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Who has been the Red Sox MVP so far this series?

Oct 29, 2013|

David Ortiz is on fire and seems unstoppable so far this series. Mut and Merloni debate whether anyone else can be considered as MVP of the series.

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As we're talking World Series baseball the all day today here from Saint Louis a reminder. We have got game six tickets. Tomorrow. Baptists. Red Sox World Series tickets but an opportunity to clinch. And win a World Series at Fenway Park for the first time since 1918. Were given away tickets tomorrow your chance to win. Keep it locked right here on 93 point seven WEEI and your calls old 861777979370. AT&T text line. Is 379370. Asked -- question for the break it to -- Can anyone give David Ortiz a run for his money if the Red Sox wanna win the World Series for MBA. I think he's the clear favorite right now right if this is a horse race. I would not bet against him I would not -- the race he's the favorite is like one of five to win the MVP. But two other guys have a shot to win it yes they -- a longshot but it can happen Jon Lester -- would help. He went to these war games for them they look at that and they they did to win standout point 43 ER re in the World Series stands out. I could see him getting consideration. Would it be enough to overtake Ortiz right now Lou no so he's novelist but he's not. I I've its second from. Second would be coach who we are well he bothered me that the caveat -- right now he would not what you'd be third behind Lester Ortiz right. Let's court fast for a game six is another four out save. Analysts -- you look up he's got five innings in the World Series no runs three saves and two of those from multiple eggs. That is gonna draw a lot of consideration to close out three different games and it for a four different games. 2823 and two with a three -- more than three innings and all those zeros it'll look good the arrays can look good guess that doesn't walk anybody does it very which officially. I -- big east that has storks of coach you what he's done that all the people. To let him compete for the MVP. And you roll your eyes at me but this idea that he could win it with a 45 out save. You -- knots he has been lights out in this World Series. Well. Okay do you do you think that -- in consideration. Well do you think they coach you we are connection win MVP of this world I just say it's a game sexy that you really think that we think he's in. It's in the conversation. All -- when you act like it's an absolute I'm telling you I think yes he would get. A lot of votes to be in serious consideration. To be as a multiple ending up values attitudes I -- roll my eyes you. -- yup they're saving games. Why is even NC situations. He tell me that he's the -- -- Ortiz the first World Series was in nineteen all three. Okay David Ortiz right now is the second highest average ever. In a World Series he's got the second guys on base percentage ever in a World Series is get the fifth highest OP yes. Ever since nineteen all of three. -- we are is closing games because of what David Ortiz is doing in the batter's box. This is historic. OK coach is doing what he's supposed to do. Would David Ortiz following has never been seen. Has really not been seen. Not been seen -- marginalized coaching anymore with the way you say that made it -- out no big deal. He just out there saving games -- a -- level -- save him because the authorities given lead his save Monday marked his seventh of the post season yeah tiger for the most ever by a closer to playoff run it your job was David wetland Percival and -- the only four guys -- -- you on the losing you'd do. You realize -- -- -- journalist David does -- And -- -- -- doing their respective jobs look really really well. The Red Sox the Boston Red Sox are being 151. Of the David Ortiz won 51. Can you honestly Tellme. That they would be winning the Ceres if it wasn't for David Ortiz know. Can't say that you also can't say they'd be winning a series of coaching wasn't doing what he's done all freaking you -- you marginalize like that part of like doesn't matter. Like it's only that they hitting Harvick get you to that point on the coach he's got -- do his job. That's what it sounds like -- up like OJ doing its job so as Ortiz. And coach is doing his job -- Ortiz. -- this huge difference. Huge difference. Well from a closer standpoint what coaching is done during this one has been historic write the numbers put up in the post season. You know this entire year he's made history you know this series I told you Ortiz -- far -- week -- -- is third. Give BP. Jon Lester is second. Kate that is so I mean I don't know maybe I'm just look at I'd love to -- -- trying to -- -- what I'm seeing right now is a different. Go to our results the guys lockdown is no question body's exhausted tired he looks different. -- he's not the guy that we saw a month ago he's got this thing out like so many people. They've Ortiz making history. Joseph let's pre game close so he now has four saves as coach -- four or more outs -- the -- he's become in the fourth picture playoff history to do it storks -- post season gothic Rivera Papelbon a consulate for. Say 6177797937. Atlas -- right now we start. Right now we obsolete is there and if you say it's game six you still there I ID EB second attic he would give Ortiz a run for his money I don't Ortiz in the worry favorite -- probably -- But it terms the competition -- Koji especially -- that saved and European number two Kevin's at Wakefield talking about this Red Sox team I Kevin. -- I don't count I -- yeah I don't I'm not all our own army of I was stability 500 dollars. Any charity that Pedroia he would like if you would shape up it didn't give them. You want the hair off his face. I've no idea. -- I'll give myself Kevin but the Red Sox and their very open during this playoff or I want the -- and its face that's not creepy all I don't let. That makes a lot of sense. -- she's frequently about it you grow little Pedroia is on the backyard sovereign countries in Revere -- Well like it. -- doubt that Roger listen we it's a principle that every -- we want to connect to the Red Sox get David. You what David -- is back careful that we can't do that we can get that done for him. Shortly it's like -- didn't -- when -- has -- each get a lot of riches. These rocks that. Thank -- it's really -- I am going to be so wacky drama end here. I got a high -- I don't think that this guy is getting his just due. Whether it's -- -- the TV or radio or. He has a really really turned over to -- you -- and Clint Eastwood movie called and I'm. We -- not any of the uploading. And yet girlfriend or not and lack you know it's just struggling to stay alive who. I don't know what -- its export balked at the stop because what Lackey has been grow. He was thrown in the pattern by everybody here didn't he got a lot of things right so we should open. There -- guys corn belt and really watched Koppel all that or stop. And really been unbelievable. All catcher and I think it's illegal -- point. What cheese in my opinion. He's not a -- over the -- Shelf like treat it like -- want what appeared to Korea. And you know why. -- Wacom although again. -- Roger it's going to be tougher to do a Fenway they had their chance here at Saint Louis when Jonny Gomes and gained a loving a line of he had his chance man and Metheny and and guess -- part of this to last night they kept pitching -- you know I have pride I think it's out of stupidity. To bad job at a Mike Metheny a team that -- now you want pitch around him okay -- that you pitch around but now like the second that lineup. So it's gonna make a little bit more difficult what they missed their window they had a three game window here to really be careful with Ortiz. And they keep pitching -- -- -- -- out singles respect that he hit into the shift deep in right field he drive -- balls in the gap means doing everything. Everything for this team. And the -- pitched on basically three straight days and I want you definitely fine Mike Napoli and act green monster there so it's gonna make it tougher from that standpoint. Blobs in Arlington he's opened my little 1937 about. Morning guys and -- -- noticed that I yet but there were no more games than not Saint Louis kick your ass back here you know. -- letter like our travel agents know that pop duo I can. And before America. Comment on not MVP. Like a throw in a -- here. And I just ticket than that it's terrible thing that if the Sox win it at home for the first. Jerry Remy probably won't be seen around the park and I feel horrible about that so I dislike the state -- the -- -- bedecked. It was that snagged its star than BP those. I think the only way. That Ortiz could be outdone here is that you our team and in the ninth inning and they were up. Up one run and he threw three pitches in the game with. Patent battle on one at each that's the only love -- when I'm on that it would it he'd get like. Attic -- go to probably went about trying to build a scenario where coach -- arc can win I think realistically the only big state to Maurice if three of the four games for this team. You've got five innings of shut -- ball -- put the conversation but as I expect to start the thing. Ortiz the fair national cat when averaged three pages are not right wouldn't matter pitches goes up there 123. Records a third save in the series. You'll get some consideration -- with the rookies in the favorite op also brought in talking about the FBP a ball. What -- -- on what's up mental or I couldn't really looked. And hockey should get like you know what it's all well you know what he'd done for me lately I mean that what you now. This -- or that you are on tonight cheap yet not yet tomorrow night it's Grand Slam you know. Or we don't object television. -- -- can trigger it but Eric you know. Well it will be paid I mean listen MEPs over. Dave Ortiz your BP into alters the red sucks when it's over a beat you walk off grand slams -- give him BP. Boy it certainly is an MVP of the blessed game of this -- this MVP of the series from the very beginning to have every end who's the most valuable -- here and it. You know aide Stephen Drew it's a Grand Slam -- -- -- and the MVP trophy as he did in game six. No no consideration no second wake up at that the latest Julio -- -- now -- talking about the Red Sox and David Ortiz today's we get all your calls from Saint Louis hi Julio. Your current event. A credit from our rights are up -- little it doesn't last night out of the box with the waste or bad that their courage. Their willingness and there aren't as cut and no way to crack at this at this point where my game went phone courtship. Because the way is -- medic -- -- he probably eight LP as though he had balls are so now it's been horrible it is called it management. I question a lot of please. And large been. Cratered in our our rob -- -- posted it and the box MVP yet these. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- to hear -- see you know when -- take you win it right what the -- on John Ferrell is going to be you know he wants give John -- credit for last night -- About John -- was okay last night I don't think he was perfect you party alluded to it. It's tweets are already saying I for our guy Mike in metro were talking about. David Jon Lester was in a position where he might -- hit bases loaded a 11 game in the seventh inning. We were talking about like nobody was up in the of the bullpen and Mike from Medford -- I was sick thinking -- was gonna take let's throw the pinch hitter no -- that way. -- take cholesterol that spot. I gotta tell if rockets hit by a pitch or walks or gets a single everyone's got a bit standstill -- bases loaded one out that spot. I feel the exact other way well you know it's it's how did John Ferrell let Jon Lester it. Not spyware so cost of an American League style to see it starting pitcher was at 69 pitches through six innings it's a you have got to be crazy to pull him. Not a chance in hell. -- risen one National League person in this ballpark there is that one. National announcer or some of the covers the National -- talks about the National League who wasn't sitting there last night after the game during the game go. You what's really gonna let Jon -- -- with the bases loaded was in one on the seventh inning. It's a different style understandably not accustomed to it but sometimes you have to pull the pitcher. Early because the game's on the line. If he let Jon Lester hit bases loaded. One now that would have been a mistake. Now American League I understand you don't that's just not how we think that's not what to think. The guy the guy comes out when he's tired I don't care but none on National League in National League it's the seventh inning. End of the problem is that you know you don't having -- -- bullpen and he speaks more but with a value trust out there obviously do brought wasn't helped it to brought was healthy. Or not healthy healthy rested. And gone bad -- -- activate thought he would like -- other words game six tomorrow night like your day off last night and day off today. And he's he's operated ago. I think in the -- -- to -- thrown his Jon -- scope of the players not second guess it is getting started -- it -- a -- right here expect someone to be up in the bullpen. It -- -- Johnny comes up base voters on the situation gonna swing for not ideal which can't let the man hit in a tie game in the seventh inning. Bases loaded on the other hand you know. I thought -- was worse and -- like Abu -- working out Ross is the double Lester you know is out and then Ellsbury gets another basic. It was that the sequence there at editing not by Ferrell but by MythTV. Where I mean there was a point where Adam Wainwright walked Stephen Drew let's say that again. Adam Wainwright walked the guy's got four hits in his last what fifty at bats are so now one of those a 150 foot pop fly. If you're -- Stephen Drew that you're giving -- your guy might be loosen your little bit and only lost to fast but he appeared to lose. Ended I'll let Wainwright pitch to Ortiz Ehrlich -- with -- yes well look I'll wait right now at any. You know he's got all these lefties he pitches Ellsberg they're right I mean he's eight he's goalies lefties up he's got Seacrest he's got choked. And that's spot and make it a chance to keep it to one. He keeps an -- game Ellsbury gets the RBI of Ross is there a hole to make it 31. You'll Lester the court the next inning and then you bring calls Martinez and in the top the eight. What's -- Feeney doing it at that point where shall your starting pitcher too much respect. It starts where he says publicly. I'm gonna go after David Ortiz I -- argue fight I know it's hard by L. Also because job -- manager in me just say it's Stephen Drew army's one wanted to countenance a walk. You know and and he's. It is opposed single listed in a bowl guards went crazy -- terrible middle chopper up the middle. That he walked Stephen Drew. They get David Ross you know it's just this Adam Wainwright and he's got. You know he's there horse he's -- it -- the Red Sox showed actually no shot of getting tool. -- those that back quick and obviously I it will have it happened on the post season guys lose a pretty quickly we -- buckle to the quickly although there staggering circumstance of the evidence like up. At this level the -- you talk about stress these guys. It happens faster than normally wouldn't -- -- and that's buckles you know and that's -- Leonid Lance Lynn it's not Adam Wainwright. You know and so he gets the free out with Jon Lester. So -- as a pinch hit me a it goes the curve ball that gets too much of the plate -- post beat down awake and it better happen Ross has doubled down alive and he's faced Jacoby Ellsbury -- got to be kidding me but he embarrassed Jacoby Ellsbury. First three at -- I mean amid look foolish -- we look lost. And he gets with a cutter and fastball -- Is Adam Wainwright you know and I just think that you know -- loses this David Ross. The curve ball the left Alamo -- was the killer flat because if he had gotten him out. John Ferrell is gonna let Jon Lester hit but first and second two out tie game in the seventh. Which it beat people still talking about right now if that happened while an overall mean. Can you give John Ferrell better than FC in terms always managed a -- on the World Series Saturday night we didn't -- out -- about -- the structure and call took over. But that was an Alzheimer -- quick terms double switching on and let's not again. It analyses of the of the mistake he made was to double switch you know as far as reality goes and not dealing with what ifs. What I mean they were two other things I thought mean -- forget what ifs that. The pitching Jonny Gomes and two outs and nobody on -- that was interesting use of going through -- for pitchers back to back 1 morning game. -- -- -- And then not walking John -- the other in the night the only Pedroia made a great play. They got the runner on Richardson of double play and I leave Kosovo and that they have there there's there's -- they're talking about like docket Leo -- -- you wanna give a manager. You know there's a huge difference between John -- that -- -- double switch to being noticed making a mistake. -- he admitted it that was embarrassing. That you just not agreeing or any fan or -- not agreeing with his philosophy. There's a huge difference. You know Nike. -- big they choose not to but I was wrong is wrong to you know. That was wrong John. You know you got to stick with your philosophies as as a as a manager I feel this game. I honestly everybody rant -- about walking -- appears to cosmic. To Mia looked as if that's cordially yards strike a pitcher. So did to Adams a split split split strike him out -- and now it's second there with us blow up a little white ball pitchers I've got -- -- -- -- Dirk. You know come up atop the order. So it just. Whether he's right or wrong because yes -- agree with your philosophy units in the people not just do you MC is a fan base but it -- Ferrell was wrong because you do this -- do that. Okay. See disagreement -- me wrong you might be wrong. I've been double switch it was a mistake. The double switch the mistake. In last night. I think if you if -- got to it would have been a mistake but it never got -- so we can deal with what is. And he's made a mistake here but you're saying he basically locked out -- lucked out at the circumstance of the game. Let him not to make a second big mistake they've brought -- -- -- if we Dave Ross -- though it's not talking. The manager 6177797937. AT&T text -- there for all day at 37937. After three beautiful base here at Saint Louis. It's raining here Rainier Busch Stadium where here it till 2 o'clock we seal lined up full -- we get -- talk -- World Series baseball he would out of the game do. May ratings perspective last night Boston will play about that as well keep it here.

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