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Red Sox infielder John McDonald joins Mut and Merloni

Oct 23, 2013|

McDonald joins the guys at Fenway to talk about the atmosphere in the clubhouse heading into the excitement of the World Series.

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But Maloney not a 37 WEEI our next guest is not sponsored our previous guest was a buddy buster only one remind your. On Ellis here in studio he's always brought two of our friends at toy go to a national. And we talk about a lot as a whole lot because it was -- responsible. Up buster sponsored by Toyota -- -- items like car Luke tax -- read this Virginia I don't wanna sponsor and showing off for Johnson sponsors -- -- the Toyota basher megaplex also by air arrest restoration specialist and by Andersen windows. Okay -- whose Red Sox infielder John McDonald sponsored by Brad cafe nine Luis in Providence College a thank you and he's hitting clinics you know look he's got at all or didn't hear him better than that let let. Mechanics are into started -- -- -- every point you can't replace a lot of those that your body guy first those bad days that he has faith that he had big. -- -- these -- did not go to BC it's that that I had to kind of waited. At a practice we talked to UN now you came over as part of the acquisition Agassi eluded two of us know that the goal would be to beyond his team as they make. A -- World Series you're now hours away from the game visit. That said in yet that you're part of this team you get set for a World Series here a couple of hours. It's -- said and it can be it can be a better experiences though the -- ever since the day wanna get here. All through now -- cities and been building it seems like. Iris is -- put the uniform on toward. You know a team has to play in the post season and it's winning in now have an opportunity turn to -- position to form on and -- -- tonight. -- been this game alone many years you play my eighteenth year pro ball eighteen years of pro ball but big league service -- -- twelve -- yet twelve plus three years of up and down its fifth. Alexei fifteen because it's an aside it's a hundred no better. In the first my first three years though to the experience that you get it going up and down and getting of be a part of some of those Indians teams in the Italy 990s early two thousands. How good they were how many quality players what I got to learn in in short months each year in spring training. Was it wasn't viable. If you are -- back because you know you're not yet because seekers not over and because you suspect sometimes that but the players you -- only -- what those ninety's teams that you played with. Right that we played against it was a 98 you know in the playoffs 999. That's a hall of fame lineups I mean -- -- take ground balls each and every day with Robbie Alomar and Omar Vizquel. It doesn't get much better than as far as learning from those that. None none of us talking. To bode we're talking yesterday -- about that about some of those guys that were there when I first came up injuries. Basic talk about how. Amazing is to be in the big least the people we've been around and in a lot of things that I like to teach and talk about a lot lot that I've learned. I learned from Omar and Robby and and my coaching coming up and it's it's. A lot of fun and it its impact full when I got there were really relays stuff that I learned from Wal-Mart and -- to two younger players and you know does not the stuff that I've come up with an -- stuff that I Vanilla take for so many different players to be able to learn how to continue to. How -- how I stand here feeling this is harder and actually getting getting there. And you know just watch and bogey listen to me as I as they tell how many takes it all in and it's it's street. For me to have had those experiences -- the passing on delicate move. When you came over that was one of things start low impact weaken what what's house Mac gonna help and so obviously you know late innings Soros bought start defensively what you can do. But I said the other -- the the little thing you'll think about his having him around here with this kid -- in -- -- cards -- who. Everybody CC's ability but taking ground balls every day that's the prime -- for now you're here. You know it it comes more -- -- said you know has more from the own teammates right that is a coach it means more. What has that been like fear this month because he's he's really blown people away with the at bats he's had now in jail C yes but what is he like behind the scenes as far as the make up of this -- Sure I'm trying to learn a lot from from him from the at bats outside outside analyst I just a season and he'll let him goalies. He's he's as is pretty special plate appearances. Maybe it's watching him want to learn more in and the more playing time than he has the seems -- the color he is already pretty pretty come player. You know such as mean and meaning he's learned a lot from from PD. He takes balls with willing and one of the things that. And we talk about as you have to watch everybody else do their do their thing you watch will take on balls watch -- and you take come balls watch watch PD taken. -- -- Look at them in and -- -- of the alike what the deal what you don't like in Heidi how -- -- -- gaming to try things out and figure always make yourself better. Almost feel like that's that the best way to learn is by watching other people in you know watching guys that are good -- guys at that you know maybe not do things are right away and and take it all and put together Euro package what's gonna make you the best player. He's got that there's first thirst for knowledge in and his work habits or are tremendous lows going on taking ground balls which is really in health and on their own. -- we'll get to the cardinals -- second but the flip side of that child would be got a little Brooks another young kid -- his second full year. He's been told yet it's not you but we gonna play this kid right now you've been -- the game. I'm giving it to -- years fifteen years are not gonna say the three up and down to give you fifteen created nice round up. You've had situations where you played a lot and there's other times three played. Not as much to you take the responsibility all the go. Talk -- will -- Brooks at a time like this and explain that this is part of the game this is part of the way this thing works. Yeah we know it very have been in small portions in and he gets it name seniority get tonight a song assessor what I -- -- any of that to me does. -- World Series. You know he's he's in it it. Especially -- is this -- Peter egos aside everybody wants to play obviously no one of our regular roster blood -- lineup you know but you wanna be you eat. You appreciate being a part of something that's no bigger than you. You know and wills -- young players are really to baseball player you know. He went through a stretch where you know -- get some hits and bully got an opportunity and he -- a great at bats he's he's got a couple hits and you know it's his time right now note to play. That don't change in a heartbeat you know it's baseball so many things can happen. That change course of the game series where. You know you know will -- -- -- in in game five in Detroit. Pinch running going and playing third in any strenuous ready and he was ready proud for the fourth inning to go into that game you -- just you just tell. He was ready not not that he was gonna go in and hit for anybody in particular he was just ready to play if they needed him -- apply. And that was his attitude you sought going in the game five -- it was fun to watch him go out there and what a great heads up base running play eagle first to third in the bunt. Inning going out there be ready to play defense so it's not. Yet you look at it you know long term he knows who was not to be -- when I was going to be in every play in the daily. -- even now for a couple of months and the way this season is gone it's been a magical year you know for the steam as we talk about chemistry. After two months you got the beard working right now I mean you're all in here. The other -- effect as we keep your budget based dollars they just love the play baseball. The -- can you see what is so special because it just seems like it's a machine it just seems like it's business. With the. Personality. Let's find some -- guys and guys love winning their loved prepared to play. And you cannot have enough of those players on your baseball team committee in a good. So -- not as -- does volleys these guys really like each other dollars to our streets and to get baseball players. And there really care about winning and they're really care about preparing in the wanna get better every day they work at their hitting they were good they're feeling. Guys are always talking about me here talking about pitching how they're gonna -- you see them doing homework in the video room it's it's. Mean there. They're all and it's. In the whole package put together. Who -- wanna -- be in this locker room renowned be part of this. Is it looks like your short term memory I mean. Even in Tampa Bay ill go into game four there was doubt right and it hasn't really candidates may be just. The market to people fan base if we get to game five they're done. You know all of a sudden that's done it leads to one this student to now going to game five on this thing is all right -- win best of three. They welcome appointments World Series where everybody again will help this team. And it seems like it tested it you shouldn't do it. -- we don't hear it. You know you don't see that. You'll see -- locker room you don't you don't hear it is get a win in the early tonight's game limit nicest in all the time you know whereabouts whereabouts tonight you know or about when the in tonight's game have a good game today or about yesterday the thing about tomorrow. And mean. In day's volume you have the push so many games in this so many things are going on that you know you if you worried about your bad last night -- and have a good about tonight. Yet you're really lucky get hit if you still worried about us it's game. And in in this in the way the series of Ghana helping anybody doubted at any point that we were gonna lose either series. That's me that's the beauty about you know that that the differences of you know getting -- getting -- talk about it and feel and aren't in -- -- our locker room and you felt -- when you're playing. You know you you would not have been doubting. Anything if -- -- in the locker room at the time you know it's. It's -- it's it's unique to their perspectives and everybody can have it should have been and will we get to talk about but it's. It's a lot has not that way inside -- locker room because you just they were gonna win tonight and you know just like 04. You know they they -- when one game in only one game -- out. More about tomorrow's game tomorrow. Now unlike a lot of guys this publish your two biggest cardinals this year when you've seen them you know it's. I think it appears they're more complete team you played so far. I think that the us thought Detroit was flawed there was an injury to Miguel Cabrera Tampa Bay with the lineup this a complete team what -- what in the short time -- Vegas and was just the series three games. Towards players before what have you seen from -- Amidst this is a lot of good baseball players over there and I see a fundamentally sound team to do a lot of things right to get a lot of points down they move runners they hit and run. Not the fastest team you know that that are close they saw here in Tampa Bay had a lot more team speed. Candidates who had through its starting pitching I'm sort of -- cardinals. The tiger sets a tremendous starting pitching coming this by the best starting pitching -- yet they don't have -- started -- that was a store with a yeah it was impressive in the bullpen really did. But I didn't see the bullpen like that when I sought earlier in the year. You know Rosenthal was in the back in the bullpen civilians were up yen. You know they weren't pitching with with a much confidence is I think they are right now. But also haven't haven't faced have -- hasn't had faced a lineup and to be pretty good pretty good challenge for our guys go out there in and continue put on quality at bats -- there database we'll ask him. Sick is that they differ you guys have to do John at playing when you go to the Saint Louis -- National League ballpark we've seen. Both leagues up close to talk a lot about this DH things like that I think is such an advantage for the National League team they get Allen Craig back in the lineup here. -- keep -- can't lose Ortiz or Mike Napoli in the nationally parked at the play of the game any differently how different is that. You know it is a lot of things happen themselves in the National League game I have played it played it last couple years in the UC. -- had as of asthma says a bench player and you know I'm not a manager. Our bench coach as a bench player you see all these moves happening. Before you in the game you know you see that then hey -- spots it's the seventh inning he's got 95 pitches pitcher spot coming up. Be ready and be ready to hit here if it doesn't make it if partied all hitters shortstop he makes the last out there's potential for double switch here. I'm depending on if they want them the guy in the bullpen becoming a pitch multiple innings. You know same thing same thing the -- Can take your picture out with one out in the two outs in the in the seventh annual pres Lola. To pitch. Though last out of the seventh and and face though let face face Matt Jones on the NEA seeming double switch there because you don't want him to hit. You know that's that's those the times when you're seeing the move -- -- other things that miniature John -- have been been talking about pored over. Especially as we lead up to gains in Saint Louis I think it's great means that -- -- playing with with the pitchers -- all -- -- you can play with our DH. It's definitely a slight advantage. Than actually playing in the National League park. You know fortunately for the cardinals they've got a DH type hitter. You know and traded from the lineup right now which not all nationally teams do that and they have a a good here that can they can put there -- a lot of national rankings would put you know what. Take one of their guys out of the starting lineup in the isn't as good of a defender but in the DH putts he need another hitter that's a better defender out of the field for the cardinals they don't have to do that. He'll play in a post season they just opportunities sometimes for guys to kind of make a name for themselves or show what they can do in the big on the spotlight and hit your kite Craig Breslow. I mean terrible ice and veins I mean between dissolved at -- Miguel Cabrera at bats I mean I'm gonna too stressed out a -- turning -- over here to go to the over those -- and a coach you put Breslow is just. Righty lefty we all know is a Smart kid. And Jerry thinks about you know -- toning it down a little bit keep his emotions in check has been outstanding. He knows how to. Most of the battle location you know Damien had great stuff at that location in around the ballpark and Reza is a great job of of attacking hitters with his stuff nor their weaknesses knowing his strengths I think more importantly -- -- -- strings. He's been he's been outstanding for Russian. I don't think Johnson had any problem I'm going to him in the bullpen at any point -- games over the next ten days. Wallace came before that a -- going to be able to do that in the Booth with Joseph indeed throughout the whole World Series and is nothing better to the only thing better is actually be. Playing this in the on the field in the data which you're going to be so enjoy it my good friend and -- -- you deserve it you to -- Rats almost Providence. I -- you one last opportunity to get Red Sox game two tickets to more -- and help out the Jimmy Fund plots. The one man throw Wright Jimmie Preston lays down his promo for Red Sox and cardinals World Series that's next on 937 WE yeah.

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