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Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick with Salk and Holley

Oct 28, 2013|

We check in with Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and discuss the tale of two halves that was the Patriots vs the Dolphins on Sunday, and get Bill’s take on the adjustments that allowed the Patriots to take control in the second half and win that divisional match up.

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All right Bill Belichick joins us as he does every Monday the coaches our course brought to you by Mercedes-Benz in by Drake cakes. Coach judge seemed like the tale of two halves yesterday what what adjustments. What was the conversation like between between the two that. And -- but definitely it's it was a case. You know not but really a whole lot of -- that it made a lot of changes. To think that big change -- -- -- and things better and that's got to you know plays came our way certainly the the script sect after we score was you know they played a significant side of the you know the interceptions. All these players like. Billy were -- key players in the game with him really -- a lot of major changes in percentage terms the running game offensively. You know beat down and but the expensively it was -- you know great -- on the ball on the sideline absolutely. Irrelevant bring a little bit more pressure in the second. Well I saw I mean you know as a as a fan I would think it eat your team doesn't have a great first half. If you're not thinking OK I've got to make some changes for the second yours you're looking at it as the coach and saying I still trust what we're doing even though it's not working we just have to do a better. Yes I think he you know you take a look at what they're doing what you do on the table with what we do differently here and when you look at it and say well I think you know this is really fundamentally -- -- try to do that and the demons in these situations and he's got to do better and don't open all the doesn't. In which -- Let's say analysts are spot in plunges got to do to do better than that case just. And while -- -- something that we just in the and have they they want the adjustment. That was adamant that it. It sounds like the players that took it upon themselves to just as you -- continue to do what they were doing but. Maybe you do it with more urgency more energy more enthusiasm. Or whatever was that they think did look like a different team in that second half. Of just say overall well Michael better execution was better -- we -- A lot of the same plays that we can block them better we've scrambled the better a lot of the same decency. Riddled. You know play much better on third down in the second half we did in the first. -- -- -- a similar poll that veteran red areas defensively. So when it on I can't hear elicit their a lot of big big fundamental changes. I saw that that Steven Ridley got into the game a little later. I think as a second quarter he got in. Our Ryan got into the game later in any reason for that. Not really mean we you know we -- people in different. Rotations every week based on what the game plan this situation is so we're so. What are what about Ridley or Ryan did not fit as well into the game plan yesterday. -- they'll that -- minute -- -- we put a lot of people. They're good up and then you know we are applicable but a lot of people on the situation. Publicly commit for more important in the game in London than the first thing for -- her first serious talk about the outlook. Because that are making plays at the end of the game don't want it the most confidence in the in long. -- have been in the beginning is insignificant. Was that the and that really the term and the. One of the players of the game who in Utah black guys in their making plays one guy we saw yesterday was Andre Carter with familiar with Jeremy was here before. What led to the signing of Andre Carter and what did you think of his performance yesterday. We'll the first impact so. You know -- -- -- long way to go but he may contribute. He helped us in some ways you know in the end we. Basically replaced -- notebook with under car and elected heat in this little bit more. -- the position than in the have a let me you know decent line. Of this at this point. Those guys are always making changes to the roster bill tomorrow is -- as a trade deadline you anticipate any moves from the patriots in the next 2448 hours. Well you never know coming in and -- it became the that to come together -- know last year with the -- trade you and question maybe it did. On the Monday before the trade deadline. -- wasn't really like going on and then it came together very quickly in. Really at the last that was analysts. Thirty to 45 minutes or at least some that it there were a number of things that. That's taken care of a little bit betrayed them. And you never know sometimes you you feel like you got. You get you know transaction. We insist that it happened potent. On -- happens and it doesn't never consummated so. Who knows. But you know right now that the -- or -- Growth of the earth and we feel as a way to improve our team and appear lest you wouldn't believe trade and you know certainly explore. Collective workforce than it would open -- The coach has been a lot made in the last couple weeks about Tom Brady's mechanics I kept our football personally I would have no idea of -- mechanics are good or bad I don't really even know what good mechanics look like. But I know there's been questions about it and I know that his completion percentage is the way off is his his career level. What do you attribute the drop and completion percentage and what do you made of his mechanics. I thought that hurt them and it's one of those England quarterback. It does just about everything right in terms of -- Technique with the ball placement. Leverages mutants. And torsos of our. At least point you know. Position in the passing game -- the timing -- is that -- -- As. Well. Throat infection and certainly they think -- -- that are. Also but it it they usually. Protections upon. Processor issue. Throwing catching. No -- people in order. -- you know constantly. We executed well and. Bill I want to get your take on this and we asked you last week about. The rule at the end of the game that was you know unsportsmanlike. Conduct that was unsportsmanlike penalty that was -- -- guys and overtime -- yet. There's a story that came out over the weekend and it says -- the sent out of video to all teams pointing out what she can't again that you used to play. The deciding play in the game but they also used another play. From the jets game with the jets did it. It is that is that encouraging or discouraging to use that. Yeah in a video they put out that the jets did something wrong but they did not call that in the game and is that something that Hewitt talk only about. Oh there really much to talk about -- and belief -- -- -- and efficient videos every week and they try to. Pick up things. This really need to be talked about over. Situations. Maybe there -- some. Some degree of this interpretation and were questioned about and they. Attorneys plan. I think really any questions about what they do how they do what plays they do whatever it is bigger than this. That we get this moment that you. Current wasn't her situation. Very similar. To the one that you get in the media. They sent out weekly on. Verification and no rules question interpretation. Of the but definitely it because. Our bill it's time now for the coach's question of the week is brought to you by your local Mercedes-Benz. Dealers the all new. CLA and when -- write this week beyond UCLA has arrived see them on the web -- in the usaid dot com. This week's question. Comes from Larry Larry's in Boston Mary. A few inches -- -- busted. Wants to go. What your plans are for the bye week you take a vacation which was watching a football lights and side. On Nantucket so any any plants -- and -- we do like offer anything. You know not at this point Larry in -- it's perfectly honest we're just. One day at a time when we could've gone that right now are really model focuses on the and our scouting report and get prepared when -- when players come in. And give them if additional -- Just take it -- -- I haven't really thought about. And the thing after it -- You know. About. We're very short term focus on here and but I might be the worst. Period. Just destroyed it the most what we're doing today. -- from our you know this -- on. Trying to stick it to quote and the last week there could be going on in future we just over. Really haven't got. -- If that's the area would note also that for the last coming in did you let you get to see any of the last two games for the Red Sox the two crazy ending -- there. -- term on the riveting baseball currently -- What do you think of the umpires make the call we've been talking with people about it all day there is a huge segment of the fan base apparently only in Boston or else in the country that thinks the rule was applied incorrectly at the end game -- would you think of it. Well I mean I'm not you know great personal talk of baseball rules about those notes sounded like their explanation. Honestly. Meaning it was probably good one that whatever that thing called there was a lot accomplished. That. I don't know but. You know certainly a lot of great clutch. Playing pitching hitting. Situation those old. And the gamble pickle but or. It seems like every game is and ending this and haven't seen before it there's different ways. Again. At such important games. On a lot of great players out there are a lot of what's. Where the bill. What kind of what kind of baseball manager would you made which even good at that which you've been good to go after all the rules trying to go through the -- -- -- a couple steps ahead but also. Maybe not having the same level of control players guaranteed salary. I don't know I really haven't thought about was it there. We're really coaches across. So after football and then all of and they -- because first base those in the. Yeah -- A hush up enough left as well. Let's take -- close. -- and all. There. A little but the third base coach because a lot of responsibility on the guys. Federal you know -- automakers to. With that -- the what to do. But pick out vs. That itself. -- -- is Jose can elsewhere in the body out there every single and go to first -- yet you take your equipment but you also have to offer words of encouragement have great job creating an event Saturday night. It is -- and it would it now. It's -- well. Where -- now it's not a big deal coach thanks so much we appreciate -- again next week I might sound good Michael Hart. And a night. -- the others built ballot check in our conversation with the coach. And energetic conversation today brought you by SBL I do it that he proceeded. Get affordable dependable life insurance remiss BO lie the company that's protected over one million family since 1907. Visit SBL I dot com that. I don't mean the last but I -- that was a very energetic coach Belichick today no adjustments made at halftime we just went out there. And did the exact same thing to do you believe that but they just went out their did the exact same thing he's done. Something must -- change was that just the energy level -- just the just the better execution. Energy and focus in and hey if you can do it somebody did if it was in the coach it was a player. Somebody. You know what went in there and says are. Day we know what the game plan as we know who these guys aren't they play in our division and -- made some changes in the offseason but. We know we got to do let's go let's tournament. I've heard that before. We both have Mike Compton to stories that some buckets here on the air but I personally yeah I guess they are at the but I ever want Mike Compton. One game and have to. And out there and a locker room and it's not a whole offense defense or is that offensive -- here and -- and quarterbacks over there they were all the locker room in Mike -- lost his mind. -- at halftime it's ripping out. Lose. That lately he ran the Republican this. It's. And that's that's not a I talked about it was it was there was no talk about. Hey you know this -- I've given to -- gap that shouldn't happen that you don't get monopoly at the right angle your pad level is off that was just. This is they have do you -- but what I saw I think that's -- off weeks and all the same thing last -- can't -- Any chance that David Ortiz borrowed his speech from Mike Compton -- -- doubt it. From what I know the two players in the two people but you never know David Ortiz rallying his team a team that rob Bradford reportedly. Late last night this morning not had a single team meeting this year and about except they never lost more than three games straight all year usually you only have team meetings when things are going awry. They didn't need to there was never need to get together they have dinners together however many times as a team they got together after the marathon bombing in order to do so many of the right things. And to really help the city -- such a great way they didn't need to have a quote on quote. Team meeting -- and it rips us off that every. Until that day and it wasn't even an official team meeting yesterday it was just David Ortiz getting them together. And tell them it was time to get going whatever he says it at least it worked for Jonny -- great game for him yesterday what was supposed to be in there has the huge walk to set up -- -- early and then the huge home run that really put them ahead for good. Great game for Jonny Gomes he seemed to get that message. Wanna bring -- -- 'cause we just they don't. If we just crushed Saint Louis rid of the -- we did -- to the rib -- On the recommendation I got Lional. Lional comes through it did it make -- of the city a lot there's a lot of things can't base -- in Iowa has wrecked -- I am not gonna make fun of the rib -- It was better than any -- I think I've ever had it was tender great sauce -- smoky flavor to read your great the people kind of knowing the people. Our our exploit and they write knowing that -- are seemingly sweet you think the people in the rib shack where annoyed though they were great spirit they were very nice they were excellent I'd like to people on the reject. Caught by first day salt of the earth people what -- it once I I went last night after the game and Michael. Reps -- One thing I should have done it did not -- -- a little. -- -- here. We apply them. Because based on how -- weren't sure how good vote of finals mechanized guys say -- border -- Louis he was very very opinionated and else where we needed ago. It -- you know it's quite make it silly -- I was a little skeptical. And now a threat to the risk too great probably -- Are close and as we finish up there Bill Belichick not surprisingly the phone lines -- right back up everybody has one thing on their mind it's obstruction charge they'd never get over this. It is a bigger deal leave in the whatever was called against the patriots last week. I don't know if this is going to be the clock rule all over again. But he and put it in reverse because it worked against Boston this time I still believe the call that was made it with accurate I still yet to hear anything that dissuade me from that. But I do wanna hear a lot or your phone call 6177797937. -- also tell you it's on in the next half hour Michael about one of the most annoying people like Matt right here and say the couple -- alcoholic. On WB. Q what it would do we eat ribs -- what -- business also music some -- wrote.

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