differences. This year no -- free agency by itself ensures that the but. Civil. I don't like it -- If you precise answers to -- players will probably probably you'll build. We -- the core of this team we go to -- the core of this team will be here and will be with us we know we have some players and players. -- for a couple of years like that Jonny Gomes and then. And if -- honest. So what we do know that they that the core of this game or main. But it there's absolutely no chance that this that this twenty guys. Who finished in -- of the World Series and these important. Start opening day. Here. General question organizationally does the approach does the idea. A signings of may be overpaying a bit but for much shorter years have staying power with the station will you be turning your back on. Sexy big number -- big name free agents as you did so successfully in the past policies. Bomb I don't -- rule out anything except that there will be a presumption against. Doing any kind of long term to take very long term deals. I think we've. A cross that bridge and we realize that there is they have a better away. To spend money this free agency. And long term deals and not the best way to to build a franchise sort of -- to -- over time. So there isn't very strong presumption against that that we won't rule out anything. It'll make its team. The team better. Have you ever seen in all of your years around sport. A transformation. Of a 180 degrees that John Lackey as I suppose the poster child for this redemptive -- Enjoyed and and and saw happen to him over the last year. Well certainly where it's topped the list. And -- -- -- the number of people in the organization. Who are not entirely surprised. I think John was. -- was the victim -- vote over an overreaction was not that was kind of while then. It in an unfair way and it was I think he showed to the world. What his teammates as seen in him for -- time. That's a ball -- approach a great sense -- keen. One who really had some ma. Some excellent stuff -- as a pitcher and and he made that a lot of faith and and that he return and we can't be sure happened during training. Last year he came in -- -- 200 what was nobody does he really worked. Where to put himself in the position to succeed. And I I know his teammates always at his back. And it's great that the public at large -- -- Talent he has. I don't know how much doctor Charles is involved in tomorrow's duck -- festivities. But is there any special moment planned for the finish line on boil some street as the duck boats go by. Well first saw it it's the in the mayor's. Rolling rally. Put on. By the city. Not by the Red Sox. We're of course. Happy two. Two deep -- the -- key ingredient that is for the event. But so started Charleston. There would have from our. Problems well we're broke both. -- -- as was -- more young women met with city yesterday. But they were at -- to lessen their plants. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Wrong to sort of predict exactly what we're gonna do it was just look at look at -- roll out. Tomorrow and and see what what will come to be besides -- progression from the mayors talked about is very. Let me ask you this have you secured the safety of the T shirts. Prior to the duck boats towards the party. Still mr. -- it was Easter. -- speciality was thought about it. But. No evidence secured anything yet that our players will be in duck -- that's what I do now. And now we're gonna try to make it a family affair we wanted to -- effective on Saturday local -- some young people out there will be some gift giving him some. Little trinkets that we passed them all the way that we -- what we're trying to do is just a give our players. A moment of of recognition -- got to love that by the way. It's is not a chore for them I -- -- -- has been talking about this. Greater Vista boat rolling rally. Since that -- he arrived -- spring training guys have probably heard the story and conversation. Yes -- cancer -- okay. And so one step closer to break one -- -- declaration that was an -- in March. I have a -- those two will be competing for the biggest ham tomorrow. Dempster and Gomes a look forward to -- I assume when you met with the mayor when -- people and his people that there was some discussion about what to do. On Boston -- what to do at the finish line. Yes and it's it's and that's it. And tell us in the world. Are you tell us anymore. Really I think there's they have. Some of -- Stiller is still being contemplated. But there's certainly a recognition that. This this year. And the and the Americans on bombing were inextricably. Related. And this place policies and and as a matter of tragedy let. But we must be sort of respectful and understand the magnitude. Of the tragedy and that's. So we don't really have any particular formula that I'm aware of yet -- and they agreed upon. But there'll be some. Make -- respectful. Recognition of the. The victims of that tragedy and so profoundly. Positive effect of state that that it had on the entire community. Larry I know you already know I feel this way but I would love to auction off at least a beard or to shave for the Jimmy Fund is that possible to have happened -- somebody would be. Big deep pockets drop ten grand on the Jimmy Fund to have their kids videotaped and photographed shaven you know -- beard or. Or nepalese -- -- this happened. We've heard that idea. Not not a -- big donor contributions but the idea doing something for charity. As important as fielding a team worthy of the fan support is farther from the locals to be active in the community be to the to participate in a wide variety -- of course led by the Geneva. So we'll give it some thought you know it's a very personal decision some of these players. They like the discuss illnesses appeared and -- your reminder of something very important. That they experience and so I've been there had been no discussions. With. With some with the players yet about that idea but I think it's -- one person. Having met various cities keep and that's fine what I can just sitting trip shade but I think he needs it tremors in the triple currently in the batter's box next year. Larry before you go I know it's the one big question you get the most you will get the most in the next month. Jacoby -- lot of people want him to stay now that he had a good post season and you won the looks like and important part of that -- he referred. I just don't understand how would work don't all boards as wait till January and could you wait. Till January to have that resolve them is an important guy leadoff guys sent a field that could you wait -- mid late January even February. To get that done. -- he -- timetable. Make your reservations about the Scott Boras clients and there are. The law of flirtation that goes on through free agency process this is accurate. Home we don't have any added we've -- put a timetable on we have. Put a cola but that is against Jacoby can return here on on a -- -- -- -- -- -- But. -- -- it will be a challenge this policy is not sure policy. Attractiveness free agency. And the general Boris approach to free agency. But we are eager -- but Jacoby Ellsbury returned to business name. Very quickly before we go you said preparations were already under way for next year what would it possibly done beyond that conversation you had about you know the free -- guys what what's in place already. Getting ready for spring training in February Fort Myers. Well there're there are 608 days and to petition to spring training. So warm -- want one of the things we've been focusing on the -- A lot of psychological side. Orbit operations department. And -- -- -- is that on going and he is an effort to prevent that as -- preventive physical side of things. With respect to our medical -- Our doctors our existing. Psychological side. That's something that's it's on going and apparently. But these. He's speaking at the meeting is this sort isolated -- I didn't mean to suggest that there are regular meetings going on free agencies are -- 157. Free agency. There are scouts and player evaluated sure out there looking at that dropped to see which of those. People might believe that kind of roll on next -- Johnny -- and for example create that we signed it some facilities you know always look at the stars as public created list even though the -- tend to do that you'll see that the looked at the guys who are. Won't wait countless decency -- -- -- particularly place evaluation of the institute for agencies. But there's a dispute on -- How symbolic a 108 days until pitchers and catchers report after the season that you want a 108 games and Greg congratulations Larry you know. He ought to receive and when we played a 179. Truthfully. That's illegal well it's just something into the I think -- favorites like he -- -- at any given season so little. Well that's excellent. Hopefully -- play a a whole lot more that in 62 next year. We will see what the parade tomorrow Larry Larry look you know -- Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T -- -- AT&T the nation's fastest and now most reliable forgy LTE network. Hitler to drink a cup. The last time -- have to kiss me knows that is right and you have to do that even after retires. Then. Probably do probably committees America's sexiest yet retires so you think you'll have like no power this town what he's no longer the mayor you'll you'll have some influence you know of influence from the grave things that. Mean. Actually probably never he's not he's not allowed that to happen he's gonna wind to power prolific illegals gonna. While ago off the -- Europe and lecturer at Harvard in political sign on those river cruises in Europe and the rivers -- I think he's just strike is over and. Prison and a guy. 677797937000. Dollars at 9 o'clock we'll bring -- a hand back and it is a free form Friday. Just stuff is on the table. The Boston movies the raid -- vs -- and hand. Boston vs buffalo the mayor's speech. From the prior week we disagree you you don't think the rest of the country hates us. I think they're certainly is an element you know if you if you -- sports fan. Let's say of the Buffalo Bills you think you're probably eight. New England for. Obvious reason with you to -- large you know mr. mrs. Johnson. In Overland Park, Kansas paid adult. Student -- it's jealousy don't get me wrong question -- born out of jealousy they didn't hate us fifteen years ago cities a stretch could not come up. They mount Rushmore of four buffalo athlete leaders wouldn't shut up well you can give it to his -- and when we get back. And and and from this standpoint. From the Boston standpoint it's difficult to come up at the proper for is that not I think we would you leave out you leave out it's it's. Russell. -- Williams. Byrd and breaking a five somebody's gotta go -- to pick one from every team we have to choose Russell bird yeah. I -- you know how bad it is for buffalo Dina I think. We have Aaron in this week have now topped them even in murder and football players we -- better murderer and football player. -- he might be suspect like Kramer yeah OJ elated to kill two that we're aware and -- only got locked up for stealing his are definitely not -- That's true we're gonna put away for long time.

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