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Joe Strauss, St Louis Post-Dispatch, Joins Dennis, Callahan and Minihane Live in St. Louis

Oct 26, 2013|

Joe Strauss joins the boys to talk World Series game 3 and give his analysis of what the Cards will bring to the table now that they're in the comfy home of Busch Stadium.

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Welcome back it is a rare Saturday edition of Dennis and Callahan we will be on the air live from Busch Stadium. Between now and 3 o'clock 61777. On 793 -- older phone calls just a bit but we hooked up with. Joseph Straus Joseph Strauss -- baseball as a columnist for the Saint Louis post dispatch he joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning Joseph how aria. Well we're looking out and a beautiful field on a beautiful day it would make cloudless sky and temperatures getting into the mid sixty seems like a perfect day to play baseball unfortunately it and up went Toledo seven tonight. He has the -- -- down there -- at least there's no rain expected and I guess so he played mostly you know. Upper forties lower forties so it should be okay. They are and we -- the cardinals are good team -- they're particularly good here at bush is the area explanation in your mind why are they so good at home. They. They have a lot of you know and a lot of home games late. And at that seemed to be you know they've won nineteen games since September. But think I think it's the quality of their play this coincided with coming home I don't think it was the other way around. You know great they are couple errant -- it just as Boston has a very fervent fan base close Saint Louis and and the -- Appreciate point four bird bird that you know it's the revenue neutral ballpark I'll -- it is going to be -- -- hitting or pitching. But -- is the there is a comfort level here and -- again the beat these guys seem to play. You know well into the season and fortunately they have extended our home games the same time. Hey Allan Craig is the big issue -- with the with the cardinals right now. It sounded to me listen in the Phoebe he's not gonna play first that all about it and and you might seem in the outfield. What ticket is gonna is gonna be a pinch hitter for these three games -- is that what we expect. That's what I expect that I'd be surprised if they turn him loose in the field had really be surprised. Would expect him loose in right you'll. Don't suggest there's a problem they'll -- and you know -- been there. Be very encouraged by. -- -- -- our team two yen in yesterday's press conference so -- -- felons that are played appeals. I still think. It would be. You know perhaps against. You know Lester or something like as opposed to just jamming and in any outfielder if you know with with Beltran apparently. OK to go so that's at least are interpreted but I still don't expect to see him. In the in the starting lineup. Today or tomorrow. What's a realistic expectations for Kelly tonight I mean look it 56 innings three runs -- the feet. -- that right now. I think the bigger now with Kelly is in fifth and indeed that's going to be and his last outing. Was very sketchy against the doctors. And game three of the NLC. So I think that this is her -- all performers spoke for evidence and Jake Peavy. I think what you described would be acceptable quality start. And over you know and in their minds hopefully he'll lead in multiple and -- and now but if Kelly didn't. What was was arguably their best pitcher. The bell to mark this season but he's not a guy who takes a team. You know beyond the seventh inning for literature houses for complete games or even goes far beyond the six sitting here is pretty much six and -- -- He's also guys -- you know from Red Sox perspective the guy wears -- he's not an overpowering they struggle sometimes against these power guys he's not a -- is gonna strike out the nine batters in 56 innings -- Know any you know sometimes this command can. Waiver bit but he he gets up there pretty good you know he can throw -- -- 93 -- -- -- five -- it -- you can bring it. It's it's just not the same term. He doesn't have the same kind of you know complimentary assortment that a guy like walker or Wainwright is to get people -- the passed ball put. It means you he's he's done he's done enough or -- he. He's a fastball pitcher and he'll come back you -- does not scared of the matter whether his. It's commanders there confirm that includes six. A few words it now Mike made -- -- Q I'm sure you've spent a lot of time around Joseph and you told him funniest joke Q overheard. Would he laugh. You polite chuckle he's who. Police -- among media you know in part partake in -- well with the excesses of view properties. It's sort of more understated than what you're I've only have. Did you think did you see this coming with -- obviously had never met before it was a we were watching closely as Terry Francona was a candidate two years ago they settle for -- with no experience did you think he would be able to do this he's. Obviously got them the post season two years and -- a chance to win a World Series. Looks like a pretty good manager. -- -- -- -- -- -- Especially with people in Saint Louis being used to you know managerial giants like what -- and -- and her -- You're -- I appeared never done it before. He didn't -- thinking it's going to be confessed. You know what it's how he would handle Opel and and you know there was there was -- adjustment there request. And he has a very accelerated learning curve. He's got a lot of help from the front office Ian Thomas they'll look that you have very good relationship. And the records speak for itself they had the best record. Since 05 this year they've won their first division title since 09. And between one point seems -- nineteen in September immunity they think played well. For most of the year they're out there a valley in around the trade deadline but I escaped that. And you know I don't know if it's if -- where my -- terms with tactician I think he's. In the middle somewhere trending upwards but I do know these guys play hard inning one through nine mean one who wants 62 in Paris. Now I'm sure the -- you know cure the culture changer in the Red Sox this year and you've seen that as well and and that's that's a big deal and I think it's reflective of the way they're playing right now as well. We're talking with Joseph Straus columnists and baseball -- for the Saint Louis post dispatch. Back to the Francona and Metheny hiring did you think Francona was the right guy for that spot and out of that -- run off the tracks for Tito -- Are you know what I think mark my theory is and some people won't have confirmed it that the fix was pretty much improvising. New Tory party organization your heart's upper level that we elect. I hit serve and you know the special climate capacity in the -- -- And you know had Eric. And frankly you know I think people are -- and it's just been dismissed in the C would it would be like if there if there would be. You know that there would be magic in a -- and there was not it was you know a lot of a lot of stuff is just coming out about. Very thought experience at the end of his state and Boston. He was asked about it. The cardinals were not impressed with how he answered that and I think you're picking pretty apparent well for the in his interview. That this was not going to be. A match for him and I'm not so sure he was really. As zealous new. To get back in the dugout at that point as he was when he took the union's job so -- make it probably worked out best for everybody that. The -- both parties were another direction but there was that wasn't easy assumption that for info would be that guy but that was never. That was never. That the the betting favorite in terms of the -- front office. Interesting interesting enough to revisit ancient history and I say that with tongue in cheek were you shocked. By the cardinals -- only game one performance and beyond that how do you think you respond after the after they leave that day. -- you know I -- I'm always surprised with me. World Series being played that poorly and it looked like -- high -- you know there's times. Just overwhelmed by the moment and that. But it has been out here for the -- was not a great defensive team. And they certainly didn't -- -- that night but that lack of composure. This is what really. Stunned me. You know obviously more composed the next night came back. You know with a Red Sox sit there and experience in the infield so. I think it's it's a very compelling evenly balanced series and I do think the cardinals have an opportunity you're like most people these next night was against perhaps some vulnerable -- are starting pitching. But it's what he's serious work thing is in the strong arguments from momentum changes made it very. That's because your overall palaces with scenes I was -- import in this World Series covering. For the better the better teams in the competence. I really like that they use -- it's been a few years into the in the memorial what what they've done there. It's it is this is what a classy old school like the World Series. He's Joseph Straus Saint Louis post dispatch baseball writer and columnist Joseph thanks very much for taking some time out of the morning of the -- game three -- the World Series thanks for the title talk did on the road. Joseph Straus -- Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T. Hotline. He's runs scored the next couple games yes yeah those are blitzing some runs Edward these ups that we currencies -- run the first game -- -- they were adamantly. Over under on hits for you Boston Red Sox is can I just made that up -- it seems like a lot. I don't want tenets are larger. -- go over really go over and same for the current -- And I don't ought to get suffered enough sorry but you're going to his if you want if you're a little. Feel like you're just a little too cocky as the Red Sox fan right now of this will let temper. Your enthusiasm -- -- us that's -- colleagues good they're both good they're good baseball guys in group columnists. Good -- guys there you know polite considerate and directed preferred players -- the first thing they managed Bom costs at all which I don't like that which they've got a guy that bombs depletion -- -- you know us they worked hard and they tell you think you don't know pictures -- always a good thing here's. Why you should be discouraged. If you're -- its experience -- -- that -- they are in that. Busch Stadium so called bush stadium on intuitive solution that high tech named for book I say it is the stadium looks a lot nicer inside -- outside. Right it's that attempt at that you know Camden yards old's league kind of brushed sportsman's park -- -- -- this -- make it's almost like it's it's it's Etna hoping it's this spread out. This is a wild and crazy city you know what you know that because it's known for its accounting firms -- are up. He gets you ready KPMG. And the Lorton. Whatever it's called little it and who should you know who wish to push to -- and Touche and in the hope what to drive round seal its investment in accounting firms yes. Whenever that's going to too -- to all the buildings from here yes. Hilton and just fits the you know decorum that you have a lot of accounting firms at lows -- crazy you right -- too good he lamp -- other -- yet that is connected and but they're not crazy than -- -- knows the issues fans like Yankee Stadium but they do support their team it is a tough place to play and to win if you're visitor. Including the post season the cardinals are 59. And 28 at -- this season. That's -- 678. Winning percentage. The best buy a cardinal team since 1944. Now. I'm pretty sure again I'm no baseball historian for the world we're -- -- -- an -- -- really well for crossed one. That's it we all have goals Jerry they've had some pretty good cardinals teams right I remember yeah yeah yeah that's it wouldn't that mean that's. In winning percentage at home that they have not matched. In the last seventy years. Com. The cardinals are 26. At six at home since August 11. That's not supposed to happen that's an NBA team that's the Miami Heat the Boston Celtics in 1985. Over the 21 games the current over the 21 games -- were outscored their opponents one -- nine to 42. They have ever feel comfortable here right dominated. Here at home. In that stretch the start of the cardinals pitchers ERA one point 62 right they don't just hit they pitch at home. That is it an amazing. Run at home goes on on by the way as you don't bet you'll -- yourself cheap ticket just get one here. And right the Red Sox and I have yet -- -- talked about when the series start I agree I think the they would make -- before it on the plane he said 11 they would state. Now they're taken worse cardinals and picking up 32. Go back to Australia right again I went back to Boston and it's obviously a tough place to play to -- that the minister has got a winner take it game and I think. The I think it's a psychological and when you don't Ortiz played first Napoli on the bench it's not just you who's Napoli that. It's like you planned rules you know we get our house and you plan by our rules but to think that gives a team a secular -- resolutely. Now Kirk you believe in that -- not enough of psychological to have it at does that work and -- Is that where it at the Red Sox no force of seven and managed to jump over that psychologically to win games and National League parks and can do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- at it it it's amazing they think nothing of -- Ortiz in the field listening to Metheny in other cardinals. They're acting like they're asking. Allen Craig. Like play middle linebacker. Who we don't we can interest he sprained his foot on September 4 right on target to. While all -- that since weeks seven weeks and the percent who. We took a couple -- we really have to be careful. It was -- there like you know it's that the wires all the while also approach here is it's the Buchholz this is a good hitter of valuable got -- you've -- hit 454 with runs weren't -- -- that I did I listen -- did you have to -- it that but that's how I find out of bed. But the honest to god is it that big a risk. If he's better and he's more valuable than Matt Adams and they should put him at first did take their chances for McDonnell. Allan Gregg as a pinch hitter -- these at least these two games right I think Joseph Straus to right peace with the face and Lester. They will consider put them in the line and -- -- in the disadvantage I thought they were gonna have losing Napoli who -- Napoli -- -- of those who to bet you can lose protecting Napoli prescribed them to push and I guess they -- -- -- Adams left in the face right ladies. But and Craig can -- here and he's comfortable with that I should assume he's comfortable that -- complaining. I mean -- question but colts toughness in the sky express has put seven weeks ago. What -- play for Mercedes. More similar to the buckled situation that you know -- you think there's other stuff blue Obama Buchholz over this you know three month. Medical hiatus he took and now yeah I made their second there's a lot of -- actually exactly Biggio the correction for that -- and is not possible the cardinals are saying sprained foot but maybe the MRI shows a hairline crack of some sort you know. And I know. Don't I'm not question is are put. Wouldn't say I need to get out that no matter what -- Carlos Beltran to say that to Curt Schilling would say -- what you need to be out there it's. Playing first how -- could play first with some pain to -- yes you can't run the bases maybe or maybe protect them fly balls Metheny said. If they can put them they'll feel that that's a possibility. And I guess -- Joseph -- it may be in game five. He's healed up or he's comfortable whatever and that may be that desperate Lester it maybe they're desperate they -- if if they had gone down 02. That was started Wainwright. 03 to start we re game for all right so -- tonight with UB. Tomorrow they'll be uncertain starting they have lost game two with them what's ultimately gonna win right game four. So lancet got bumped him by about 61777979837. A special Saturday edition. Dennis and Callahan broadcasting live from Busch Stadium in Saint Louis game three. Of the 109. World Series being played tonight and we -- here things were fine print at Foxwoods Resort Casino they are the presenting sponsor for the then you know and show on the road a few like we missed some -- we we heard about the -- breakfast -- lunch you know whatever then what did you blobs of it and better. Archer Daniels Saint Louis -- at the Mississippi River lobster yes it's called Craig called crayfish or crawfish -- -- -- I used to -- we -- their way to the museum. Yeah right the up right the botanical garden art gallery botanical garden's second highest rated and I don't know how they rate them in the world I believe only Harris has a -- botanical garden -- -- -- authorized to work well yeah I know your stuff yes indeed so electric and that's what it was Friday. -- took a it was a flower on Friday if you go to the -- Yes that's later. Most of you have done the sooner we finish one of the best teams in the country we're broadcasting here is were broadcasting your 2:3 o'clock Austin time that right -- -- -- and correct. 305 about the short head for the suit yes -- yard argue sounds good. Covered trip of your favorite animal think about that in the break okay well I and by the way I don't rule Jake PDs favorite animal is not favored. Least favorite animal is one guy on this roster part -- roster he must be careful of more than any other. Else to have always had just atom atom but to say -- -- he saved the reps and the reps we'll explain that as we get back.

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