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NFL Sunday: Final Analysis and Breakdowns for Pats/Jets

Oct 20, 2013|

Dale and Chatham wrap up NFL Sunday with all the final analysis and give their predictions for what will go down at MetLife Stadium today.

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Needless to say we'll all be watching the game 1 o'clock today between the patriots and the jets down at MetLife stadium in New Jersey but other than that. If it if I could only watch one other game the entire week and the beauty of reds on as I get to watch. How but if I can only watch one of the game and it's the way it's -- -- its -- be the Sunday night game sure and that's the one I can't wait to see and I just. I just have this feeling Peyton Manning to throw for like five tonight against the Indianapolis Colts and Welker is gonna have three of -- It's just it I just think he's gonna go crazy. Now -- all. I don't know I am waiting for the ball drop on that thing too because if there's been too good too good for this early in the year you know. Its own good though blew the peaking early argument but yeah I still feel that great about Indianapolis Stephenson to be honest I haven't gone -- On some in depth paper you -- -- seamless it's been a but comparable patriots opponent. Bought. I don't know I just I feel like if I'm the Indianapolis Colts highlight the progress I've made. From the Denver Broncos I love what we're doing -- -- -- little concerned that Warner threw three injuries or this level play Camby -- to the end of the year. I think this is great entertainment it's fun it's it's -- watch or would you agree rating number Lotta columns will be driven out of it but I not so sure. What happens tonight in that game one have a comparable to what goes on in January but I guess we will soon. I'm frankly. Very surprised that the patriots are sitting here at five and one I think at the end of the day they'll be at six and one. And considering what this rosters gone through this year. Some they had nothing to do -- obviously the Aaron Hernandez situation was nothing they could do anything about. But the fact of the matter is they played the first six games without the best tight in tandem in football right. From when they were help the year ago and now wasn't the whole season but when they were. Gronkowski and Hernandez formed. The most formidable tight and prepare at least by definition of the of the term -- and and they had to play every single game this season without him. A guy who you know was I guarantee 110 catches a year is doing that in Denver right now -- what they've been able to accomplish so far. With the kids and and the injuries and everything else has been remarkable I I've said before I think this is bill Belichick's best coaching jobs since he's been here. My head doesn't work while trying to remember all the other coach and while I'm I'd say it's definitely agree one and I I don't allow ranking them but. Beyond just the fact that the new people come they've had injuries in the event of the situations I mean I think we thought of you know and he would had been a pretty good or yes pretty big loss and that the idea that the guy we all thought to replace of them breaks and arm early as -- out there. The the idea -- of the -- that supposedly. Replacing some of the production with west has had multiple injuries now. The the guy that was sort of an afterthought signing that we know they've always like to put that out they've leaned heavily on and Julian Edelman. Into production from that spot beyond just the just the other you know the wide receiver -- The idea that this team has been so heavily just from a scheme standpoint -- too -- an organization won back to tight ends. You know that's that's that's who they -- it happened to sort of flipped that script and really run something different to get to five and one. There's a little Lotta cool story lines of that's kind of your thing and in how these guys have pulled it off. And that's not even address and the other side of the ball where they've had mentioned to the biggest guys go down so. Yes -- there's been a lot of a lot of duct tape and in and gorilla glue going on here but I think they've they've hold something pretty special together. That I don't really have nothing to do with him a year but it gives you nice pat on the front to say that while were at that point with some admittedly ugly wins in there. We we've bought herself some time in the back -- to continue growth to better. After this week two more weeks of play before they hit the bye week in week ten on their home against Miami next week at 1 o'clock game. Home against Pittsburgh Sunday November 3 at 425 -- the game you thought it was nowhere near the game you thought it was going to be. I mean let's just will play the game here will you know will dare to dream. I'd find it hard to believe that they can be 81 when they go to the bye week could be I again I I don't -- -- Do this with few every year nom I'm as guilty as anyone but I think that. 81. You know six and for me anything it's. Safely ahead of the rest of the crowd and continuing to -- me into the year's good enough yeah fourteen to 33 careless or for whatever. Give in to the tournament with the best version of view and that's that's why bit that the stressful wanting to lease from the showed a little bit lower with the ground thing because. Which -- back in January and -- we just wanna see this team topped the bottom of the best version of itself in January because. In this division you kind of expect him to unit anyway. What should make sure there and it with the best groups or 81 yes -- -- high possibility could could be doesn't matter not so much the fun to watch that way when the wind and makes our job a little stressful -- I think because they're so young what you see them continue to give -- of the -- will come with. Because you're playing the jets this week with geno Smith at quarterback next week you got Ryan antenna -- on the Miami Dolphins you party scene EJ Manuel. I'm curious of the three young quarterbacks two of them rookies but of the three young quarterbacks in the AFC east. Which is the one who concerns you the most from a patriots opponents perspective. The most polish the most guy right now is it ten Angel and I think will will dive in about a little more next week right I think -- is. Is the guy that's got a little -- -- shoulders. And their perform a little bit better I think EJ Manuel long term might be the best of the three we don't know that yet -- to me is just still very raw he has. A lot of qualities -- remind me of sort of a Cornell. -- -- Rule equal -- game he throws a nice deep -- ball he moves the pocket really well there's still some missing polish in the intermediate stuff and who knows with his. If a lover being you know you don't know that but I think -- -- Manuel looks more the kind of -- that that could give them some David he's been banged up himself so. I would look at this from sort of different angle over those three particular organizations coming up in a row. Jets Miami Pittsburgh I think the common denominator in those three is the inability to run the football and that's really what -- the three of them you know the jets. Really want to reestablish Mike Goodson was named to look for a with a -- that -- -- -- while Powell and Chris -- here. Some okay options -- some production their but it certainly not the dominating. You know LT in some really doesn't have the pastor that really ground -- yards that way first. Miami has -- -- Miller guy it's certainly not pop like it's been in the past and there's no Reggie Bush X-Factor got there anymore so it's a lot more on the quarterback's shoulders. And move around Pittsburgh meant all's gone. The running game the -- of that has put a lot of stress -- they don't need in the have been ugly -- are also so I think as much as we always talk about this new passing NFL week. Capsules that running game can -- horror in more than anything. We talked about the patriots have won twelve straight against the AFC east they've actually won eighteen of their last ninety. Against the AFC east. Is there anything about today's game that causes you enough concern to suggest that that's string may come to a halt here today against the jets. Bob -- the patriots so I'll just play doubles after on this I I think because of because of the lack of continuity there's been so many changes sort that dam breaking scenario that we were. Talking about earlier the idea that you've had problems at all three levels if we start to see mental errors in this game that your not used to the relatively youngest team on the road. On the defense of side because there are so many changes back there won't be unusual twist or to seem worse memories seem. And on the other side that the same dam breaking argument can be made that they've been giving away with. Other than Cincinnati week after week after week with these drops and it just hasn't yet hurt them so it's like you're dodging bullets we can we -- at some point once and so I think they rule we need to clean up those things especially for road game and will be relatively hostile place. Mental errors. You know protection boss were not someone can be purchased some -- and some freakish -- -- correct. Dropping football's smugglers and the other side those things can eventually accumulate weighed down. They'll need to avoid those -- I think if you start seeing a big mistake. Full tight game and at a time of possession game -- the wrong side that's conceivably I guess I'm for the jets. Tom -- made the point when he joins us from MetLife stadium the -- Smith likes to go deep it was a nice deep ball you know it does so the question then becomes -- have enough time to throw deep. In the patriots put enough pressure on geno Smith to make it deep ball almost a moot point one think because. Quarterback -- been an issue for the time while you I think they do it -- move the pocket which is -- past which means you if you're going right -- right out from under center you dash -- Or -- pass where you're you're faked once -- and and circle back the other direction I think move the pocket is really their best move in several athletic tackle and Berkshire efforts and allows them to do those kinds of thanks. He's been best when you keep him movie when you stand him -- statue and asked him to rebuild the -- a little tougher. What moved the pocket requires you to do those have a lot of production at the tide in position because that's usually the first regional office move the pocket stuff. Union -- tight in Kabul has played pretty solidly last few weeks and again of the sub fell. Thing if they could somehow involve him but. Keeping him moving simplifying the Reid usually -- dash -- only half field read for. You know -- the tight end in May be receiver and a comeback kind of thing but keeping it simple and being efficient and not put him in situations were cast to play. Read the field Joseph Montana style is probably their best that well and and when I look at at the jets. And I said this when we were first talking about the jets' offense against the Patriots defense I think their best that is running the football to me anyway and I think that's what they'd like to. It's unknown if they're built to do right now you know I I totally agree -- -- and I think they wanna -- that kind of team that loved the music and a team ball Rex wants to just run it on -- does but I don't know if he has the dynamic enough guys to pull that off. Chris -- solid player below Powell has shown some flashes bullet. That are in a similar situation I think the patriots were in the absence of Steven Ridley you know they didn't have a guy that can go give to that was gonna make explosive plays gonna make people miss gonna. Break tackles. They don't seem to have that person. And beyond what's going to be -- in patriots can gently on gamble more because -- makes things that makes life so much easier for Tom and the rest that often spot. It's definitely a team that would love to run at the probably tested because of the changes that have both linebacker in the to tackle positions. Shut the -- early. And I think it's it's much easier counsel for the -- is is jets' week for Tom Brady sort like Ohio State week when using college. -- -- There's you know on a pep rallies -- you know what I'm saying in terms of you know OK this is the opponent this is you know. Every -- -- -- -- -- -- the right get a little more cranked up about some opponents than say what I think that the coaching staff does because that comes from your leader and -- coach coach reports you know he doesn't. One of the sixteen above the other but you do see. A little more electricity a little more urgency I think it's something -- division games president physically he has -- history there at the outer -- in the locker you understand I understand that. But as a player and you know I think you can or part of re think its gonna affects your own fortunes down the road the jets certainly a rivalry may be a little luster is off but you know the poetry on the in the mouth early in this game I think you understand your flight -- and it's still just patriots. And I'm curious that you said that about Belichick. I mean to me he puts more import on the same weight puts more important buffalo gamer Miami game. First objective is to win the duration and things like that and I think he does feel that way. Not to think he's kind of passed the point of its jets you know it's the most. It's been a long time since he left the dad again my in my conversations here for. 1678 years old on that front so maybe I'm wrong maybe don't know anymore -- certainly remember at that time but again it was a it was a fresher -- -- so. Yeah I I think that the thing that carries -- you mentioned -- divisional game. We need to make museum makes -- been -- polarization for awhile as well where this is their Super Bowl you know you fuel. Offseason game planning going in to watch -- doing now and October there's a a sense will be up to that game that I don't think there is when your under the lead dog you don't have to react to the -- way that the would be certainly a cynic on the AT&T -- five months parties -- They have Tom Brady. Two they've beaten one good team and it took a near miracle. Okay well I mean I would say that the New Orleans when is easily their best win of the year they lost to Cincinnati. An excuse me other than that they've beaten. Buffalo the jets Tampa Bay and Atlanta. None of whom are dazzling at this point. -- -- what I think it's a safe -- I actually did were not showering praise on this group I think this is a flawed team thus -- but I think -- a position where they've got. All of wide road in front of the give better it's just you're you're really happy that you've come through with some I don't always are complete performance and there is -- one that you growing anger -- on the Atlanta it was a nice win no. The last week's one I mean two failed fourth quarter drive to make good on enemy now that that's something you gonna. You know brag about I think it's survive and advance arrive in advance and they've been doing that I don't think any one of these for six performances. You would hope you replicate and Jane worked as a problem would be good enough so. Yeah I think it's more your your happy you've gotten through to this point under the circumstances and context of what's your position that kind of thing and I would put the patriots. Immortal modest output of somewhere around 24 points on gonna go to. 44. To thirteen patriots I think. The jets are still gonna have difficulty moving the ball. And that's going to be the biggest test and it's begin to be calm field position game in the biggest part of field position games or turnover differential and -- as ago as gonna give asylum he still enough of those playmakers. Even without -- to pull the ball people in DeVon. In in calorie -- kind of people so. Point 413 pitchers has model. Well I talked about the -- point there is one we don't know where it is I don't he's maybe they'll be at a and and I picked the patriots to win against New Orleans who lightning is better football team in the jets are. I do know that the New Orleans game was here in the jets' game -- there and all lap but I I do think the patriots are better team in the jets at this point. Even with -- all of the injuries even with a all of the issues. Like you and I'm certainly not remember last year was 35 it was always thirty -- -- -- -- -- points. I don't also scored 35 the rest of the year this year with the offense that they've got but I think their defense even with the losses. Is better than it's been you know here in the past. When they face a more formidable offensive team than the jets are that defense make it stretched pretty thin will -- But I'm gonna say something like 2114. Some like that given the give up a couple of touchdowns scored three touchdowns. I'm guessing Brady. And -- would go this far out on a limb and say that that Brady will throwing touchdown pass to Rob Gronkowski and they go down. Don't don't just like that actually feel better about your idea of hood of a putrid story for suggest as defense and that. That may not happen. Why we got here -- thanks to Matt Loper who produces this whole thing to. -- price and Tom Curran who joined us from mom MetLife stadium to Alex beer who joined us to talk Red Sox baseball early on in the shell. For Matt Chatham I'm Dale Arnold enjoy your football everybody will talk to next week.

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