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Red Sox Road to Redemption Bradford & Speier are joined by Torey Lovullo

Oct 27, 2013|

Red Sox Bench Coach Torey Lovullo joins Rob Bradford and Alex Speier to discuss last night's game. Get the inside scoop from inside the dug out right here on WEEI.

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2% are right well that's the pull up on WEEI dot com going through who should be playing in the alive today by. One of the people who actually have to say it is -- -- Torre -- fellow who hopefully joins this year or Ricky Harris. Our line clearer and -- -- number they're pretty entertaining for. Well -- -- wasn't what are the percentages the club in the other the -- -- right now Torre actually need the 100% to 0%. One from toilet Fella so. -- at all it's politics seeker right now we're not gonna tell you -- -- -- -- and about 430 when you get them down if you -- up. -- that's fair to reach a point out that in the of the dynamic this he said that we have right now. Which is Alex steered myself rob Bradford were up in the broadcast Booth high atop which stadium. And we're looking doubt in the shadows -- yet we're looking down and there's somebody absolutely. Just going to pound in the stairs working. Doing pushups in the health field -- collecting his thoughts that I tell you what Torre I don't know if you do this every day but it was pretty impressive. Well you looking at my work out that I really gotta keep a little bit about in my life and he used to CLE I'm the worst the year I was player retired but. -- not -- what I want to say is that. It's over -- -- guys polls they're just a couple I got a lot of low on the air. You know he beat chanting you guys yet or get a ride on you know. We are partially eighteen looking. Over every possible touched. It actually can get in you know. For sure -- -- same ballpark we can't play everybody -- -- but he -- up but I just want everybody to note as we know you guys know that. I will help -- trot and in the staff here. Down the quote about we're trying to we're we're trying to exhaust every possibility give it to best advantage. And -- thanks for joining -- first volume or has been very gracious about. -- time that was today sauce Sundays with Torre -- I think we've we've got back on that we've hit every day but Thursday at the or -- we have it's up thanks again for joining us there's a lot to talk about what last night and also what's gonna happen tonight. Going back to last night for you. For you -- sitting next to John there what was the toughest decision. That you guys had to make over the course of that big game looking back on. And you know there are several several key moment in the game I think our decision was do we do we get Napoli. In work bench spot or do we allow Workman a lot they're create better matchup. It was a better situation. You know -- sending them and give you the better advantage possible for the right pitching. Match -- and that's how we were looking up that I think it's more pitching and defense oriented. You know we we talked about thought potentially turning down by her about it -- too. And you know -- so strong that he wanted to work going to go out there sure is second in -- working out those. The precise matchups that that were created by that -- -- To go sold. Going back to using that as the baseline. Going back to what you did pinch hit for the pitcher back in the seventh inning and you -- you brought -- the game what was the thinking where there was the thinking that. You just were not gonna bring bring you brought back no matter what or was -- prioritize the chance to actually have Gomes hit a home run there. Well I. I think we're looking to get Johnny of the game for the best possible matchup for ME you know eat you know left right. I don't I don't wanna I don't want to. Limit -- ability erratic pitching -- we felt like at that moment. I was the the best usage for Johnny against that left -- a pitcher. And outside that they had nobody but right left and don't and again on the game. Which is what you should straight straight -- pitching and -- all the little out of their bullpen so I look I explain -- right we just felt like that was our. Best chance right there he's Johnny dog. You know you're done the job. I you know between John and more I think they were discussing the coupling of -- to make sure that he is available. Or another game here in Saint Louis. And I I think that it was terrible for us to send Johnny up there and you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 11 thing that interested me about your you're depiction of of the -- decision -- and whether or not pension with Napoli as he did emphasize pitching defense component of things. I wonder if at this time of year over the course of these playoffs just based on the fact that you're facing more dominant opposing pitching. If you guys are placing a greater if you guys are kind of placing a greater emphasis overall -- run prevention verses that possibility of of scoring runs for instance if if you know if the if decisions are weighted more towards if you're spending seasons weighted more towards. Run prevention and the -- in the regular season. We we certainly are in you know we we -- to school of thought. That we we keep talking about about about -- and -- of outs. There are at it out when they have certain pitchers with certain Bill Walton league pitchers it's going to be a little bit more pitching and defense or in -- when they have other starting pitching with. You know limited resources in their bullpen that have become more of an -- center spot. So you know we have to do a lot of credit to the two circled aren't the Cardinals -- and I'm not I don't want they'll play anything that they have outside of you know. Walker when you're right they you know they they got two other quality starters. In other great candidates out of the ball and I'm talking about the main guys they have out of the bullpen. Are very very doubtful while they're available. I think our thoughts are aligned more pitching and defense oriented now we may count on the situation offensively and China are fortunate or place for the tie so to speak. And then got to wait to lower the boom when somebody else coming out of the ball and that's Sabres on -- -- -- so -- -- out. You know it's it's a -- to prevent it it's going back and forth and nationally city. You know he got double -- possibility is there there's a lot to ordered a lot about it to be try to challenging but I think by and large army folk is. Our players in the best situation to be six. It's so interesting to watch the decisions that you guys have in front -- -- on the left side of the infield right now obviously Stephen Drew. Right now as is in a struggle that's it's a typical right you guys haven't seen him. In this kind of struggled there there have been some you know some swings at pitches out of the zone. That are some of somewhat uncharacteristic leading to those higher strikeout totals but he's playing unbelievable defense in the post season I think it with the with the exception. Of a player to and then you know you see use it and in so you have that -- that particularly difficult went away and you know to me. The ball that Bogart's you know makes that makes that nice play on the checked swing off of by Carpenter off Breslow to me that's a bowler drew. Public fields it cleanly and makes the clean thrown it just. Kind of underscores how challenging. Those decisions must be on the left side of the infield how much how much it in particular is that. A talking point you guys. You know it's -- like eight straight -- that they beat thanks. Although we let haven't even drew on the field. We feel like she's solidify future between me and the dust and there -- outstanding in the middle. But you know John made the decision -- -- point try and Detroit will. Given the circumstance not about -- and a pitcher secret. That quickly changed the complexion of that game. And I think you know peak yet quick top spot more than -- -- -- of we had a little bit of momentum in -- to -- -- look at you know what's there was much much. What what sort. The results happen -- a ground ball out but you know it's easy to sit back and say you know -- Didn't make plays Stephen Drew would have made the play out so play all the way around energetic great playing yet you're probably between this earlier -- position of playing on the field. First several years internationally player may have had a little bit more jump on the ball. But -- the decision it's not based on offense standpoint and we certainly eight even come out ball from and it it it. -- any level but you know they're all we were challenged there we we thought offensively we score put points on like some matchup the -- terrible the World Cup. Our reds -- coast -- Lavelle load joining. Road to redemption Brett -- so what everyone to call rob Bradford Alex -- Torre. -- what a ridiculous Mike Napoli working at third base yesterday. We know raise some eyebrows. By have a particular model there you know like -- -- -- the person and -- -- that we're looking for any advantage and week out any advantage it will. Help -- score runs -- by putting the best player not on holiday in giving time you know much more of a emergency. Any emergency situation. Being a quick match up. Where we can put them up there for one inning with a double switched and then we have another double switch where. In other markets entrance to Haitian or some -- poppy where we can -- -- back over to first base and operate besides with a go nickel situations not for a long term nine inning start. It's mostly for emergency. Vehicle inning double switch. Or you know maybe lighting a bottle -- three run home run go at each and try to -- there. And you know put him in the situation where we already have maneuvered with some of our some of our back eventually -- will. In the game -- injury army liked cricket like in -- ball real quick strike were -- have one shot on court. Torre I wonder if with the benefit of hindsight and having dominated your work out here on the -- the outfield -- at Busch Stadium how you view. One day after the obstruction play do you feel like. With the benefit of hindsight you know how a teaching to the umpires got it right in B what are your feelings about that rule at this moment in time. All these Patriots say I hate to rule in a rest all -- and there -- quite an up for a but file by all of us such you know -- once we slowed play down. Once we we saw the play. -- or you know well there's. Well well there's no fault whatsoever Egypt will be an athlete trying to make an athletic play and lose the baseball thought I am. Now he does money on the plane on the ground. That the rule does clearly state. In favor of the runner he cannot be injured in any -- and moving forward to the next base is that if you hit. There's obstruction. I think -- quicker locker stumbled and well in continued to go towards home plate and I need to stop first acting upon the navy -- walk. Or given up or shouldn't go in advance to the next state in the play would have never happened or -- that -- continue to play. And the play is active in all eyesight. I wish them I was rule changed because it didn't favor us I think the umpire to -- playwright. Natural -- does that matter. Well he was tagged out. Note played them out each it will advance one base angle -- you -- part about it. At some point what -- -- structural player not. I think it up point you know -- that was regular throw away but he was an outlet for that question I think. He gate the rules breaching their original plate with a -- I don't know though. -- as as yesterday was unfolding. Obviously one of that -- of them. Fascinating decisions that you guys made was the decision to follow peavy with Felix to brown because there have been a significant amount of speculation that perhaps you guys would want to Bryant to be able to kind of piggyback Buchholz just in case he's going to be limited in terms of his availability today. -- -- you know particularly kind of as as the rays did in game four which was in an in game four of the LDDS and unbelievable. Scenario where they you know they bring in the lefties after Alex and is out the second inning and you know -- throughout the lineup. How was was there any balancing act going on of okay this is how we need to manage -- guy because of what we're doing tomorrow or is this just a time where it's like empty the tank. Well you know we can never do -- I think that. You know that that. That's the toughest jobs will want to make sure as -- -- running through spots that want it got to act out opposite and look we need to wait and coverage for tomorrow. You know quite ready to go all the armed and loaded you know -- just -- and given our pitchers. And getting into them than not that's first and foremost what are our -- are but you always have to tap out back up option. But just in case you that are out some -- or somebody there. To have a little -- covered so I think as you know peavy struggled in the first inning and drove or he got through got out and -- I think they -- strongly runners got on base. That we had enough pitching in they have -- back up and I know that they're breaking down into silent count down meaning they were trying to projecting where and when guys. We're gonna be used and that you it was pretty well what they projected not not like you wore a lot of credit if you work with Johnny -- -- -- -- -- back perch. And you know others to scenario whether we're behind ahead or -- but behind the head or or even and you know. It it worked out. We lost -- Well that was unfortunate that I wasn't fortunate but we appreciate tour logo look up and coming on obviously he's back on the dugout or the clubhouse right now no no he's still he's still sitting in the in the stands he's been. It's okay -- now he's been enjoying the you got a little lucky athletes yet is -- got us try to figure out what's what's on. But we have we appreciate tour because I knew if he calls back did he just held thank you very much and will talk to -- obviously. Well Lotta Lotta great insight there and and really some stuff that we can talk about that like and clarifying some -- not only from last night but the buckles comment that he made were going to be talked -- about that it's Alex beer. Our rob Bradford 6177797937. We're gonna break down what for the -- at right after the spring.

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