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World Series preview

Oct 22, 2013|

The guys opened the show discussing the World Series. They expect to be very evenly matched.

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This is going to take a considerable amount of discipline. I think the three of us in anybody else who plot the opponent in the World Series mattered and didn't get people and they were looking for. Needs to turn the page and move on -- at least -- to Spain. The fact that we have gotten over the back there will be no Los Angeles Dodgers know Carl Crawford. No Egon no Beckett -- certainly no Magic Johnson that would have been fun night SEL we know the yeah that would have just learned -- pronounces that I'm now just -- jones' name right so we have to not only showed discipline and move on from that. We have to somehow. Engender store -- create I did apply. Interest things sexy flashy. Items about the St. Louis Cardinals and the city -- we're going to this weekend. Now -- CI I disagree I I think we should embrace the non sexiness and we should all. Letters shined through and appreciate the baseball. Here because these two good baseball teams and I think this is good for baseball really do. I mean not good for fox necessarily good but don't you think of -- another team you look at the Red Sox and the cardinals right now you're another owner. -- look at what with the Red Sox to it would chaired the did and what the cardinals did elaborate most mostly active there's a name for me to screw up. -- and say. Can we do that I mean we do that if you're tempted by whoever Robinson canal right now. You say that we want to invest. 250 million and a guy with 300. But. Look what the Red Sox to look what church did it look what he did he said the hell with that element -- a different way. And I think they should be. They are the envy of baseball right now on the Red Sox and the cardinals should be the NB a baseball they did it a different way than just money whip. And every free agent and throw money and if -- problem the way the Dodgers did the way that. And of the tigers did the way the Red Sox used to do. So based on the success of the Red Sox and based on what they've done here. Should we assume that all the baseball walks all the tourists if you will those who liked pitching -- one nothing. Those -- going to join you Sloan Kettering and -- say chemistry spunk he's just -- yes right those are the people who should be happy marriages that voice it was weird. You know yet but -- be honest it's gonna give condone money it's gonna happen not not 300 million next victory to the comes up years later will say. Why would somebody -- this first show I get that might -- show Mike at 300 million baht. There -- you know Carl Crawford -- the next Carl Crawford is isn't gonna get it. Whoever the next Prince Fielder is is not to go build great mobile -- -- were -- again he's gonna get about half. It's a Prince Fielder got. -- W methodical browsers it 200 million. -- at 1213. That's that's a lot but it's half of what -- got a bit about -- third of what Kershaw is gonna get a I don't think Ellsbury is that guys my point right it's gonna get much is -- Let's say 222. At this. And that's going to be -- contract two years actually eighty yard we're gonna be there -- -- are gonna get it right but there are teams to thirty teams right yet there are teams who can change their model I really believe this change their model. Based on the success. Of the Red Sox and the cardinals -- gonna say. We don't need the star system this caste system we don't need guys like. Who Adrian Gonzales Carl Crawford Josh Beckett. Midfielder robs a canal we don't need that I mean I think it might be different for pitchers. Like -- Because you see the value starting pitching and these are glued starting its pitching staff that we see in the play. Top to bottom I mean they do it does lead to victories having Kershaw but the just say we need gate attraction in and we -- guy right people and see what. What amazes me years and I'm not suggesting a baseball is the copycat league at the National Football League but isn't the size of the financial road to ruin the road to perdition. Leader with -- big contracts after another with other general manager's other owners other baseball want people looking at that saying what. Colts didn't work -- didn't work out it brought disaster to share it was exactly Xena was a disaster so and so -- and yet -- might be entrance is -- it only takes one. The fact of the matter is -- your -- and let's just say. It's been non there's been -- over thirty and you wrote this article in the mirror wrote this edition signed him right you're right on got there. Now -- about it. Political -- you hit the road we start having these three hours tonight yes actually -- three hours might travel -- alarming to an hour earlier in Saint Louis thanks. If you're if you're more power over there -- if we're standout -- in the suburbs sixty miles that early in the morning -- not that yeah that's true yeah try to address and an hour. Speed limit in rural Illinois seventy. So you can go faster of the 2 central Malia right fiasco to ask. -- that if it shortcut right the record is our driver I am but there really is -- -- over thirty who got 78 years it's never worked and it's worked and yesterday Joel Sherman at this column in the post. On the the foolishness of investing in a first baseman and and a year ago two years ago -- we've motto. Seemed like the exception of the game this insane contract that runs to at least 4041. He's already in its declining. And got the EPA -- conference twenty in his 25 million a year for Joey motto in Cincinnati. They will regret. No one's gonna regret more and we as we've been on purpose talked about endlessly here is is is -- mean that tiger will rue the day they know they will. In fact they or don't you think -- -- complete -- guys in the front -- to browse he's really Smart idea. He did not know that that was a good I can't imagine Cilic or some marketing -- their version of Tom moral support. Said we need you know -- lets you know -- just hundred is all let's go for now. In and they just. It just checked the common sense that the Doria went in that room it's how much did it to Scott Parsons of Corsica right. View there I think so yeah he is a mean I think it send when sports music ten. -- but think of it. There's not one that worked out and you just said you're probably right that the that they won't learn they won't. They meaning her -- you know. Ownership veggie and a thirty teams how many meeting in in hole during my real sport -- -- -- teams will write my point somethings were learned the Boston Red Sox. -- one of them do you think is any chance. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's down now that will be downgraded doctors who went to the innocent yes Dodgers think Magic Johnson thinks it worked right he thinks it worked that system to Dodgers are exception -- shall get. It be the first 300 million dollar guy image -- -- -- to. -- -- that I spent a cult and they're considering that they're no doubt but as a question you can ask the Red Sox look at them right now and is there one player he could see John Henry you can swipe on his contract with a column and amnesty Anderson I am -- single guy he would say yes I wanna I wanna do this to. -- -- Mean. A good question totally what's the longest term deal a good driver -- orchestra there without the bargain price and they had given no trade to get -- -- -- there's not racing to 22 years ago there have been 567 guys right -- -- right one guy -- great question pick up the start extra piece to the whole staff are right. Now Lester buckles Lackey departed. TV. It is 11 year left you got to fifteen million closest might be dumpster that's one of the one year left at a what is -- its -- and I'm I'm telling -- went back and read some of the stuff. And and weeks and all the time Jarrett in got killed for this plan by me by you by everybody it seemed like. He drew just throw stuff against the wall -- you know Jonny Gomes and -- and what you already have. You know not and then all you have a good clubhouse guy what Napoli he's a catcher -- knows -- -- first baseman. And it has worked and of every single move. What what has not worked. -- Napoli Victor Reno. Bail Hanrahan did not work out with or did and you got a solution -- and got a solution for that that was better than Bailey ran well I mean I'm not come injuries and I'm Disco and guys who just. Flopped just failed like Carl Crawford failed that kind of thing -- Minicamp that. And any of these moves to -- didn't fail. And on your spine when he was supposed -- -- -- it was in the fail even Dempster was okay. Welcome to you what he was and and you're right even the guys who don't seem like good investments like Dempster. Are done next year -- even now now now don't seems amazing. They got that deal when they got Napoli three years that found that probably -- -- -- one. And -- -- into the stupid and inappropriate and mr. amazing too bad they didn't sign the three a look at it 2014. Payroll here and is not a guy he said these guys -- you might it's Ortiz Ortiz it's a group signing for. Think about it what if if if they do what the unexpected would be. And over pay and blow everybody else out of the water with Ellsbury that might be the guy that behavior should know updates I know -- that's that's for why not just why they will not do it. I don't think I think they've already made their peace with it is that he's parting and he's had known the door in there OK with that. They have two choices they can put victory on center and and and put someone else and right whether its freeagent bright brands they can put. Bradley Center I hope they do I'll -- him a shot. In a friendly victory in on right league victory and we'll during a major major Bradley -- stays down tablet. When -- give them or what first month -- Jack the only 128 days 38 when he goes to free agency you don't come up to -- number 97. Confidence at all 126 I think that. But you know that there's a great point is not a guy that -- if John Henry could to look -- up what was their highest paid guy next year. David no Lackey fifteen point nine Lackey is said before this year. Obviously that's one guy that's who get a two year deal for sixteen -- youngest teams and honesty coach Nate -- you. -- him tomorrow and get something real in return John bleep and -- -- -- treatment not to paint it which no doubt. And -- what are the general managers look at disinfect Mike Hazen was on with -- last week and he said you know all Whitney's big contracts this was the to have that discussion we had about other teams get Smart and figuring him out. These that you know what the back end of the to share of the A-Rod of the Hamilton of certainly the pool holes on the field contracts. But those years at the -- panel that money for are going to be useless to -- example. If if you give somebody seven years at 24 million bucks that's a 168. Million dollars but he's only really good for you. For four years now at 42 million bucks right -- Production that's why would laugh if you've seen this written about fielder and I laughed -- does that. They written off the last couple years. So if -- nine -- -- -- he has I think if it's a separate government to say it to nine year deal and -- right off the last three. That makes it 24 million dollar contract about a 3636. Million a year. For that fat load and there are and you're not supposed to justify it that you pay them. Now because you need them now and you understand that will be just lost money at the end of the deal. Makes worsen -- and why not pay it before -- contract -- thirty million let's -- let's just say OK while thirty million don't want to made thirty million that's the Red Sox other philosophy I -- believe that more money. New -- absolutely absolutely. I'm all right okay now and it's. At a difficult point for real yet why do when they normally problems at home write columns as well as always problems yet habits anyway share. Just well -- -- so be nice but this is not to do it. We leave the private stuff -- -- redo it's only always forced out of this week Ellison. Which which -- -- which -- well let's see we go we go Worcester to kitty hawk. Have always -- go to kitty -- to Milwaukee system a year Milwaukee to Cincinnati since that is Saint Louis Louis got forced to update you guys I am I get that stop I -- week. You don't six our loyal all the -- -- Lilja jailing the court business critical places and never ban on tests he Wheeling, West Virginia. -- I think -- impurities from Austin who's from Wheeling -- and in some. John -- from. Maybe. Jerry West Jerry West or west I think yeah yeah from -- hotel is again I checked it looks really nice convenient right off the highway. To fix it until six the legal or 92 miles from the from this. I don't even in the delegates and you're lucky to be Goldman had thought yeah it would give their left that's why -- You're -- your -- right pitches right. I'm I but I but if it was a great question asked Dina I'm embracing it is baseball and I like baseball when I hate Scowcroft would go -- and I Magic Johnson -- dodges. And they're gone and their and there are some homework -- to you. I don't. Love the cardinals -- the cardinals but the cardinals. Over achieved much like the rents are some of the cardinals beat at the right way they're guilty in this got no julliard ad nauseam. That there are mirror images I don't think that's necessarily the case there are better team in the tigers -- -- the sum of their parts does not equal the whole like the Red Sox you look at that. The players. And you say how does this in 97 win team and I was the same World Series team. And he can't really explain it that's. Who went to great starter -- bullpen I mean the advantage at the Red Sox had a with a tiger bullpen will not be there for this well mr. gore -- that I -- tiger is their runs against the tiger tiger -- a better starting staff in the -- Red Sox and by the way -- wasn't so bad either. And also I mean I I know minimal fallback in the Adam Wainwright argument he's gonna pick the cardinals whose consent you got to meet him to three time wants to. -- and Wainwright and I guess you could say they have aces but so did the bock a box of tiger's tiger -- -- -- the race of the case playwright and walk in games one and two here in Boston feel like Verlander insurance during games wanted to do more and more and more on price or Morton writes yeah yeah they've beaten -- they've beaten stud starting pitching so the cardinals already. And the cardinals have beaten even better starting -- Norwalk has beaten commercial twice correct. Yes and a -- -- -- seems impossible but and they do have. The other thing unit ready for our armed in -- thing in the policy possible then power -- -- did you see the average miles per hour yeah -- -- -- Virginia 97 for Rosenthal the average fastball velocity for some of the Saint Louis relievers are Carlos Martinez 97 point six. John expert 95 point three Kevin -- 95. To go to rose Trevor Rosenthal 96 point 49 Rosenthal and it's amazing that little guy. With five foot four inches was too little -- can bring like you're gonna get an eye on get real Pedro Martinez should it looks can be the CP AR and a guys who got his leg drive Billy Wagner. Is that what it is yelling your legs like drug it's -- it's incredible pitching -- to explain but. -- -- is boring. Put on good bullpen and good starting pitching good fundamentals and all that we're gonna see on display. They won't break any ratings records will no thanks so unfortunate and most of Boston in Baghdad a shipment is not a Bryant I don't see nationally big embrace for the hours and I don't think. In on the lap the Red Sox haven't lost -- World Series game. You know since 86. That's true it would extra extra -- -- six -- seven that's right. That's right at the numbers six and seven eighths at seventh game of the 86 World Series they've not lost the World Series game. Equipment seems a World Series came against thank. -- yeah -- it but just one as I said. Yea get a samba to stand by -- majority wrong handle Smart idea are at 6177797937. A lot of baseball talk today is DNC get ready to pack up and leave you force Saint Louis. Catch up to date all squared up what what Saint Louis ears and was some fun facts about Saint Louis as well at a -- join us. To talk about all things NFL will give you a thousand dollars off you 1000 dollars at 9 o'clock we go to break witnessed -- two things. It felt like a braided rug. And were taken out of the clothes line and beaten senseless with a -- yeah internationally after somebody we know when every morning low. Feels that way as well will explain who that is a question for boys. This sparkling bubble -- beverage was invented in Saint Louis. And is still manufactured there sparkling bubbly beverage invented in Saint Louis and is still menu -- back I think. We have to get to Bill Belichick beacons. It's rare when Belichick says something notable something you'd never thought you'd hear -- give us -- We need to know to find that somewhat surprising that you find that an end -- your choice commendable. Yeah of course it choice course we have a choice -- critic stuck to his guns in Lebanon and -- felt dot com. He -- ops dictated the you know avoided docked in in abated. And he flat out said something I've never heard -- say that as he -- before anyone looked this up. Like on football reference in the said I was. I don't remember. Wrong yeah -- bodies and it delivers at a till yesterday night and -- did he lift and and you know what I think. Guys come and go particularly you know big defensive -- come and go around here and Christians has choked the life. I'm convinced thanks so Chris Jones will be politely took a bullet he took it tried to take a bullet -- you know. Belichick appreciated that even though he Belichick felt bad he could tell not a legitimate -- generally that it was like Chris Jones was the person yeah Chris Jones was a human. We aren't so Belichick story mom and bubbly sparking beverage and -- the weather forecast for tomorrow night. Right right back.

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