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Mut and Minihane Live From St Louis -- Breaking Down an Epic Game 3 and Looking Toward Game 4 (Hour 2)

Oct 27, 2013|

Mike Mutnansky and Kirk Minihane are live from Busch Stadium to go over all of the crazy events from Game 3 of the World Series, John Farrell's mishaps and decisions and previewing Game 4 with Buchholz on the mound.

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Here at Busch Stadium much -- hand on a 37 WEEI your calls until 2 o'clock and and Bradford it's -- keep the baseball conversation -- -- All day 6177797937. AT&T -- line. Is 37937. In a beautiful day I'm Jerry Lewis a lot of I was gonna say. Beautiful day in Saint Louis nice morning you ran a half marathon today correct yet this morning. So I'm rock and roll 14214. Is that a purse also asked not to look round at 730 miles some for some forty miles from the I've found a mile for. I've found a great looking girl lawn. Chauncey books some that writes that the hard work. Dusty I would say -- find bottom and -- kind of -- behind her for about three miles the kind of middle three miles is that that psychotic. No it's it's called motivation Kirk thank you have to do -- that was she's attractive as the blonde took a picture with the other night that restaurant that you guys we. Yeah every -- one -- -- She -- yes -- drag me back to a motel so I hate that. As he or she is. She was at level is great big first of all the people via rock and roll. Marathon half marathon Saint -- unbelievable the best organized race ever run my life they did a fantastic job better -- Buffalo. Yes eight wild organization was off the charts I'm coming back next year. And run the full. Are you going to yes excellent -- -- I'm -- your wife and kids -- Pro -- -- to tell you what you know -- privately off the year really been negative publicity among other. I liked it Doug George -- those. -- should be of people aren't nice that's clean its walk the ball. I've been very negative about people that are here -- are people that are traveled with -- that -- -- -- the people saint -- the city of Saint -- -- beautiful I -- and I -- to -- -- yesterday -- time. -- you have the -- that was -- you guys are still in the afterglow -- whatever you did -- that are I really don't I don't know it's a good really good run the marathon today a little sore and I didn't -- -- chief and stuff we walked upstairs and -- like -- -- a hundred years -- and hurt the -- -- -- -- -- Bud -- when -- this -- exactly yesterday -- to -- like -- it's no -- -- -- oak harbor when you know your -- over. -- -- -- -- and he shot so it's another beautiful day here yes your phone call 617779. 7937. ATP text -- 37937. I wanna talk to David Greenfield is almost John Ferrell decisions lead assault this hour -- David. The united on good. Ahmad. You know first of all other best era sit on the bench I can't figure that you find a way to put that guy on the field -- -- -- I agree or disagree. Your best hitters Ortiz -- -- fit in in the playoffs. Napoli is bend a very close. Yeah he's been good not here's the thing okay realistically -- be fair about this Reagan put them. Right now last night where you put up. I'm you've got to find a spot I can swear words or halfway through the game I -- First of all that that active -- All right Jim -- at the right up into the sunset would know what he's saying anything real negative but the play at the corners would Cabrera and fielder. In -- C and it at the corners. For both teams there was a shortstop the first game for a Saint Louis. Has been atrocious somebody's place. That that. All Ortiz hit by the first baseman stepped up Torre made double play -- didn't hit the ball hard but that I won't even close. I mean the plight of the corners and in the in the in the I -- -- before it ninety it and so I admit I saw Hulk David missed the whole thing. Yeah after one set and intensity tried to -- them -- try to get -- -- about the acted so that the best defense a catcher wasn't in the game which is a terrible. I agree on the I mean it. I've watched this I mean that the play is an -- on -- -- -- -- all -- runs. For -- And these teams are like one and who worked so intrigued. The past few games I watch they tell you how the defense plays all year it it's approachable I mean. I don't know what -- they're not practitioner and -- church just reading this you know ability. For the defense -- played it shines I mean it. Is sure it David. ADV plays made the last couple nights by breslaw on Saltalamacchia in respect. You just can't make those are balls he you have to eat at that point would you guys tried to do too much in in big spots give your -- -- your your -- Corals top bought my number one are all you want me to go or you wanna go he said you -- me. Go not starting Bogart's yesterday's number one. Abort started outside -- it short up yesterday we are seeing it right now actually think that's number one okay. It might would you workmen but then my number two is I I agree with the last -- -- talk sleep but. Not having Ross in in the ninth inning defensively was a mistake and a mistake by the way John Ferrell said after the game he -- This is John Ferrell after the game talking about he should have made it. That double switch the what do got Ross in the game catching. -- it you don't hindsight probably should double switch right there with after softening the final out the previous inning with -- coming into the game. Felt like if we get into an extended situation which that game was looking like it was going to. You know -- held map back. In the event. That's part came up again. I guess in hindsight having Workman. Hit against -- balls a mismatch recognize it. But we needed more than one inning and work -- It was. Why anyone out that's the for. That Manny -- our biggest so that's number is so in game last night the double switch letting workmanship yet -- Ross is going to be in there and he just you know Saltalamacchia you're right it's a nice year he's gotten better but he's struggling right now. It has hurt -- last two games defensively you wanna go in game last night to me it is ridiculous to with two pitcher coming up the pension Jonny Gomes. Jonny -- should be saved for more outs nobody on in the -- NC grass dumb. Doesn't make sense and that was taking -- brought out of the game you -- Dubroff for one more if you wanna do that if there it was because you want to brought tonight. Then figure out another way to do it pinch hit somebody else to keep solid. Leave yourself an opportunity -- late Nike and -- pitches to throw us I think it's. 36. Pop up -- -- -- he's not pitched yes I think he does it's an important point at thirty -- despite often -- -- Carolina for an inning or -- tonight is try to go thirty more pitches and is back to back for -- brought. No he's not gonna pitch tomorrow and Lester pitches and that you -- for May be for you to get four from -- -- they can cobble together inning forum to -- -- -- themselves there is the second -- -- a third guy in -- practicing. Yeah that's how he's adapted to -- it's but it's not -- -- for a long time I thought. Before a pitch last night that -- -- extended. After buckles -- Joan is in a car I -- How are already aren't good. I wanted to make a comment or -- at third base if you look at a replay. -- looking. And Mark Shields -- and his feet article and he -- and that he -- -- when he started and trip opener. On the soapbox. So aptly. -- and. Well that it's his right -- just get up. I -- but it's his right Joni get up and try to run towards home plate from wherever he got knocked down on the play. -- -- he wasn't looking but I had to pick a problem with taking two part are picking up points he'd target weight to him and I don't see how we go tonight. I couldn't understand why they took him out of the game at that point he's doing well and we've -- a bunch of pitchers are about. -- any attention Jonny Gomes got him out of the game pilot yeah that's a list while I was -- brought taken after two -- the only. Only thing I can think of on that John thanks for the call. Is that he big ticket that you brought today back to back games knowing that Lester is gonna pitch tomorrow that's it now -- -- doesn't pitch today. That's even a bigger second guess the white to come out of the game yesterday with two outs in the -- to pinch hit Jonny Gomes W. If you drop pitched back to back games in the post season odds go back in double out of my my guess is the answer is no I'll look it up I'm. I don't remember that happening but is this a special circles because it would love and that's does -- love being in the situation but he's he's a creature guys I listen. You know this when he sings where he's -- -- and having to pitch an inning that's -- -- right here and you're looking at me being down 31 but. I'd be surprised thing you think he's gonna -- I'd be surprised I based on him only going to last not I can't believe he wouldn't get in it would make the decision. Even more questionable if he doesn't go on that game I Tony's at Bridgewater with Kirk made him Mike but it's been here in Saint Louis I Tony. They've Paris -- beat up unbelievable. Unbelievable book but let -- eye socket I don't wanna see. Saltalamacchia -- this guy all the games that are role that's what it's it's going that it's a white students and. I double steal your that they could get a lot he won't fall away it cost the Red Sox. Who will you -- here know what it is I -- -- to -- -- thirtieth after yeah are not. Completely completely -- was. And then but not -- started that it could go out without it but what illustrated earlier ball to -- the football -- walk. He came into a tool to escape that was a -- hole but it appeared there was no question -- -- reluctant -- -- nobody on -- act. Or -- average what it does sit there and and that just like at a -- spot currently. We'll talk yet talked agility and telling us situation you're right you can not think about the next day when you're stuck in the game. -- and you run spiritual he can't get to see if I get another Gonzalez put in that position where -- got to think about the to have Dempster what do you front wise right Dempster -- thirteen million dollars not a playoff process watch. Ryan Dempster went to play off rocks. On the rosters couldn't get it. It won't suspect not that well -- to want to put -- -- -- there was no way in the world. It was important. Market -- particular ball was always quote or you could go or rather they're guys who are you ought to grow up. You know I thought he pitched it in games are allowed three runs around and be a triggered it all like square up it is not. I wanted to get out -- in the or anything what. Mop up innings that's why he's on a rock star. Tony we agree on a percent of raw -- salty and if if you brought doesn't pitch today that you're right that was it. I'm just giving you I think Ferrell was thinking -- golds with two outs and nobody on that I got to give -- -- -- brought out to pitch the next thing I agree it's ridiculous treasury hasn't pitched today I agree with you. -- -- And her. We wouldn't -- things -- -- -- market but he's not. I only pitch today Tony and thanks -- I don't think he's I don't think he's pitching today I think he took them out because a pitcher was coming up which is ironic. It's are -- pick in that spot but I yeah I've always -- which is big Rascal Flatts were there. I mean you know it's great. Like -- -- grad school and like the other guys who now who has the international at the yesterday you guys that was -- jokingly hurt nose and Bowker was Khloe. Oh Kobe Calais Colby. Isn't Coby Calais -- the AL LET Canada yet she had her last night in National Anthem and I mean. Damage does it seems like -- these girls who get knocked off American Idol like sixty ID to get that finally it's just they're all they all sound the same to me like little women. From that the -- it's. -- Where the women in music went after the win and I were growing up. Whitney Houston well and that's when you were going up talking about Stevie Nicks title out of and -- Taliban are elect Joseph and Jack. Where the women could sing me to grab a guitar player a little bit. She does play guitar with -- -- -- -- Melo project. Projected on a guitar plays guitar probably was asked who is the biggest females two months. Right now. -- -- -- Biggest. I think it's -- -- -- -- -- -- It's got one. -- -- -- -- -- -- Joke over the in my eyes they're stinks and that's she's at work. That's true. That's what you look for the rankings it's it's it's but the score was I'm Sheryl Crow and what are the Mets should know she's she's. -- -- -- All right she's just the all that was there let's talk about the destruction call last night that all. I will look I don't know a lot of things to popular you give me a chance Ortiz Mikell who looks slow and -- respect for the third. Double when he lets although under him in the eighth inning if he clearly looked good I'm assuming. -- so that with the world between -- great civil -- Pretoria. Could gold Glover great timing to get their opponent -- being replaced. So they have achieved it's still a little books. Doesn't stop there or create the other -- both -- and a nice. He is. Lyrics to a -- has no business being in the game. Well why not well what's what's that mean Breslow has been for you want to his guy right width Koji forever. Great Britain but it was a little ground ball and hit I would say Breslow did not pitch calling those -- I get there -- the little infield hit when you say what you want that situation. Who I want it I'm probably used up pretty good guys they brought in and aren't that great. But who are. Yeah. I'm really into -- you want coaching in the center that's not gonna happen last night. Low -- it's less experience who are yesterday. And he's had no business getting in in yesterday's game. Saltalamacchia had no business being in there -- the lowest percentage of throwing no. Runners in the major leagues -- with a much better car spectacular you could have Napoli you can catch up welfare. Let's go let's go see the -- -- doubled that -- frustrated but -- a little Russia that obviously not not just equipment right now. Now is we don't have to you -- clear these offer now if I wanna get into -- now we're -- where it is a pretty strict dress more than -- We'll provide a lot of years ago while the down the river many times I trust him. But these callers that you're all listen right now stepped up big situation. To one World Series. Major catastrophe last night. -- but Napoli and -- we aren't too much. Only here but you are -- seventh. I don't want to hear about would also your -- not pitching. Youkilis I don't want you -- I don't know I thought that you close calls that I don't want your guys some of the -- hump I I'm telling my this is my show. I don't I'm on the drive time guy I don't why don't wanna hear that OK I don't. He drives me crazy or drive time Mike semester for a will -- Brooks last cent I'm like yeah. You think. What -- -- courses do seem that he is and to me that was the right call. I think about that position -- flat on the ground because of the call to leave them in position. One against -- right field. Still he went the -- possible -- -- to play themselves. It's just it's you would get that aren't just the way the rule is you know it's just the way the rule is now is something's -- looked at in the offseason and it didn't. Take a little bit. Maybe Mike -- yesterday there Dominique -- off the -- the right answer here he's got to knock the ball them -- both we -- guys they have that -- understand he dives knowing that if I don't knock this ball that's a good chance to get bankrupt struggling to happen all the time at second base. You think I guess I'm on the manager Brett what I haven't been because bottom third base. In the of -- stride together -- get the ball out of my themselves right now the other thing it does. There's no have a coach that he can lean on on the bench that -- national experience. You know -- can look I'm sure I I'm sure these guys do adult -- -- -- coach the manage the Cubs that not yet policy you know I but I mean I'll think again. In these guys have all watched baseball their entire lives it -- moves like this. -- -- tireless only John Farrell went out their last night and just you know completely crap the bed because you're in the National League park. -- made a bad decision assuredly cyclical you made multiple bad did it seems they give me some of a whole lot so I mean you wanna blame the staff to. Went a step out of the running around us -- -- not like how we do a double switch all the pitchers sitting right now when I supposed to do. I think it made decisions they work it always doesn't make you feel it's. A lot of guys wouldn't admit it you know but yet it's it's a little concerned at six. On 7779793718. Tee decks on 37 and Sam Hurd has asked the phone calls to step up and get more your phone calls and we'll talk about. What to expect tonight clay -- still your scheduled starter what can you get -- -- a gain of four from buckle what's the plan -- after -- Colts in this game that in your calls next. I felt like we had probably four outs with -- And four or five outs in and do it if if that the thought was to go for it. A two inning outing for cause we've penchant for working inning before so. We are trying to get two innings out of work -- -- once in his pitch count was getting to thirty range. In some with the go ahead run on base. That was time to bring coach -- you know within five outs we will fully expect him to go back out for the -- Well the game got to the tenth. He would have gone back out there but instead Red Sox lose in the night they trailed 21 in this World Series are now faced the tall task of I guess split Saturday Sunday with Clay Buchholz and is questionable health. On the mound for game four Kirk -- and Mike minutes you review 937. WEEI. We. Guess I talked about this yesterday but do you think it's a good idea is Carl making the right decision putting -- on the mound for the ski reports tonight. But -- this because it. The radio well. What's your alternative tonight tonight which are Ryan Dempster or Felix due rock star if Buchholz isn't injured the kind of thing -- surgeries and you know he's -- he can pitch be pitching. Were so whatever is the should pinch it didn't give you gave you his last start against Detroit. You would take it -- just convinced aka Michael yesterday that they just. It's the wrong move put him out there and I I think it's the best of three. Below good era below. Optimal options here right in those three you wanna go -- -- pitched wanna go work. It's got to be buckle but. I think he's left himself open to criticism of buckles hassle of first thing I think it's an out. And they trainers come out he's got -- pulled out of the game and that's what that's -- -- open and didn't think about Mike you put somebody else in -- there's something to that but I mean. So his second of the night will be it'll be dumpster we don't think it's gonna be Duke product and they all pitch but I don't think he's gonna pitch. A long appear to not -- -- -- for a potential probably go for. It's for a long time with Dempster off Franken a car waiting patiently frank. Right correct in my -- that economic well sure they were originally called about they'll turn an architect to have that and had the strange to -- wonder which they broke that -- move him mopped. And switch him with Victor Reno -- very secure a spark plug. We need to do so that. I agree I I hit second but you know Farrell's pocket he's loyal to victory in a victory came through form. Last series is a veteran the other five million reasons but your right and of -- right from a few purely. Baseball perspective would you love to see victory -- an outline -- now. -- both are upstart Karsten I don't lineup right now and I giving guys a crazy -- that sure. He tripled to lead off the fifth inning he became the third youngest player ever to record a triple and a World Series here the other two. The two youngest -- Ty Cobb and Mickey Mantle and into Bogart obviously youngest players ever. The triple and a World Series game. -- -- in the end -- about Beltran. He doesn't have to move. The as far as I know it as an umpire. It was pathetic what he did get five -- doctors are not in the first it should be right at -- outs today. I didn't should be ashamed of itself. For even saying that you get yet. In in -- so we just looked horrible the plate. He can't play today Frankie can't play it's got to know David -- -- -- -- -- he's not the only -- not gonna play actions and that's that's that's not a genius to figure out the shot I -- -- -- from a that's not the case who's right now it's it's a best of three series. 21 Cardinals who wins MVP right now. You give to right now. All liked the MVP this year I mean. Who had the biggest offense if it's I guess holiday at the Tripoli at home Raanan. He contribute yesterday or are -- -- Rosenthal Rosenthal Rosenthal that runway if they hit the ball gets priced Rosa and what gets -- get the win we did last night -- -- that people look at that. It would be. The Ken Rosenthal right now my MVP on -- a west feel to continue with your phone calls and at. Our current event -- -- opens up for the order why -- we need to get to watch this here's a little bit of an extra. All of it fascinates me all year Terrell made the turn -- changes that helped put the Yankees. And to be told that bet on our -- in the two biggest players have cost them basically what would -- -- a greens are a week. Yet stopping tournament for a team that played so clean defensively they had three errors the entire ALCS they have five. So far these first three games -- play -- solid enough factored in but they they are not clinically game this is a team that -- hurt themselves about all year they they didn't do things shoot themselves in the foot. And they've done now back to back games. -- -- that's how they put the Yankees Tibetan capitalize on every mistake that we made against -- they. It almost seems on the stretch or not we are a lot apart yes you wonder about Oakmont are the -- is all pretty much well. And let somebody call earlier they were struggling with hot -- -- -- -- don't baseline. Probably teaching I don't school -- -- -- -- -- round at a pace. And Erstad scored the next base that's great why not there you go back. -- that you could deviate from it. It's your door wanting -- guy to avoid colliding with camp. Well you hear the act of fuel and keep you from a lot of -- not played -- that you you're going to be out for being out of. I wasn't. Matt thanks and I insight appreciated. In terms of you're looking for this lineup tonight you know for me if you -- will -- up that final would start -- at short I said he yes they'll say it again today I wish it were to come to this oldest to -- -- Atlanta. If I had my way -- over the music. My lineup tonight I'll give -- second is doing a lot of things back and start -- once they are in right now what I hear music from -- any sort of lineup music. The old. -- music that I Tressel -- that more than ones so let him you guys need some good. It's a little light up a bit much to in his lap one little -- -- must give us -- -- Waiting. Don't go low and I listen. I'm Rick there was -- weekends. I respect -- operas game which is anybody's but both old music here Malia aren't every music here. -- know what's going on I'm sorry he. You know music necessary -- his violent. We'll get them Victorino. Now I've. Got. Is well I know my -- -- Redick spreading it. Stephen Drew. Workmen were success. Now insight into our third start and that's not be fair violent. I had Napoli third leading off. You do this for really going to be schmuck and which -- -- very victory you know Pedroia Ortiz. -- Bogart's. Middle Brooks Ross -- pitcher that's my line up tonight. One change at a round you'll move Bogart's up and a lot of but I would have Bogart's hitting second like it's never gonna -- -- little -- -- I would move in Bogart's up it's this guy is. Second or third best office placing a million pitches per at bat. He is what what the guys say was before spark plug -- like that our spark plug six mark he's like your addition to Dennis and Callahan spark plug correct. Arts will. Barcelona hitting seventh -- next year and I. I suspected -- rightly be hit second my dad's second next year so what are we doing easy easy easy music player that just lets get the -- and baseball would you give me the National League Ellsbury gets on to be lay a bunt down victory knows how to get. I don't up that's bunting victory don't -- it -- -- -- animal can't -- -- when in every club -- not hitting second because I'd rather get better it is accurate and rabbit. Hit the outside -- up it's it. Your god now I gave me the goals back and looking don't get him out and -- in a car talking about Jared Saltalamacchia -- David. Well they've LO RRR can't thanks militant about. They just have to remark it's going to be doing is taking a situation you have arguably the match could turn it came on the mound. And you just got out of the game. And it didn't hit one out then yeah maybe need to -- Chara because you have to pay tickets now -- used to have to check the score him -- that you district you know they get. He had two outs you have to make sure that you can completely -- can't throw it away especially when you're just involved. Yeah pat at the players are -- are you sure that what we're present regional and your partner play there if you. -- reports are -- I don't eat camera commercial is there. But if you are -- -- probably that first economic -- yet but -- can't say yet that you're on the ball it did you do this -- Frustrated see him make that throw I made just. He's got to be smarter than that there was no reason to make it and middle Brooks compounded by not making the stop frank is in San Diego talking about will that are Brooks or frank. Yeah. One that you look back at that haven't been in and the placement help build brought on third base. He was fifteen feet off the line he should have been about that he's number one Pedroia hit that line drive down the line in the database and on Saint Louis caught it. You thought the foul territory David -- nice play. Ol' whip the bench coach -- -- -- -- middle broke a little closer to do it based that would about the -- it would have been hit right well we would at a double play -- Well it's against the Mets at all we'll look at again here in -- got the red farm Celtic. I think you know. That's was when you watch a bunch of times you think what me because that. Brooks and. He should knock the ball down there and got it very well reaction to rattle his fifteen feet up the line frank but he had a slow reaction to his right he should not that ball down. On you not cover himself in glory when when their defensively he did at the plate and it wasn't. Was a huge upgrade at a slower play third IRR I had a great workout place there. I still it's still leave bull. Workman. And I think I got my branded a work may get an idea it was and I think -- -- tied. World Series game and he tied World Series series he was at the plate against a guy who. You gonna give him. A thousand pitches he has Rosenthal he was not in the it would not have been the greatest thing ever Workman taken the likes long it's hard -- could just -- -- -- photography. That would have broken Twitter odd jobs in Watertown talking about a play it's not getting enough talked today I job. Thank -- or a great event for the next time. I you know I know that Harold coming in and a great job this year everybody there's no there's no -- there's no question -- that we if you wanna get in the San Francisco. You want -- you know give -- absolute Workman. You want even at Oakmont I'd review if you want a ball -- for me would be our our starting shortstop even if you wanna look at bat. But can somebody can only why. They do not intentionally walked to load the bases forced -- -- middle infielders can go to double double play depth. I think all of -- European. Players -- an eight -- double play depth and here's his coming up cost but and long. Both here -- next to -- that situation facing Koji right is again if it's a guy John that you don't trust from control perspective I understand but it's a guy who is the exact opposite he's the greatest control. Relief pitcher maybe since actually coach he's not walking cosmetics -- a run never gonna happen ever. You're right that's a that's a good one -- it it should be higher Melissa Moore make and today I'm Vietnam for not start Bogart's at shortstop. Obviously -- get off the double switch Jonny Gomes pinch hitting didn't make any sense any of us. But up there on that list. If you can play back and you can set up a double play opportunity right -- even the well one of the places coming home to stumble leaving it third. They're not pinch run for Molina some of your double play depth and you go home and get the run home to first so the not walking. That it's weak hitting middle infield combination. That's old girls got to live with another question questionable move I think by the manager are -- Pembroke talking about Jarrod Saltalamacchia I Chris. Hey guys aren't that would summit. -- a quick question. Or more about an observation I don't. Everyone get on salt the -- -- -- -- rightfully so I'm glad to hear that the possibly rusty and dished it. But you know -- have met Greg -- rent or. It's against Vic Victor Rodriguez Victor Rodriguez yet. Why it worked on on you know his his -- if you remember. Jason Varitek you know back in the day when he used to that used to do what all the bad -- where we think. Up to a few years ago which in many times for the battled shoulder. And after he did that. And his hitting -- you're getting older but his hitting just got worse and worse and you insult you -- the bat artists art shoulder clients are -- there. And you seem relevant on all these kids -- in 9798. And you know he barely looked out the old. What why isn't any of these coaches working with -- the. Chris what our question is it during the year I forget and have to look at pictures was it that much different because. The guy offensively that was really good for them he broke the team record for doubles by catcher I drove in some big runs this team was really good with a runner on third less than two out -- to get that run home. I just think right now he's just he's gone through -- fault I'm not sure if you changed up the batting stance it be a whole lot better you. Can't catch up of fast -- here's his numbers this post season was played ten games 32 at bats he has one run. Yes one extra base hit a double accounts he's walked three times. And has nineteen strikeouts and 32 it's. -- a 219 slugging percentage for Jarrod Saltalamacchia who you're right -- -- really could regular season. -- 6177797937. AT&T text line 37. 9837 much -- and take all your phone calls until two and in the baseball talk continues. Bradford has to be here from Saint Louis all the Sports Radio WEEI. Did you you see what. This ballclub we're not gonna quit work and he'd -- that matter how. Many times ball bounces and yeah we've. For a -- and lose it's. -- what is from. -- Jesus and all. Got the greatest quality but can hear Jake Peavy won -- many -- Red Sox players after the game last night look back. I understand it -- you lose a game like that when the obstruction call that is. Look at they judgment call Kirk and I think they got them judgment right but it's a judgment call too pissed off as a player. And they come and today look at that they realize that and it was to a man their emotional after that game the right call is made there you'll see if they're still is adamant. As they get. Except for game four there you go from TV last night -- he -- four innings which you hate you want in the go five or six last night totally understandable but. For you know is he was. The way the first thing last thing from getting he get one more hit away from too -- coming in the game and I. When it mystifying I saw what Beltran bonds I know it's got that stalled the big favorite out curry web -- -- up with peavy. Looking really shaky early gives them the 01 free out and having just PD life. He believes catches in the fourth again it's you know that's that's bases loaded nobody got to get out gets out of the two guys have a -- -- gets out of it in that spot. And I think he'd be good enough last night given the buckled situation given their fear of using. You know less shall be two days and anyways you start in seven games out there will be all hands on deck and all that stuff we hear all the time but -- did enough last night I think. To guarantee himself that start I there's no question that you Jake Peavy will. Only went sixty pitches if you tell he's gonna come out of the bullpen in game six I think that might happen now let's try to start game seven to -- If you're down 32 in the series you're trying to get to a game seven I don't think even really news mix and match right right I'm just saying old ballpark he's pitching six. If that and obviously of that beautiful part. -- see a potential there but they've like legitimate right hold on off on a game seven about your pitching yet again seven by the way that Red Sox fans -- -- -- That to you you wanna get that spot we get the pitch game -- well I'll tell you. I came the weekend community is -- need to get to Jon -- start to two they could not. Beat down 31 and even as resilient as they've been and come back and win three games in a row. I don't know how to win this game tonight Lance -- and a lot of faith in him he's very capable I get that but. Knowing what you get for the pitching staff this is going to be is an interesting game we're not been kind of time I'm buckled to the decisions last night. But boy here we go you're down 2121. In this series you have no confidence you're starting pitcher get deeper in that game stays in Rhode Island today I Steve. Yeah I I don't what's it. Our criminal -- you mentioned you mentioned the other being -- that I'm. The manager you know a lot of not. -- contribute brought. I was screaming upon -- time we -- again like I amendment speech along worked them. He had a new manager at night and I appreciated the manager this year a lot of pre game and pregame comments -- posting comments. And he's admitted when he's been long -- and our goal all. And you don't you don't hear that a lot. But all of a sudden last night when he started saying well in hindsight -- go to the -- I didn't want to hear it anymore I don't want to be like Belichick and -- we need -- -- -- that we need to execute better I just all of a sudden I didn't want to hear. You know give them into admitting he was wrong it was there was an odd thing. -- -- -- -- -- And you talk about resilience. They -- for the most part have played out on all year -- pretty -- he originally lost more than three in a row. They were pretty much in first place most of the year. In midsummer they -- it or a year to detail what they've got it right back -- -- these playoffs they've had yet to be down until now. You know that you have been tiger to water reach do whatever the case may be. And Davis is the first time that they've put themselves to make precarious. And. Know that they'll they'll see Al -- Al exhibit five wanna game to Detroit was. Okay that's what community itself. But I'm talking about going into and go from here until you started to -- you're there you're into a corner and -- you talk about resilience that being all these. You know they have not made it difficult on themselves because this year so. You would think that they would win tonight and Manny you know ruled you know according to you what happens often but they. I tell you the manager at hi Judy the other night the other night and I -- -- we don't you talk about Francona never pinch run for Ortiz. Because you don't think you ought to spot coming up the lineup again and a lot of time to work now Francona. But when it comes to depth when it comes to the pitch and you can you can get DQ are you go to the computer -- And on the unity good manager you drop the ball right. Act many decisions he's got to live with of the -- -- -- is -- -- pre -- press conference -- -- -- -- a lot of that is going to be -- -- to -- -- -- -- -- asked about last -- and I don't know who -- Lackey who slept less. -- -- -- Saltalamacchia passed yet think that I haven't was people -- -- but Farrell was awesome streak goes the sleep he's tied wakes up he feels bad but I hate those questions. There's so thanks what I mean it was well as well frank enters and Pembroke talking -- a -- -- and Stephen. -- thank god our government. I got that article I don't goes out logic MLB network and I thought a lot -- an interesting point properly articulate free all because of you know having the protection of her -- -- -- -- out but get out Pedroia and now -- two very serviceable enters. I didn't getting and sometimes. I'll back up and that's -- Stephen Drew goes I think is a lot closer. Let it affect -- the mocked yeah I I think probably you know you look at actually is. Oregon got the ball every time I don't -- particular about I don't all of a lot of that inning at lunch. In underwent a real good about I think is a lot -- -- lead lap and I knew. What was real good at that enter. I think you looked extremely like the old hit a couple of good you hit the ball behind -- -- you all talk while I'm in. The sixth inning they pinch hit for -- and it's -- seventh. I it is last at bat wasn't sharp finest now I struck out his last at bat. Yeah I think it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- One out -- the triple by Bogart's in that situation I was awful first and third and a's got overmatched there at the end. I guess that wouldn't call that it step forward for him that that was like he found it all -- He's should not -- if you -- bring him in defense replacement late backing up all sport. But to start the game tonight. When -- doubt you know -- score runs off when it's win because it is good chip to your score runs up accommodation Bockwoldt Dempster whomever. Your first six or seven innings. Give me Bogart's middle Brooks are bringing in drew late now but if they don't start I think we're going to see that. The pitcher of the six was told to start folk arts at that point what what do you what he would do it. Flip it around bring interpret the -- are always good for right now yeah I think tonight's the night -- -- starts at short and direct middle bookstore to third I think Ross is behind the plate and -- is again. How many overall under three at third for buckles -- -- a say pitches. -- he makes it through five innings. Based on absolutely nothing I don't think a bit at a but I was -- yourself -- you start Tuesday so you know I still would you be surprised he got scratched and know that Ryan Dempster is gonna start the game yeah I mean it that nothing would surprise with him and it affected let him speak. At that press -- have you heard any of that. He was so shaky yesterday and oppressors and had no confidence doesn't all on goal is somebody asked my two part question. About his injury and what he signed for how he feels and the what he signed for what he did against Detroit. And he's been so much time it's really the question about his injuries so concerned with crazy right and -- he had to go back it was the second part of the question or -- it's time for that. Even he knows that he's not long for this game here tonight as we get set for game four. We got to get out of here but they're Red Sox talked -- and anywhere Bradford and -- we short there aren't taking your phone calls on the schedule. I've seen I haven't seen and not seen him yet okay. We expect preference appear to be here very solid areas you ask any arrives at that rob Bradford is in this house see Alex taking your phone calls up until. About 4 o'clock or so that he gets. We'll get some reportedly get exposed a lot of -- down years ago. Six through proper cross over and you didn't hear you talked to have been handled. What was it -- talk during these next two hours. You know anyone. Yeah Donald John Farrell which time he got these two are you don't know nobody -- this out myself where we got today. Breaking -- I want is I want all four lines that I ritualized for two hour drive is easy to I believe he wants healthy -- fashion. OK get going like overly so rightly so. And there -- guys call up and say they're required high school take those calls and listen to. Prior to that I wouldn't give up with the word discretion every year we got it would monitor that once for the union here -- I had a former umpires. Yes so if your actions are you analysis today until 4 o'clock. I'm sure are great yeah absolutely very good thanks guys like to do to your show Bradford goes Sawyer and 4 o'clock. But -- out here. Out of -- rob Bradford then what we do not alcohol and I don't know real post game show World Series Josh Al yeah John and Jerry -- -- -- they're both great and by the way that's not the breakdown however as well talk you're ever gonna get. Bradford -- coming up next 37. W yeah. Yeah.

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